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2009 Resolutions Review
December 31, 2009

What is in GRAY is what I wrote at the start of the year. :3


1. Be happier. :D “Sing a happy song.”
;__; Methinks it didn’t happen but I tried. D;

2. Do NOT cause my parents to be broke. o____o
Hasn’t happened yet! xD I was a huge cheapo this year!

3. Blog allllll year and write interesting posts. :DDD
LOL They were not interesting :[ But Eva blogged a lot :]



December 29, 2009

:[[[[ Well, Eva’s sad now..

Yeah see, today I got the stupid idea that I’d be able to cut my own hair. =_____= So I did that for the first time…… and I totally screwed up my already bad hair. ;__;

I also thought maybe I’d be able to pull off bangs. Don’t even ask me why! I don’t even know!! Dx I’ve known for a few years that I shouldn’t try bangs anymore but I think I got so excited for some weird reason that I did it anyway T.T

And I’m not a normal girl.. I’m a fail one.. The kind that never once in her life cared about her hair. >__O I didn’t actually realize I was so different until..recent. -__-;; I also didn’t know that people used so much hairspray. -never touched hairspray before- And I didn’t realize until this year, I think, that I looked so awkward/plain/unpretty next to other girls because I don’t wear make-up. And I actually didn’t care about my clothes until this year O:

Anyway. x_X Picture before I attempt to fix it tomorrow.

It looks a little better in this pic D: Because there are so many conditions: the angle, how I brushed it, that I’m not wearing my glasses[it looks worse with them on], the fact that my face is rounder when I smile…

I am such a fashion terrorist in, like, every way.

Spy Girl Water Pixie
December 27, 2009

Okay so >___O It turns out that my dad got me a FREAKING $80 TABLET !! DDDx Okay well it was on sale for $60-something so that makes it a bit better, but stiiilllll…. T.T -pouts- Now I’ll never get that You’re Beautiful Director’s Cut DVD Set……….

Anyway, yeah, I’ve always wanted a tablet O: But now that I have one, I feel like I don’t really NEED it. T.T I used to draw a LOT… And I tried to make an anime called Candy Basket in middle school, which btw I still think is adorable. It’s about a future generation of the zodiac-cursed Sohma family from Fruits Basket O:

^– Chibi of the main character in Candyba who I was supposed to voice, drawn in 7th grade Dx

I wrote it into a rushed, WAY simplified novel for my novel in language arts at the end of 8th grade, so I’ve got the whole story pretty much down D: But yeah, as much as I’d like to, the anime can’t be continued for many, many, many reasons, and I swear someday when I’m not lazy [HA!] I shall rewrite the novel! I have already started last year! But I got lazy.

But oh well. =/ Chiisana and I need it for our visual novel/game project anyway. xD But tablets are so much harder to use than they look D: Mari makes it look so easy with her pro’ness but it took me FOREVER just to draw this simple little doodle TT_____TT

Yeah so since we’re probably moving soon =//////// my parents and I spent the past two days organizing the house and going through all of the stuff stored in the garage DDDx

MYY LOOOVESSSSS!!! I WAS REUINTED WITH MY DISNEY PRINCESS COLLECTIONNNN!! ^_______^<333 HAHA I was so happy when I saw my five Ariel dolls again ;D So cute so cute! My parents liiieedddd to me when they put all my stuff away in the garage when my ugh aunt stayed with us [it was living hell] and said that they’d bring it all back when she moved outtt :[ But that was YEARS ago. …….. ;_; xD;;

Trust me, I get attached to EVERYTHING: people, material objects, feelings, places, whatever. So all of that stuff in the garage that I’ve had for so long…… Dx To part with them was very difficult >_< But yeah I had to give away/donate or throw away most of the stuff that I found. D: I’m donating my Ariel dolls, but I’m being selfish and Ima keep my “Flutter Fantasy Ariel” doll because she was my favorite and I can’t bear to see ALL of my so-called childhood go ;___;

And other than my piles of Disney Princess stuff, today I also found my old Winx Club Alfea Castle Playset!! :OOOOOOOOO I LOVED THAT THING. Musa = <3! [I have a Musa doll too :D But she’s sitting in my closet.] So I took pictures with it (HEHE) and am giving it away too. ;_;

Ah and I found a bunch of other random, cute stuff… xD HEHE. ADORABLEE! I was a weird kid, but the things I owned/made were cute!


Time to Love!
December 24, 2009

Sorry, random post.


