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Summer Field
August 30, 2009

Summer Field by ~kojirurules on deviantART

UWAAHHHH! Look what Kojiru drew for me! ;___; It’s so pretty. <3

Sakura, Tomoyo, and Chii <3333 ^__^ Tsubasa Chronicle ftw.


On a random note[then again, when am I ever not random?], I’m really looking forward to SM Entertainment’s new girlgroup,
f(x)‘s debut!!! :OOOOO They’re gonna be a powerful group with charisma and apparently strong vocals and incredible dancing. Usually I’m not THAT into those kinds of groups, but I’m really excited for this one ’cause
1.) It’s SM. SM groups are 짱[best]. And SMTown family<3 [Speaking of that, DBSK KEEP THE FAITH!]

Victoria Song

<3333333 I LOOOVE HERRRR. She’s one of my role models, dude! She’s Chinese, like me, and is my height, and she’s GORGEOUS and such an amazing dancer! I can’t wait to hear her voice. ^^ And I’m looking forward to her personality too. [I hope f(x) aren’t just looks and dancing, and have as much character as SNSD~] She’s the leader of f(x), so I’d expect her to get a lot of attention. And come on, she’s got the prettiest name ever.

Also I’m super attached to her ’cause I liked her a lot way before news of f(x) came out :3

She was the girl in Super Junior-M’s “U” MV!
[HOLY GODD, NOSTALGIC!<3 Hi, Henry!! -is shot- -dies at violin part-]

ANDDDD the noona in SHINee’s “Noona Neomu Yeppeo” MV!
[Squeeeee, also nostalicccc! <3]

*___________* And I’m SO obsessed with both of these songs and MVs! It’s obvious, right?! I did a full cover of Noona Neomu Yeppeo before and.. SJM is like the love of my life. So there. :D These two were like the perfect debuts, I swear, and Victoria Song made it all the better. ^^

Ah, and I like all the other members, Krystal[SNSD Jessica’s sister! :OO], Luna, Sulli, and Amber, too! They’re all so interesting and so pretty in their own ways.

Oh, and OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG SJM’S COMEBACK SEPTEMER 10! DDDDDx -marked calendar- Buying for sure, yo!


Oh, and I think I haven’t mentioned this here yet: I am comletely obsessed and in love with SNSD/Girls’ Generation, and they are now my favorite girlgroup, ‘kay bye! 안녕히게세요! <–that’s right, right?


The Life of a Dork
August 27, 2009


*I REALLY get too excited about the most trivial things, so don’t mind me. ^^; Oh, and I complain/rant a lot.

I swear my role in life is to announce online all these things that happen to me that nobody cares about xDDDDDD But that’s fun too

I just do these ’cause I’m super bored when walking home[though it’s only when I’m almost home that there’s no one around, so I can vlog ;__;], and I always have something weird and insignificant to say. xD Plus I was thinking that if I blogged/vlogged while just walking home, I could use the time that I would spend blogging.. doing homework. ^^;; But then it always ends up that the wind screws up the sound, so I have to use up even more time SUBTITLING it. -____-

Ah, and because of the wind, I cut out a part when I said:
“Since Junior year is super important, I might just docment it like this =__= It can be called ‘Life of a Dork!’ .. I’m kidding. I can see people pressing their back buttons right now. I’ll just do this once in a while when I’m reaaally bored~”

Yeah.. I’m not gonna count on doing this much. xD The first few days of school are okay, but I feel like a loser. xD

BUT YEAH, I FEEL SO PROUD/SMART xDDDDD I would’ve never thought of pinning it up and wearing it as shorter shorts before!! xDDD -is shot- -has no common sense when it comes to clothes- Oh, and now, I have something new to wear, which feels like I got new clothes and it didn’t cost me a cent! [‘Cause otherwise they woulda sat in my closet.] I’m happy. xD Sorry. I know. Trivial. I’m weird and immature, yes. T.T


First day being a Junior
August 25, 2009

Sorry I say “and, like” really often because 1) I’m a Cali girl; it’s how we speak, and 2) my train of thought always has busted tracks. =__= That’s why I don’t do speeches.

Oh and I have another thing to say about AP:
Wouldn’t killing me directly be significantly easier and quicker?



