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Koi Kana
August 29, 2008

I… have survived the first week of school!

AND THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY! D: School is horribly, horrendously horrible. Having seven periods is tiring[7:20-3:00], I’m always in a bad mood, my classes are hard, I have no friends in my classes, my teachers don’t like me, I suck at making friends, my skin is miserable because of the burning sun, and dangitttttt I hate school. =[


Luckily, now that it’s the long Labor-Day-weekend, I’m going… CAMPING! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~~~! ^_________^

Only reason why I made it through the whole depressing week of school without wanting to kill somebody[namely myself] is because I was really, really, reaaaa~lly look forward to this camping trip! ^___^ I’m so excited.

My parents would never take me camping, so I’m really glad our friends’ family is going[their kids are my childhood friends, and their parents are my parents’ childhood friends] so we can tag along and have fun too! ^^ I’m happy. I can’t wait. I can’t wait I can’t wait!

Unfortunately, after this trip I’ll have no more motivation.. =___=;; So we’ll see what happens. I may not survive after all. I need to clean out my closet in case I need to crouch there Tamaki-style and grow a couple mushrooms.. We’ll see…

Now just hope I make it back alive. :DDDD I’m so optimistic. -is shot a thousand times over- When I’m back, hopefully I’ll have lots of pictures and stuffles so I can burn even more of you readers’ precious time that you can never get back because you wasted it reading my rambling on and on and on about trivial things that you don’t even need to know but I’m typing anyway because I’m bored and I feel like it, so good luck. :D <3

Be back Monday night!



Koi Kana, Track 1 of my second Totally Up! Project[Twilight Legend/J-unior SWEET] solo single is completed and uploaded to youtube. D: So please give it a listen and leave a comment here?

If you actually want.

Have fun burning your ears out with my annoyance. ^^ <3


First Day of School
August 26, 2008

School is horrible. I hate school.




Omg. The Little Mermaid III came out today. <3

Bored with Kenny… [Vlog/Skit]
August 24, 2008


Yesterday, my friend Kenny, the one who’s been photoshopping things related to me a lot lately, wanted to do a fun vlog, so we made one! We were bored and in a good mood. :D It’s more of a skit than a blog though, but it’s pretty short, and I hope you’ll watch. Enjoy our obviously fake acting!

Suuuuuuuuuper thanks to our Alan, for being awesome and being in it; Calvin, for being willing to be hit by a water balloon[ah, but it failed..]; and Keeeeeeely, our awesome photographer! [One scene was filmed by Alan though.] Thank you, you guys. >____<

For the ending song, I was planning on doing a short recording so that it’d be like a duet between the two of us since I’m a dubber and Kenny sings too[in choir] and is soon gonna start uploading his singing, I think? :D If he does, I’ll let you know~ ClosingSerenade @ YT.

^^ I’m just a shameless, blogging plug.

My spiffy subtitles were ruined by youtube and its stupid quality[and the colors], so the script is under the cut if you can’t guess what we’re saying. –> (more…)

August 22, 2008

 Xanga entry – August 17, 2007:

heh oh my gosh. i totally lost the part of rika ishikawa in the suki sugite baka mitai audition to that micchachanpyon girl… she totally beat me. oh well. i’ll keep my audition up just in case. xD


HAHAHAH. <3 Found it quite a few days ago and stuck it on a blog draft. :D Notice I mispelled Micchi’s name. That’s how we met. So nostalgic. ^^; Yeah, I mention a lot of my online friends, dubs, etc to my real life friends, so don’t be surprised if you came to my city and was famous. :DDDD


..xDDDDDDDDDD My friend Kenny, who’s been obsessing over photoshop lately, made this for me. Oh. My. God. LMAOOOO. Thanks.

:D Not only is this a horrible picture of me, but the eyes for both sides are creepy! xD Black eyes or no pupils? This card suits me though. ^^; I’ve been known to have split personalities… And I’ve been known as both innocent and evil… But black is not my color. D: Lol.


