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Anime & Manga Rant [TRC IS OVER! T.T]
September 30, 2009

>__O It’s no fun when no one else blogs…


Syaoran + Sakura Hourglass

Tsubasa Chronicle is now officially over :[

And as if that’s not upsetting enough, THE ENDING SUCKED. WHAT THE HECK! I did not understand the chapter AT ALL! =/

What was the price? Why did Watanuki disappear? Who made it back with the others, real!Syao or clone!Syao? [Actually I’m guessing real!Syao..] If so, what the HECK happened to clone!Syao? Is he.. gone?! TT____TT If so, WHAT THE HELL KIND OF ENDING IS THAT. IF HE’S GONE I’M GONNA BE FURIOUS BECAUSE HE’S SUPPOSED TO BE WITH CLONE!SAKURA. UGHHHHH. This wasn’t even a happy ending. =/ Unless I’m misinterpreting everything and it is.. but I kinda doubt that. And why did the feather go into Syaoran too? And what the heck were they talking about… What are they going to do next?

That was not an ending.
I’m terribly disappointed.

Tsubasa Chronicle is my favorite anime and manga and the friggin wall behind my bed is covered with Tsubasa posters and random stuff; heck, I even have a Tsubasa NECKLACE! And I’ve made dozens of AMVs of it and I record songs from it and I’m trying to collect all of the DVDs even though I dislike the dub. And Syaoran <333333333 I feel totally ripped off.

I read 232 chapters for this?! I love Tsubasa but the ending was no.
Five years of dedication ended up like this…

Aaanyway, speaking of anime/manga, I was watching the last episode of Shugo Chara Doki the other day. Episode 102. -_____- I CANNOT believe there is gonna be a third season, and furthermore live action sequences… you’re kidding me…


I loved Shugo Chara at first because Amu was awesome and someone I thought I could relate to, the characters were generally likable, it was cute but not overly done, and I personally thought it was really good/educational because it talked about how you shouldn’t be judging people, and how people have different sides to them and how some people lie to themselves and should be more honest to everyone, and then with all those people who got their eggs taken out, they would learn some important life lesson such as you shouldn’t give up or you shouldn’t care that much about what other people think, or SOMETHING like that.

Then somewhere along the line, it became just another children‘s show with cutesy+ditzy+COMPLETELY SHALLOW AND NOT IN DEPTH characters[HELLO YAYA], basically no plotline, really unrealistic or common sense-defying or just stupid scenarios, fillers such as a whole episode about some kid with an unhealthy obsession with eating RAMEN NOODLES THE “PROPER” WAY, and like no learning or inspirational advice at all… And every single character was OOC a lot for the sake of “comedy.” AND EASTER TURNED OUT TO BE RETARDED. GROW UP.

Not that I don’t like the show. I’ve just got lots of complaints about it. =/ Speaking of complaints, there was too much Amulet Heart. xD We needed more Amulet Spade. But then, this is coming from the biased girl who owns an AmSpade cosplay… [Oh yeah, and everything turned all Sailor Moon-like.]

Moving along, I can’t believe the season’s over. xD ..Well I guess I believe it. There’s a big difference between “I can’t believe the season’s over” and “I can’t believe the series is over…” It just feels kinda weird though.

So, uh, after that, I felt like getting really back into watching anime and reading manga again, and I felt really deprived ’cause the manga Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi is never updated, so I picked up Bokura ga Ita, the anime I stopped watching in the middle two years ago simply because I forgot to keep watching.. xD Really sweet anime.


Bad Boy + Improvement?!
September 27, 2009

…I want to go shopping. -transmutes bridge and jumps off it-


..HAHA This was looots of fun to do! :DD
It’s basically a parody/fan remake of “Pretty Boy” from 2NE1’s “I Dont Care” mini. I guess I’m half making fun of the song and half making fun of my own goody-goody over-sensitivity… xD

Don’t get me wrong, though! I like the song and I’ve nothing against 2NE1. This was purely for fun. Also, some parts were changed a bit because it’s hard to match exactly.

