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T.T Part 3
October 31, 2009

DDDD: I was feeling a looot better today and I went to the doctors and even thought they’d think I was weird for coming in when I was no longer sick.

Then they checked my temperature and I was 103 degrees! O___O
Something is DEADLY wrong with my ears DDDDDDDDDDDDDDx

And it turns out I have a flu ;__; And my doctor doesn’t know if it’s the regular flu or swine flu o__o That’s scary! D: D:

T.T This is very scary, because often when I feel fine, my temperature is really high… T.T Iono if it’s just my ears or if my body’s in denial or if I’m numb or what Dx

And I REAAALLLYYY wanted to go trick-or-treating with my friends ;__; But my parents didn’t let me. I’m saddened. I want candy >___< I have a HUUUGE craving for fruit candy right now! D: Weird as this sounds, I’m very sick of chocolate at the moment T.T You don’t wanna eat that when you’re sick…

T.T My house doesn’t even HAVE candy other than chocolate! Dx Well, I’m living off orange tic tacs in the moment. T.T And I was so deprived, I went and ate a lot of dried mango, which I love, but am not really allowed to eat D: Well and then I got a bloody nose an hour later. xD Iono if that’s connected..

;______; My Halloween sucked. Of all days.. And I’m usually terrified of Halloween[I’m scared of everything x__X] but I was actually happy about it this year. T.T Grr. I wanted to be a Disney Princess too!


T.T Part 2..
October 30, 2009

:O When I woke up this morning, I was feeling great! Sometimes after I’m sick, I’m really hyper~ xD And I was genki genki~ and I was like, “^^ I can’t wait to go to school and see all of my friends and I can’t wait to be like ‘GOOD MORNING!! :D’ to everyone!” :O But then I did that, and I was totally shot down xDD So my enthusiasm died down a few notches.. ;__; I’m not allowed to be genki?

DDDx And then in 3rd period [I’m taking 7 ;_; it’s death~] my fever started coming back D: And by 7th, it was “O_o That girl over there is sleeping.. -Eva opens eyes and glares their directon- Nevermind :O -turns away quickly-“

Then when I got home, I checked and I was 102 degrees…

T.T That’s not fun. Thank GOD it’s Friday! :O

Butbutbut T.T Tomorrow’s Halloween.. And last year, some friends and I actually went trick or treating together for the first time and that was fun :O [Before that, I’d only gone twice >__O and one time was at the mall, ’cause my parents are overprotective like that.] So, like… T.T If by chance they go again.. and if by chance they invite me… T.T Iono if I’d be able to go…

D: And I actually want to go this year! Hey, I get to dress up and it’s FREE CANDY! Not to mention I rarely even eat candy anymore ’cause I’m too cheap to buy it! :O </3

Oh yeah, you know how saddening it is when everyone in your classes spend all period eating candy when you neither have any and are too nauseous to eat any anyway? >_O OH! TT________TT MY FRIEND TOOK MY DS HOME ON ACCIDENT SO NOW ALL MY FLOWERS IN ANIMAL CROSSING WILL DIEE OVER THE WEEKEND WAHHH TT___TT -sheds fake tear-


Okay, “stuff that Eva likes” time! :DDD

credit: sment

KYEEEEE! They had a surprise party for Henry! SO CUTE. SM FAMILY IS THE BEST!<3 Super Junior [and I don’t mean just SJM ^^] and SHINee are thereee! <3 And I heard some girls’ voices so maybe f(x) or SNSD are there too? :] :] Sooo adorablee xD They’re such huge dorks.

All of them are there just SCREAMING “Soweon eul malhaebwa!!!” [“Tell me your wish” from SNSD’s Genie ^^ Very clever~] into Henry’s face xD Especially Leeteuk and Donghae. I love how Leeteuk was all “HENRY AH! SOWEON EUL MALHAEBWA!!” ^^ Makes me happy that they’re close. And gosh, they’re so violent xD Boys, boys, boys… Saw it coming though :D If you take SuJu or 2PM and a cake, you’ll end up with frosting in the face.

