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August 2, 2012

Last month, I went to Anime Expo 2012!!

It was so fun! *A*! I got to meet a lot of people from the youtube vocaloid covering community. It had always been my and Chiisana’s dream to go to AX together one day…

It had also been our long-time dream to go to Disneyland together.

And both dreams came true <3


Here’s a very blurry group picture from when we were able to convince Kyo (jchiu132) to meet up with us on Day 2. :>

(Ian, Diji, Albert, Kyo, Mekelba,
Ham, Koko, Chiisana, Myst, Eva)

Me and Chiisana ……….. and Ian (from Parefura; he’s like my brother<3) who fell asleep on It’s a Small World at Disneyland. :DDDDDD

Our AX hotel room ;u; <3333333 (except Chiisana who took the picture)
I really loved everyone in our room. We had a great time :’D

This one’s a picture of me and Chiisana at the hotel room before Day 2. *A* Basically, Myst and I forced her to wear the loli, frilly, pink dress LOL.




[So I’m actually still at work right now hahaha but I finished all my tasks and have nothing to do for the meantime.
There are a lot more pictures but since I’m not at home, I don’t have access to them. These are just the pictures that I had tweeted before.]


May 2nd, 2012
August 2, 2012

This post is exactly 3 months late and I apologize.

Every year on my birthday for the past 5 years, I’ve worn my “Birthday Girl” shirt under a white dress shirt, then would take a picture in a mirror and put it on this blog.

I did hurriedly take some pictures on that day (May 2nd). ;; However due to being consistently busy, I’ve put off choosing a picture and uploading it until now. Although it was still always at the back of my mind because I’m stubborn and stupid and I like consistency and DON’T WANT TO LET THIS TRADITION DIE lol.

………. I wish I could retake a pic =A=;; since I was in a rush that day. But it wouldn’t be as meaningful to me anymore.

(I look super sleepy and awkward HAHAHA but then I’ve looked awkward every year so far SO IT’S OKAY. I’LL JUST TRY HARDER NEXT YEAR.)

So I’m 19 now!! And I started this birthday picture thing when I turned 15 in 2008 LOLL. It’s interesting though to look back at the pictures because you can see how I lost some baby fat between being 16 and 17. o__o;; I don’t see any difference between 18 and 19 though ahaha. (adslkfj I’m really embarrassed of my old pictures..)

Say “Meet-up at Madfish with Myst” 5 times fast
April 17, 2012

.. hi. o u o)/
I have not been here in a while.

Actually, I haven’t been anywhere in a while OTL ……
[Other than skype and twitter, which are the things keeping me sane~~]

Spent all of Saturday working on video for Gemini, finished up the video on Sunday and then spent 7 hours on a mix for a chorus, then yesterday after school I spent 9 more hours on that mix.

I’m actually still at work Q A Q Not that busy today so I have some free time to just.. sit here. Ironic though how the only time I have free time is when I’m on the job LOLOL. /lives a pathetic life
Mmmmm I still have 4 more hours until I go home and I’ll probably spend tonight mixing and studying for tomorrow’s test. /o/

Anyway, two Saturdays ago, I had lunch with Myst ( as we met for the first time~ And I vlogged from that day but IT’S SUCH A FAILURE OF A VLOG. ;A; The entire thing is just my face..and legs. -hides in shame- I swear I only do that for Chii because she’s so fun to tease. ;A;

Also, I’m awkward.
And this is awkward. ._. And I’m embarrassed.

-leaves vlog here and rolls away- ///

Oh oh, on a last note though!
This Sunday, members of #teamnorcal are meeting up at the Cherry Blossom Festival at Japantown San Francisco *u*
There will be me, Chiisana/ChiisanaChanx3, Myst/mystraven, Karu/karufuruu, and Carmen/iAnimePHr34k. I’m hoping all of us can take purikura together >w< I’m likely to vlog that day as well~

April 9, 2012

.. I-I’m finally out of that hellhole /o/
Man this week was really rough on me LOL. I barely had any time to breathe. D’x Just stress stress stress stress whether I was at school, work, or at home. But mostly at home. :c

I don’t know why I’m still here and functioning without taking any naps today, even though I pulled an all-nighter last night to finish up my research paper LOL. And I had an in-class essay too, running on just a handful of 10-minute naps last night OTL………

Gonna sleep soon >w< but wanted to blog here first since I haven’t really been active on any of my blogs for the past week.

Oh oh~ On Saturday, I hung out with Myst [a new friend who’s in the vocaloid youtaite community although she doesn’t sing but only animates] and we had sushi! It was our first time meeting~ It was pretty fun. We just ate and talked and talked and gossiped. |’DD;; The food was reaaallyyy good tooo. But then we didn’t really hang around after because we both had to go home to our very demanding homework. OTL

I did .. kind of sort of’ish vlog but it’s really short and somewhat awkward. ;x; We only took one video together so most of the footage is just me talking to myself in my car OTL ||ll”…..

/o/ Got froyo after school today. Eating the exhaustion and depression away~~ /o/ It was kind of a reward to myself too I guess for all that stress I’ve been going through.

