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Rain Stops, Hello!
August 2, 2012

This is just a really random update LOL.

I’m currently at work ;A; so I don’t actually have that much time.. but my tasks at hand aren’t too rushed, so I’m taking a short mental break to write this.

Uuuummm~ Iono what to say. I’ve been really busy. ;^; And tired. I haven’t actually really had sufficient sleep for.. 3 weeks or more? Yeaaaaahhh ;; just working and mixing and working and more working and skipping sleep to mix, and lately being out and about with Mimi!

YEAH. MIMI. From Gemini. *AAA*

For 2 and a half weeks, we are having our very first #GeminiMeetUp. <3
It’s something we’ve been wanting to have for almost a year and it’s finally happening for real. :>

Basically, Chiisana and I both live in Northern California, so everyone’s coming here and staying at my house. For week 1 (right now), Mimi has flown in from New Jersey. Next week, Ryan and Jay are both joining all of us from Canada.
Unfortunately, Jeffrey lives in Australia and is too young anyway to come. :c

HOWEVER!! I went to Australia in June earlier this year and actually got to meet Jeffrey and watch the school musical in which he STARRED. *u* It was an amazing experience.
So in one year, I’m getting to meet every single Gemini member!<3


Speaking of Gemini, we uploaded a new video on July 24th.

【Gemini】 rain stops, good-bye 「HBD Xephy! 」

Dear Xephy! (
Happy birthday ♥ We’re sorry this is so late, BUT YOU ARE STILL WORTH IT ; A ; ! Even though we’re not all equally close to you, it’s a blessing to know someone as wonderful and sweet as you are~~ We hope your birthday was great and that greater things await in the days to come 8D WE LAHV YOU

Sorry for gifting you with such sad song but even as the rain stops, we hope to stay by your side, as our hearts will always go out to you. ;u;

Ryan –
Chiisana –
Jeffrey –
Jay –
Eva –
Mimi –

Mixing: Eva (main), Ryan (tuning), Chiisana (EQ)
Video: Eva (first half), Chiisana (second half+subtitles)
Graphic Editing: Mimi, Chiisana, Jay, Eva
Nameplates: Jay
Gemini Signature: Ryan
The member that has a life and is located on the other side of the world: Jeffrey

Music & Lyrics: におP
Illustrations Credit:
MP3 download:

–Message to Xephy from Ryan–
Remember when I asked you to list for me your fave ballads? well here is what it’s for~ ^^ Special thanks to Gemini for agreeing to help us out with this special birthday chorus, I love you guys thanks so much ;w; I hope you enjoy our present to you Xephy. A ballad dedicated to our prince of ballads. Happy Belated Birthday!


.. ohimesama zukuri
April 3, 2012

[12:43:00 AM] Chiisana: Jay
[12:43:11 AM] Jay: haiii
[12:43:31 AM] Chiisana: You are beautiful
[12:43:44 AM] Jay: oh
[12:43:46 AM] Jay: o.o
[12:43:47 AM] Jay: okay..
[12:43:50 AM] Jay: ; ~ ;
[12:43:53 AM] Chiisana: no matter what they say
[12:44:29 AM] Jay: -where is eva reaction- ; ~ ;
[12:44:41 AM] Chiisana: Words can’t bring you down
[12:44:43 AM] Chiisana: Oh no.
[12:45:39 AM] Jay: i should really be sleeping..
[12:46:30 AM] Chiisana: YOU ARE BEAUTIFULLL
[12:46:37 AM] Chiisana: IN EVERY SINGLE WAYY
[12:46:52 AM] Eva:
[12:46:55 AM] Jay: ty ; ~ ;
[12:47:02 AM] Eva: you are welcome, my comrade.

Ehehehe I feel useful now. |’DD;;


Anyway, uh…. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to go about talking about this LOL. This is kind of awkward. I mean, I’ve been around people that just casually talk about this kind of stuff so much that now I’m kind of immune/desensitized to it entirely LOL b-but it’s still weird if I’m the one talking about it..


Okay so on Sunday, it was April Fool’s day! A little over a month ago, a bunch of us [I think it was KL, Kura, Candy, Chiika, Ryan, Xephy, Kousei, and me] came up with the idea of making a crack chorus. :’D Just a few days before, we were on call and Chiika convinced Candy to play the.. You Have to Fertilize the Egg game on livestream for us to watch.. And it was derpy fun. But yeah, uhhhh…… wait this feels weird to say but Q A Q basically in the game, you play a sperm cell in a top hat that sings, “I’m swimmin’ around in a vagina (x 3), I try to make a princess.”