But what I find mysterious is that the video was uploaded 15 days ago but I have, nor anybody else, never seen it before today O_o So that means the video was on private all this time? If so, why? Maybe this means some SMTown members have youtube accounts and they privated the video but let them see it?? :D Or I think I’m just overlooking it. xD

:OOO Park Bom from 2NE1’s  solo single “You and I” :OOOO

It’s sooo gooood… Dx The song is just AMAZING. One of of the best things I’ve heard recently! She’s reaaally a strong singer and I love her voice ^^And the lyrics are amazing.

And the music video! It’s so cute, sweet, touching, sad, and beautiful! I was smiling and then terrified and then almost in tears, and it gave me chills! Definitely a song I’ll be putting on repeat <3

O__O Remember back when Neorago/It’s You came out and I said that Heechul finally won my respect as a musician? Dx I TAKE IT BACK! RIGHT NOW he just won my respect as a vocalist! My GOD, he sounds good!

And as much as I love SJ, I have to admit that a few of them have pretty weak voices and like most people, I always thought Heechul was one of them o___o I mean, I knew he was good-looking, hilarious, and had one of the best personalities in entertainment, but talent-wise, I thought he was lacking..

:OO I always thought he didn’t really have much technique.. O__O BUT HE ACTUALLY HAS A REALLY NICE VIBRATO. WOW. Super Junior = talent!♥

October 29, 2009

T.T Balance sucks. Other than some things, I’ve been in a good’ish mood the past few days and life was good, but whenever something good happens to me, something bad always happens right after. ;__;

Yeah so yesterday I started coughing, which is super unusual for me because I don’t regularly cough or sneeze, and it was like Dx one of those super lung’y coughs, like the ones I had when I had a lung infection in April. T.T And I was super terrified I was gettng sick ’cause my immune system sucks. And it’s been really, really cold lately.

;__; This morning I woke up and I was sick.. And then I died all day at school. Dx I was like the living dead. [Too early! Halloween’s not for two days, Eva!] >__< I would have stayed home from school today but I didn’t want to miss my darn AP classes… -throws fit- AP SUCKS!!

So yeah… I just finished sleeping and I feel terrible. D;

T.T And we’re having the chicken I really like for dinner today.. sniffle. and I’m nauseous…

BUT! On another note, I’m really excited for some dubs to be uploaded ^^
-Nanchatte Renai
-Naichau Kamo

H!P spree~ :O

HenBer fan desu!
October 19, 2009

In terms of blogging:
Chinen Yuri is to Micchi, as
Henry Lau is to Eva. ^^


Okay okay this feels kinda weird since although I’M INSANELY fascinated by when celebrities are good friends or interact, I’m not usually into this kind of stuff this much, buuuuutttt!

I am going crazy right now b/c of Henry and Amber. :DDDD

And it’s not just “I like him and I like her; therefore I like them together!” or “They look good together!” … THEY ACTUALLY TOTALLY ACT LIKE A COUPLE. THIS IS TOO CUTE. THIS IS GOLD. <3!

And ME?! wanting to give Henry off to another girl?! If it’s f(x), I will accept!! xDDD I like Super Generation/SuShi, WonderBang, etc a lot but I don’t have a OTP [one true pair] favorite between groups.. ‘Til now! Super Junior[+M] and f(x)?! I’m all for it! :D If it’s AMBER, I would so let Henry get married! xDD~

[GIFs credited to sassydork@livejournal!]

Henry and Amber holding hands GIF! ^^  Henry and Amber 3  Henry and Amber 2

They held hands and Amber dragged him to the front! :OOO They so look/act like a couple! They look hecka American. xD I bet they speak English to each other ^^

Henry, f(x), SNSD, and Kyuhyun GIF ^^

So much action in this GIF. xD Henry’s SUCH a pimp. His arms are around Luna and Amber. xD Poor Ryeowook’s off to the left alone; usually he hangs with Henry, but I guess when girls are around.. HAHA Well this is my first time seeing Henry like this. xD Come to think of it, I’ve never seen him with SNSD. :O I’m happy he’s close with f(x) ^^

And then there’s Krystal and Jessica, the sisters ^^ I love seeing them interact; they’ve such a good bond. And Amber and Sulli hugging. ^^ Oh and I see f(x)’s Victoria talking with SNSD’s Yoona :D

And Seohyun’s..there. xD And Kyuhyun walks in! The two awkward, but known for their intelligence youngest members of SuJu and SNSD with super powerful vocals! Hm, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the two interact. D: I should look into that!

