Waahh.. I was really looking forward to today because 1) it’s Christmas break! 2) I get to spend the whole day recording and I’m happy about what I’m working on right now. >___O Then I come on the computer, and the first thing I see is AIM offline messages from Chiisana:
“HanGeng.. TT__TT Kyu…”
“*not happy* :’c”
Seriously knows how to give a girl a scare. T.T My first thoughts were, “OH MY GOD. CAR ACCIDENT?!?! PLEASE DON’T TELL ME IT’S THAT.”

;__; Yeah, sorry I’ve been blogging a lot about Super Junior/SJ-M lately but this time it’s serious DDDx Yeah so Hankyung filed a request to terminate his contract with SM ;___; I don’t know. I think it’s very complicated and I’m not sure if I understand the whole situation, but either way, it’s bad x___X

I was already blahh ’cause of drama in my life, but whyy is there always so much drama + hardship surrounding SuJu? D: Hankyung not being able to perform w/ SuJu because of his visa, car accident that caused Kyuhyun to be in a coma, “Only 13” against Henry and Zhou Mi, Kibum never participating, Kangin’s incidents and being suspended until next year.. Dx

Yeah so like with the DBSK case, I don’t know who to side with.. ‘Cause if Hankyung wins, would he not be in SJ anymore? Yeah, I don’t get it.

And I honestly don’t get why he has to do this NOW when SJ-M is becoming so popular. But I guess it’s BECAUSE they’re so popular and subsequently sooo busy and wanted that he wants a break.. It must be tiring and difficult to live with so little freedom and so many restrictions. But even still, as SJ-M’s leader I feel it’s a bit irresponsible, if he holds back his group when they’re at a peak… Especially since he said it was his dream to lead his members to his home, China. If SJ-M disappears because of this, I’ll have to hold him responsible no matter how much I like him >__<

And this probably means that SJ + SM + ELF have to spend the holidays worried.

Now it’s not just DBSK Keep the Faith, but also


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