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Promise Me a Miracle
September 28, 2008

So, today was the SM Entertainment Global Auditions ’08.

I didn’t go. I couldn’t go. I have good reasons. I really wanted to go.


D: Ne, can everyone please listen to my new For A Moment” fandub? >___< Feedback would be kind of nice too. Because I don’t have a youtube account, people can’t find it easily and leave comments, so yeah, I have to kind of depend on this blog for the meantime. Somehow I don’t miss having a youtube account. But can you guys please give it a listen and tell me what you think? D:

^^; Right now, nothing interesting’s going on with my life~

I really don’t like school. T.T I have to limp to every class ’cause of my foot. Limping is EXTREMELY tiring; you guys have no idea. I really miss being able to walk normally. Because I couldn’t run, I had to limp laps in PE, and I thought I was gonna faint or fall out of weakness…

I’m getting the sutures out tomorrow afterschool.

The past few weeks have been pretty stressful for me actually. ^^;;;; Now it’s getting a lot better. I think/hope it will continue to get better.

I miss talking to everyone. D: Whether my real life friends or my awesome online ones.. Everyone’s busy. Life is sooo boring. I miss camping.


Super Junior Girl‘s [produced by Lulu] first song has been completed! ^_____^ I really like it~ Please please give it a listen?

Super Junior Girl – Miracle


Next year, for sure. Going to the SM Auditions. We made a promise.

For this whole coming year, I’m going to work harder than I have before. I’m going to heal my vocal chords, expand my range, learn to adapt to different genres and languages better, increase my endurance, improve my vibrato, AND LEARN TO DAAAAAANCE. >[


For A Moment
September 23, 2008

For A Moment – Eva


YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! A new solo fandub for me! -dances-


:D It’s “For A Moment“, the duet by Ariel and Melody in The Little Mermaid II. ^___^ I really love this song and was inspired to re-sing it after watching The Little Mermaid III: Ariel’s Beginning. <3

Melody – Eva
Ariel – Eva

Sad cast, isn’t it?

Anyway, I recorded the whole thing when I was cleared of deadlines AND when my vocal chords were too dead and tired to do lines. ^^;;; Because my voice naturally goes sliiightly higher when I’m singing Japanese, it was less painful to sing this, an English song. xD It may not be my best, but I’m really happy I was finally able to complete a song by myself that I WANTED to do and not because I was assigned to do it. ^_____^

Um, back in August’ish 2007, I did do a fandub of this same song with the same sucky cast. xD It… sucks. Unbelievably. It’s just gross and I can’t stand listening to it. Which means, :D YAY~ I IMPROVED! My old one sounded really weak, fake, and feeble and this one… sounds kinda forced. =___=;; My vibrato is still really wannabe. But oh well. S’okay.

Please give it a listen? D: <3

September 18, 2008

So. Today was probably the scariest day of my life. Or at least this year.

Well, basically I had a little accident. Stepped on a piece of glass in the girls’ locker room, went to the emergency room, and got stitches.

=[ It hurt/hurts a lot, and I probably did overreact a lot, but I was honestly really, really scared. ^^; Just to let you know, I kind of… have a fear for blood. I can’t stand seeing blood. I also am afraid of doctors, doctory things, internal problems, mental and physical problems, needles, skeletons, but mostly blood…


It’s gonna be ME!
September 15, 2008

[Edit;; This post was written yesterday, September 14, but I didn’t publish until now because I was waiting for the video to be uploaded to youtube by someone.]

[Credit: Symbelmyns]
Higher quality @ Sohu here.

Super Junior-M’s new MV “Me” just came out a couple hours ago.





September 14, 2008

Today, KathKath[rawrrkathy] and I went to Chiichama[ChiisanaChanx3]’s house and we karaoked! :D It was pretty cool.

