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I’m done.
March 31, 2009

I’m going to quit dubbing.

It’s just too much for me. Singing isn’t even fun anymore, so there’s no point. I hate it. I’ll just finish whatever lines I owe, and that’s it.

And just today I lost all the files of everything I worked on for my youtube comeback, so I’m not gonna make a new account, okay?

I may quit blogging here too. Whatever. I’ll decide tomorrow.

I’m done “singing my dreams.”


Girly Medley
March 28, 2009

So Nyeo Shi Dae[Girls’ Generation] have stopped promotions, so awww, the “Gee” era is now over. I’ll always still like and sing that song, though. Epicness. :D

Just because of that, I felt like putting this up.

During the “Gee” era, before Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” came out, I was really obsessed with girlband songs. xD I was always listening to them. Then I saw a Jpop-Kpop medley, and was -inspired!- to try to make a medley just for fun. :D I like audio-editting anyway.

So here. Eva’s “Asian Girl Songs Medley.” It’s composed of a bunch[22] of girl songs I really like, but I couldn’t put ALL my favorites in. ^^;

Some transitions are awkward, but I’ll get better at this. :D

BTW, please make sure to check out my blog in a couple days? :DDDDDDDDD! Don’t ask why.


Songs I used under the cut.


March 25, 2009

Today, the Tsubasa: Shunraiki OAD 1 came out.

D: I mean, I love Tsubasa Chronicle, but lately I just can’t stand watching the OVAs and reading the manga.. It’s just so heartbreaking… It really is. Shunraiki 1 felt really heartbreaking for me.

Unfortunately I can be the type of person that can’t take things like this easily. I hate seeing the characters in so much pain and it’s just scary. D: There’s kinda a lot of blood and stuff, and I’m not good with that. ^^;

I’m also the kind of person who gets attached easily. I’m very, very, very attached to the Syaoran and Sakura and Fai and Kurogane I knew from the Tsubasa Chronicle anime. >______< I really love them and it’s become sort of a bad thing. I mean, look at my room. [Very old pic though.]

I’ve got this really cute, idealistic poster of Sakura and Syaoran over my bed. ;____; It’s not like that anymore… All through middleschool I was literally OBSESSED with Syaoran and Tsubasa Chronicle. I was, like, completely in love with Syaoran. I mean, I have a Syaoran wallet, a Tsubasa necklace, too much other merchandise, and a SyaoSaku pic as my desktop. So I’m really attached. ;___; It’s so sad knowing that everything I loved from Tsubasa Chronicle wasn’t real. I have to admit my favorite part of Tsubasa Chronicle was the first season of the anime and everything in the manga before Tokyo and Real!Syao. D: ‘Cause Tsubasa was really sweet and funny and cool and deep.

But now it’s like DEEEEEEEEEEP. xD To be honest I’m having a hard time understanding what goes on in Tsubasa Chronicle anymore. D; It’s kinda sad.
Eva (9:51:34 PM): i bet CLAMP has a whole 1000-page long Microsoft Word document where they explain to themselves how everything connects so they themselves won’t get confused…

Not to say I don’t like it or anything. But it’s just so sad. Plus there’s too much fighting. D: And I hate knowing that nothing will ever be the same again. But it’s really good though. xD Tsubasa Chronicle is amaaaaaazingly good no matter how you look at it. I have NO CLUE how CLAMP came up with all this, but goodness they’re incredible.
I’ll always love Tsubasa even when it breaks my heart.

;___; But, but.. even my sweet Shaoran and Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura


I love the clones…


Alright, Eva. Happy memories.

syaoran-and-sakura-2  shaoran-sakuratrc-picture

syaoran-and-syaoran-poster Aww, if only the two Syaos…


shaorantrc-young-icon <3

I almost feel like finishing my “Bring Me Back To Life” AMV.

Super Show
March 22, 2009

Today, Chiichama and I went to KathKath‘s house and we watched KathKath’s “Super Junior Super Show: 1st Asia Tour” DVD for the first time!


