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July 28, 2008

Ahah, I wasn’t planning on blogging today, but I needed to fangirl over some videos, and everyone on my xanga protected is annoyed of it, so.. :D Yay for you.

Oh yeah, last night.. I dreamt about Super Junior-M. .___. But DANGIT my dad had to wake me up when I finally was able to talk to Henry! TT______TT Oh, me and my silly trivial, impossible thoughts. Is my life going down the drain?


Anyway, I happyyy~~~~ I so happy right now~! ^____^
Why? ‘Cause symbelmyn’s back with a new account! ASJFIOLJWILJILK!! YAAAY! <333 I can live on after all! -flails about- Glad she didn’t give up~ ^^

Now I need to fangirl.



Strange Day
July 27, 2008

This morning, while I was asleep, my dad was on the computer in my room and was listening to a song.

Somehow I thought it sounded familiar…
The song sounded familiar…and the voices sounded familiar too…

Then it clicked. “At Least I Still Have You” by Super Junior-M.

Immediately, I jumped out of bed to see my DADDY WATCHING A VIDEO ON YOUTUBE OF SUPER JUNIOR-M PERFORMING “AT LEAST I STILL HAVE YOU”. Whaaaaaaat?!?!?!

Eva: OMG WHAT THE FUUUDGE?! Why the hell are you watching Super Junior-M?!
Dad: D: But I like this song… This video popped up…

Oh my gosh. TT___TT Well he didn’t hafta click on it… Could’ve watched Sandy Lam’s version or any of those other covers. But why Super Junior-M, the group that I practically worship? I’m the fan, not him!

Ahhh, it’s just too weird. Dx I’ve been weirdified.

Then again, I guess I should’ve expected him to at least know the group by name because..xD well, he was the one who ordered my albums for me. And I keep my album and folder next to my bed. :D <3

[If you’re wondering about the speakers: I listen to lullabies everynight.]

^^; Yeah, sometimes my dad spends the whole morning watching Youtube videos on my computer… He plays the songs pretty loudly and I got used to it so usually I sleep through the whole thing until he wakes me up or turns the TV on.

But I guess I listened to “At Least I Still Have You” so much that I could recognize it in my sleep. T.T Literally.  -is shot- ♥


Today’s been the strangest day.

My mom…got highlights. What the heck.

She got HIGHLIGHTS?! I don’t even have highlights and I’m the teenager of the house! [Not that I want them anyway.] Dx Ahh, this is too weird. And I’m weird enough to provide all the weird I should go through in one day. My mom is really…the typical Asian mother who thinks almost everything modern/trendy is trashy. And she got highlights. .___. Before me.

Today I went shopping with my parents in hopes of buying new shoes, but alas! My dreadful task has not been fulfilled. -falls down dramatically-

[T.T And there was this one pair that was reaaally cute and I tried it on, but it didn’t suit me at all ’cause there was a lot of pink on it! When my dad saw, he TOTALLY CRACKED UP. TT______TT I’M A GIRL! I can wear pink too! Wahhhh…! >__< Stupid Eva! If only you bought more pink things and wore more pink the past few years! Then I could wear pink with no problem!]

Anyway, we were at this one Asian store and the lady working there was like, “WAHHH your daughter is so tall!” and omggg >____< I don’t even know her…
Her co-worker joined in and they were all, “Ahh, she’s so tall! She can be a model! How is she this tall?!” blah blah blah blah blah!

-absolutely dies-

I’M. ONLY. 5’6. DAMMIT. D:

Oh yeah, later my dad told me that she peered down at my feet to see if I was standing on anything before she started praising my height. xD
LOL. >____>;;

July 26, 2008

Ahhh, yesterday was Comic Con and Kairi thinks she saw Mari. Dx Dude, I’m so jealous. LOL. I wish I could meet you guys.


Anyway, last night I finally made a facebook. =O

My friends all made their’s in, like, middle school, and now I’m becoming a sophomore[eww, sounds old..] and I finally made one. xD I guess I never felt like it. And I was never one to follow fads or trends anyway. I don’t like it when I’m doing what EVERYBODY is doing. Besides, my stubborn Taurus[horoscope] side wouldn’t let me even if I wanted to.