…….I’m really bad at trying to sound/be bad. xDDD;; My rapping is failage. ^^;

The instrumental was made by djferry78. Thank you! ;_;

xDDDDDDD I’m huge fail.. but at least this was fun! :D This was what I spent my past 3 weeks on! But now that I’m done, I have nothing to do… T.T After all this rapping, I feel like recording a ballad LOL! Yup. ^^

Um um um… So today I went and listened to my “Because I’m a Girl” and OMG. I SUCK SO MUCH. xDD! My mic quality used to be TERRIBLE! I never noticed before! :O I always though my old mic quality was pretty good [though sharp] but.. uh, I hope this indicates that my hearing improved? xD And MAN I SUCKED AT SINGING SO MUCH DDDDDDx To the point where I’m even more embarrassed than before! ;____; Listen to that gross, weak voice and wannabe vibrato.. D: And I’m hearing so many mistakes in my Korean. xD </3

And it was only from a month ago. T.T I think this might mean that I improved, then..? But it was only a month. D: I worked really really hard on that and I was content with it at the time, but now I hate it. xD

So then I got curious.
What IS my best recording? Hm.

So I went to listen to “First Kiss,” which I worked on for 5 months, and I considered it my best back in April. But now it’s embarrassing. ;__; I can’t believe my voice used to sound like that.

So then I listened to “Yume no Tsubasa” too, which I considered a stepping stone, but it’s.. more acceptable than BIAG and Faasuto Kissu? Even still, I can’t help but think I can do better.

T.T I’m sad. I have no one GOOD recording which represents my singing..
I want to record one now HAHA! :D :Db But what to sing.. D:?


Random: -twiddles thumbs- I’m very addicted to playing Animal Crossing on DS.. ;__;


Credit: LLYsR

Dx I sometimes am kinda oblivious to the most obvious things.. because I’m an analytical person, I analyze everything and look inside first… T.T A lot of people have said that a lot of people like SuJu because they’re hot.

I was like, o__o …? Really? Oh… now that I think of it, they are hot, huh? D: T.T I always knew they were really good looking, but this never registered to me ’cause I pay so much attention to their talent + personality and stuff like that.. Usually when I watch performances, I watch mostly for the singing and dancing and stuff. xD

But this performance of a remix of It’s You [Neorago] from their concert in Japan… despite it being lip-synched…

-dies- -is shot- -suicides- -comes back to life-

Car Accident
September 26, 2009

o__o Hm, not sure if it’s drastic enough to be called an “accident” but it was still an accident.

So our car got hit by some Asian idiot [I can be as racist as I want ’cause I’m Asian too and I know we can do really stupid things at times..] and they ruined a door, hubcap, and the bumper. O__O It was frightening but we’re all alright. My back feels kinda funny though but I think that’s just me being paranoid. ^^;

Yup, more evidence that I’m cursed. xD I have really bad luck.

I’ve been kinda cynical/sadistic lately, so the cynical side of me thought it was all pretty interesting. xD This is my first time actually being in an accident. I was the one that laughed it off. My parents are really pissed though, and I feel bad for them. ^^;

Ah and it’s also kinda interesting because my parents and I were going up to Oakland to pick up my new glasses and visit my grandpa and aunt, and whenever we go there or I have to even see my family at all, I’m always in the foulest mood in the world to the point where I’d cry throwing a tantrum about not wanting to go. Because I don’t get along with my family; they have no common sense, they constantly make judgements about me, and they[including my parents] always talk about me behind my back in front of my face.

And yet I was in a REALLY good mood at the time because Sandy Lam’s “At Least I Still Have You” [Zhi Shao Hai You Ni] was playing and I looove that song since SJM did a remake of it, so I was singing along since I know all the lyrics :] and smiling and I was surprisingly in a really good mood.
[Coz singing makes mee happyy!<3]

:D Then BAM! Yuup.

And I’ve been feeling REALLLYYYY deprived lately :[ :[ :[ I really want clothes ;__; I really want to go shopping ;__; I really wish we weren’t dirt poor ;__; I want to buy clothes dangitt!!!!! Even last night I was looking at clothes online that I can’t buy and I came to the conclusion, “OKAY! I AM GOING TO MAKE SOMEONE GO SHOPPING WITH ME EVEN IF IT COSTS MONEY.” And now even if we don’t have to pay for damages, we’ll still have to rent a car while my dad’s gets fixed…

…So now I feel guilty for even thinking that, and I’m taking it back, and will go back to being a deprived little teenaged girl with no clothes or money who is often looked down upon by high school society for not dressing nice and just being a huge dork/nerd/geek/loser.