Eva, who’s a junior now and isn’t proud of it~

I wonder if my face will change by senior year. D:

Almost a junior!
August 24, 2009

Yeaaaah! I finally got to sing Kago Ai‘s comeback song, “no hesitAtIon” ^__^ <33 Very very happy about that. My voice sounds.. higher than usual though. xD


Ah, today’s the end of summer. D: Although other people would say I didn’t do anything this summer, I think I rather enjoyed it nonetheless ^^ And I got to record a lot! <3

I don’t know why this summer was so good to me overall. D: Although there were lots of times I stressed out and there were some issues and I had to worry about doing AP summer homework[UGH] and I stayed at home all summer, I was really very truly happy~ ^^ I was reborn last April. I had never enjoyed a summer before this one.

Usually I end summers with regrets, but I really don’t feel regrets right now ^^ I just wanna live life like his.

And it was super pleasurable that [instead of doing AP hw or studying for SATs ^^;; I’m terrible] I spent a lot of time doing things I like, like singing and recording and dancing and mixing and blogging and making things out of polymer clay and decorating a shirt and listening to lots of music and just sitting here on youtube watching Korean shows xDDD;; I wanna just do what I want from now on! But unfortunately, school won’t let that happen ;__;
[And yeah, I’m a huge loner xD Notice all those things I listed were things to be done alone usually.]


>_____> Honestly if I had the choice, I would choose to not to. D: I don’t like growing up. I’m really tall and stuff, but I’m so tiny on the inside. I’m really mentally a little kid ;___;

I cry over everything. T.T Lately, except for today, I’ve been crying everyday for SOME reason or another, from being stressed out or really touched or watching something sad. ^^;

I don’t like being called old! T.T I’m 8 years old at heart!!!!


Besides from cramming AP homework, fooling around is a must on the last day of summer.

CIMG1574 2

I’m so beautiful~

You Are My Love; Wings
August 22, 2009

T.T xDD;;……… I’ve been procrastinating on this post for 6 days.
I’m the best[worst?] procrastinator in the world! :Db <–thumbs up~


;___; I’ve actually been wanting to sing “You Are My Love” with my own piano accompaniment for.. more than two years? D: So I finally seriously started learning the music this summer[before, I gave up before getting past the first page; that’s how bad at piano I am T.T] and I finally recorded it and recorded the vocals, and I was SOOOOOOO excited and happy and ecstatic about it!

But after I uploaded it, it went all downhill from there. ^^ I did not do a good job of it at all. =/ At times, I’m a huge perfectionist so I’m like, “UGHHH I COULD’VE DONE BETTER THAN THAT.” And, like.. >____< I’m very disappointed with myself. Very, very disappointed. T.T I was really angry the day I uploaded it[it wasn’t ENTIRELY because I did poorly] and I cried for no reason that night while reflecting on my day.

I was already worried anyway about how people would react >__< I knew that because I was playing an instument, people would be more harsh and critical and aware and be all, “Oh I’m better at playing piano than you; you did this wrong and this wrong and I didn’t like how you did that.” x___X It actually somewhat’ish sort of happened like that? D: I didn’t like that people paid so much attention to the piano, as that was an ACCOMPANIMENT to my vocals and I’m not aiming to improve at piano. D: I mean, now that I’m done with this project, I probably won’t touch my piano again until.. next summer?

I’m definitely scarred though. No more putting piano-playing on the internet for Eva. And she feels even worse about her violin-playing since she’s much worse at it than piano. ;____; UGYUU I SUCKKKK.


Another summer goal of mine was to decorate my own t-shirt~
^________^ I’ve been wanting to do that since.. this summer! xD when I saw someone else’s reaaaally cute t-shirt. So I did it! :DDDD It’s not as easy as it seems D: And it takes longer than it looks..

CIMG1559 2
For some reason, I have a small obsession with ties and headphones xD And I think piano keys are pretty!

CIMG1557 2
And cute wings on the back! Eva can fly!
-Tomoyo style- OHOHOHO~!

Speaking of Tomoyo, I LOVE HER! SHE’S MY ROLE MODEL. AND SYAORAN-KUUUNNN!!! -insert annoying cliche highpitched fangirl squeal- squeeeeeeeee~~ I love CCS. ^____^ I get so happy watching my old tapes of it! <3


I loooooove this picture so much! Cardcaptor Sakura characters dressed as their Tsubasa Chronicle “counter-parts” :DDDDD! It’s pure genius! ♥ I found it in 2006. xD So long ago!


Oh yeah and my subscriber number turned from 102 to 101. -_____- It was a stab at my self esteem and I was hurt by it, but I guess if it’s ME, it’s understandable.

August 12, 2009


Um, first of all, a 100th person was nice enough to subscribe to me today, so YAY! I have 100 subscribers ;___; I’m so grateful. Thank you! Although I’m not a freak about subscriber amounts like I am with comments[|D;; so shoot me], this made me really happy!