Let’s Go On A Trip was too epic ^^ Oh! And at 2:38, Zhou Mi and Luna are holding hands! Yay!

KYEEE ^___^ SM Town!<3 They’re the best~

Okay! Off to Amber’s me2day to tell her to take pics w/ Henry!

Udon! is a fun word..
October 17, 2009

Today I went to Kinokuniya, the Japanese bookstore :O

And there was a Fullmetal Alchemist calendar! I have no idea why, but I was like, “KYEE I WANNA BUY THIS FOR MICCHI! ……wait, I won’t be able to give it to her =__=” Yup. xD

Omggg.. the first thing I saw when I went to the manga section was…


Kojiru gave my friend the 1st one and it looks cool, though she never even read it.. -__- [She has a SYAORAN DOLL♥ too but he collects dust in her closet.. what a hater. T.T]

;___; It was suuchh a preetttyyy boookkk… And it was like :O 150% as thick as the 1st character guide! And it’s like abnormally HUGE in SIZE too! :OOOOO T.T And on the back, it was like, “Are you obsessed with Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle?! Then you must read this book! Blah blah blah” And I was like


TT___TT But it’s soo exxpennsiveeee… It was like $17. T.T For a book. That’s friggin almost one month of allowance for me! :OOO -kicks rock- Grr this sucks. Dx And although it’s bad because I’m in AP English, I usually don’t really like books much.. xD I don’t even own any manga books. [Except Kilala Princess<3..]

So then! We went to my aunt’s new apartment which is O__O RIGHT BEHIND KINOKUNIYA. THAT’S SOO COOLLLLL *_____* So then for dinner, we WALKED to the Japanese marketplace next to Kino and ate udon! THAT’S SO COOLLL! I’ve never done that before! D’: I’m amazedd!

Oh and I saw a DBSK/Tohoshinki poster in the window of a barbershop! That’s so cool! I really wanted to take a picture with it, but that would’ve been..kinda weird..xD

October 16, 2009

Sawako and Kazehaya 3

Kimi ni Todoke is a story about a girl named Sawako that people always misjudge, and everyone thinks she’s Sadako from the Ring.

Except for me, it was the Grudge…

Sawako 4

So yeah. Because I figured I related to Sawako a lot, I read the manga a loooong time ago and stopped early for a really stupid reason. Then just recently they started airing it as an anime, so I’m watching that.

At first, I was only gonna watch it ’cause Chiichama wanted to and I was a little bit interested in seeing how things would turn out. I didn’t have many expectations for it. And after I saw the promo video, the opening, and ending, I thought I wouldn’t like the anime…

I just watched ep 2 and KYEEEE I LOVE KIMI NI TODOKE SO MUCH. ;______; I would TOTALLY watch it now that I love it! ;__; It’s so good… <3

Sawako and Kazehaya
She looks soooo cute with her hair up! ^^

TT___TT I guess after my ending the manga on a bad note, I COMPLETELY forgot and didn’t realize how much I loove Kazehaya-kun and how endearing Sawako is! Kazehaya is suuuch a good guy ;___; I’m a sucker for anime guys like that. [SYAOOORAANN~] And it’s so sweet >__< that he would like a girl like Sawako..