Anyway, lately, these days have just been full of reminescence.

I found a bunch of old videos of me and my friends that were uploaded on my “waterpixie” youtube account, and after three days and UGH AT LEAST A BILLION TRIES ’cause my stupid internet keeps disconnecting[you’d understand if you ever talked to me on msn or aim before..], I was able to reupload some of them to The Tree’s account which I made a month ago but don’t think I’ve told any of my real life friends. ^^;; Well… if any of them is seeing this now. xD Uh. Yeah. The Tree has a youtube account. And there are videos. And what the heck are you doing on my wordpress? o__o

I don’t think anybody here is really interested at all in my personal not-online life, so yeah. xD I’ll stick everything else under a cut.


Coolest friends ever.
August 18, 2008

IIIIIIIIII’mmmmmmmmmm…bored. Yessir.

Anyoo~ Mommy Purply‘s so sweet. >____< She sang a dub dedicated to me and my lost account. Thank youu so much, mommy! <3333 It sounds super pretty! Please watch it here? –>
Dokkidoki! LOVE Mail [Solodub]


KYAHAHAHAHAH. <333333333333333!

My friend Kenny made this for me. ^^ It’s WAY too awesome, so I just had to show it off! It does get cut because of the blog’s narrow collumns, but you can click for full size if you want. [Though most of the important stuff shows already~]

I dunno if you’re gonna see this, but again, thank you so much! <3 That was so sweet! xD



Everything is changing so fast.
Nothing will ever be the same again.

As much as I already dreaded our upcoming return to school, I’m anticipating it even less now. Becoming a sophomore already meant lots of changes, but I didn’t expect this at all. There’s a girl whom I love very much as a friend.

All the times we skipped around together singing, and the times when she asked me if I wanted to race to the locker rooms, and I said no, but immediately ran ahead..

Will never return anymore.

Songs for when you’re stuck in traffic;;
August 16, 2008

  • KissHug Aiko
  • Xia XueFahrenheit [LOVELOVE this song! <33 And the MV. D: Jiro, Aaron, and Wu Chun are gorgeous. Hahah. Calvin’s too eh for my taste, but those who like MatsuJun may like him.]
  • Take Me FarawayOhno Satoshi from Arashi
  • AishikataRythem
  • Hoshi wo MezashiteNEWS
  • HidamariChieko Kawabe
  • In My RoomSHINee [But kinda on the depressing side?]
  • Marry USuper Junior
  • First Kiss Aa!
  • Ai Ai GasaTegoMassu
  • Bokura no Love StoryWaT [<3 Love WaT and this MV. Teppei is still my favorite Japanese male celebrity.]
  • At Least I Still Have You Super Junior-M [<3~]
  • Yuuhi wo Miteiru kaAKB48
  • Yume Kara Samete Takahashi Ai from Morning Musume
  • BelieveYellowcard [I know it’s kinda rock’ish, but I think it’s optimistic without being too happy. x____X Such an old song. I’m not really that much into Yellowcard, but I got into them couple years ago ’cause someone I knew really liked them.]

Because bittersweet songs are best for being stuck in traffic.

Depressing songs are too depressing. Fast-paced songs remind you how slow you’re going. And songs like “Happiness” by Super Junior, “Happiness” by Arashi, and “Happiness ~Koufuku Kangei” by Berryz Koubou are just the annoyest at these times. [Otherwise, I really like these songs. ^^;]

Sekai no Namida [CHII vers.]
August 16, 2008

Sekai no Namida [CHII vers.]

Please watch this beautiful[IMO] cover of “Sekai no Namida” by my friend Chiisana! <3

I would embed it, but then I want people to go to it and rate and possibly comment the video.

Hahah, yes, I am a walking, blogging promoting billboard. :D Please do watch it. Chii‘s my awesome, talented, and close friend, and though she really should upload more videos, she doesn’t, so not lots of people check her channel or subscribe[yet].

