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I wanna blog ;_;
January 31, 2010

I’ve been meaning to blog ever since January 21, the day I posted my Lovely Day video [since I usually embed a video here after I upload it].

But I’ve always been too busy or too tired + I was/am sick, so yeahh. ;_; I still need to finish a lot of homework right now.. Man I hate Mondays. Dx

PS;; C.N. BLUEEEEEEEEE! <3333333333333


January 19, 2010

OMGGG. I seriously have not heard thunder in a really long time and since I have no life/live under a rock/am an inside person/spend all my time in my room, I barely noticed it’s been raining and blowing like crazy all weekend. Dx People were talking about storms and I was like, “o_o we had a storm? Oh’s been raining all day huh….”



And, like, I’m home alone too! It was so loud and sudden and sounded so close and I’m pretty much scared of everything, and lately I’ve been really paranoid of earthquakes/gunshots/natural disasters/loud noises. The thunder was crazy!! I don’t even wanna see the lightning!!!

AND THEN. Kojiru calls me and asks if my house got hit by a blackout because HERS DID. DDDDx

I HOPEEEE I DON’T HAVE A BLACKOUT TT____TT IONO WHAT I’D DOOOO… I’m home aloneee and scareddd and it’ll be all darkkkk[oh yeah I’m scared of dark too ^^;] and I won’t have anything to do because I can’t use the computer!

-freaks out-

5 Facts/Holiday Vlog daridiridara du~
January 16, 2010

I’ve been putting this post off for so long. Dx It’s gonna be a long one xDDDD

“5 Facts Tag Game + Late Holiday Vlog”

FINALLY after two and a half years, I have finished a 5 Facts video! xD ;__; [It’s pretty sad if you think about it..] But yes. This + finishing TTL + the start of my next video which is done now but won’t be uploaded for a few days = what I spent my whole Christmas break doing. ^___^ Bahh! I was super awkward T.T I’m a really weird person LOL.

Ehehe I’ve been wanting to do that “Creepy Side of Christmas” bit at the end for FOREVER ’cause the song is so creepy. xD I did SOOO much filming for that and all the extra stuff but they were used for such short moments. xD Oh wellllll. As long as it hopefully makes the video less boring. :3


KYEEEEEEE! A few days ago, my daddy put in the preorder for the YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL DIRECTOR’S CUT DVD SET PACKAGE YAAAAAAAAY!!!<3333333 Oh I really can’t believe he’s letting me buy that. TT______TT It’s SOOO effin expensiiiveee! But I let myself want to buy it in the first place because lately I’ve been a HUGE cheapo and I’ve resisted temptations to use money numerous times [so hard ;__;] and I REALLY do want to support the drama and Jung Yong Hwa. D: I want them to know they’ve got a lot of international fans.. And I just have to give up shopping. xD Not that I did much before, but still I’m a girl and I really want clothes. :[



*_____* Our Jung Yong Hwa‘s<3 band, C.N.Blue [Code Name Blue] has now officially debuted, as of two days ago~! <33 Congrats to them :D We’ve been waiting so long~

“I’m a Loner” 4th teaser – Jung Yong Hwa
AHHHH I WAS SO ECSTATIC finding out that Yonghwa would be “E” !! xD Eva likes, Eva likes. Ehehehe. E is a very underrated letter if by itself. And it stands for “Emotional” too. :D

C.N.Blue – “I’m a Loner” MV

Burning: Jong Hyun – vocal, guitar
     [:O Handsome and AMAZING vocals! Strongest singer imo]
Lovely: Min Hyuk – drum
     [He’s reaaaaally cute :333]
Untouchable: Jeong Shin – bass, back-up vocals
     [More like underrated =_= He needs more attention]
Emotional: YONG HWAAA – vocal, rap, guitar, LEADER O__O
     [<33333333333 And he can compose and write lyrics too :D :D But
     dude I feel bad for Jonghyun who was supposed to be leader and is
     older than Yonghwa. D: But Yonghwa has more experience after
     You’re Beautiful..]

Suuuuch a good song! ^^ <3 But yeah. The middle part. Uhhhh. xD Sorry. I know it’s supposed to be intense but couldn’t help cracking up the first time I saw it. ;___; It’s kinda awkward.. xD

C.N.Blue’s DEBUT PERFORMANCE of “I’m a Loner”

THEY’RE SOOOO TALENNTEEEDDDDDDDDDD<33333333 I LOVE this band! Awesome awesome awesome amazing perfect debut! *o*

Aha but Yonghwa took all of the attention :[ I felt really bad for the other members. Jeong Shin got like even less screentime than the little screentime he got in the MV. =__= Although yeah.. Yonghwa is more experienced, way more comfortable performing, and knows how to work the camera/look cool/kill fangirls. -___- He was pretty much the visual. I kind of have mixed feelings about how he acted b/c I don’t like how flirty he was, but on the other hand, he was really charismatic and hot. =_=

Thank you so much, swine
January 9, 2010

How I spent Halloween:

How I should have spent Halloween:

PS;; :OO Yesterday there was another small earthquake! >_O 4th one in 3 days. How irregular and scary.

