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March 31, 2008


Tsubasa Chronicle Tokyo Revelations OVA 3 came out!!



Part 1 Part 2 Part 3


=/ Sht it’s making me cry.

Sakura.. Syaoran..

>__< I can’t believe this is the last OVA. The anime’s over. No more.

Of course, there’s still the manga.. but when that’s over, Ima miss it.

Tsubasa Chronicle. <3 Has totally won my heart.

Oh my god the ending to the OVA was so beautiful.

Heartbreaking, but beautiful. <333


Best story ever.


When it snows in summer..
March 29, 2008

..what’s the Fahrenheit? :D


Short Rant.
March 29, 2008



March 27, 2008

For the past 5 days, I’ve been addicted to..


Japanese Book Store + Money + Eva =
March 22, 2008


[Also, I have a new video. ^^;]


-Insert Interesting Title Here Please-
March 19, 2008

:D Blogging ’cause I’m in a SUPAAHHH good mood. xD -is shot-

Maybe a week’ish ago, I discovered this awesome J-pop blog,
we to U.

There’s no H!P, but the closest thing is AKB48.

:D What an awesomee blog. Because of it, I just became a fan of MANY J-pop artists that I’ve either never heard of before or heard of but have never checked out.

I think what’s so great about that site is that they give reviews on each track so you think, “Hm, this sounds like something I could like,” or “Maybe I shouldn’t go for this track.”


I finished putting together Check! 3‘s second PV on Monday. :D And honestly, I think it turned out SOOOO much better than Pittari Shitai X’mas! xDD
Gosshh I can’t fricken wait to upload it.
But I can’t yet because neither KathKath or Chiichama have started recording their lines, as far as I know.

D: And. Just a warning. It’s, like, 200% more happy, hyper, and girly than Pittari. I know lots of people who know me/us in real life hella freaked out when they saw our first PV. >___>

So, this time.. don’t freak out.
I warned you.


=O My first solo single in Twilight Legend was released today!
Lol how scary xD I hecka messed up the first track. >.>; The second one, Furusato, I already put up here a while ago.

When all of the first solo singles are released, I’ll probably just put them all together in one entry, so you can listen to them.


To Do;;
– Finish Bokura ga Ita. [VERY good, sweet anime.]
– Finish Love Contract. [Awesome Taiwanese drama!]
– Record lines. [Duh.]
– Read the Daa! Daa! Daa manga. [*]
– Stop blogging so much. D: Especially about H!P. I love H!P, but too much of it. This wasn’t supposed to be a H!P blog. ^^;

*: I watched two episodes of the anime, like, a year ago, because Chiichama did a fandub of a scene from it, and they were TOTALLY cute and completely <333333.
But I wasn’t interested enough in the plot to watch the whole series. But those two episodes were extremely cute :D And just thinking about them are making me inner-squeal.
According to Chiichama, the manga’s even cuter. D:
I feel very tempted

Thank goodness D:
March 15, 2008

As most of you probably already know, the “PV” to Morning Musume’s ‘Resonant Blue’ came out.

When I first saw it, honestly I only had one thing to say.
Oh please tell me that’s the dance shot.”

I recently found out that there will be another PV version of this song released so that’s good.

Personally I didn’t like their outfits much. Especially Takahashi’s, Reina’s, and Koharu’s. D: Um, hello? Attention much? They’re the only ones that have any white on them, while everyone else is in full black.

But maybe the other PV will be better. If not, then.. they must be on such a low budget. -__-;

Speaking of budgets, Chiichama, KathKath, and I went prop-shopping for Check! 3 today. Our budget was, like, $25. xD Not including the money KathKath brought.
[Btw, get used to those nicknames. That’s what I call Chii and Kath.]

$11 of it is from our “Check! 3” fund, aka my spare change that’s been collected over the months in a doggy-bank.

T.T We took pictures in a photo-booth, but they got seriously fudged up. Man. I wanted to use it for footage too..

Man I am NEVER using that machine again. It even CUT it wrong so part of my head gets cut off if you divide it D:

Just got home and my head hurts so much. I think I’m going to throw up later. I don’t feel like eating.

Which is amazing because on a normal daily basis, I eat, like, 4-5 meals plus snacks during classes.
[Thank God for fast metabolism :D]
[I’m just a tall, skinny piggy kyaha~]

VERY awkward angle.
Eww we look weird ’cause the angle of the mirror and my camera is awkward.

Currently Listening To;;
-Yuuhi wo Mite Iruka? – AKB48
-Shiroi Iro wa Koibito no Iro – W
-Weeeek – NEWS
-CHE.R.RY – Yui
-Sakura Sake – Arashi
Bokura no Love Story – WaT

Check! 3 Updates + Introducing a New Group
March 11, 2008

This weekend, Check! 3 will do the filming for the PV of their second single.

 A new online H!P cover group named 7nin Tengoku has formed.

Who are these people?


Obsessions and Reminiscence
March 9, 2008

:DDDD For anyone who doesn’t know already and is interested,
a new chapter for Tsubasa Chronicle<3 is out on OneManga!

Chapter 184: The Separated Time

Actually I’m not sure how long it’s been out but it’s new to me xD I haven’t checked for a couple days.

Tsubasa Chronicleeeeee<3333333333333

It’s my favorite anime of all time. <3 Captured my heart right away from the first time I even heard of it. [Right after I finished Cardcaptor Sakura.]


And now it’s my favorite manga of all time. <3
It started out so adorable and hilarious and sweet, and now it’s so sad and emotional and touching and complicated and deep. >____< Syaorannn…<33

Yeah, I editted Fai out. ^^;; But really, I just feel sorry for Syaoran now. =[

I’m a huge Syaoran fan. D: <333 Reality needs more guys like Syaoran.<3

That’s the wall above my bed. xD
And my Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi Limited Edition CD/DVD.
Which I love because it’s my first and only piece of Hello!Project merchandise.
.___. Okay, so I’m cheap.


Yesterday I was watching some old HaroMoni[Hello! Morning] episodes.

And D: episode 269<3! Why, you ask?


Oh noess!
March 7, 2008

D: WordPress is deleting wordpresses that offer H!P dl’s.


Well at least this will help H!P’s sales!

But I never really bought stuff like that, so this is a huge disadvantage for me.

Well, actually, I kinda hope my blog doesn’t get the cut .__.
But I don’t really have many here so far and it’s not a full-on H!P blog, so I think it’ll be okay.


Happy belated 16th birthday to the oddly adorable Momoko Tsugunaga of Berryz Koubou! :D
They’re growing up so fast. -rewatches Piriri to Yukou-

Ehe. I think she looks cute in this picture. Even though it’s an old picture.
Actually I think I like the way she looks here better than how she looks now. ^^;
Well, at least her hair.