I dunno. There’s something I don’t like about facebook. =/ Something about it makes me uneasy. Not only do I not understand how anything works and feel stupid, but…

I’m the complete opposite of outgoing. Socially-challenged.

>____< Not good with talking to people or making friends… I never can think of anything to say… Always make myself look stupid and uninteresting and awkward… Facebook scares me. I feel intimidated. Inferior.

I’m not like other people. I don’t get along with people well. And people don’t know me well either. Always judging, assuming, discriminating… People used to think I was really scary. Honestly, that really hurt my feelings.

One time, [I hope nobody who had anything to do with this is offended. I’m not upset about it anymore; rather, grateful that it inspired me to try to change.] these two guy friends of mine made a bet. Guy A and Guy B, and they each made the punishments for each other. Sounds normal, right?

Here’s the catch: If Guy B lost the bet, his punishment was… he had to hit on me. As in, flirt with me. That’s how much I’m not a guy’s type. >___> Solid proof right there.

Of course, all the guys thought this was hilarious, and of course they refused to tell me what was so funny… Anyway, when I found out.. I guess it was kind of a trigger. ‘Cause at the time, I was already dealing with, “What the fck is wrong with Eva?” and “Eva, what is your problem…” and “…Are you trying to be cute? ‘Cause it’s not,” and people who didn’t like me and thought I was scary and violent.

Guy A saw me when I was crying like an idiot, and he made his girlfriend[who’s a close friend of mine] apologize ’cause he was too scared to talk to me.

People used to think I was a monster.. but now, I’m just a girl. ^^
T.T But I still have that STUPID temper of mine. Ugh.

Wow, I got really off-track… ^^; Sorry.


Oh yeah, oh yeah! Today my parents went to Oakland[yess I finally convinced them to let me stay home!] and I got preeeeecious recording time~~~ *______* Haven’t been able to record all week and been dying of stress about deadlines and lines.

Bwuahaha! Finished SIX whole sets of lines in two and a half hours! :’D I’m so proud. -is shot- -flails around-

Wheee~ My voice wasn’t too bad today, so it didn’t start dying until the second hour started. xDD I’ve murdered my throat+vocal chords. Oh well.

Oh yeah, I think something’s wrong with my body + my skin got worse. Good night! Sorry about the ramblings!

Cinderella Complex
July 24, 2008

Lol I’m bored and blogging for absolutely no reason. ^^

Everybody… needs to start updating more! :DDD I’m waiting for your blogs, ne?

Uh… Anyway, I just finished watching SHINee‘s School of Rock [unsubbed] and this part was like ROFLMAO. :DDDD Okay, so I’m disgusted by the fact that they made these guys dress up as girls, but…you know. ^^; It’s SHINee. They’re innocent. So I’ll just overlook this.
[I don’t overlook when it’s, like, Heechul.]

But oh my gosh wtf they all could pass as girls, I swear… [Except maybe Minho?] And and! xOOO WHAT THE HELL THEY LOOK PRETTIER THAN ME, TOO. Taemin has really nice legs. LOL. The high socks look better on him than they do on me. xD

Taemin…could really pass for a girl. T.T He’s so innocent and cute and his face is, like…xD Normally he doesn’t look girly, but with a wig, he really could pass for a girl. Key looks GREAT ASFILDJLKIL. The first time I saw him I thought he was, like, Sun Mi‘s[Wonder Girls] twin! [In the picture he really looked like her!] If I didn’t know he was Key, I would have believed he was a girl. xO He’s so gorgeous. xDDD

As for Onew.. l-lol… He looks awkward most of the time, but sometimes he’d make a pretty hot girl. =___=;; I can’t believe I’m saying that. They’re all really good at getting into character, though. xD Playing with their hair and their gossiping in the bathroom…

Oh yeah, my daddy finally ordered my SuJu-M “ME” limited edition album yesterday. :D I happy desu. -is shot to oblivion- Squeeeee~ Desk calendarrrr~~

I feel bad about spending money though. =/ I was gonna try to not spend any money during summer, but… Sigh. And I still haven’t gotten my new shoes yet. x___X;; I don’t think anybody’d hire me, but it’d be kinda cool to get a part-time job for a while, huh? I swear, if I can get one, Ima use all my pay just to buy more useless merchandise and have my parents pay for everything else. xD Super Junior-M poster~ I want one. xD But I kinda don’t, at the same time.