100 is a lot. ;_______; I’ll keep going and pass my 418 of my old account! Although that will take really long ’cause I don’t get the chance to upload a lot.. xD;

Second of all, YUSHHHHH..!! My daddy went out to Fry’s and bought me a $30 brand-name mic ;__; I was really touched because in my family, we don’t just suddenly go out on a second’s notice, and because it’s so expensive. T.T I’m a huge cheapskate; my old mic was $15 and that’s a lot to me.

And.. :OOOOO Vista likes it! <3333 Yay! We have an established friendship! -hugs new mic- ^_________^ This means that I don’t have to wipe out my computer and reinstall Windows! Everything works now! ^^ I’m just sad I’ll have to do away with my old mic. =/ It was my first mic. I got it 3 years ago because my friends and I wanted to do a fandub of “Bokutachi wa Kore Kara” in English with me as Nabiki.
;__; It took me through some FMA parodies with my friends, my first fandub “For Fruits Basket,” many Mermaid Melody fandubs on which I got flamed, Arashi’s “We Can Make It!” which got me suspended from youtube, “First Kiss” which was my comeback for my new account, and now “Yume no Tsubasa” which is my favorite anime song and first Japanese song, where I also showed some [failed] voice acting for the first time.

But, welcome to my life, new mic! ♥
Hm. I think I’ll call you Maiccu-kun~ ^^
Please bring me some good recordings from now on!

On a third note, yay my skin is like really, really nice right now! xD It’s so smooth and not gross, and I’m really happy about it ^_____^ This is the best my skin’s been in.. my entire life. o___o I should celebrate! But all because I got a new doctor and she prescribed some pills and a new applicable medicine[though it has steroids T.T], but it works!

No more allergy pills[I’m not even allergic], herbal medicine, applicable medicines, or diets for me! I hope.

Also, I’ve been dubbed leader of the new group of Totally Up! Project, Star!U, which does Korean songs. xD That’s somethig to be happy about! And Lulu’s sub-leader! ^^ Looking forward to working with you even more~

Also, I’m EXTREMELY excited for two projects I’m currently working on. :D

August 10, 2009

Arghhh. I’m really bleeping pissed off. I hate Windows Vista  -______- You’d suppose Microsoft would IMPROVE, but I still hate Vista and prefer XP much more over it. At least XP worked normally and didn’t screw things up. Jeez. Technology, seriously. People are going into space, and yet they can’t get a simple household computer to cooperate?! >__>

So here’s the story. My computer has screwed up OVER AND OVER. Something complicated happens and suddenly the intake of my mic is different, and I can’t work with the changes. =/ It’s hard to explain, but Vista’s screwed my microphone over many times already. >____> I lost count of how many times I’ve had to WIPE OUT MY WHOLE COMPUTER and redo Windows.

Eventually my dad and I found out that it usually starts being weird after Windows updates itself, so even though it makes my computer more vulnerable, we set it so that it wouldn’t update. That’s why things have been working well for a really long time. ._____. I thought I wouldn’t have to reboot again, so I spread my files all over and downloaded a bunch of programs and stuff.

This morning, Eva was in a good mood. She was looking forward to being home alone all week, because for some reason she likes playing alone. And even though she usually doesn’t do it in the morning because it hurts her throat, she woke up singing happily.

^____________^ And then I found out that Vista no longer was friends with my precious mic. And I thought maybe it wasn’t a bad as I thought, so I tried to record, but it was worse than I thought. -_- And then ^_______^ I found out that Vista either killed off my Javascript or Flash Player because YOUTUBE VIDEOS WOULD NOT WORK AT ALL. -goes off to stab something-

And no matter what, no matter how different things I tried, how many times I checked over the settings to see if I set them right, my STUPID COMPUTER did not let ActiveX run, therefore not letting me download Flash Player, resulting in NO MORE YOUTUBE FOR ME WTHHHHHHHHHHHH….!!! First no recording, and then no youtube?! Isn’t that, like, half of my life taken away?!?!

;_____; I called my dad several times and was just BAWLING into the phone because I was so angry and devastated, and then proceeded to cry some more and yell “I HATE YOU” at my computer over and over ^___^ Ooh, that brought out Eva’s ugly side~ Please excuse my temper!

So tomorrow, I’m wiping out the computer. The end!


