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La la la~
June 30, 2008

OMG! *_______* My dad was watching a Mandarin show outside with a reaaaaaally familiar tune, so I immediately ran outside and you know what it was?!


LOLLLLL. It was really Lalala Shiawase no Uta, C-ute‘s song. And they rewrote it in Mandarin?! And played it on a Mandarin show? That’s awesome/funny. xD


I heard Mikan playing so I ran outside, and I SEE TSUNKU‘S FACE.


Is this H!P related?! Is this like another H!P Eggs Taiwanese audition or whatever? I don’t know anymore! GAHHHH. T.T My dad tried to explain, but he only made it worse.
This is like American Idol, except it’s Taiwanese. This show is copying a Tsunku-produced Japanese show which is exactly like it.“]

Are you sick of me blogging almost everyday, yet? =3
[Nyarr, ’cause I don’t caree! :D]

x_____X Last night…in my dream… I made a ‘new’ Youtube account and was able to keep the username “waterpixie” and my channel, but the only catch was all my videos were deleted.

That’s how sad my life is. xD
But, ah, if only it were like that. T.T I can’t really think of a new username where I can still keep the ‘waterpixie’-ness… And ‘waterpixiee’ was already taken…T.T;
[Plus the fact that that person hasn’t signed in for two years really ticks me off, ’cause I really want that username, dangit!]

Blah… yesterday I spent approximately 5 hours sitting here on my ass, mixing Kare no Kitchen, the LAST song of the J-unior SWEET Team S mini-album that needed to be completed.

Today I spent about 2 hours, and I FINALLY FINISHED IT! -beams-

x3 It was a paaaaaaaaaaain in the ass though, because there were so many choruses… =___=;; The song hardly had any solos… and in every chorus ALL 10 girls sang together at every part. That. Really. Sucked. For. Me.

Mixing is a real pain in the arss, especially if you do what I do.

After importing all the tracks+instrumental in, the first thing I did was line them all up so that the first lines were all matched up and in time.

Then I went through every track for quality control. Silencing and deleting all the parts where the person didn’t sing, leaving the mic buzz or background sounds or sometimes even the instrumental because they didn’t record with earphones, which they should have. D: Also, I delete all the little clicks that’re made in your mouth.

Then volume. Trying to make sure there’s about an equal amount of everyone at every part?

After, I listen to every track and silence out all the parts that are out of tune. One bruised apple can ruin a bunch.

Then the reaaaaally time-consuming part starts. x____X This part drives me nuts. Timing.
I find a person’s track where I think they’re probably pretty close in time and I time it with the music.

And one by one, I time every single other track to match exactly with the first-timed track. Every single syllable. That takes up so much time.

Gives me a headache too, when there are lots of tracks, AND there are lots of parts where everyone sings together.

I’ve seen other people mix and heard other peoples’ mixings, and most people don’t do what I do. .___. Sometimes I’m too much of a perfectionist.. It’s a pain for me…

But I think.. even if the singing is OUTSTANDING, and the mixing is off..? It kills it. Especially if the timing is off. Quality is important, so I try to put in at least a little effort when I do this… Maybe it’s just me…

Last night, I finally watched the last episode of First Kiss, a Japanese drama. xD I cried once and almost cried another time. Nyar.

Honestly, I liked this series. =3 Lots of people think it’s “okay” because it’s not heart-throbbing or hardcore and doesn’t have a totally complicated and deep plot.

But I really liked it. It was light and cute, and Mio’s personality was interesting and refreshing.

I started watching Proposal Daisakusen. :D I love it so far.

YAMAPI[Yamashita Tomohisa] from NEWS is the main character. OMGG! <33 He’s not my favorite member of NEWS, but I really like him anyway! :DDD Even if the plot sucked, I might have just watched it for him. He was suuuper cute/hot and rocks at his character, Iwase Ken.

And OMG Hiraoka Yuuta is in it, too! <3 The cute Yuki-sensei from First Kiss! :D Yaay.


Fangirl Alert!
June 29, 2008

[Credits to the kiiind people on Soompi, Ryeowook’s fancafe, and of course, as tagged. :D]


Reasons why this pic wins:

1.) ROFLMAO! I think this reason speaks for itself. xDD

2.) LOL They’re in shelves/cubbies?! Makes me seriously wonder who thought of the idea. xD Maybe Donghae..? Creative~ =3

3-9.) Come on. It’s SUPER JUNIOR-M. That takes up about 7 reasons right there. =]
I love the way Kyuhyun looks here. ^^ And LOL at Shiwon’s expression! Hangeng doesn’t look like Hangeng at all. D: Maybe it’s the cap..

Remember what I talked about in my previous blog? Yeah..^^; Henry… Why are you dressed so ghetto? Sideways cap, the shorts, just socks…

10.) xD Poor Henry has to squeeeze into that small cubbie. Ah, it must suck to be the youngest.

11.) OMG I LOOOVE the fact that this picture was taken by Zhou Mi! Although it would’ve been better if he was in the picture, it’s just so much awesomer that this picture was taken by one of them. xD That’s why I loved the HenWook&KyuWook selfcam pics.

12.) Lol, it’s so obvious that they went on MS Paint and cheaply wrote on it. xD I love how they tagged it with “Photo By: Zhou Mi”. That’s adorable and hilarious. <3


Fly, fly, the butterfly~
June 28, 2008

Before I start rambling, I’d like to send my birthday wishes. =3
Why? Because you can never have too many people wish you a nice day for at least one day of the year.

 Yesterday was the birthday of Wonder Girls‘ mandu and my personal favorite member, SoHee! HAPPY SWEET SIXTEENTH BIRTHDAY! =3

Happy 17th birthday to SNSD‘s magnae, Seohyun!

Also, SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPER happy 13th birthday to one of my fellow fandubbers and friend from Totally Up! Project[Twilight Legend & J-unior SWEET],
MIERNA! :D  [yt/wp]

[Edit;; D: Today is also the disbandment day of Viyuuden.
Good luck to Ishikawa Rika, Miyoshi Erika, and Okada Yui.]


Nyar. Ebah not in good mood. Ebah currently sane, but at the same time, going insane. Ebah no recommend talk to Ebah because Ebah will get annoyed. Ebah scary when mad. =3 Understand, yes yes?

Agh, I’m tired… Went to a picnic today with my ‘cousins-to-be’. There were airbrush tattoos! ^^; Too bad I’m not allowed to have it on my face.

Everyone else got something like a dragon, or a wolf, or something fierce and cool-like..
I got a blue butterfly! =3

x__X In most outdoor pictures of me, you’ll see me wearing a visor or cap.. Because not only do I have sensitive skin that’ll dry up, redden, or peel after too much sun, there’s this screwed up patch on my forehead that can’t get any darker.
Because of school or whatever the hell I do outside, the rest of my face got slightly darker, so that patch shows blatantly. -___-; Therefore I have to prevent my face from darkening. Which PARTLY explains my pale complexion.

Plus, the visor makes it so that you can’t really see my face! =3

Also, look look! I’m wearing black! xD I dunno. I think I look awkward in black; it’s not really my color. This is one of my only two casual black articles of clothing. The rest are class t-shirts or my orchestra concert attire.


x____X You know, at the picnic…I saw this cute’ish guy that reminded me of Henry Lau? TT______TT I swear I don’t think about Super Junior-M all day, but it’s really swallowing up my life! T.T

The guy, though, his hair was like Henry‘s predebut short hair. He looked like he was my age’ish, but I was taller than him. =____=;;
Oh, the woe.
[T.T RAWR. Even when I’m dwarfy, I look tall!]

 Henry Lau 24

Anyway, SuJu-M‘s really become a big part of my life. T.T I swear God got me interested in SuJu-M so that I’d have something to keep me sane everyday of the summer[and just everyday].

Didyouknowdidyouknow? T.T That one day I went on a trip to Yosemite, I actually MISSED Super Junior-M? I don’t know WHY! I don’t even miss my friends when schoolyears end! Besides, it was only one day! My brain is so much more messed up now…

And you know…everynight before I go to sleep, I say ‘good night’ to my album and folder… That’s how much I really need a life… x_____x;; -crawls under a rock-

T.T Henry has steered me so wrong. He’s shown up in THREE of my dreams! The first three dreams I’ve ever had in my life that included a person I don’t even know in real life!

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately..
Honestly, I think, though, Henry is really just an idol to me, even if my brain constantly forgets that. If he weren’t famous and I met him in real life, I don’t think I would like him.. Not even as a friend.

Because in off-cam and predebut pictures, he’s always, like… I don’t know. Wearing baggy clothes and being sort of ‘gangster’-ish? I don’t really like that…

I also heard that predebut, he was a showoff/flirt/pimp. ^^; That was such a turn-off.

I don’t know how his true personality is now, though, even though he still sort of dresses..ehh… but he shares a room with Ryeowook, and they seem to get along sooo well and are so sweet towards each other.

Also, I heard during some interview, Hankyung did say something like, “When we first arrived in China, we were all so tired, but Henry kept saying, ‘Ge ge, don’t sleep. What’s that? ‘” and wouldn’t stop asking about the sights. For an off-cam moment to be so cute, gahhhh. I have reason to believe he’s innocent and adorable.

But speaking of Henry, ZOMGGG! LOOK.



Ahhhhh, I feel so horrible about fangirlling over a boy while he’s talking about a terrible natural disaster. =/
But bless their hearts. <3 They’re so good-hearted and generous, doing those charities, etc. More of a reason for me to love them.

Ah, I’m going at it again. Somebody stop me.

June 27, 2008

From an old Xanga entry:

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ebah: The Crybaby Pokemon – This weird 14 year-old* girl-like water pokemon has the mind of a three year-old, a really bad temper, and split personality. It is easily amused and enjoys driving through random underground tunnels, while easily bored and complains too much. It gives up easily but can be very stubborn and hard to handle as a child. Its attacks are Sing, which can deafen its enemies because of the horrible voice, and Cry. Its weaknesses are caffeine, insects with eight legs, people who take away her camera, and Ray, because he has cooties**. It can quickly be caught if you hypnotize it with chocolate ice cream or a 3-foot plush of Syaoran from Tsubasa Chronicle.

Roflmao. Man, I was hecka more creative then than I am now.

*I’m 15 now.
**I don’t really talk to Ray anymore.

June 25, 2008

You’re not going to shoot me for making two blogs in one day, right? ^^; I wanted to send my birthday wishes and my last entry was starting to get long’ish…

Happy 22nd birthday to Matsuura Aya!

Ayaya! =3 Hope you revive the Elder Club and maybe even GAM?

Aaand super happy birthday to my friend Tina! <3
:DD Known her since elementary, and became friends the first day of sixth grade. The first chair violinist and my stand partner in orchestra. Awesome girl right here. :D
[Plus she helped translate some Mando parts of SuJu-M interviews. :DDD I totally love her.]

.____. This post looks so empty…OH I KNOW!

[Cr: symbelmynne]

LOOKIE! Jonghyun[+ Onew] from SHINee singing “So Sick”. Omggg! <3 ^^

I hella freaked out when I saw this last night. xD And I would’ve favorited it too if my Youtube account was still alive… >______> –is not bitter

Anyway, Jonghyun sounds AMAZING. Such an awesome singer and definitely the best in SHINee. Such a strong voice. D: And the fact that he’s singing an ENGLISH song makes me happy. Plus I actually know this song, and I like it…

His pronounciation’s pretty good. =3 For a full-on Asian, at least. ^^; I think I’m underestimating him, though.

June 25, 2008

So, like, about two weeks ago, my dad told me that we’d soon be receiving a package because he apparently ordered something online. Jokingly, I asked, “Oo oo! Is it for mee? :D” and he was like, “Uh-huh.”

I didn’t believe him at all. He’s the type to joke.

Besides, all my life my parents never buy me surprises. xD Not even when I was little. I only had a lot of toys because they took me shopping a lot and I was spoiled. That’s why for Christmas and birthdays, I always asked them to surprise me.