Me bored. Dx Life has been boring and aggravating. One mood swing after another. Getting dissed, insulted, discriminated, complained at, squirted water at, lied to, kicked without an apology, and to top it all off, I have to clean up other [irresponsible] people’s messes which they leave in my house. Pisses me off.




Cinderella Complex- Groupdub

Video Description by Lulu[japeysan]:

ahhh i’m on some video uploading marathon DD: I upload too much videos xDD *slaps self for having too much groupdubs* so anyway!! this one came out really really well, it’s amazing how we blend so good!:)
so great job everyone~~

Takahashi Ai– Nami/JPNsinger101
Yajima Maimi– Lulu/japeysan
Shimizu Saki– Eva
Tanaka Reina– Mari/marimari999
Maeda Yuuka– Toshi/rodentofdoom

Mixing- Lulu
once again, I LOVE THIS :D Seriously i loved each one of yours solo lines, the harmonies, chorus, everything!!

Please enjoy~

:D YAY IT’S FINALLY DONE! [Ack. Sorry it took forever to get in my crappy, emotionless lines.] Whooo I love the cast here…^^ It turned out AWESOME. <3

Hm. Looks kinda empty without “waterpixie” next to my name. ^^;

In the name of Venus, you will be punished~
July 21, 2008

xD A-ah… Somehow I hope nobody really read my previous post from last night… ^^;; Ehehe. Mood swiiiiing~ Happens all the time. D:

Sorry for being like that. >___<


Kath (7:12:40 PM): i-i want the suju-m album now..
Kath (7:12:42 PM): LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO ME

:D I heart you, KathKath! <33
[Would you like me to come to your house and whisper “Hankyunngggg~” in your ear while you’re asleep? ;D]


As I said before, my dad is “babysitting” some friends of mine throughout the week and maybe for the rest of the summer.. [>__< My recording time!!!] I don’t really like to call it “babysitting” though, because even if they are a lot younger than me, I know they’re not little kids. They act like it, but they don’t want to be treated like little kids.

Anyway, one of them did my hair while we were watching a show.
[Oh yeah, we were watching PGSM! ROFL. You know, the Sailor Moon Live Action? Go Sailor Venus!]

:D It’s the ole mirror-in-the-bathroom thing! Yeah!

I just felt like taking a picture because… well, I’ve never done my hair like that before. xD Actually, it’s very rare for me to do ANYTHING with my hair. I don’t tie it up, and I don’t even have a curling iron or anything.

This doesn’t suit me at all. ^^;

I’ve always said…
July 21, 2008

that July is a horrible month for me.

There’s this thing I try to do when I remember, and that is to reread my xanga entries from exactly one year ago. Now that it’s July, rereading my xanga entries from July 2007 is a pain, which is why I haven’t done it for a week, but finally decided to so I could catch up. Also because I didn’t think my mood could get any worse.

I’m different now, right? I like to think so, but I dunno.

When I reread my xanga entry from July 18, 2007, my thoughts kind of relayed between “Wow I changed so much..” and “The me now is exactly the same.” >_____O

good times, eh? good times. <3 always to be treasured.

I completely forgot I write that. .___. The past me was really stupid, but sometimes I think, “Wow, the past me is actually kind of smart..” I dunno anymore. This past year, I haven’t treasured them at all…

heh. i have to learn to take care of myself, because that’s my only choice.

I also don’t think I’ve been taking too much care of my body lately.. o___o

The whole blog I wrote previously about changing myself, etc.. I’m not sure anymore. No matter what, I don’t think I can change.