Omgg. First of all, I’d like to say that I’m supahh happy. ^_____^ Today, my voice has been the BEST it’s been for the past two months! I’m serious! Still hurt and felt scratchy, but my voice sounded normal, I hit high notes[really choppily though] fine sometimes, and I was able to sing strongly and hold out notes. ^^ <3

Please heal, o dying voice!

Special Gyutto Good Luck
[Chii] [Eva] [Kath] // [Kath] [Eva] [Chii]
-script by Chii
-1:56 = funnest line ever~
-higher quality here
-originally by Yuko Goto, Hitomi Nabatame, and Ayahi Takagaki

We Can Make It!
[Eva] [Chii]
-KathKath [asleep] behind camera! :D
-originally by Arashi

Ew lol. In Special Gyutto, I used a lot of head voice ’cause it’s a high song, and in We Can Make It!, I sound ugly and “manly” ’cause it’s a low song. ^^;;

After these three and a half hours, I came to one conclusion:
Kath and Chii really are way too cute. TT___TT <3


Reach for the Endless Sky
September 13, 2008

Uhuhu. I haven’t updated in a really long time. ^^;; It’s a record. Basically my life has been really repetitive and the same, so I figured holding off my ramblings/rants would be okay.

Okay, so let’s catch up with me, I guess. xD Right now, my life is pretty much just.. mood swings. Everyday. I think, though, from now on it’ll get better because some misunderstandings have been cleared and the things I’ve held inside for a long time now have been releasing little by little. I’m trying to be more positive now.

Today I spent time with my family because it’s my aunt’s birthday, and truthfully, it’s become really depressing to always have to hide behind a mask. Lol. They really don’t know me at all, and it’s strangely okay with me. I’m glad that when I’m here, I can be myself or any way I really want to be.

School..really, really sucks. I’m always in a bad mood. =[ Depressed or pissed or frustrated or something. There are some people who’re being really selfish and annoying right now, and I’m not doing such a great job of handling it. Also, I really dislike my classes. .___. I hope I can keep my 4.0 streak..
I don’t really have friends in my classes, so it’s not really a lot of fun. And remember? I’m socially-challenged. TT___TT

My dying voice…got worse. Unfortunately. Sigh.

I don’t know… You guys probably don’t think it’s a big deal, but when I say my voice is dying, I’m not lying… When I turn in lines, my voice sounds normal[but still not good], but behind the scenes, when I’m recording my lines, it’s really painful for my throat. I record each line OVER AND OVER AND OVER until my voice doesn’t sound dead. It hurts to hit high notes now. =[ I can’t really hold out notes either. Sigh. Sadness.

And I never get recording time anymore. >_____< If I owe you lines, I’m really, really, really sorry… If I could record lines all day, I would. [Even though I’d probably lose my dead voice by the middle of the day.]

So if you get all the recording time in the world and your vocal chords/throat don’t hurt, THEN DO YOUR LINESSSSSSS. ESPECIALLY IF YOU OWE LINES TO ME. >[ YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. DO YOUR LINES. YOU WANT ME TO NAG YOU EVERYDAY?!


Okay, sorry. Change of topic. xD
Um. Oh right! :D In orchestra, IF we go on a trip, we have a choice of two places, and OMGGG! If we go to one, I can visit Lulu! If we go to the other, I can visit Mari! LOL. ISN’T THAT PERFECT?! I hope I can meet up with you guys!

Also, Micchi.. D: Did the hurricane affect near where you live? D:

-cries- Galveston got flooded… I went there in fifth grade and I loved that place! Best part of my whole trip. D: There was this REAAALLY awesome shop called “Mermaid -somethingsomething-” and I bought pretty stuff there. xD And now it’s dead… AGAIN. >___>


Speaking of mermaids. ;D I GOT “THE LITTLE MERMAID III: ARIEL’S BEGINNING” TODAAAAAAAAAAY! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO! ^________________^ <333333333333333333333
I loved it! I absolutely loved it! <3

It takes a weird person like me to watch the movie with her 4th grade Ariel costume on..