[2/21/2012 5:12:01 PM] Chiika: WE SHOULD DO THE VAGINA SPERM SONG
[2/21/2012 5:12:07 PM] Chiika: “i’m swimmin around in a vagina”

The chorus exploded with exactly 26 vocals in the end, Japanese lyrics that Ruru translated for us, our own personalized pictures that KL drew, and animation by Myst. owo Yep.

【5人合唱】CANDY CANDY/ SWIMMING AROUND IN A VAG【April Fools Birthday, Candy!!】

DON’T BE FOOLED |DD;;… Although it really actually truly was Candy’s birthday haha >A< Happy birthday Candy!! <3
[If you can’t tell–although I wouldn’t expect anyone to–I’m EVE-AAAH 8D
.. the robot. from WALLE. I actually never watched WALLE~]

This is, uh.. definitely the most unique and disturbing project I will ever have anything to do with. But it’s kind of awesome.

PS;; I know I’m killing the fun.. =w= but for those that REALLY want to know who’s in this chorus: it’s Apol, Amaito, Aqua, Carmen, Caspy, Chiika, Ciel, Doubie, me!, Himuro, Hiseki, Ian, K*chan, KL, Koko, Kousei, Kura, List, Mango, Mong, Nipah, Robert, Ruru, Ryan, Saint, and Xephy.

Also SHHHHHH but AHHH WHAT AN HONOR TO HAVE STARTED THE SONG IN A DUET WITH APOL. ;A; (well, kind of duet since I’m lower harmony.) Actually it’s an honor to be in here with a lot of these amazing people. >w< There are a lot of people in here that I never thought I’d ever have anything to do with. D’: -forever that creepy fangirl in the corner-

Haru ni Ichiban Chikai Machi
April 1, 2012

【イアン】『春に一番近い街』を歌ってみた【Happy Birthday Jay!】

This is my friend Ian‘s new cover~ ^^ He’s a member of Parefura and this was a song for Jay’s (from Gemini <3) birthday!

I’m basically reproducing my comment on this video but I’m really proud of Ian LOL because he’s improved a lot, and he has the will and positive attitude to keep improving. :’D He suits the song well with his lovely balance of cute, handsome, and smoothness~

Also, Kousei and I feature in this cover. ^^  We sang the “la la la”s starting at 4:10.
I’m proud of myself ’cause I actually did harmonies even though I’m harmony-deaf *w* .. they’re probably off though. orz

PareFura – Sainou Sampler
March 30, 2012


I wanted to make a really long and loving post with all caps that was like OMG I LOVE PAREFURA SO MUCH THEY (insert good things) and (insert really good things) and I just have (insert a very large amount) of love for them because they are just (insert positive qualities) and and and I am officially their biggest fan. OFFICIALLY. MOST OF THE MEMBERS GAVE ME PERMISSION TO BE :D <3

…… Q A Q I’m so tired though and I don’t feel creative enough to think of things to insert and say LOL but I want to blog about Parefura now because VocaFusion Round 3’s VOTING IS NOW OPEN! ^^ It closes at April 1, 2012; 11:59pm (GMT +8).

But uh, this is like the most wonderful and pleasant..thing that I’ve ever seen that is related to scalpels and .. cutting people .. to take their .. talent which is in the form of organs, I think………
BUT YEAH. THIS IS BEAUTIFUL. But I feel like beautiful is the wrong word. I don’t know how to describe this hahaha. xD;; The girls have such pretty voices and the boys sound so handsome. *w* I’m proud of all of them! They keep improving~ And the mixing by Holi! And the animaaaaationnnn by Chiisana and Chiika! THE ART. THAT ART. THE ART. THE COLORING. THE DESIGNS. MARI’S DESIGN I REALLY WANT TO BE MARI <333

Um. How do I end this entry.. ;A;

And I love how the scalpel at the end is just like -sticks out tongue- BEHEHE SUCKER.