Hm ;n; now that I have a temporary’ish break from school [err.. I still have a test next week but I’m not worried about that. And I have another research paper due in 2 weeks… but just for now, idc about school (_ _);;] I really gotta get to work on all the uh.. singing-related stuff. >_< So I just put together a list for myself of all the lines I need to record, all the things I need to mix, and all the videos I have to make, along with the deadlines for each. Oh god save me please.

Cotton Candy
April 6, 2012

Chiisana and I hung out last Sunday~
Unfortunately we found out that our sushi restaurant closed down. :c But they didn’t have much business, although that was partly why I liked it so much >A< -socially inept-
.. A-and then we found out that our usual ice cream place is being renovated. Sob. Our wonderful luck.

But in the end, we had sushi and ice cream at other places, although the ice cream wasn’t nearly as good as the ice cream at our usual shop haha. ^^

And then we went to the mall and ate cotton candy while shopping LOL. /forever pigging out buddies

o u o I’m actually quite happy with my failure in taking that picture. It worked out for the best~

April 3, 2012

I know it’s not pretty but that’s not the point HAHA

CAPPUCCINO AND COOKIES&CREAM FROYO <333333 with M&M’s and sprinkles and peach and green apple rings >A< ♥

Yeaaaaaah that one time I went out to lunch with my high school friends, we had froyo at the new Tutti Frutti that opened SOMEWHAT’ISH NEAR MY HOUSE. *A* Well it’s actually not that close to my house. But heck, it’s a lot closer compared to everywhere else! ^^ <3

I actually went there after school yesterday by myself since I was too worn out to be able to record when I got home. :’D It was actually my first time doing something like that haha even though I have a car. I never go out ;w;.. But yeah, I really like this place though ’cause the froyo is delicious and…when I got there, I was literally the only customer HAHAHA. -shot forever for being socially inept-

But other than that, right now life is:
-drifting off in most of my classes
-drifting off at work [ONLY FOR A MOMENT ;A; I still worked hard..]
-two research papers
-lot of readings and upcoming essay
-lines I have to record
-video to finish making which is overdue but it’s so frustrating amgaahh
-two big chorus projects to mix soon [luckily not in mixing stages yet]
-What is sleep?

March 25, 2012

(I only ever really use that expression towards food..)’s blue
March 18, 2012

o A o a blue egg!!!! -shot for being easily amused-

Hello to Myself
March 7, 2012

[my box folder of extras]


;A; So this is Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun’s solo song “Hello to Myself” from Dream High 2. Uh. I don’t really like Dream High 2. For many reasons. BUT I fell for this song after I found out the meaning of the lyrics Q A Q And one day, I just really really really wanted to sing something emotional and low’ish, and I realized I really like this song, sooooooooo.

This is about as far as I got though. (_ _);; There’s no instrumental so I didn’t sing with.. uploading or letting this out in public in mind. D;

Then then Mimi said she wanted to hear, so. ;w; Douzo~~

If this had an instrumental, I would not mind doing a full cover! But alas, curse you k-popppppp. And speaking of cursing, CURSE YOU YOUTUBE FOREVER FOR CHANGING THE CHANNEL LAYOUTS.
I even wrote and mailed Youtube a physical LETTER. That’s how passionate I am on this issue because I oppose these changes 100%. >_>;;
Although, as of right now, YT hasn’t gotten my channel yet ;AAAA; -clings- -clings forever- -snuggles channel- Please don’t leave me!!


On another note, YAY I have a temporary few-day break because I just had my test today, ALTHOUGH I do have midterms next week……. heh. heh. I shall worry about that in a couple day’s time /o/ -shotshotshot-

I’m becoming such a bad student Q A Q heh..hehhh……….. So uh. Sunday night, I pulled an all nighter writing an 11-page paper for a class and I finally finished it at 7 AM, turned it in online, made the decision [after much debating] to skip school for the day, went to bed at 8 AM for a nap… and woke up at 5 PM.

LOLLL. 9 hour nap. Hahahaha.
But yeah :/ it was for the sake of my health. I’d been getting so little sleep that if I had really gone to school as planned on Monday, I really.. don’t know what would have happened to me. Plus, my teachers mostly don’t take roll so absences don’t affect my grade directly [as long as I catch up on my own] whereas papers are super important for grades because we only get a few assignments for the entire semester. ;A;


Also, DDD8 why is it that only a while after, I find out about so many people that had found or stalked my blog.. and I had no idea……….. D8
-awkwardly waves- da herro.
My favorite one though is “I was googling PareFura and your page came up” HAHAHAHA MANGO. <3 I REALLY LOVE PAREFURA. /o/

And. =v= Well I got permission to tweet this so I’m just going to assume that it’s okay to leave here too~ I witnessed true fangirlling today. It was quite fascinating. I was rather dumbfounded.

lychee milk tea
March 2, 2012

Ah *A* for some reason, I feel really incredible today!

I had yoga class this morning and I guess that released some endorphins to help relieve stress :D then I had a company lunch which was reallyyy fun! I usually don’t attend company lunches because I don’t work on Fridays but I decided to come in after class today since it was a big occasion.

I’m super happy right now that it’s warm’ish today so I get to wear short shorts and a t-shirt!! *A* Even though it’s March. I’m not really a Winter type of person and I don’t like bundling up LOL. I really missed being able to dress like this; it gives me a sense of freedom and being refreshed.


ALSO I have lychee milk tea Q A Q
[Well I drank most of it already =v=……]