:[[[[[[[ Okay so when news of a “You’re Beautiful Director’s Cut DVD Set, which has 18 episodes[=2 extra hours!] instead of 16 because they’re adding in all of the scenes that were cut out + the behind the scenes, I WAS LIKE, OMG. IF I HAVE THIS MY LIFE WILL BE FREAKING COMPLETE. :O And I’m a huge cheapo and I don’t always find stuff I like/want.. but I want this. A lot. Alotalot..!

So today I found info about it and IT. IS. FREAKING.
$120  !!!!

Excuse me while I write my will Dx …;__; …. TT___TTTTTTTTT but I wannttt ittttt…….. T.T But we’re poor and it’s not something I NEED per se… D: But I really want it. Dammit.

See, THIS is why I was so disappointed when I came home to find two wrapped Christmas presents from my parents :[ I mean of course I’m surprised and grateful and all, buuuut D; I was about to tell them to not BOTHER getting me anything this year because they should save their money for other stuff that I’m gonna WANT later. And I had these two specific things in my mind:
1) Super Junior Super Show 2 DVD [probably will be expensive..]
2) You’re Beautiful Director’s Cut DVD Set [REALLY EXPENSIVE.]

I’m disappointed.. What a waste of money. D: ‘Cause now I probably will ask for both of those things anyway… I know this is queer but I hope they got me really cheap gifts so I feel less guilty xDDD;;

Ah and the preorder ends January 5th. :[ Thing is that the non-preorder version will have less content and be less special, so Ima have to decide soonnnn? MY DAD ISN’T MAKING THINGS BETTER. I was so AAHHHH!!! [aka insane xD] about it that I started whining to him, but I didn’t tell him the price, and was just going, “UuUUu~ But I waant itt…. ;_; But I want it thoughhhaaaaaa….” and he was like, “Buy it then. =_=”
T.T But that’s because he doesn’t know the price.. To me, even $30 is really expensive..


Oh wait this post isn’t that random. :O

[Cover] Time to Love (TTL)

^^ I’ve totally been listening to this song on repeat for the past month or so. It’s suuuch a great song and I loove it~ :O But my high, childish voice isn’t right for it. xD My rapping failage is back. Bleh, and my Korean is even worse when I try to rap.. xD;;

Originally by: T-ara/Tiara (티아라) & Supernova/Cho Shin Sung (초신성)

I’d really appreciate some feedback, thank you :3

Merry Christmas Eve! ^^

:OOOO Again I was excited[xD..] and was kinda hoping for a better response, kinda selfish I know, but yeaahhhh very unpopular..^^; T.T I know I am. This video probably will be too.

[You know what else is disappointing? The views on my Magic Number vid go up, and I’m happy/grateful about it, but it’s saddening that the ratings + comments never change. >___O How unmotivational xD]

My Nightmare Has Come
December 23, 2009

“During this stage of Han Geng’s leave of the group,
SJM will also temporarily disband”

December 21, 2009

Waahh.. I was really looking forward to today because 1) it’s Christmas break! 2) I get to spend the whole day recording and I’m happy about what I’m working on right now. >___O Then I come on the computer, and the first thing I see is AIM offline messages from Chiisana:
“HanGeng.. TT__TT Kyu…”
“*not happy* :’c”
Seriously knows how to give a girl a scare. T.T My first thoughts were, “OH MY GOD. CAR ACCIDENT?!?! PLEASE DON’T TELL ME IT’S THAT.”

;__; Yeah, sorry I’ve been blogging a lot about Super Junior/SJ-M lately but this time it’s serious DDDx Yeah so Hankyung filed a request to terminate his contract with SM ;___; I don’t know. I think it’s very complicated and I’m not sure if I understand the whole situation, but either way, it’s bad x___X

I was already blahh ’cause of drama in my life, but whyy is there always so much drama + hardship surrounding SuJu? D: Hankyung not being able to perform w/ SuJu because of his visa, car accident that caused Kyuhyun to be in a coma, “Only 13” against Henry and Zhou Mi, Kibum never participating, Kangin’s incidents and being suspended until next year.. Dx

Yeah so like with the DBSK case, I don’t know who to side with.. ‘Cause if Hankyung wins, would he not be in SJ anymore? Yeah, I don’t get it.

And I honestly don’t get why he has to do this NOW when SJ-M is becoming so popular. But I guess it’s BECAUSE they’re so popular and subsequently sooo busy and wanted that he wants a break.. It must be tiring and difficult to live with so little freedom and so many restrictions. But even still, as SJ-M’s leader I feel it’s a bit irresponsible, if he holds back his group when they’re at a peak… Especially since he said it was his dream to lead his members to his home, China. If SJ-M disappears because of this, I’ll have to hold him responsible no matter how much I like him >__<

And this probably means that SJ + SM + ELF have to spend the holidays worried.