September 23, 2009

I usually try to stay away from blogging when I’m in a bad mood, but today I need to make something clear. I’m not like other people. So please don’t treat me like other people.

I feel VERY disgusted right now. Please don’t say such things that disgust me. And I get pissed off very easily. You don’t want to piss  me off because unfortunately I’m a hateful person and I hold grudges.

1) Don’t ever make judgements about me. AND THAT MEANS YOU.

At school, I’m a completely different person, though frankly I like this side of me a lot better. So don’t ever think, “Oh, if I knew you in real life” or anything relative to that because YOU WOULD NOT KNOW ME IN REAL LIFE. End of story.

Please don’t ever think I’m this kind of person or that kind of person.
I really don’t like judgements. Online or offline.

2) Don’t ever have expectations from me.
You won’t get what you expect.

3) Maybe I’m not as friendly as you expect.

4) I have other feelings too. Besides happiness. It’s sad but true.

5) Eva doesn’t only have one character.

6) It’s unfortunate that I had to display this side of myself here.
I would like to avoid this, yes?
I apologize for blogging when I’m pissed.

Too incoherent to think of a title
September 21, 2009

Sorry, too many SJM-related posts lately. xD



Henry Lau 195

Because HENRY of Super Junior-M left a message at Third Chapter, a SJ-M forum I go on frequently[but don’t post much xD] OMG

SQUEEE! TT_____TT ^___^ *____* :DDDD And by scream, I didn’t mean like a delighted squeal–it was a full-blown high-pitched-as-possible holy CRAP I can’t believe what happened kind of actual SCREAAAAAM!

;_____; I love Henry even more now for doing that.. <3 See, you can really get attached to these guys ’cause they make fans feel close to them! *__* I’m just so happy and surprised hahaha. I thought it was INSANELY awesome that Tiffany and some other SNSD members have been on and sometimes go in the chatroom of Soshified, SNSD’s big international fanbase, but I think this is even cooller because Third Chapter isn’t nearly as big [and well known] as Soshified.

Henry Lau ftw :3

Oh yeah and preview for SJ-M’s ballad “Blue Tomorrow”~~ Their Mandarin seems to have improved to me! The song is so pretty. T.T The more I listen, the more I like it. -sighs dreamily-

I.. actually have nothing to record O__O It’s driving me nuts.
Any ideas?

Oh yeah, upload probably soon’ish. ..not that anyone cares xDDD;;; ^^

Oh and btw. I do not tolerate rude people or rude comments. Thanks.

Fangirlly Post :]
September 19, 2009

Credit: yikhL891011

YESSSSS!!! SJ-M HAS NOT LET ME DOWN! :]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

A pretty ballad! <333333 I’m so happy. xD While it’s not nearly as beautiful or EPIC as “At Least I Still Have You” [Zhi Shao Hai You Ni], I’m really incredibly happy that they’re singing a beautiful ballad. ^^ I’m loving “Blue Tomorrow” so far.

Super Show 2 rocks. :D And I loooove the screen :OOO So far, of all the SS2 concerts, I particularly like this Hong Kong one from yesterday. There are some really epic parts of this song. ^__^ Ryeowook’s part at the very end is AMAZING. <3 And squeeee! Henry and Zhou Mi got lots of cheers! ;__; I’m so happy for them. Especially Zhou Mi; he needs more love.

Speaking of Zhou Mi, I REALLY like what he said during SJ-M’s Sohu interview. ^^ “The song is trying to say that, no matter how the girl is like in other people’s eyes, in my eyes, you’re the best. You’re the girl that I think is perfect. Regardless of your merits or appearance, as long as I think you are my goddess in my heart, my super girl.” YESS, THANK YOU ZHOU MI! :DDDD Iwas iffy about the “Super Girl” lyrics ’cause they sounded shallow at first, but I love that he said “regardless of your merits or appearance” ^^ That’s right, girls, you don’t need to be beautiful.