Tian tian de lollipop oh lollipop oh lollipop oh~
January 7, 2010

Omg I have seriously been wanting to write this post since New Years Day to fangirl over f(x) but TT_____TT I’ve been SO BUSY. For the past week, I’ve been sleeping at 2 AM, including the Sunday before school started again and all the school days so far ;__; Just a lot to do and sometimes I was stressed so I really couldn’t concentrate on homework. But yeah.. mostly I’ve been staying up making things for other people and stuff like that. >__> My precious sleeping time. I was gonna try really hard to be more selfless this year, but ugh forget that; I seriously sometimes just feel so underappreciated. But that’s another issue. D;

So far my 2010 has been great though. :] But.. xDDD I already failed a bunch of my so-called “resolutions!” ;__; Like not being a crybaby, not procrastinating, being more aware of my health..

But other than that, I think.. I think this is probably the best start to a year I’ve ever had in my life. :]]] Usually I’m always grumpy+stressed out+heavyhearted+depressed+irritated, but so far this year I’ve been in REALLY good moods! ^^ And life has just been good!
I’m pretty happy and cheery and lighthearted most of the time, and before Christmas vacation I would just be in SUCH a bad mood every single day [especially in AP Chemistry where I LITERALLY ate chocolate nonstop to keep myself sane] but now those things don’t get to me as much and I have successfully triumphed over my unhealthy addiction to chocolate, woooo! ^^

Oh yeah we had 3 earthquakes in the span of 2 days.. D: That’s rather scary. I only felt one of them though, which was during class today.


f(x) performing SNSD’s “Kissing You” !!!

KYEEE! I like, I like! *o* I love this song ‘cause it’s so adorable and I attempted to learn the dance a while back, and I love the SM family love~ f(x) are SO CUTEE. xDD Unfortunately this isn’t their best though. >__O

BUT I love that they all get attention and solos..! That’s AWESOME! I’ve so been waiting for this! Sulli is just ADORABBLEEEE and she fits this so well, so I’m glad she gets to sing a lot :]

Victoria finally gets to sing!! :DDD But OMG HER ACCENT LOOOOLLLLL I’m sorry, I really do love her, but her Korean.. omg… xDDD Hehehe~ Cute xD I think she’s really not bad when speaking Korean, but somehow now that she’s singing, her Chinese accent is REALLY strong and her pronunciation is choppy. D: It was rather extremely awkward. xD But nonetheless I’m excited she got solos :3

AMBER IS REALLY GROWING ON ME. D: I’ve always liked her, ‘cause I’ve always liked all the members… But I wasn’t one of those maaany people whose IMMEDIATE favorite was Amber from the beginning, and was always unconditionally biased toward her. When I heard LAchATA, I liked her rapping but it wasn’t my style so it wasn’t a big thing to me. o___o But now I’m starting to REALLY like Amber. xD She’s really adorable in her own awkward way. But YAAAY Amber singss! :DDD She was kinda unstable’ish at first but I’m starting to REAAALLY like her voice! At the end of her solo, the “keum” :OO I LOVE HOW HER VOICE SOUNDS THERE

And Luna and Krystal. Ah, I love them. xD Thank you girls. They really do sound amazing whatever they sing and they just TOTALLY make the vocals of this group. :3

f(x) ft. M.I.C – “Lollipop” for China LG Lollipop phone commercial

f(x) SINGING CHINEESSSEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDD <3 <3! Well of course they sang in Mandarin, and I’m Canto, not Mando, but even STILL I’m happy! This is cute. Their Chinese sounds really good from what I can hear. The song is cute and catchy.

But not really a song I’d listen to x__X It’s like the WHOLE SONG is “Tian tian de lollipop oh lollipop oh lollipop OH!” over and over and over xDD;; I know that’s the point, but oh well. Haha a lot of people said the “chipmunked” voices were really annoying. The “ee, er, san!”s were indeed >_O But for some reason the “bu zhi dao ah~!”[I don’t know ah~] was cute. xDD;;

00:29-0:42 Yay Victoria gets to sing :333 I think she sounds so much more comfortable/better in her own main language.
0:42 xD Although she always does, but YAY! Amber gets her own special part too! Although she only goes “Tian tian de lollipop! Oh lollipop! Oh lollipop! Oh!” repeatedly.. =__= But even still for some reason, her part really stands out, and it’s just really appealing so I like her part of the song. ^^

Krystal and Luna singing “You are my Destiny”

:OOOO! YESS I’ve been waiting for them to sing their duet song! I know at first the song sounds boring/typical/still, but it’s actually an AMAZING and beautiful song. Homg I really love these two.

At the start, it’s kind of awkward and rocky.. The first time I watched, I was kind of scared… But as soon as they became comfortable and really got into the song, THEY WERE JUST. AMAZING. ABSOLUTELY AWE-INSPIRING.

Their voices are just SO AMAZING AND WONDERFUL! So beautiful, so controlled, so strong! They are INSANELY TALENTED. :O And both so young! Krystal is 15 and Luna is 16! Dx And so pretty and so amazing at dancing too.. Man I have so much respect for them.

I LOOOVE Krystal at 2:26 especially.

2010 New Years Resolutions
January 2, 2010

I didn’t realize but it’s a new decade now! xD ♥

2009 for me, I think, was pretty emotional, rather stressful. I was always heavyhearted and grumpy, and my health became an even bigger issue than before. I was just all over the place and I wasted a lot of time too. I drifted away from my friends, discovered more about myself, became more selfish, I hopefully opened up a little bit more to others. It was an okay year. >__O But I think I improved a lot in singing so that makes me happy. ;D 2010 will hopefully be better! I have a better mindset now~

I kinda have a headache right now, BUT I shall try to reach 100 again!! ^^

Tis be my second time doing resolutions, wooo!
Well they’re not really resolutions. xD More like goals and little wants.