Now it’s not just DBSK Keep the Faith, but also

Random; Da Ge Da
December 15, 2009

Hahaha again I should not be here… Dx But I’m so BORED! Schoolwork is SO BORING. T.T I have 3 essays due this week..

Today I went to KOJIRU’s [HI I KNOW YOU SECRETLY READ THIS] house with another friend and we baked a Buche de Noel/Christmas Log Cake. :D Well.. I didn’t really do much because if it were up to me, Kojiru’s house would be a mess, I would’ve chopped a few fingers off, burnt something, and made SOMETHING explode. >__O xD;;.. Cooking fail right here!

I forgot to take a pic of the cake. >__O Oh well, bye bye!



Well it wasn’t ON TV.. but it was on a TV screen! :O ‘Cause see, my parents don’t just watch Da Ge Da on Sundays but I guess my dad downloads the recent ones [’cause they air here a long time after Taiwan] and he plugs his laptop into the TV in my parents’ room and they watch Da Ge Da episodes like that. xD

YAAAAY TODAY THEY WATCHED THE FIRST SJM ONEEEEE! ^___^ Of COURSE I ran in as soon as I heard “Oh oh oh oh~” and loud cheers from SJM’s adoring fans, sat down, and watched the whole thing despite watching it English subbed on youtube twice already. :D

Bad thing is that when my parents “watch TV” every night, they watch to a point and eventually fall asleep -____-;; So when I ran in, they were already fast asleep, so I started clapping along with the fans and deliberately woke them up.
Dad: o__O??
Eva: :OO!!!! :DDD -points excitedly at TV-
Dad: Oh. ………………….wait, these guys aren’t Fahrenheit, right?

GG, DADDY. xDDDD =____= Anyway, since I’d already watched it, and there were no subs, although I was so excited and full of anticipation[and scared of what my parents might think of them..] that my heart was beating fast + my face was really warm, but I got bored..xD And I kept checking whether my parents were asleep or not.

My mom slept soundly through the whole thing -__- My dad was half awake at first then fell asleep and snored, woke up in the middle of Donghae’s solo, fell asleep at the end of Henry’s violin+dance solo, and woke up for next week’s previews. =______= I’m kind of disappointed because COME ON! MY IDOLS BECAME BIG ENOUGH TO GO ON THIS SHOW! But a little relieved ’cause my mom would’ve..not liked a lot of it. xD She’s very old fashioned, and I’m scared she’ll get a bad impression of SJ-M, leading to a bad impression of me and my interests.
But hehehe. SJ-M on TV. :3

Big brother~
December 14, 2009

xD I’m supposed to be banned right now.. But I’ve been pretty much distracted anyway. That’s how procrastination works :D

After being distracted a lot already, I was gonna finally settle down and work on homework..


When I first saw, I SCREAMMEDDD so loud my mom ran in asking if I was okay xD And when I was watching, I kept screaming and squealing and applauding~~ THIS IS SO COOL! They’ve come so far; I’m so proud of them!! The show my PARENTS watch every week and for years that I’m so used to seeing.. D: I never thought once that SJ-M would go on that show, but this is cool! And seeing SJ-M meet the guy I’ve seen on TV for years!


I’m staying home every Sunday night from now on so I won’t miss it just in case!! xDDDD;;

Haha actually I didn’t believe it at first until I saw “Magic” in the bg ’cause I’m so used to hearing “MAGIC SHOOOW!” from my room every Sunday AND THEN THE GUY WITH THE HAIR CAME OUT AND I WAS LIKE, WOAH.

[Cr: CpopAccess]
Part 2, Part 3

:O Henry’s such a cute kid~ [coming from someone 4 years younger xD] How could I have forgotten that? He hasn’t changed that much ^^ Cute cute~

Actually I don’t know why but they’re all so especially adorable here. Or maybe it’s just ’cause I haven’t seen too much SJ-M stuff lately. xD I love the way Fei Ge[I’m sorry I don’t know his name ’cause while my parents can speak Canto, Mando, and Viet, I can only speak Canto T.T] treats them all. This is awesome. :D And Henry’s violin+dance perf, despite my having seen the same routine over and over, awed me :OO Soo talented!