AND SAWAAKKKOO! ;_______; I know how you feel! T.T

Sawako 3

HIGH FIVE, SAWAKO! ;_; Well I’m good with children and most dogs, but it’s people who’re afraid of me.. D;

In middle school, my friends would ALWAYS say “You know what you should be for Halloween?! The girl from the Grudge! You’re JUST LIKE HER.” ..every year……

And then just a few years ago in 8th grade, people always picked on me in science….. They’d say things like, “MEOW. MEOW. Did you hear that, Eva?! Now turn into the Grudge and kill the cat!” >__< I’m not even joking. People always said stuff like that to me TT_____TT

And then in freshman year, I was really violent because, for example, my own guy friends made a bet in which if one of the guys lost, the punishment was that they’d have to hit on me…… ;___; That’s the worst insult to a girl, so I lost my temper a lot and I’d hear stuff like “Don’t walk next to Eva! She’s dangerous!” or “What the hell is wrong with her?!” and everyone was reaaaalllyy scarreddd of meeee TT____TT

I had to work really hard the rest of freshman year and sophomore year to change my image… Despite that, even now in junior year, I feel like I can’t always be myself + that I’m disliked + that people are secretly afraid of me.. T.T Sawakkoooo~~ I’m on your side~ Oh and in the 1st ep, people were like, “Since you came in last, Kazehaya, your punishment is to go out with Sawako for a week!” ;__; soo meaaannn.. thank goodness he stood up for her, but I know how that feels~

Now I can’t wait for the next episode ^0^ *__*

And as for the people who called me the Grudge.. >[
I will have my revenge on them. Someday. When they least expect it.

October 15, 2009

Hahaha my subscriber count went from 111 to 110.

D; I’m really conscious about stuff like that.


In order to de-empty-fy this post.

Been listening to T-ara & Supernova’s “Time to Love” a LOT lately! :D

I didn’t like it or the MV the first time I saw/heard it, and I wasn’t very interested in the project group.. And I still sometimes have trouble telling which girl is who in T-ara, and I know absolutely nothing about Supernova. And I don’t like that practically only 1 girl sings[although she’s a super talented vocalist!], and then I only saw like.. 1 or 2 of the guys?

BUT DESPITE THAT, this song has been on repeat! Dx Suuuuch a good song! Really prettyyyy and really cool at the same time! Awesome singing and rapping. And catchy too. :O

October 14, 2009

HAHAHAHAHAHA ROFLLLLL Cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!

So SJ-M are singingBlue Tomorrow,” a beautiful ballad with really sad lyrics. And then, AWWWW, at 0:38 Zhou Mi‘s voice CRAACKSS at the climax. xD Awww..~

HAHAHA So then friggin Kyuhyun just starts laughing and keeps looking down and fidgeting and fighting the laughter and omg xD During a sad ballad! xDDDDDD And then he’s just laughing so much, he can’t sing, so he gets Ryeowook to sing his last line, “Wo ai zhe ni, dao yong yuan..” and eventually, Kyu is literally on his knees. xD So adorable! KEKEKE hilarious!


Today was Back to School Night and during it, we had an earthquake xD My whole classroom shook. It was pretty startling.

Oh and although I didn’t feel it myself, I heard we had a reaally small earthquake last night :O

xD I never realize how people not from around here see earthquakes as really huge, gigantic deals since I guess they never have any. Dx But for me, an earthquake is like..something I’m almost’ish “used to”?

Oh and I might be moving soon. D: I’ve only ever moved once before but I was too young to remember it or even care, so this is a really big deal to me. ;___; Especially since I get attached to things and people easily. Wahhh I don’t wanna leave this house……

For Fruits Basket
October 13, 2009

;__; Darn youtube layout. -kicks rock-


YAY NEW VIDEO! :D Well it’s a short + simple one. xD

For Fruits Basket [Fandub]

xD Of course after rapping so much, I’d wanna sing a song like this.

And this is what I sing when I have extra recording time and my throat is bahh. This’ll be the only time I’ll ever upload something to this youtube that was sung, done and uploaded in merely one day. :O Hm. Lucky it’s a short + easy song. xD But yeah, even if I wanted to, I probably wouldn’t be able to do it for any other song anyway.

“For Fruits Basket” was the first fandub I ever uploaded in my life :D So I love the song a lot. This is, like, my 4th time recording it.

Dedicated to my twinny rawrrkathy!
And although it’s already past midnight, happy birthday to my idol forever Henry Lau :] 


^^ “For Fruits Basket” really holds a speeecial place in my heart since it was my first ever recording and fandub, and the second song I ever learned in Japanese.