This is a very unimportant rant post. Meaning nobody should feel like they have to read it, even if they’re my friend. It’s also very long. My life isn’t that novel you’ll find at the library, but I really felt like blogging.

Please don’t read it unless you desperately want to kill 10 minutes. I’m serious.

PS;; Rach Jr. is the name of my beloved teddybear. <3


Feels like freedom!
July 20, 2008


After a couple months of fangirlling over a bunch of somewhat almost-old guys, it’s SO refreshing to watch a Hello! Project concert! xD

There’s just something about watching cute, young girls dressed in pink and jumping up and down on a stage that makes you feel all happy and great!

:DD I know I’m really late, but I finally watched the Berryz Kamen vs C-utie Rangers 2008 Spring Concert! ^^ I wasn’t planning on watching it, but I was bored and figured I might as well.

IT IS SO AWESOME. *_____* I didn’t realize it before, but having a Berryz and C-ute joint concert is a GREAT idea, and uwahhh, it was awesomeee… Everybody looks so great, and gosh, everyone’s vocals improved TONS! They’re all so strong now! I really, really like the clothes they wore, too. x]

One part I really liked was “Very Beauty” sung by Risako and Airi. IT WAS GREAT. :D! Everybody knows that Risako isn’t the best singer, but she did really well in this concert. ^^ Although I don’t like how Risako and Airi hog all the solos in the songs of their respective groups, I thought this duet was a brilliant idea.

Before, I always didn’t think much of concerts. But I think it was someone in Super Junior[?] who said that being able to have a concert for a singer is like a dream come true. I think I can see why now.

There’s something about a solo part that just gets to you more than when a bunch of girls are singing together.

Risako sounded strained, yeah, but wouldn’t you be tired if you were her, too? Yet she gave it her all, and that made me super happy. :D The way she’d walk down the stage smiling, looking out to all the fans, and how all the lights would be on her, it makes you appreciate singers more. When Airi came out and started singing with Risako, I dunno, but I thought it was a beautiful moment. xD Am I too corny? Well, whatever. Both of them are really pretty. :DD And then the song “Very Beauty” gives off a really good feel, too, so I really loved this part..

I also like Erika’s strange, but interestingly appealing/amusing performance of “Do Don Ga Don Ondou”. xD And everybody else dancing with her. And the Buono! part was awesomeeeeee. <3

Of course, the Kamen and Ranger parts were adorable and hilarious. :D

xD Yesterday, I finally caught up on Shugo Chara! Ahh, I was so behind! I had last stopped on episode 24. ^^; I watched 16 episodes in one day. LOL. That’s not good for me.

But that made me feel reaaaally good too! :D I love Shugo Chara! It’s an awesome anime and it’s so cute and just makes you feel really good about yourself and your character! ^^

Also, yesterday I was forced to get a haircut. :D I’m the kind of person who rarely EVER gets haircuts, so they’re kind of big deals to me, but yeah. My hairstyle is the same, but 2 inches got cut off, and now I feel so light and jumpy and freeeee~! x]

Uwahh, I feel really good right now.

I think I want to change myself even more. I kind of decided that when sophomore year started, I wanted to change my image.

I’m a really stubborn girl. >____O It’s not that I don’t WANT to do different things, but rather I’m too stubborn and obstinate and am always going, “Oh, but that’s not like me.”

That’s another reason why I love coming online and making friends online. People don’t know me well, so I can express myself in any way I want without having anyone think, “What? That’s so unlike Eva..” or getting embarrassed, you know? And It’s so much easier to make friends online.<3 I heart you guys. :DDD

If I had the money, I’d go on a shopping spree. xD I want new clothes. I want better clothes. I’m always wearing plain t-shirts, always acting shy and plain; it’s no wonder everyone thinks I’m a dork. I’m not well-liked in high school.

I also want new shoes before the school year starts. T.T I don’t own a single pair of converse or vans or any nice-looking shoes. Just ripped-up and dirty Nikes and Sketchers.