And then Henry and Hankyung/Hangeng answered that their moms were their super girls ^____^ D’awww, they love their moms so much. <3 T.T And so does Jaebum, who I’m heartbroken over because he left 2PM. [Because of a small mistake he made FOUR YEARS AGO that caused 3,000 damn people to sign a suicide petition..] I think I almost cried when I found out that as soon as Jaebum returned to Seattle and saw his mom, he burst out into tears. D: D:


Credit: Eco0606
Subbing: time2sub2

:[[[[[[[[[[ My fifth time watching this, I finally cried.

Bless Park Jaebum‘s fans for composing, writing, and singing such a beautiful and touching song, and making such a heart-wrenching video. D: I miss Jaebum’s smile too. What happened to Jaebum was injustice and I won’t stand for it.

Even though I’m not a hardcore 2PM fan, I don’t know why, but I just have this huge amount of respect for Jaebum. I still believe that after having a nice and long break, he’ll come back to the stage and join his 2PM brothers again. D: I also hope he’ll hear this song. The singer’s really talented too.



Hankyung’s solo “Betrayal” by Gary Cao Ge at SS2

Wth, he’s been hiding his abilities from us all this time. D: As much as I love him and his big heart and amazing dancing, I always considered him a weak’ish singer, but I stand corrected. O_____O He usually is kinda shaky and hits pitchy notes easily[I’m like that too xD] but HE SOUNDS INSAAAANELY STABLE. :OOOOO!

2:39 and onwards: HOLY GOD, absolutely amaaazing singing right thar!! I’m so impresseddd ;__;

wo shi ni de Super Girl
September 14, 2009

0:21 – Kyuhyun
0:33 – Siwon
0:45 – JESSICA from SNSD <3
0:48 – Ryeowook
0:58 – Henry
1:07 – Hangeng [also the cute nerd turned cool guy xD]
1:15 – Zhou Mi
1:34 – Donghae


The MV for their mini album[NOOO I WAS HOPING FOR A WHOLE ALBUM ;__;] title song “Super Girl” came out today! :O

It’s very cool and the feel IS kind of similar to “Sorry Sorry” and this is sure to be a hit~ 대박!

Somehow, though, I wasn’t that fond of it at first listen. It’s too much of a trend and dance song :O I mean, do you hear all that autotune? I wish this could show their vocals better ’cause they can sing pretty well… D: I REALLY hope that the other tracks contain a ballad or two. That’d be really nice. :3

[I’d like to hear something like “At Least I Still Have You” again. LISTEN. IT’S THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SONG EVER.]

And, um, I don’t really like the lyrics either. xD I just have this personal thing against shallow’ish lyrics and stuff.. [But then, every song nowadays is like that..] But this is just first impression. :D I’m sure I’ll love the song once I see it performed! Like, I didn’t like the lyrics/concept/MV of “Sorry Sorry” at first either, but I REALLY loved the lives of it. I’d listen to a perf over the mp3 of that song anyday.

YAY Henry gets a solo dance! :DDDDDDD I’m just terribly sad though that there’s no violin part. T.T The guy is TALENTED. He could be a pro violinist if he wants to be. He’s like a treasure to SM, but no violin part? DDDD: There had better be Henry violin[and maybe rap? :D Like “This Moment”] in the other tracks!

I’m also not happy Henry got so little singing parts. -______- I understood it in the 1st album ’cause back then, his main strength wasn’t singing, but he’s improved IMMENSELY. He has a strong voice with amazing vibrato! >O He better have more parts in other tracks. Zhou Mi as well! He’s one of the best vocalists in SJM yet seemed to get so little in “Super Girl.”

Speaking of Zhou Mi, he looks REALLY good here! ^___^ He’s way underloved and underappreciated. That’s right, reel ’em in with your good looks, and trap them with your talent and huge heart! <3

They actually all look really good :O Such handsome boys. xD Although I think I liked the way Henry and Hangeng looked in “U”<333333 better. But watch! In a matter of days, I’ll be ending my posts with random lines of “Super Girl”!

