:DDD I watched Wonder Girls on So You Think You Can Dance yesterday and it was AWESOME! :O I was worried but they did better than I expected. Although it’s too bad I think they didn’t sing live? Honestly I couldn’t tell if it was live or not o__o They looked reaally pretty and it was a good performance, and it was exciting seeing WG on TV!

Ah and this season of Glee is over >__O I’ve been watching that show with Chiisana since we both love singing. Welp, it’s coming back in Spring~ I’m gonna be sad when Kimi ni Todoke ends.. xD;;

Today, SJ’s MV for “Sorry Sorry – Answer” came out! ^^ Usually I find out about these things late but I watched it like half an hour after it was uploaded and was the 113th [that’s an awesome number] commenter, boo-yah! :DDD As you can tell, I’m proud despite it not really being an accomplishment..

The song is an R&B REMIX OF “Sorry Sorry” which is just EPICCC! It’s like not even the same song anymore! It’s sooooo gooodddd DDx I swear this is 10 times better than the original “Sorry Sorry.” ^^ And Yoo Youngjin, the composer of “Sorry Sorry” sang a lot in this and DANGGG. He’s REALLY good at singing! Perfect for R&B! :OO I love his voice and SuJu’s voices so much :3 I liked the rap too.

And I love the MV; it’s so nice! It matches the song perfectly with its black-and-white’ness. It’s all emotional and classy and really well done. Only flaws are that it’s SO long xD and the part at the end with them all drinking and smiling cheesily and greasily.. hm. Random and unfitting? But I thought it was just GREAT that they released a whole new song and MV even when they’re not in promotions, since SJ-M is active in China right now. :33


T.T I’m gonna die from lack of sleep..
Good job, Eva’s teachers. Yeah, assign lots of homework and a project due tomorrow all on the same day AND on the day I have a concert for Symphony Orchestra =__= Thank you ever so much.


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