The whole time was so spazztastic and awesome! Every time Hangeng, Kyuhyun, or Ryeowook appeared, the excitement meter would like ZOOM up! :DDDD It was fun. I don’t usually make a lot of noise, but we were so LOUD and squealful today, and just seeing beautiful Super Junior on an actual TV was completely exciting! They made the DVD so well! [Except for the lagging subtitles though..]

We laughed so hard through most of the VTRs, especially the rollercoaster and KRY one, and throughout the whole “The Night Chicago Died” performance. Oh, and we danced along to YMCA. :D And Kath and Chii started crying during Donghae‘s “My Everything” and the ballad where Kyuhyun sang and Ryeowook played piano, so I was just like, “Omg are you guys okay..?” xDD Their voices are AMAZING. I love it when they sing live!<3 And the dance performance was great! Anything anybody says about Super Junior not having any talent is absolutely groundless.

But the best part is that when HENRY<3 came out playing electric violin during “Don’t Don”<3, we freaked out SO much, KathKath’s mom had to come in and make us shut up. xDDDDDD<33

It was fun and so not good for my heart. [Or voice for that matter.] We didn’t finish, so looking forward to next week! :D I love these girls.
Check!3 foreverrr<3

Kath, Chii, Eva

March 20, 2009

Spring, my favorite season, is here! <3

I felt like trying something new and taking some pictures because after days of looking like a monster, my skin is actually pretty good, and because I’m too sick to properly record. xD


And because it’s fun once in a while. :D

I wanted to be a fairy~

Very Beauty
March 18, 2009

SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! My very first duet with my Nami-love has been uploaded on youtube!

Please, please, please leave a comment here? :]

Anyway I’m superly excited!

Urban Promise and Sparkle Society, two J-unior SWEET subgroups under Totally Up! Project are currently doing a joint album. Nami and I happen to be the leaders of these groups, so we sang a duet as track 8 of the album. What’s even awesomer is that this is the awesome Very Beauty duet by Airi and Risako! And SS usually does Berryz Koubou songs while UP C-ute, so it works out perfect. Representing!

AND DOESN’T NAMI SOUND AMAAAAAAAZING?! :O Beaaautiful!<3 I’m just there screaming and she sounds so calm and nice! Even though Nami obviously overshines me like heck, I really like this song. xD

Ice CreaMusume
March 16, 2009

So last night, my parents were watching Chinese/Taiwanese shows as usual when suddenly I heard Ice CreaMusume‘s “Zai Meiyou Yushui Zirunde Xingqiu Shang Shi Wufa Fuchu Ai De Ba?“, the Chinese version of Morning Musume‘s “Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai Darou?” being played. [Ho man, long names. xD] And I started humming to it.

So then out of curiosity I went to my parents’ room and :OOOOOO! ICE CREAMUSUME WERE ON THE SHOW THEY WERE WATCHING. Woooooooooooooooooow! xD;; Congratulations to those girls for being on a show that’s big enough for my parents to actually watch. [Can you tell I don’t keep up with them? ;__;]


And Rainie Yang, my favorite Taiwanese actress, was on the show too! I’m currently watching her latest drama “Superstar Express / ToGetHer” which also stars Jiro from Fahrenheit, and omg she’s so much prettier without the ugly wig. xD Speaking of this, ep 5 should’ve come out..

Anyway it’s so weird to see celebrities you know on a show that your parents are watching. TT_______TT

Like when they watched shows with Fahrenheit, Ariel Lin, or S.H.E[I understand this one though] on them… Next thing you know, Super Junior-M are gonna show up. D: Which would be awesome but still WEIRD. [Like when my dad downloaded their “At Least I Still Have You” song? ;_____;]

And it’s kinda funny too because a long, long, long time ago I blogged about how my dad was watching a show called “New Star” on which the members of Ice CreaMusume auditioned and got into Hello! Project.
Oh my God.

As for me, I’m really tired lately. In a lot of different ways.

I was on TV!
March 11, 2009

LOL I was put on TV after all!

