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Super Junior M Show Hong Kong
December 30, 2008

So, if you remember from before, I REALLY wanted to go to Hong Kong[hahah, prayed everyday Dx] so that I could see Super Junior-M‘s first concert. Well, their two back-to-back concerts just took place December 27 and December 28. :D I waited until now to write this post so more pictures and fancams would surface.


Although it makes me sad that I couldn’t be there to support them, I’m reaaaally happy that their first concerts were COMPLETE SUCCESSES. ^____^ They were the AWESOMEST concerts I’ve ever known! ♥ If they don’t come out with a DVD, I will cry. D: ‘Cause for once, I have permission + money to buy it. But I hope they at least broadcast it, so I can download.

Anyway, this is not a recap post. Just a fangirl one. :D With lots of bias.



Against All Odds
December 25, 2008

Wow. =] I’m pretty depressed now.

Ahhh, I was reaaaaally looking forward to meeting Lulu, but every single damn solution is either not there or blocked. =[ Sigh. The plans were really simple at the beginning too. Man. We should’ve made plans to meet today instead, huh? =[ ‘Cause that would’ve worked out.

Sighh. S’okay.
We’ll try again next April when I’m back in LA for orchestra.

Merry Christmas!
December 25, 2008

Greetings from LA!
Merry Christmas everyone! <3

Ah. Had to whisper so nobody would hear. ^^;


Happy 1 year anniversary to Check! 3~ :D:D
Even though we never finished our second single which we started on in March. HAHA. Love you guys. <3

3 Days til Christmas~
December 22, 2008

^____^ I’m going to try to learn DBSK’s “Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni natte Shimattan darou?” [“Why have I fallen in love with you?“] on piano! I’ll probably not even make it past the first page, but I’m shuuupaa determined! I’m still working on SHINee’s “Noona Neomu Yeppeo”.

If you haven’t heard “Doushite…” before, GO GO GO youtube it NOW! D: It’s only, like, the bestest song ever. The song itself is beautiful in so many ways, DBSK’s voices are gorgeous, the name of the song is <3, and the lyrics are seriously brilliant. It’s one of my favorite songs ever. There were a few days last month’ish where I literally listened to this song repetitively for hours. Plus the name is fun to say, now that I’ve memorized it. xD


On another note, earlier I was showing signs of having caught a cold. >___< Now, my headache and nauseousness aren’t as bad, but I reaally hope I’m not sick, or else my parents might cancel our trip to LA.
Now we wouldn’t want that, would we, Lulu? =[

I hope they have wireless internet connection there.

Lotta Love
December 20, 2008

I’ve been meaning to type this post for quite a while now. ^^;; Actually, I never really felt like doing it, but whatever. I haven’t been blogging a lot lately, so let’s just catch up with me. =3 You guys need to update more often too!

★Miyabi – Eva
★Momoko – Zoey
★Airi – Nami

This is KawaiiiMusume‘s newest groupdub, “Rottara Rottara” which was uploaded on December 7. ^____^ It’s like my favoritest KM video, though I really love “Miss Love Tantei” as well. I sounded suuuper fake and weak in that one, but I got to duet with KathKath, so I love it. <3

But this one, I actually really like a lot. ^^ The song is awesome, I love Buono!, and though the music video is pretty simple, I think it matches well and is really cute! And and I got to sing with Nami and Zoey! :D:D Awesomeness. It sounds reaaally good. This is also probably my best singing in KM altogether. =O Yay.


Um.. Actually I think there was other stuff and other videos I wanted to talk about. Dx But I forgot it all. T.T So I guess next time.

Oh yeah! ^_____^ I’m going to LA for Christmas! There’s a big chance I’ll get to meet Lulu! <3 My REAL love. xD -reference there only some people will get-

December 16, 2008

(11:35:39 PM): what are you doing?
Eva (11:35:49 PM): SPAZZING
Eva (11:35:50 PM): OVER
Eva (11:35:51 PM): HENRY
Eva (11:35:52 PM): PIANO
Eva (11:35:53 PM): AND SINGING
Eva (11:35:56 PM): OMG Dx

(11:35:59 PM): again?

OH MY GODDDDDDD. <3 Eva is dead. No, she’s died and gone to Henry Lau heaven! DDDx Henry… playing piano… and singing… I think my life is complete. Hahahah. Kidding. <3 :D:D

Okay, sorry. I’ll try to be coherent now. -waited couple minutes-


First of all, I hope you all can see why Super Junior is loved so much. They’re really talented in so many fields and have great personalities. I really love the fact that some of them are REALLY good at playing instruments. Especially Henry. Surely you’ve seen him playing violin by now, yes yes? He owns that instrument. <3

And now it’s proven that not only is he freaking epicly awesome at violin, he is at PIANO too! -dies- He’s sooo goood.. <33 Now, I play both violin and piano, so I know how hard it is to be good, since I suck. xD But Henry is like wow. I completely admire this boy.
According to my friend, he played a song from Jay Chou’s “Secret” and wow.. completely amazing… Jay Chou’s amazing at piano and it looks like Henry’s up to par with him.

I like this video the best because you can clearly hear Henry’s singing. :D:D<3 He may not be a fantastic singer, but -melts- HENRYYY. His voice is really nice! He was the one who got the least lines on the ME album, so I love it whenever I get to hear his voice. xD It was really beautiful. It’s just that he does the same thing I do: practically scream and build up the high notes. D: But other than that, it was a gorgeous performance.

[Credits: pri3an @ youtube]
High Quality Recommended

Here, though, is the full performance, including both the crazy awesomeness and the beautiful singing. :D Either way, I’m happy.

I was gonna blog about videos and groupdubs and stuff, but… xD I just had to take this opportunity to spazz over Henry awesomeness. Actually, if I hadn’t, my heart may have exploded. Ehh, oh well. :D The woes of having a fangirl heart.

A pixie without wings..
December 10, 2008

runs in the wind with her eyes closed.


I can fly.
I don’t need to depend on others to make me happy.

Happy Song
December 7, 2008

eva says (7:17 PM):
Lulu says (7:17 PM):
eva says (7:17 PM):
what? xD


:D So today I bought this blue spade glowstick wand thing to go with my Amulet Spade cosplay LOL! Iono, but it’s awesome! xD
[There was a green clover one too! But no pink heart. T.T]

Now I know that Amu never had a wand, but psshh. I love wands. [More evidence here.] I used to play superheroine with my friends all the time and I always had a wand. xD Even when we were playing pixies, I had a pretty wand. Yes, that’s where my name came from. ^__^ <3
Water Pixie, at your service~


On a completely different note, GUHHH. Super Junior-M performed “Marry U” at their Beijing fanmeeting yesterday! Luuuuuuucky Chinese fans. </3 That’s only, like, the bestest song ever. =O It’s so sweet and cute and romantic and any girl would want a guy to sing it to her. xD AAAAND the Chinese version starts out with Henry rapping “Love~ Oh baby, my girl..” -dies- <3

Still waiting for a good-quality fancam that actually SHOWS Henry rapping the beginning. D: Waiting waiting waiting.


December 6, 2008

[Credits to simply emotion@thirdchapter]


My new life motto.