But on a MUCH, MUCH, MUCH brighter note,
I, uh.. made a QUOTEQUOTE”remix”QUOTEQUOTE of my “Yume no Tsubasa” last night for fun. D:

I applied autotune, tampered with pitch and tempo, boosted the bass, and ended up with this. xD I was pretty amused by it last night. It’s sad though, that my voice is only at its best when you “”chipmunk”” it. xD It sounds a lot better than my voice.

I kept the dialogue part because Syaoran’s voice[Irino Miyu!<3] sounds ADORABLE like this.

Yume no Tsubasa; Dress!
August 8, 2009

Yume no Tsubasa was the first Japanese song I ever learned and recorded, so it holds a lot of meaning for me. I still really love this song. I’ve wanted to record it again for a long time now, so I worked on this for a month, and here it is. :]

Sakura and Vocals: Eva / waterpixieva
Anime: Tsubasa Chronicle [my favorite~]

I don’t really sound like her, but I tried. ^^; Thank you for watching! :D

^________^ I’m soo happy I finally finished thiss! <333! I was really excited to upload it but now I’m worried because 1) I can’t voice act, 2) Even though my voice is super high, it’s scarily not high enough to fit Sakura, 3) I can’t scream in a fake voice, and 4) I suck at holding out notes. ;__; And then there’s my nonexistent popularity on youtube..

And I don’t want to sound desperate, but I just wanted to put this out there: I love feedback aka video comments. xD


I usually hate people listening to my old dubs because GOD, THEY ARE PAINFUL TO THE EARS, but I will make an exception this time because I love Yume no Tsubasa. Out of curiosity, I made a duet with this recording and the last Yume no Tsubasa I sang, from my old account.

2009 = Sakura
2007 = Syaoran

Man this is embarrassing. ;____;
Although I still have a very long way to go, I’m happy I was able to improve this much ^__^ <3


Today I went to the wedding banquet of people I’ve never met before and frankly don’t care about.

To be honest I was kinda’ish looking forward to it because I was able to wear a dress >___< I’m not really the kind of person who dresses up and I guess it doesn’t seem like me to like wearing dresses, but occasionally, I’d really like to just wear a pretty dress and feel like a princess or something. Dx I like it..

CIMG1369 2

I wore my “infamous” black dress that I wore two years ago to my 8th grade graduation dance. Although it’s a bit childish for a teenager, I LOVE it >____< I personally think it’s really pretty. It’s not a typical teen dress, but it’s got layers and flowers and kinda-frills, and it’s like a princess’s dress~ *_____________* I <3 it.

But of course I wouldn’t buy something like that; a relative brought it for me from Hong Kong. ^^; But I’m really happy because with this height, I can never pull off stuff like this.

 <– Me, two years ago~

Unlike most high schoolers, I don’t really care too much about how I look. Not only do I not like make-up a lot, but because of my skin problems, I’m not allowed to put on make-up anyway.
But sometimes, iono, I just feel like maybe for an occasion like this, it’d be kind of nice to try “”prettying”” up my face for a while. T.T

And unfortunately, my skin’s been upset lately so I didn’t exactly glow next to all the people wearing, probably, a solid, inch-thick layer of make-up. But that’s okay; I was never meant to be Edward Cullen. :D


August 2, 2009



I JUST found out that WONDER GIRLS are coming to MY city TOMORROW. WHAT THE FREEAAAAKKKKK! How did I NOT know this?! I honestly DID NOT know that the Jonas Brothers tour comes here!





Hyperventilating. I’m soooo confuuuuusedddddd TT_____________________________TT

The cheapest tickets are $30 ;____; I mean, it’s PAYABLE buuuuut… going just to see the opening act? ;___; And I mean, I like Wonder Girls, but they’re not Super Junior or SNSD to me, and and and… T.T There’s no one to go with me………… It’s expensive…….. But I want to go… ;___;

This is like probably a once-in-a-lifetime chance… But what if some other time, a group I like even more comes here and I’m REALLY even more broke..? But what if that doesn’t happen… But I should save my money for clothes, right? ;__; I don’t have a lot of clothes or any nice clothes. Clothes are more important, right?

But it’s Wonder Girls and they came all the way from Asia to my city, so it’s a huge deal, right? But I should save my money, right? But it’s lucky that I found out BEFORE they came, right? So if I go, I won’t regret it, right? But what if I regret going? And who would I go with?

And would my parents let me? I don’t think they would T.T And would they drive me there? And I don’t really like Jonas Brothers, so I shouldn’t bother, right?

This is harder than my AP Chemistry homework. >____< Aish.

August 1, 2009

:O I never realized how much my speaking voice sounded like a kid too.

^^; I was bored’ish. But my parents were home so I tried to be quiet. Oh well.