[Edit;; Uwah! Two videos in one day! Please watch Toki no Puzzle [CHII vers.] as well.]

If you don’t watch them, I’ll go after you with Murder-kun, my imaginary chainsaw. ^^ Thank you for your time.

</end promotion>

August 14, 2008

[part 1]

It’s here it’s here it’s here!

My Super Junior-M “ME” Asia Deluxe album! <333! :D

Mwuahahah~ I super happy. :DD I didn’t expect it to come this earlyyy. ^^ But if they do another repackaging after they release the second MV[please come out soon!], I’m gonna be mad. xD

Hehe. Actually I wasn’t anticipating this album as much as I anticipated my original “ME” album, because I’ve already heard all the songs on the CD at least 100 times each, I’ve already seen everything on the DVD, and all the pictures in the photobook are from the same photoshoot so I thought it was kinda boring. ^^;

Mostly I was looking forward to the “desk calendar”. I expected it to be like.. all the pages were binded together? Or it stood up, or something? Isn’t that what a desk calendar usually is?

^^; Instead it was individual pieces of paper put in a CD case. Heheh. I was a little disappointed, but if it’s got Super Junior-M all over it, then you can’t be too upset, right? :D

I love the paper covering thing for the album though. LOL. It’s all new and clean and pretty and shiny, and it smells new and papery. xDD

Mostly, though, I think I enjoyed the bubble wrap in came in. Rofl.. xD It was fun and provided amusement for a couple hours. But I finished it all and threw it away. As for this album+”calendar”, I plan to keep it for a lifetime. <3

Pictures of the calendar? –>


August 14, 2008


Dx I haaaate electronics… ’cause they haaate me…

Sigh. So basically my Windows Movie Maker died on me. .___. In an attempt to fix it, my dad started installing these updates onto my computer. And guess what now? My mic doesn’t work! >_____>;; Meaning I’ll have to wipe out my whole computer just to fix the mic AGAIN.

Why can’t my mic die on a day when I can’t record because my dad’s “babysitting”?! But nooo, it dies the day I finally get recording time… :D And my WMM still doesn’t work.

Thank the lord that my camera’s alive again. It wouldn’t work for me, but fixed itself when my dad tried..

Oh yeah, my mouse died, too. I hope we can get money back for that… >____> And I accidentally broke my parents’ DVD player, too. My speakers are stupid and change volume whenever they want. I’m piiiisseedddd… Stupid laptop. Stupid Vista.

Yeah.. I was bored while waiting for Windows to reinstall.
I’m not much of an artist, so whatever.

August 12, 2008

Yesterday, I happened to pass by while my parents were watching the Olympics and SNSD’s “Girls’ Generation” was playing in the background. o___o I was so proud. xD There’s nothing like seeing or hearing Asian celebrities you like on American national television. Now, if only they’d show Hankyung’s torch run..

Oh yeah, I thought the Olympics’ opening was amazing. =O Makes me kinda proud to be Chinese.


Blah. For some reason, I’m full of envy right now.

Today was a pretty good day. Then my camera died. Then my Windows Movie Maker died. My laptop’s DVD drive died as well. Stupid electronics…
Ah, Eva, you’re so good with technology and electronic things,” my butt.

I dunno. .__. I didn’t really have anything [important] to say, but I hadn’t blogged for a couple days, unlike usual, so I wanted to confirm that I’m still alive. Oh yeah. I still can’t dance for crap. My voice is slowly healing. I’m tired. My bed got stained with red paint today. =/ Not my fault. Ah, my room is such a mess now.. TT___TT I’m really bored. I have no life. I need to record lines. Everybody else needs to update their blogs more often.

Oh well. Back to reading the Ouran Host Club manga. D:


My friend/”cousin” took this today. Don’t like this pic.
Ebah puunchh~