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Happy Meals
April 28, 2010

WTH! Happy Meals were just made ILLEGAL in my county!

TT_____TT The only freaking county in the world where they’re banned so far.

There goes my childhood.. =_=


[And you know, when they had Neopets plushes years ago, sometimes I went and just bought the toy by itself… xD Because I was obsessed with Neopets… :P So just because I wanted the toy didn’t mean that I forced myself to eat unhealthy fast food for it. So it’s not like the toys always enforce unhealthy food and obesity.]


Junior prom
April 27, 2010

Woops I forgot to blog about it. :P I must get into the habit of blogging often again, even if it’s just something small or random.

Ummm….. Welp, it was boring for me xDDDD

I don’t regret going and I was in a fantastic mood all night and I’m happy that it was a good excuse to buy/wear a dress :] but I didn’t do anything all prom. xD I don’t/can’t/didn’t really want to dance. :P I just stood around with my friend [who regretted going & texted all night] and watched the mob of people dancing, aka rubbing against each other.. yup.. a total freak-fest.

xD And I’m.. Yeah I’m like the immature little kid that you’d never wanna take out with you because I never want to do anything. So yup! I was bored~

Oh!, Nobody, Lovely Day, Jr Prom!
April 23, 2010

Ahh I’ve been sooo busy lately omg I’ve seriously been meaning to blog for like everyday since two weeks ago xDDDD Well I’m not exactly not busy right now since tomorrow is junior prom…

Two weeks ago, my Lovely Day cover [the song by Park Shin Hye for You’re Beautiful] got taken down :[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ </3 Sadness.

Last week, Star!U‘s [the Totally Up! Project group singing Korean songs, of which I am the leader of :P] cover of Wonder Girls’ “Nobody” was uploaded! Uhuhu.

[Star!U] Nobody

The 2nd track in Star!U’s second single, La Cha Ta. Original Star!U members: Eva, Lulu, Teefah, Katie, and Hachi appear in this single.

Song: Nobody
Group: Star!U
Yoobin: Eva
Sohee: Lulu
SunMi: Teefah
SunYe: HachiProject
YeEun: Katie
Audio Mixer: Eva
Video Mixer: Purply
– & – &
Exciting comeback single for Star!IU with original members and especially covering Wonder Girls’ amazing hit song. Nobody.

:D I really like this one hahaha. The real song starts @ 2:04 and if you’re curious, my rapping segment starts @ 5:29 ;D


5 days ago, I finally uploaded
Oh! (오!) [Song & Dance Cover] – SNSD (소녀시대),
which I’d been working on for SOOOOOO long ;_____; Almost 2 months~ :P

Yuuppp I still can’t dance. xD;; Oh gosh I feel humiliated now. ;___; And as expected, a lot of people were like, “:O I’d never seen this side of you before, Eva…” And iono! It feels weird. D: But ahahha I’m super happy I already got 800 views in 5 days x] <3 To ME, that’s a huuuge accomplishment! Oh the power of SNSD. xD Dude someone embedded the video at a Daum cafe website where it earned me 121 clicks, which I find SOOOOO COOLLL. *_____* [I can’t see who did it or why because you need to log in ;_;] It fascinates me that somebody felt like giving it/me attention and that a lot of people in Korea actually watched my video. ^^

But lol at how it says
“This video is most popular with:
Gender Age
Female   13-17
Male        35-44
Male        45-54″
Huh, males 35-54 watching me sing and dance. Oh the power of SNSD. xD


Tomorrow is junior prom. ^^ Surprisingly, I’m actually going to it… xD A lot of people had the hugest reaction ever when they found out and couldn’t believe it, like it was a big deal.. xD ;_____; Is it that much of a shock that little ol’ Eva is going to her high school junior prom…? T.T

But yeah I’m just going with friends. [Because obviously nobody would ask me to prom :P So I’m guessing that’s why people can’t believe I’m going anyway.] And I’m going to be a wallflower! xDDDDD That’s what I’m really good at doing… ^^
I already know I’m going to be incredibly bored :[ There’s nothing for me to even do at prom. I don’t/can’t/don’t want to [come on, everyone just freak dances >___>] dance. So not much point in going to a dance, eh? xD But due to STUPID BUDGET CUTS OF THIS FREAKING DISTRICT, we most likely won’t have a senior prom/ball next year, along with no clubs, no assemblies, and no sports. And I’m only ever gonna have 1 junior prom D; So going is like taking a safety precaution, in case I regret not going later. :P

My dress and how I’m gonna go to prom. ^^ [PS;; -sob- heels…. won’t I just stand out more…..]