【Gemini ft Erin & Fyre】 PONPONPON (acoustic ver.)
March 26, 2012

Thank you so much to our amazing friends Erin and Rob/Fyre for featuring as our very special guests in this song~ Their beautiful voices were a perfect addition. ^^ If you haven’t already, do consider checking out their channels–we promise talent.
Also, we’d like to apologize to our special guests for the 3-month-long wait.. Now they know how slow Gemini is. [Heck, we still aren’t even done with Secret Santa yet…]

Please enjoy our rendition of this very relaxing arrangement of PONPONPON, originally by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. :’D
And if you get tired of soft!Gemini, don’t fret because badass!Gemini is coming back to town soon…in May.

Coincidentally, “acoustic” is the theme for VocaFusion’s chorus battle round 3! Our own Chiisana and Ryan are participating in the group PareFura, and although Vivid Chemistry–of which Rob is a member–is no longer in the competition, please support them all!!


Erin –
Rob/Fyre –

Eva –
Jeffrey –
Mimi –
Ryan –
Chiisana –
Jay –

Mixing: Eva, Ryan
Graphic Editing: Chiisana, Eva
Video: Eva
Signature: Mimi

[ have we redeemed ourselves from troll status yet? ]

… ;_____; So many regrets about both the video and the mixing….. >< I’m sorry. I literally learned how to EQ for the very first time for this, and it sucks ’cause it’s ACOUSTIC and EQ is sooo crucial and my mistakes are just SO OBVIOUS ahhhh. Even though I bugged List, Ian, and Kousei for EQ advice, it still ended up cruddy and I hate EQing. Regret regret. I wish I were better at both mixing and animating. ]’: For all the flaws in either aspects, I’ll accept responsibility. ;w;

I kind of wish I kept a running timer on how many hours I spent on this! Q A Q It’s probably.. over 50 hours LOL. But yeah. I spent almost every breathing moment when I wasn’t at school, at work, or studying.. working on the video or mix. I actually gave up some sleep for this too a-and there was even once when I cried out of frustration ;w; Soooooooo I would really, really, really appreciate it if you could give this a watch! ^^ Even though PONPONPON is an overdone song, give us a chance? ; u ;

Everyone sounds beautiful though. :’D One of the things I love about Gemini is that we all have vibrato! Well, Jay’s are “wafers.” =w= And then Erin and Robert have super nice vibratos as well~ >A< <3 And I looove the versatility of Gemini! We’re trying to explore different genres. :D From PONPONPON acoustic to DBSK’S Rising Sun.. Hehe. I think all of us can have power and be soft or be cute, and we can all somewhat’ish….SOMEWHAT all rap to SOME extent, kinda.

On another note, I’m really happy that a lot of people said that this was relaxing/soothing/calming and that they could fall asleep to this. ; u ; <3 yeeey

Also, I hope you enjoy all of the cavity-inducing cute objects that I cropped out HAHAHA. I’ll probably reuse them for future cutesy animations since I cropped out so many of them.

Mozaik Role
March 25, 2012

【りst】 英語で「モザイクロール」を歌ってみた

; u ; Pimping List’s new short cover of Mozaik Role. His voice is so powerful and full of energy, and his mixing is really crisp and professional-sounding~ He’s improved a LOT! I’m proud~

Haha trying to spread word about this as much as I can because he seemed rather dejected and discouraged from the dislikes on the video—which I think are misrepresentation of the general response to this impressive cover—and imo this deserves as much love as it can potentially get. ^^

.. /back to the world of doing nothing but mixing

Only for Gemini would I mix until almost 5 AM and then wake up at 10:30 AM to continue working on the mix before I had to go out for lunch.

March 20, 2012

Why I’m blogging from work I really don’t know, but hi. ^^

Feeling pretty accomplished atm /o/

Finished the animation for HOPEFULLYHOPEFULLYHOPEFULLYHOPEFULLY soon upcoming Gemini upload. :T [I could go on forever about <– but.. =v= -shushes-] Although I did a demo render and found about a billion mistakes which I’m fixing.. x_X

-cocky cocky gloating gloating-

:’D I was the only A for my Stress Management midterm~ There was only one B+! And the rest of the class had B’s or below. o A o……..