And take a picture with DVDs out of boredom.
[And use a PPG blanket at age 15.]

Wonder Boys
September 7, 2008

Ah, I was gonna add this to my compilatory fangirlling blog post, but I haven’t blogged for a couple days and this is EPIC, so I’m giving it its own post. :DD

Basically Inkigayo[Korean music show] is having its 500th show, so they’re having a special stage. ^^ Omo, this performance is DEFINITELY my favorite. xD “Girls’ Generation” by SNSD and “So Hot” by Wonder Girls were performed by a group called Wonder Boys, consisting of..

Sungmin [Super Junior]
Shindong [Super Junior]
Taemin [SHINee]
Seungri [Big Bang]
Jo Kwon [2 AM]

[Credit: randy1997]

Click HERE for higher quality!

[Edit;; Ahahah they probably look reaaaaally stupid to anyone who doesn’t know them or anything about K-pop.]


September 3, 2008

Ahah, so I hope everyone who’s reading this right now has read my last post about my camping trip? Sorry I’m always blogging so frequently…

Camping was such a fun trip. I’d like to think of it as an event I want to remember for many years to come. I also like to think that it changed me a little; that one trip and the people who I spent time with influenced me so much.

Unfortunately, now that I’m back, well.. =___=;; I really hate this place. I can’t stand school… Bad mood all day, bad things… Don’t know what happened to “enjoy life~”… This isn’t home, sweet, home. I don’t like being here. I hate things going back to normal. Back to my place where nobody gets me or cares. I never have any fun anymore. And no motivation at all…

School is driving me up the wall; I wanna quit, but I know I shouldn’t.

Anyway, earlier, I was reading Micchi’s blog and about how she said she wants to become famous over the internet. I guess that’s kind of what I want too. It’s kind of the little dream I had from the start.

When I started putting up videos on youtube, I didn’t know anybody at all, and certainly nobody knew me. ^^; I was that shrimpy, stupid girl with no common sense, a horribly too-high-pitched fake, out of tune voice, and absolutely no hearing for quality. Gross. xD Even my AMVs were bad. [Ah, people started to know me first through my AMVs, but I met people and made more friends through singing.]

I don’t know why I sing anymore. I honestly love singing.. Sometimes it annoys me. I don’t get any time to sing or record. I’m not THAT lazy of a worker; I know I have lots of lines to do, and I really would do them if I could, but I get no recording time. What I can’t stand is someone who has all the recording time in the world, takes it for granted, and gets lazy and never does their lines. My voice is really dying. =/ My throat is always in pain or scratchy when I talk or sing, and it’s sore a lot. I have no intentions on quitting dubbing though. Besides, I’ve already quit 3-5 times in 2006-2007, and every single time, I got roped back into dubbing, and right now I’ve improved SO much from those times, though I’ve still a long way to go.

I want to become famous over the internet. I want to inspire people.

[Credit: Taken by my friend Brian last year on my camera.]

September 1, 2008

Well, I’m back from camping! Gah, it was so fun. x] It was, like, amazingly fun. My Labor Day weekend was just great. I’m happy and I feel good. I have scrapes and blood/scabs all over, but I feel really healthy and merry. ^_____^

Ah, this weekend was just amazing! What an eye-opener! What the hell have I been doing? xD I’m too negative! I should enjoy life! Camping was so fun, and my socially-challenged’ness is lessening. ^^ Awesome.

Zomg the car ride was way too long.. xD 5 hours in the car without a rest stop. Sheesh, if we were going the other way and went for another hour, we could’ve gone to LA and visited Lulu instead! But it was fun anyway. Everything was so beautiful. [The cows right next to the road was shocking though. ^^;]

Also, I feel like everyone understands me a little more now. :D A lot of times I feel like I’m wearing a mask, but this weekend, I just felt like…me.

♥ the ocean; Hate that face.