In middle school, everyone thought I was the dorky ‘manly’ girl with an attitude, no personality, a REALLY bad temper, hated hugging and girly stuff, and was violent. Half of who I am is what people around me think I am. I’ve always said that. It applies very much to me.

This year, I changed a lot. I still have mood swings, I still think I’m violent, but I’m not that violent anymore… People are finally starting to think of me as “nice” and as a GIRL who likes cute things and singing. I like that. x]

Sorry for the super long, err, not-rant thing. :D

Picture Perfect?
July 19, 2008

Today, Kojiru, two of our friends, and I went to a studio and had a photo session together because Kojiru had a gift certificate. :D

It was awesome. xD Oh my goshh. I don’t usually hang out with my friends a lot; especially during summer because everyone’s busy with SOMETHING, except for me, who sits at home all day fangirlling SuJu[+M].

It was supahh fun. =3 Kind of awkward at first, but omgg this is what celebrities must feel like. D: Except they’re constantly doing photoshoots.. Oh yeah, we did one of the poses like this SHINee pic. :DD

Nyahar. I’ll probably upload a few when we get them. x__X Which’ll take WHAT, TWO-TO-THREE WEEKS?! Dx That’s really long…
[Come to think of it, my orchestra CMEA group picture from April never arrived. .___. Hm.]


Oh yeah, Kojiru was kind enough to save me a clipping of a Super Junior-M picture she saw in the newspaper. :DDDDDD <333

=3 Me happy, yes yes.

But.. it’s a really, really awkward pose. xD Taken from the beginning of one of the “U” dance performances[I think the Music King Awards], when they all have their elbows out and then they look up once the music starts. Their expressions are really LOL. -stares-

Another setback is.. I don’t know where to put it. T.T

I would tape it under my Tsubasa Chronicle newspaper clipping on the wall behind my bed, but that’s my Tsubasa Wall! xD SuJu-M doesn’t belong theree. And I’d tape it on the wall next to my bed, but… xD That’d be so awkward. The wall is completely empty, so the only thing that’d be on it would be a little 3×4″ thin piece of paper.


PS;; YAAAY Happy 15th birthday to SHINee‘s adorableeeee magnae, Taemin! :DDDD

Now he doesn’t make me feel that old! ^^
[I don’t wanna be a noona. T.T]

Oh yeah, don’t diss bowl cuts; I had one for six years.

Music to my ears
July 17, 2008

:DD <3 I suddenly felt like blogging after reading Micchi’s latest blog.
Nyahar. Must I really explain? xD Okay, okay, for people who’re new to SuJu.

Super Junior = 13-member Korean boy vocal-band

Super Junior-M = Super Junior SUBGROUP which consists of 5 members from the original SuJu[Hankyung, Siwon, Donghae, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun] AND 2 additional non-SuJu members: Henry[<3333] and Zhou Mi. They sing in MANDARIN, hence the “M” in their name. Right now they’re in China promoting their first album.

Yush yush. Understand, yes yes? =3

As for recommendations, hm… Iono because they sing in lots of different styles, but I think one song that almost everyone likes is Marry U. :DDD It’s just sooo beautiful and pretty and cute and the lyrics are so romantic. <3 Wouldn’t you want a boy to sing that to you?! [Cough especially a SuJu boy?]
<–Doesn’t apply if you’re a guy. :D

On a somewhat unrelated topic, a long, loooong time ago, I actually did make a playlist filled with a bunch of songs I like with the intention to embed it onto my wordpress… And, like, when I tried to put it on, THAT’S when I learned that WordPress doesn’t take HTML. xD

Eva’s Playlist


July 16.
July 16, 2008

It’s been one year.

Since the day that made me decide to change. Looking back through this past year, I can’t help but notice that I have changed drastically. Should I be happy?


Happy 100-day anniversary to Super Junior-M. ♥
Thank you to those seven boys for existing, for being a pleasurable distraction, for their music giving me strength. Zhi shao hai you ni. I respect them. <3