I still have a looooooooong road ahead but looking back, I’ve come a long way. :O Okay, I might regret putting this up, but.. T.T

‘Tis be Eva’s very first fandub EVER. T.T Only to compare!

AHH I SUCKKKEDDDD TT______TT Oh the horror!! What was I thinking? All the notes were wrong and SO MANY WRONG WORDS; I wanna scream listening to this ’cause I sound so n00b ;_; Not that I don’t still sound n00b, but I feel lucky now x] Kekeke

Happy Birthday Henry Lau!
October 11, 2009

^^ <3 <3 <3 <3 <3!

Oh man, last year I was counting the days til his birthday, and then this year.. xD I went on a website yesterday and they mentioned a coming birthday boy and I was like, “Hm, I wonder whose birthday it is :3″ and it was Henry and I was all, “GAHHHH IT’S ALMOST OCTOBER 11 ALREADY?!?!” T.T It’s like forgetting a lover’s birthday. xD Well, you know what I mean.

The one guy that I don’t even know peronally who’s shooken up my world, took over my mind, and inspired me to no ends is
Henry Lau of Super Junior-M.

Henry Lau 195

For someone who’s just turned 20 [;__; HE NEEDS TO WAIT UP], he’s seriously just amazing and is the epitome of talent: violin, singing, dancing, piano, and English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Korean. :O Not to mention, an awesome personality and a face you’ll half times want to pinch, and half times want to stare and drool at. :D

Oh yeah and I don’t know how a person can be made of such win and such fail [hehe his Mandarin..] at the same time. xDD;; But if it’s Henry, it can be possible.

I’m.. kinda lazy to do a full-blown b-day post but please do refer to my somewhat epic post from last year: Reasons to Love Henry Lau. :3 SOMEDAY when I’m……not AS lazy, I swear I’ll add on to it xD For now, here’s SOME Henry stuff that’s ftw.

Henry last year:

Henry this year:
Henry Lau 260Henry Lau 265

Sniffle. Kids grow up so quickly these days.


I’m really happy for Henry though ^^ Right before his 20th birthday, he got to perform at one of the biggest concerts in Korea this year:
Dream Concert :DDDDD

SM artists [Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, f(x), Henry, Zhou Mi] performing “Let’s Go On A Trip” ^^ SMTown is the best! <333

AWW I LOVE THISSS. <3 This song is to SMTown as “Love Machine” is to H!P. xD It’s that one old, but classic and epic song that just has to be sung when members get together. ^^ They look like they’re having SOOOO much fun! ♥ I love their bond! Really like a family x] That’s why I like SM so much <3

0:17 – ^^ You can see f(x)Victoria next to SNSDTiffany and SNSDYuri next to SJSiwon :D I’m happy f(x) is fitting in!
1:31 – :DDDD SHINeeOnew and SNSDJessica!! So cute! I’ve liked them together ever since their duet “One Year Later”
2:05 – KYEHEHEHEHEHEHE MY FAVORITE PART. Ryeowook<3 is singing and then Henry is next to f(x)Amber! TOO AWESOME. TOO CUTE. xD They look like they get along, speaking English and all :D
2:16 – Hahaha you see SJEunhyuk, SNSDHyoyeon, and SJShindong holding hands and trying to do a wave xD Fail!
2:30 – KYUUU!
2:41 – TOO AWESOME! SNSDTaeyeon joins and harmonizes with Kyuhyun with a epic high note! I love it! :D The two powerhouses of their groups!
2:47 – TOO ADORABLEEEEEE! SJHeechul pushes SNSDJessica next to her sister f(x)Krystal ;__; Not only do I love the Heesica friendship, but Jung Sisters FTW! <3 SO CUTE.
3:03 – Aw, I love how Hangeng sorta brings Henry in :3 Brotherly love~
3:15 – Henry’s in, but Zhou Mi, why are you all the way at the side? T.T I feel bad for him. Like he secluded himself. But I’m glad he’s next to Victoria :D Chinese couple??

Sigh. I’m so happy. ^^ Watching this clip was fun.
I might just have no life.