Also, I was the only person that got 100% on the multiple choice on my midterm for Imagination and Play 8D

Also, I did well on my presentation yesterday [which I was up until 4 AM researching and rehearsing for] and my teacher said she was impressed we didn’t use notecards, stated everything fluently out of memory, and made good eye contact with the audience. /o/

Anddd there was a third midterm on which I was the 2nd highest scorer, with 99%….. =v= close enough~

Andddd my music tech teacher showed one of my mixes to the class apparently as a “good example.” /o/

Ahhhhhhhhh this delightfully delicious satisfaction of feeling rewarded for your all-nighters and perseverence. And now that I’ve gotten over this hump in schoolwork and have some downtime until finals roll around, maybe I can start getting more than 1-4 hours of sleep per night OwOb

I’m trying to sleep earlier but UH. HERE’S SOMETHING RANDOM AND SHORT I DERPILY SANG LAST NIGHT AT 1 AM when I was trying to tell myself to sleep earlier because I need to follow List’s example, but then Ian from the lovely Parefura sent me a one-shot of this song so I suddenly felt like singing along even though my throat hurt like crazy. Ehe…

Sobbb, I was hoping I could try to sound mature’ish and stylized but I ended up sounding really childish and Ian was just like, “YOU SOUND SO CUTE IDE -squeeze-” …….. OTL||ll”

Piano Remix
March 16, 2012

So, uh. xD Last Thursday I blogged about having a really terrible day which included waking up 2 hours late and missing most of my Thursday class and getting a parking ticket..

So yesterday was Thursday. /o/ Proud of myself ’cause I got up on time and got to school early HEHE.

As usual, I had to stay behind in class by myself to finish the assignment since it’s Music Technology and we can’t do any work outside of the Music Tech classroom. x_X Unlike every other person in my class, I have no choice but to do that since all of the open lab hours are when I have class or work. So I didn’t get to eat lunch until 4 PM because that’s when I got to work…….

;w; H-heh.. a coworker asked me if I was eating dinner, and I was like, “Nope.. lunch….”

ANYWAY, this week, we learned how to use Logic! :DDD I think.. I kind of fell in love with Logic LOL. Although I don’t have a mac ;___; and there are some really inconvenient and dumb things about Logic. >_> But it’s sooo cooool.

For the last activity of the assignment, we were asked to make a composition that was at least a minute long. SOOOOO I put together pre-made loops and played with effects to make this!! ^^

I wish I had all the time in the world to work on this, but I was actually rushing because I needed to leave and go to work.. :/ There are a lot of iffy things, especially with the violin part and my claps at the end. D’x I wish I had the time to experiment with and explore Logic’s effects. My clapping especially could use so much work with compression, EQ, and reverb, and possibly chorus…

Actually ;w; I probably could have been out of there an hour earlier >< but I’m somewhat of a perfectionist LOL although this is nowhere near perfect. I spent a lot of time on this though. So I ended up eating lunch at 4. Q A Q .. A-and there’s no eating or drinking allowed in the Music Tech lab.. -suffered hunger pains- Also, I’m bent on receiving perfect scores for all my assignments from now on since my teacher didn’t accept the assignment last week when I missed most of class.

Anyway, you can tell that I really love piano haha. ^^ I also really love the mixture of the delicate piano with the hip-hop remix beat. 8D I’m a sucker for that kind of thing. I loooove those Japanese ballads + raps with piano as a prominent instrument. *A* Rap and piano together is my weakness <3

Although this is made with pre-made loops.. ;w; I think this might be the closest thing I can get to composing? I’ve always wanted to try composing but I honestly don’t have the musical talent to. xD;; I’m actually naturally lacking in musical talent [I’m the type that’s naturally not good at anything but I work hard at everything] so I kind of struggled my way up with singing, mixing, violin, and piano, so I’m a little proud of myself for this “composition.” :’D

[3/15/2012 11:12:11 PM] Chiisana: whenever it goes into the remix it always makes me start bobbing up and down
[3/15/2012 11:12:25 PM] Chiisana: \(=v=)/
[3/15/2012 11:12:51 PM] Eva: LOL
[3/15/2012 11:13:01 PM] Chiisana: -raises the roof-
[3/15/2012 11:13:31 PM] Eva: LMAO




APPARENTLY WHEN I WASN’T IN CLASS YET LAST WEEK… MY TEACHER SHOWED THE CLASS A PREVIOUS MIX OF MINE. DDDDDDDDDDD8 For a previous assignment. OMG. Apparently it was the only demo he showed the class.. and apparently I guess it was a “good example” BUT OMG. ;_______;

I’m extremely shocked and extremely flattered and extremely happy and extremely scared that everybody thought it sucked HAHA. I really can’t believe it though!