At school a few classmates of mine mentioned it and when they thought about it they were like, “Oh yeah! I saw you on TV!” so I kinda freaked out. xD

One of the teachers who’s friends with my English teacher uploaded it to youtube. xDDDD So I got to watch after all! ^________^ Man I TOLD you they set up RIGHT IN FRONT OF my discussion group! xD

And the awesome part is throughout all the parts I’m in, I’m relevantly in there but my face isn’t shown AT ALL. xDDDDDD;; That’s a good thing. Nobody wants to see my face plastered on their television.


I’m -obviously- the girl in blue. :D
And I covered others’ faces on MSPaint just in case. xD

March 10, 2009

To put it simply: tonight I might be on TV. xD

In USA right now there are just a bunch of crazy budget cuts and the state of California decided to take WAY too much money away from my school district. It’s a huge deal right now because my high school is one of the biggest high schools in the nation with over 100 acres of campus [7 minutes to walk to class..] and 4,000 students.

Tonight there’s going to be a board meeting at my school where the big final decisions about this district’s budget cuts are going to be made. So, a news TV crew came to my school and were filming ‘the life of our students’. There were only two classrooms they filmed in.

One of which was my English Honors class. :D

And the camera crew set up RIGHT IN FRONT of my discussion group, so I might be on TV.. xD Maybe. No guarantees, but someone in my class at least will be on television tonight which is pretty cool. :3 I half hope I’m on [that’s a good thing! I need to develop a liking for attention or else I’ll never get through an audition!] but I half hope I’m not because.. xD I’m not really the best sight to look at.

Anyway, we’ll see. ^^


>____>;; Because I never watch the news and I’m stupid, I didn’t know the news would be on at 6.. So whether I or anyone from my class was on TV today, I don’t know and I’ll never get a chance to see. My god I’m so stupid. I always do things like this I regret. But I mean, who watches the news at 6? At that time I’m eating dinner and watching Full House. Ugh. I feel like things are so unresolved now… And I know nobody’s gonna put it on the internet…
I wouldn’t even have minded if they didn’t put my class on, but god I’m never going to know for sure…

If U Wanna
March 6, 2009

Lately I’ve been really liking the song “If U Wanna” by KARA, a Korean girlband which I honestly hardly have any interest in. There’s only one member whose name I know and that’s Nicole. ^^; Although I really like this song, I don’t expect myself to be getting into KARA any time soon because they’re not really my taste and honestly I don’t really think they’re outstanding singers. ;____; I mean, I don’t dislike them or anything, but this is my opinion.

And honestly, my least favorite part of the whole song is the rap. xD It’s so awkward and wannabe. Long story short, although I like Nicole, I don’t get WHY she’s the rapper. Why exactly is the one with the “cute image” the official rapper? =___=;; It doesn’t really work..

And about the rap in “If U Wanna”, I don’t think you really have any rapping skills to do it. I mean, Nicole just uses her normal, high-pitched voice and tries to sound cute while RAPPING and there’s even a really wannabe part where they all go “YO”. I don’t see any talent in that. Anybody can do that rap. >__>;; I mean, they’re PROFESSIONALS so they actually SELL these songs. So I was kind of annoyed by this…

Today I had a sore throat, and I had a few minutes before my parents came home so I decided to record the “If U Wanna” rap purely for fun.

For most of it I sort of tried to imitate Nicole… xDDD;; I PURPOSELY made myself sound all fake and high-pitched and I sound so annoying and awkward. Also, I don’t know this song well at all [I learned the rap in two minutes? And man this Engrish was hard to follow ;____;] AND I didn’t record to the song, so tone and rhythm and stuff aren’t correct. Like I said, it was for fun and I wasn’t planning on completing it.
And as for the ending, I changed the tone on purpose because I personally prefer for raps to end going down instead of staying high and cutesy.

And it actually took longer to record than I thought. o___o It didn’t require any skill, really, but I’m an awkward person in real life who always stutters while talking, so I had a hard time enunciating properly. xD;; Oh and I don’t mean to say I’m better than Nicole or any of KARA because I’m not, but yeah. This was for fun. And because it doesn’t take a lot to do this rap.

PS;; Don’t mind the lyrics. I just went with whatever websites said, so the lyrics are wrong. Especially the end.