LA chA LA chA TA TA~

PS;; Sorry I was being insanely weird in my last few posts. xD;;

September 11, 2009


I feel very hyper, very good right now. xDDDDDD!

So, like.. okay, so in my last post which I just put up about, what, 2 hours ago? I mentioned how Amber of f(x) mentioned Super Junior-M on her me2DAY, and I thought that was soooo cool, that..
…I somehow crazily decided I REALLY WANTED TO LEAVE HER A COMMENT. O____O

So I went and made a me2DAY LOL LOL LOL LOL~

Keep in mind that Eva does not understand Korean. xD But she can read it! LUCKILY the registration was English written in Korean HAHAHAHAHA. Like it would say “nik neh-im” and that would be “nickname” xDD And “pae seu weo deu” = “password.” HAHA I FEEL SO SMART! xDDD;;

SO THEN I LEFT A COMMENT ON AMBER’S POST AND I FEEL SO PROUD. O_____O Sorry, I get proud of myself really easily. xD And to think that f(x)’s Amber might actually see something I wrote. OOOOO: I’m very fascinated by stuff like that. HA, I STILL FEEL SO SMART. I’m slowly invading Korean websites. >DDD


me2DAY basically is Korean Twitter. xD I don’t even have Twitter. Yet I have Korean Twitter. Hahahaha! ^^ I’m so happy I figured out some things and stuff, and I think, out of pure good fun, I’ll update every once in a while. xD

D: I wanted to go with the flow of things, so I wanted to upload a pic of myself as my profile pic, like most people did.. So I searched for a reasonably nice picture of myself. .___. Then when I realized that no such thing existed, I just uploaded whatever.. T.T But now I’m sad because I’m so ugly compared to everyone else… My facial features contain so many flaws T.T

I’m also sad that the dates got messed up, because I changed my country to USA so then the time changed too. D: I’m also also sad that whenever I update, my post will show up on the me2day stream -______- I don’t want people I don’t know seeing my random updates!

Super Girl
September 11, 2009

:O It is September 11 and time to honor those who had been affected by that day 8 years ago. D: It’s so sad. Why would people do things like that? =[ But DAAANG, I can’t believe it was SO long ago! I was in SECOND GRADE when it happened. That’s crazy.

We supposedly had a “moment of silence” today in my AP chemistry class. -______- Supposedly. I didn’t KNOW we had a moment of silence this morning until people talked about it LATER. -_________- Everyone was so noisy, we didn’t even know we had a moment of silence. Jeez. Now I feel bad. xD But speaking of chemistry, DAAANG THAT CLASS IS CRAZY! :OOOOO

So I sit in the very back at exactly the middle of the room. My teacher does demonstrations at the counter RIIIIGHT behind me. :O So, like.. yesterday, OMG she did the craziest two demos ever!! She was hands-on showing us why you don’t use fire extinguishers on people =__= So RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, she was like “Oops! -pours alcohol all over fireproof counter- I accidentally spilled some alcohol! Now if I do this -LIGHTS MATCH AND A FREAKING FIRE STARTS RIGHT IN FRONT OF EVA- OOOPSIES! Now what do I do, class? Use the fire extinguisher, right? You unlock it like this and then you -WHOOOOOOOOOOSH-“

RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME OMGGGGG IT WAS SO CRAZY AND SCARY AND HOMGGGG. DDDDDDDx See, I’m terribly scared of both fires and fire extinguishers. T.T -waterpixie- It was so scary but my cynical side which is in denial is saying it was so cool at the same time. :O

And then the second demo had to do with a explosion O____O “Anyone in here with a weak heart?” my teacher asks. xD Yeah, so I freaked out and covered my ears.


Anyway, I’m blogging right now ’cause I feel crummy. And nauseous. And headache’y. And I’m kinda twitching.

See, I like sweets. [Though not cake, for some reason.]  But I’m not good with big amounts of sugar. ;______; I went to Tapioca Express for the VERY FIRST time today afterschool ’cause one opened near my school, which I think is really cool, and I made my friend buy me a drink ’cause I’m cheap, mean, and manipulative like that :D At first it was good, but..