This makes me especially happy because out of the entire class, I’m among the TWO students who neither has music as a major nor minor. x_X On the first day of class, I stayed behind to talk to my teacher since I was concerned about being behind on musical ability… Everybody else had a good musical background, plus many of them were familiar with composing and arranging already. My teacher gave me some reassurance though that it would be okay if I tried my best at everything.

And I really tried my best.
And my piece was shown as an example to the class. ; u ; <3
[Also I’m a little glad that I woke up late or else I would have been present for this and I WOULD HAVE DIED IN EMBARRASSMENT.]

March 14, 2012

I don’t care what anybody else says. ;w; I’m PareFura’s biggest fan.
Officially. Nobody can fight me for this title.

Anyway, this is about as far as I got with this song.. x_X My throat really hurts a lot today and the chorus is too high for me ’cause my range is sad. ._.

I just felt like singing this out of celebration of my midterms finally being over. /o/ I haven’t done much singing lately nor do I have the motivation or time for it..

I think this song very well expresses my desire to get more than 1-3 hours of sleep per night. =v= Hopefully now that midterms are over, I can start being less sleep deprived.

Oh but while I’m at it, I’m going to post PareFura’s original “Sleep・Sky・Walk” (VocaFusion Chorus Battle round 2) again because I love it. <3

March 8, 2012

.. =w= I love today. #lesarcasm

One of those days where everything that could possibly go wrong…does go wrong. ._.

For starters, my youtube is now the new ugly layout.
I’m thinking of writing another letter to yt. ._.

Okay, so my Thursday class starts at 10:30 AM, so I usually wake up at 9 AM. Guess what time I woke up? 11 AM. ………. ._.

After much speeding, I got to the parking garage I usually park at–the one closest to my class–on Thursdays. To find out that part of it was reserved for the job fair today. Not a single parking space on any of the floors. ._. So I drove to another parking garage and finally got a space on the roof.

Got to class. My teacher did not accept the assignment due today because it’s due at 10:30. ….. ._. M-my poor grade.

So my class today is Music Technology and work for this class can only be done in this classroom during lab hours. Unlike others that left after class time was over [12:30 PM], I have no choice but to stay after class by myself and endure hunger pains until I’m done with the assignment. ._. Because I have class or work during all of the lab hours.
Oh and have I mentioned that I have very fast metabolism and can barely even go 2 hours without eating something? ;w; And eating + drinking isn’t allowed at all in the music tech lab…..

So I finished my assignment at 3:30 PM. Everybody had left by 2 so I was all alone. ;_; Although I guess that was a good thing because I ended up deciding to sing for one of the activities.

Went back to my car which was at the roof at the parking garage with no elevator. (_ _);; And there was a WONDERFUL surprise waiting for me!
A parking ticket. ._____.

I parked at the only place where there were still parking spaces left.. >_> and it happened to be a place where you needed a certain permit on Mon – Thur from 7 AM to 12 PM. Guess what time I got this ticket? 11:56 AM.
I have to pay $45 because of 4 minutes. ._.

Then I get to go home, right?! Nope. Went to work. I actually was so depressed, disappointed in myself, and out of it that I drove the wrong way ahaha. orz

Got to work and finally ate lunch at 4 PM. ._. I was really.. really hungry. And stressed. ;w; So when my coworkers came and saw me rush-eating in the cafeteria and were like, “Are you okay? Why does your smile look so unhappy?” .. ;w; I just burst. And I feel pathetic for crying in front of my coworkers LOL.

Plus I felt so much guilt for being a burden on my coworkers. D’: I’m supposed to work from 1 to 6 PM on Thursdays but because I can’t go to lab hours, I’ve been coming to work really late. ;A; When I got there, my boss was like, “My savior!” and I’m just like…. Q A Q what kind of savior am I when I couldn’t even be here to help sdaklfjal


Oh, but uh… LOL. So what we’re doing in music tech right now is learning to use garageband, specifically for looping.. xD;; So one activity was to record something then use looping, copying and pasting–the very basics.
=w= Everyone did beatboxing or whistling or something somewhat cool, and I didn’t know what to do soooooo… I did Haro Hawayu AHAHAHAHA. My teacher’s probably gonna be like, WTF THIS WEEBAOO D8


Garageband sucks for editing audio though :/ and I kinda rushed this haha. Also, I was trying to be quiet. x: