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February 29, 2012

That’s how I want to be—able to adapt to different songs, languages, genres, styles, and emotions.


oyasumi~ or not.
February 29, 2012

I hope they won’t kill me for this screenshot–although you can only slightly’ish see one of them–but pfft. They don’t even stalk my blog anyway =w=

I initially declined joining webcamming on tinychat today [we do it like everyday now haha ^^ <3] because I REALLY REALLY NEED TO FOCUS ON THIS SCHOOLWORK TONIGHT but after a while, I joined.


And now I’m just sitting here doing reading with my serious face on while everybody else is sleeping together…

Ah.. So jealous…

Sweet dreams, Ian, Chiika, Kousei, and Fruu~~ haha.

Oh yeah!! *A* Remember how I said that I got 100% on that paper that I stayed up til 6:20 AM before school working on?
“This was simply perfect! I am very very impressed and want to thank you for the hard work and effort you put into this assignment; it shows and is fantastic!!!!”

M-my teacher wrote that about it!! ;_________; Hehe <3 I just wanted to brag. ;D  I’m so happy ahhh. It was painful but worth it.

And now it’s 2 AM already. D’: Let’s see how late I’ll be up tonight…..

Nakimushi Kareshi (Crybaby Boyfriend)
February 28, 2012

【りんちゃん】 『泣き虫カレシ』を歌ってみた・・・ 【kain】


Apparently, this girl is Rin, who’s the VocaFusion chorus battle judge that’s NOT Kran or Razzy… I haven’t heard much about her and this is my first time hearing her sing.

OMG I LOVE HER VOICE SO MUCH. Q A Q I really, really, really like this. I’ve come to really love this song; it’s reaaaally nice. And Kain’s voice >A< UKE VOICE! HAHA. He sounds sooo cute. ;A; They’re both so good….

-listens while drowning in homework and studying-
]’: I mixed for like 7 hours yesterday but today, I have to do nothing but schoolwork or I will die tomorrow from the test and in-class essay and stuff dueeee. I have a lot due next week, but >_< aiming to upload on Thursday so as soon as I get home from school tomorrow, gotta do nothing but mix hahaha. orz
.. I should also try to redo parts of the video I made for that too. :/ 

all my crying
February 27, 2012

;_____________; I-I wanna cry… LOL.

I’m really asdklfjslifjilwe Q A Q … SOMETIMES I REALLY CANNOT DEAL WITH MY OWN IDIOCY. And this sounds really cocky, but I’m supposed to be a model student. ;w; I always do all my work, always take notes, always pay attention, always do my best. I’ve never been late before and I never disturb class. AND AGHHHHH I really feel stupid for letting this kind of thing happen to me. I’m never irresponsible like this. :/

I feel terrible for disturbing class like that D’x It was really, really, really awkward walking in the second time… I’m glad I have 0 friends in the class so nobody asked me what happened!! OwOb

But I’m really bad at handling embarrassing mistakes/incidents in front of people.. >< These kinds of things plague me for a really long time and ruin my day. I know I’m overthinking it, but I feel really idiotic. I also hate attention; I’m the kid that sits in the corner and has trouble interacting with others. All in all, I’m really disappointed in myself. I’m mentally kicking myself.

A-although I guess that’s better than nobody caring. Q A Q A lot better. I’m always terrified whenever I post anything on fb that nobody’ll reply and I’ll look like a loser LOL. -has often deleted after posting things- That’s why I have a hard time posting statuses there, but x: just this once, I was really depressed enough to haha.

x_X I kind of almost wanted to complain on twitter too but I don’t think I’m yet comfortable with ranting there OTL…
Twitter has been kind of fun lately though. OwO I’m really happy that lately I’ve been making more online friends~ Q A Q I’m happy they don’t mind talking to me. And I really like when people interact with me on twitter and facebook ‘CAUSE IT’S LIKE ;____; they don’t mind talking to me in public! They’re not embarrassed of knowing me and are okay with showing off our friendship in public. ;w; Idk, I’m weird. I feel like it’s a huge honor for anybody to even talk to me. Or even just so much as to not find me annoying. ;A;
/forever socially challenged freak

Anyway, I was incredibly downtrodden this morning–to the point where I had trouble even putting my head up because I felt like I couldn’t face the class or the teacher–but I’m doing okay now. ^^ I know it’s not a big deal and I’m the only one blowing it out of proportions so I’ll try to not let it affect me so much.
ON A POSITIVE NOTE, I got an A on my in-class essay AND I got 100% on that assignment from last week that caused me to stay up til 6:20 AM, only getting an hour and 20 minutes of sleep before school. 8DDDDDDD Apparently a lot of people did really poorly on those two things HAHAHA -shot for enjoying others’ failure-


A-and now I have to spend the next few days doing nothing but mixing. ;______; [Or, well, actually I have a lot of quizzes and projects due Wednesday and next week…] -sobs- It’s a gift for a friend though. >A< And it’s.. already very late and I feel bad about it but akdsfliwj okay I just have to do my best!

Alright, on an attempt to end this post on a lighter note,
here’s a selca of my fail tears!

February 25, 2012



You don’t know how proud I am of these guys. I’ve been watching them grow from the beginning. From when the group was first formed until now, I’ve been watching over them and keeping up with their progress on their choruses—even got the privilege to critique their mixes and give my opinion on animation demos—and they’ve really exceeded my, their own, and everyone’s expectations of them. This entry is absolutely beautiful and they’re getting SO MUCH LOVE. That #TeamPareFura tag on twitter hahaha<3 I’m so happy for them! :D

This is really the perfect song choice for this group though. For the entirety of round 2, I’ve had this song VICIOUSLY STUCK IN MY HEAD due to listening to their demos so much and just omg, and now with the actual VIDEO which I have been replaying over and over, this song is going to dig even deeper into my head. I keep unconsciously singing it!! But it’s a really pleasant, cute, fluffy, hopeful, catchy song which is so perfect for all of their nice+pretty voices. >A< Ahhhh I love all their voices and the mixing. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the art and the animation <3333 I’m so proud of Chii and Chiika. ]’: They came so far and worked so hard. I really have to commend them~

AKLSDFJ I’m so glad I stayed up til 4 AM to watch this video being uploaded HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. -shot-
Well I was playing League with Ryan, Ian, Mango (3 of the PareFura boys!) and Himuro (from Vivid Chemistry!) up until like 3 AM LOL. Then we were like Q A Q….. let’s take a nap and then come back to watch the video together….. but then the video ended up uploading faster than we expected, so Ryan and I just stayed up.
And I hope my “Also I love that everyone gets animals on their nameplates while Chiisana has Rock-kun.” comment remains a top comment for forever. :’3

I swear..
screaming, spamming fangirls : Vivid Chemistry :: Eva : PareFura

*A* A-although I qualify as a ViviChem fangirl as well HEHE. ViviChem<33


O-oh my god. AHAHAHAHA. This is the most amazing thing!
Chiisano beginning dialogue *A*!! why does Chii sound so good as a guy?

[4:35:37 PM] Eva: KYAAAAA Chiisano, Holio, Mario, and Chiiko nii-chans are so cool!!
and Ryia, Xephylina, Iana, and Manga nee-chans are so pretty!!!!
[4:35:47 PM] Chiisana: omg Ebah
[4:35:48 PM] Chiisana: LOLLL

[4:36:22 PM] ⊱⊱ Mimi : ” 니가 제일 좋아 ❤ “: Mango should be Princess peach
[4:36:22 PM] ⊱⊱ Mimi : ” 니가 제일 좋아 ❤ “: lolol

February 24, 2012

My name is Eva and I really like Vivid Chemistry.

On another note, Kevin/KL sent the raw file of his “Heh” in a chat I’m in and don’t judge me but why am I replaying this so much omg..

Merci Beaucoup~
February 22, 2012

;______; I was on Gemini’s youtube stalking our stats and omg, I got such a pleasant surprise! >A<

Usually, I’m used to seeing videos having less favorites than comments. D’: ‘Cause it’d be like.. all the comments are the super nice people who are kind enough to leave feedback… and then the favorites would be from those who commented AND actually liked it enough to take it a step further.

But G4’s Fukai Mori has  52 comments and 64 favorites. And Ugly has 33 comments and 43 favorites.

Although I would have loved feedback as well, I just feel like.. more people liked our videos than we actually thought. D’: ‘Cause we thought that everyone that liked those videos were the awesome people that commented. I had no idea! I’m touched LOL. And I want to thank those people and everyone that’s commented or even watched asdklfjwekjisdklkj. I WISH I COULD THANK THEM but I’m pretty sure none of them know about this blog. =w= I wanted to make a random bulletin from SoujiStar but I feel like I might be abusing my power or pushing it too far, so I’m taking it here to my blog.

This is my public expression of gratitude!! 8D THANK YOU~
[Even if no one sees this HAHAHA]

February 22, 2012

[2:53:16 AM] Chiisana: man
[2:53:19 AM] Chiisana: I wish I had charisma
[2:53:20 AM] Chiisana: LOL
[2:53:34 AM] Chiisana: charisma seems like such a cool thing to have Q_Q
[2:53:41 AM] Chiisana: -dramatically turns to look at the camera-
[2:53:43 AM] Chiisana: =v= -sparkles-
[2:54:34 AM] Eva: ……
[2:54:40 AM] Eva: what


3 AM. ;w; Gotta study gotta study then finally get to bed, ahhhh. I-I couldn’t say no to that League game with Ryan, Ian, and Himuro though. (_ _);;;

February 20, 2012

[8:31:01 PM] Eva: considering i only slept an hour and 20 minutes last night, i really think i should just head off to bed now even though it’s just 8:30 BUT LOOK IT’S THE INTERNET
[8:31:05 PM] Eva: IT’S SO SHINY AND
[8:31:07 PM] Eva: SO MANY THINGS TO DO

School why do you do this to me Q A Q

And omg the instructions for that paper said 3 pages minimum, but I had to delete some stuff to make mine not overflow into 7 pages omg Eva why do you do this to yourself Q A Q like, no wonder I was up til 6:20 AM OTL…

Now I temporarily have some free time and I feel like I should use it to sleep, but.. there’s dramas to watch and blogs to blog and Running Man and youtube and tumblr and twitter and k-pop and j-pop news sites and skype and awesome internet friends and gemini and — ooh what is this, a new NRP video *A*

February 20, 2012

[2/19/2012 9:02:04 PM] Eva: i think it’s funny how i have like.. Buono, Block B, BAP, and a bunch of ballads on the same playlist =w=
[2/19/2012 9:02:28 PM] jay: buono blockb bap bunch of ballads
[2/19/2012 9:02:31 PM] jay: u like bees?
[2/19/2012 9:02:33 PM] Eva:
[2/19/2012 9:02:36 PM] Eva: wow i didn’t even notice that LOL
[2/19/2012 9:02:40 PM] jay: xDD
[2/19/2012 9:03:46 PM] Chiisana: Ebah is secretly Dr. Seuss ovo

On another note. owo I heard this for the first time today:

Buono! (Airi solo) – My alright sky

I like this~ It’s pretty. *A* I looove the instrumental. It’s super calming and I absolutely adore the piano.♥ I like Airi’s voice in this as well :D

Oh yeah! Jay showed us Airi and Chisato’s recent duet performances at a C-ute concert and I AM SUPER IMPRESSED. THEY’RE SO GOOD LIVE. When did they get so good? ;_; I’m so proud of them haha. Their cover of “Melodies” by GAM impressed me although by then, they were tired and kinda out of breath. :3 But OMG. HARMONIES. HARMONIES IN HELLO!PROJECT. DDDD8 And LIIIVE harmonies! Airi, gurl, I am so proud of you >A< When did she get so good?

This is their Shabondama though. They sound really strong! It’s a hard song to pull off too.. And their endurance is amazing. O___o I don’t know how they do it. Chisato’s growling<3

Oh and..
Q A Q I quite like BAP. AHAHAHA. My tastes differ so dramatically.

I seriously want Gemini to try this song lolololol. Although I think some of our members don’t have any interest in doing this.. >A< I even already made a script though LOL! I-I’m trying to push for it because .. well, we pulled off Rising Sun. This is a level up from Rising Sun, but I think if we really did it, it would be incredibly badass, fierce, impressive, epic, powerful, BAM.

I would have to be Bang Yong Guk though LOL!! Awks to think about. ;A; Although it sounds a little fun.. But.. I don’t know if I could live up to it haha. Mimi would killlll as Zelo though. She’s really good at speed rap<3