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2011 New Years Resolutions
January 1, 2011

Doing 100 again just like last year and the year before. x]
I can’t believe I’m doing this though lol. It’s all just for fun though of course. ;3

Reflecting on 2010… I feel like I changed a lot, in the good way. :] I’m a senior now so I never feel like I have to scared of anyone, and I’ve had sooooo much more confidence now! I’ve been acting a lot cheerier and energetic and I LOVE IT. ^^ My relationships with people have improved too. But I was depressed a lot because I’m a senior and … college… thinking about careers and the future…….. D: I’m pathetic and I get depressed whenever I think about college or the future. I’ve cried a lot because of this. But I’ve been doing my best in everything and I feel a lot better about myself. All in all, things have changed for the better. ^^


2010 Resolutions Review
January 1, 2011

Haha just thought I should do this again like I did last year. xD
Gray is what I wrote last year~

1. Don’t worry, be happy! -bursts into song-