:[[[[ Well, Eva’s sad now..

Yeah see, today I got the stupid idea that I’d be able to cut my own hair. =_____= So I did that for the first time…… and I totally screwed up my already bad hair. ;__;

I also thought maybe I’d be able to pull off bangs. Don’t even ask me why! I don’t even know!! Dx I’ve known for a few years that I shouldn’t try bangs anymore but I think I got so excited for some weird reason that I did it anyway T.T

And I’m not a normal girl.. I’m a fail one.. The kind that never once in her life cared about her hair. >__O I didn’t actually realize I was so different until..recent. -__-;; I also didn’t know that people used so much hairspray. -never touched hairspray before- And I didn’t realize until this year, I think, that I looked so awkward/plain/unpretty next to other girls because I don’t wear make-up. And I actually didn’t care about my clothes until this year O:

Anyway. x_X Picture before I attempt to fix it tomorrow.

It looks a little better in this pic D: Because there are so many conditions: the angle, how I brushed it, that I’m not wearing my glasses[it looks worse with them on], the fact that my face is rounder when I smile…

I am such a fashion terrorist in, like, every way.


3 Responses

  1. Eva, D: you don’t need make-up to look pretty, because you already are !
    You’re, like, a basic Asian girl; you’re fine without make-up, some of it COULD make you look prettIER, but you’re fine without D: <3

  2. I recently went through that too; suddenly caring about how plain I looked.

    I feel your pain. ;3;

  3. Don’t worry Eva! I know a lot of girls wear makeup these days but I don’t either. Besides, makeup is so bad for our skin! At least we’ll have healthier lives :)

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