Why is a raven like a writing-desk?
April 10, 2010

Chiisana: what’s up what’s up?
Eva: i’m watching a Pokemon episode.
Eva: the one where Ash goes to the Cerulean City gym.
Eva: Misty’s battling Ash right now.
Eva: ROFL James just said “It’s times like these that make me wanna go straight..”
Eva: and i’m pretty sure that’s.. xD not in the right context but
Eva: i was like

Eva: i don’t know much about dancing either but i know what bad dancing looks like LOL
Eva: -pokes self-
Eva: i feel like such a dork
Eva: after i typed that
Eva: i went and poked my arm with my finger.
Eva: …

(Friend): oh u so gangsta
(Friend): .___.
Eva: of course
Eva: i do play Animal Crossing, you know.

Suddenly I feel so cool :Db

Happy 2nd Anni, SJ-M <3
April 8, 2010

Since I most likely would’ve written something much too similar anyway, I’m going to steal the post I wrote from my new extra blog. :P

;__; Today is Super Junior-M‘s second anniversary. <3 Lately I’ve been pretty mehh about them because of everything that’s going on >__<

I really despise saying this but I doubt that there’ll be a 3rd anniversary since their leader Hankyung is currently in the midst of terminating his contract with SM Entertainment. I mean, I’m glad he’s happy and all.. I hate to be selfish, but he’s leaving Super Junior. >[ He even speaks as if he’s no longer in the group anymore, even though he officially still is a member. But I don’t like this. And I don’t like how he clearly showed his intent to terminate his contract, but wasn’t clearly saying, “I WANT OUT OF SUJU,” although that was indirectly obviously said. T.T And he acts as if leaving is nothing </3

Makes me sad that 13 is no longer 13. I still held on when Kibum stopped participating and focused only on acting, and I still held on when Kangin’s activities were suspended supposedly until 2010 yet it’s April and we STILL haven’t seen him.. But Hankyung leaving is for real. >__< </3

But Super Junior will go on and will still be strong <3 Their 4th album comeback will be the BEST! <33

But what about Super Junior-M? Hankyung was the leader. Hankyung was the most well known, the most popular member, and he was the key to their conquering the Chinese markets. Dx I swear he was like HALF of SJ-M, and now he’s leaving so I’m not sure SJ-M will even continue.. =/

But! Let’s look back at the good old days, shall we? ^^


DEBUT! ^___^ Oh I love this still hahaha. They are so precious. HENRYVIOLIN<3 And offtopic but YAY VICTORIA SONG FROM f(x) :DDDD

“Super Girl”

And suddenly they grew so much. :P Very catchy song ^^ I don’t think I give it enough credit. xD Relistening to it, I suddenly like it a lot…. xDDDD Anyway I still don’t like the concept ’cause it’s so overdone. xD And the song was soooo created simply to be trendy. Doesn’t really show you everything these boys have got.

I own all of SJM’s albums but I think it’s about time I rip this song onto my computer xDDDDD Sorry I’ve neglected you, Super Girl!! :3

“Blue Tomorrow”

I’ve been neglecting this song too. xD But it’s SO AMAZING AND SO BEAUTIFUL <3 ;_____; I love their ballads.. Sigh. ♥

3:16 = TT____TT Hankyung’s heartbreaking tears
4:00 = :O Zhou Mi’s amazing high note with AMAZING VIBRATO, which he can pull off perfectly live!

“At Least I Still Have You”

I’m ending this post with the absolutely most epic and beautiful song ever. <3

Too bad there’s no MV. This particular video was actually one of the few times that they lip-synced the song, since they’re all tired from just performing “U.” But I chose to embed this because it has many good points too:

  • since this is the official recording, you can REALLY hear how this song was meant to be, and it really showcases their singing abilities <3
  • I love the deep blue color of the set. :]
  • I love the sky and the birds flying in the background. It’s perfect for such an epic song.
  • I love how Henry leads them all forward onto that star, and then they all RISE *_*

But my complaint is that Donghae’s hair and clothes are like beggar-style at this time. xD;; They all look so tired..

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
April 6, 2010

What I made yesterday! ^____^ [The bow looks orange in the pic, but is actually pink. :P]


Eeeeee I’ve been neglecting this place so much! :[ I never have anything to say or anything interesting to show. But I should start coming here again more. :3 I should start blogging about, like.. ANY little insignificant thing! xD That’d be better than not blogging at all. That’s so boring~ :O