………….-twitches- Ughhhhhh I feel teeerrribbbleee TT______TT

Each time I think I can handle it, I can’t TT_____TT Yeah.. remind me to never go to Tapioca Express ever again. Or Starbucks. I LIKE coffee ’cause it’s yummy and reminds me of chocolate.. but I think I’ll stick to mooching off small sips from my parents from now on……. I feel horrible. And I’m still twitching. T.T It’s so weird.


Oh yeah. Now I remember the other reason for blogging.

Super Junior M (229) 2JIB COMEBACK
Zhou Mi, Henry, Donghae, Hankyung, Siwon, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook

Their title song is called… “Super Girl” O_____O I’m excited, but so far I’m not really liking it. T.T I mean, it’s not BAD or anything, but.. T.T I really, really, really, really miss their first album. I really miss “U” [SQUEE HENRY! SQUEE VIOLIN! SQUEE VICTORIA!] too. I mean, I know this new concept is similar to “Sorry Sorry” and it’s super popular and stuff, but I don’t really like the concept so far.

Cover of SJ-M’s beautiful 1st album “Me”
Zhou Mi, Ryeowook, Henry<3, Siwon, Hankyung, Donghae, Kyuhyun

And “Super Girl” sounds very.. too trendy. Like it’ll have lots of autotune and stuff and yeah. SJ-M can sing pretty well, so I REALLY hope that the song ends up being able to display their singing skills, and not JUST be about their awesome  dancing and trends. :O And! I hope they have another song like At Least I Still Have You <3333333333 Best song ever! ^^ So beautiful. Ah! It’d be awesome if they did “Tong Hua”<3 for real!

And a Cantonese song :OOOOOOOOO Hankyung said he was hoping there’d be Canto songs, so maybeee ^^ I’m hanging onto this thread of hope!

Don’t get me wrong though! They look really cool! And not even the boycott against SM because of the DBSK issue can stop me from buying their album! [And this is the girl who makes her friends buy things for her. xDDDD]

BUT LOOOOOOOOL at how the ONLY Chinese line in there is “Wo shi ni de Superman

HAHAHAHAHAHA. I’m not even Mandarin, yet I understand they’re saying “I am your Superman” xDDD And the line is just FUNNY in itself. Are you really now?

I just wanna jump in there and call myself “Kryptonite.”
And then there are all those dumb jokes about Superman wearing his underwear over his tights. Okay, sorry, I’ll stop right away.

PS;; SJM<3 Eventually I’ll grow to like “Super Girl.” xD
AHH! AND SQUEEEEE Jessica from SNSD will be in the MV! ^___^

Speaking of SM love, f(x)’s Amber is a fan too! :OOOOOOOO

LOL WOWWW. After talking about SJ-M so much and listening to them so much[At Least I Still Have You<3 Tong Hua<3 U<3] I just feel.. a lot better ;______; And really happy. And that’s not the sugar talking. I just love and respect them so much. OH YEAH. Now that they’re back, EXPECT BILLIONS OF SJ-M POSTS. xDDDDDD PER DAY. BWUAHHAHA! :]

September 9, 2009

Sorry I’m blogging so often, ’cause, duh, blogging = addicting, but

9/9/09! :DDDDD That’s so cool! [Too bad I won’t see any more in this lifetime after 2012..]

I’ve come to really like the number 9. xD Wanna guess why? So Nyeo Shi Dae/Girls’ Generation!

GAHHH. Tiffany, a SNSD member I like a lot who happens to be from Cali, went on Soshified today! :O :O :OOOOO THAT’S SO COOLLLLLLLL. -is fascinated- GRR, DANGIT I didn’t know and I missed it! ;___;

Still, that’s soooooo cooooooollllll! I really admire her for doing that. Logging onto and chatting with SNSD’s international fanbase. :O That’s so cool! It really makes you feel close to her. I like it a lot when celebrities are like that.


Welp. Time to sleep so I can stress out tomorrow about violin auditions ;__; And first period, too.. At 7 AM.. And I have to be the first one to go.. T.T AND I SUCK AT VIOLIN. T.T T.T T.T I’m gonna get one of the last chairs for sure.