T.T Vacation, come faster..
December 13, 2009

T.T Of course I’m ecstatic that after this week, it’s finally CHRISTMAS VACATION[!!!<3 ^^] buuut D: this next week surprisingly is gonna be killer. T.T

Dx NYUUU I’m gonna have to give up recording + fandom for a weekkkkkk.. ;__; -clings-

I know I don’t do much compared to other people, but lately my life’s been so busy so busy D:

This weekend: I spent yesterday doing hw and it was so boring that I was desperate enough to go on facebook to avoid doing it. xDD;; And today, I went to the herbal doctor as soon as I woke up. Then my friend’s birthday party. Then went to the dentist at 5. And then I came home and worked on my AP Chem extra credit. D: My teacher rarely ever gives extra credit.. But it’s SO TIME CONSUMING. Chem work isn’t too “hard” but it takes so long to do and my teacher ugh always gives a lot of it.. And the extra credit took like HOURS to do, and it’s only worth 2 points. =///// And I know I’m extremely lucky to even have an A- in this class when my smart friends have B’s or C’s, but as long as I’m here I’m gonna shoot higher, and I’ll do anything to get it to an A.

Monday: ;__; I’m gonna be so tired. Thursday night when I came here saying how I was gonna die from lack of sleep, sure enough, I only was able to get to bed at 4 AM and only got two hours of sleep. [The latest I’ve ever stayed up!!] >__O Friday morning, I was really tired but not dead probably out of numbness.. Then it kicked in Saturday morning, when I slept until 2 and still wasn’t awake at all D: And this morning was really bad too.. So tomorrow @ 6 AM? Eep. I will be a scary person.
Byuuuu.. Afterschool I’m gonna have to go buy ingredients for the Buche de Noel [Christmas Log Cake that me and a friend are baking for French class] and actually STUDY for my AP Chem test.

Tuesday: KILLER AP CHEM TEST. :[[[[ My teacher was in a HUUUGE rush to finish the unit before vacation, so she rushed us through it, and I honestly don’t remember or comprehend anything we learned at all!! TT__TT NOBODY in the class gets it. I’m actually going to have to STUDY DDx -bad girl- And afterschool I’ll have to go to my friend’s house so we can bake the Buche de Noel and that’ll take up a chunk of my day..

Wednesday: o.o Nothing’s going on afterschool I THINK, but I think this’ll still end up as my work day. But I keep having the feeling that I do have something to do..

Thursday: Essay for AP Lang due! Going to bake cookies with Kojiru afterschool!

Friday: Big essay for history due! Bigger essay for AP Lang due! Christmas party/get-together afterschool, wooot! I hope it will be fun DDD: Or at least not BAD xD..

D: I don’t like having stuff to do afterschool.. I very much believe in time for myself, plus I’m drained out very easily, which is why I don’t do much extracurricular.. >__O I always look forward to coming home from school because I can finally relax after all that suffering + stress, and sing and record and do whatever I want. :O [HOMEWORK NEEDS TO GO. D<]
But for now.. ;__; Good-bye… -dramatic parting- -is smacked-

December 10, 2009

:DDD I watched Wonder Girls on So You Think You Can Dance yesterday and it was AWESOME! :O I was worried but they did better than I expected. Although it’s too bad I think they didn’t sing live? Honestly I couldn’t tell if it was live or not o__o They looked reaally pretty and it was a good performance, and it was exciting seeing WG on TV!

Ah and this season of Glee is over >__O I’ve been watching that show with Chiisana since we both love singing. Welp, it’s coming back in Spring~ I’m gonna be sad when Kimi ni Todoke ends.. xD;;

Today, SJ’s MV for “Sorry Sorry – Answer” came out! ^^ Usually I find out about these things late but I watched it like half an hour after it was uploaded and was the 113th [that’s an awesome number] commenter, boo-yah! :DDD As you can tell, I’m proud despite it not really being an accomplishment..

The song is an R&B REMIX OF “Sorry Sorry” which is just EPICCC! It’s like not even the same song anymore! It’s sooooo gooodddd DDx I swear this is 10 times better than the original “Sorry Sorry.” ^^ And Yoo Youngjin, the composer of “Sorry Sorry” sang a lot in this and DANGGG. He’s REALLY good at singing! Perfect for R&B! :OO I love his voice and SuJu’s voices so much :3 I liked the rap too.

And I love the MV; it’s so nice! It matches the song perfectly with its black-and-white’ness. It’s all emotional and classy and really well done. Only flaws are that it’s SO long xD and the part at the end with them all drinking and smiling cheesily and greasily.. hm. Random and unfitting? But I thought it was just GREAT that they released a whole new song and MV even when they’re not in promotions, since SJ-M is active in China right now. :33


T.T I’m gonna die from lack of sleep..
Good job, Eva’s teachers. Yeah, assign lots of homework and a project due tomorrow all on the same day AND on the day I have a concert for Symphony Orchestra =__= Thank you ever so much.