Today, my dad walked into my room with this huge grin glued on his face and something behind his back and was like, “Your surprise is hereeee~ :DDDD”



Truthfully, I don’t like the English dub[except for Vic as Fai!] but I want to collect them. I already have volume 1 and the collector’s box for the DVDs. =3 So this makes two!

Gahh, I’m so happy. Lol.

My dad actually did something right. :D Even that part is super surprising. Actually, right now there are only THREE things my dad knows I like: Tsubasa Chronicles, Fahrenheit, and Super Junior M.

^^;;; And he usually does fail at surprises/gifts…
[Ugh, I’m reminded of the Barbie gameboy game my dad got me for Christmas in SEVENTH GRADE. -pretends to puke-]

Look at all the awesome Tomoyo-ness. =3 I like her. She’s so pretty. I loved her Japanese voice. It was so soft and smooth and pretty. I didn’t like her dubbed one.

Tomoyo was a character I liked a lot in Cardcaptor Sakura, too! I can relate to her so much[sorta]. :D
Long black hair, likes to sing, is the ‘camera-person’ out of friends, likes to dress people up, and likes to have others confide in her.

June 24, 2008

..was the username of my dead Youtube account.
R.I.P. Feb 2006-Jun 23, 2008

T.T Sorry I’m making such a big deal out of it, but my Youtube account was super important to me, and I’m a crybaby… Well I haven’t cried over the suspension yet, but I did cry last night ’cause I was so pissed off at the fact that there was nothing to eat in my house. ^^;; And I like to eat a lot after things happen..

My theory has always been: If you’re goint to do something unhealthy to your body, it might as well taste good.
I don’t get why people cut themselves. They’ll regret it.

Well…I made my account in February of 2006…over 2 years ago…

In late May, 2006 I uploaded my first videos. =3 Which were videos of me and my friends’ sleepover karaoke[xD “Breakaway” by Kelly Clarkson!] and pillow fights. .___. Of course, the pillow fight video then led to a sixteen-year-old messaging me saying, “You girls are hot. Wanna hook me up?” and I put all my videos on private immediately after. Rofl.
Mind you that we were only 12-13, so 16-year-olds were creepy.

Youtube was where I was inspired to start making AMVS…and I would soon upload–ah, I don’t even remember the number anymore–maybe 50’ish AMVs within the next two years?

Youtube was also where my interest in singing and voicework broadened, where I was inspired to sing, and started learning and singing in Japanese.

=3 Late October of 2006. My first fandub: For Fruits Basket.

LOL I used to get HELLA flames. Lots of comments saying, “You sound annoying; don’t sing anymore…” “My singing is better.” “Your voice is too high…

But now I get complimented? x] Of course, none of those compliments are too true, but it means I’ve been accepted. <3

Youtube was where I made so many friends.

Lots of the people reading this right now: I probably met you through Youtube or fandubbing, isn’t that right? You guys are the awesomest.<3

I also met Chiichama[ChiisanaChanx3] two years ago through Fruits Basket fandubs. [She was using another account though.] I had no idea we’d meet each other in real life and become close friends.

Man, I actually had approximately 414 subscribers…
That’s a great achievement for me. <333

Youtube was a website I went to everyday. In some weird ways, it was like my “escape” sometimes because I made friends there MUCH easier than I do in real life. ^^; I’m seriously socially-challenged.

Even out of my friends, I was considered the Youtube freak. xD

In the middle of eighth grade[2007], my friend Kojiru[kojirurules] had her account ‘michirurules’ suspended. She was mad about it and wanted to sue Sunrise, but shook it off and jokingly said,
Well at least it wasn’t Eva! When Eva’s account gets suspended..she’s gonna go EMO! And start wearing black everyday!

^^;; Let me explain? I don’t wear black a lot. It’s always been like that.
Before high school started, I barely owned ANY black clothing at all! Just maybe one or two t-shirts. Even to this day, most of my items are blue or white or colorful. xD

Well, good night. D: Time to let go.
I really have no life, huh? xD

Oh my god.
June 23, 2008

My Youtube account has been suspended.

RYEOWOOK! Happy birthday!
June 21, 2008

Happy birthday to our lovable eternal magnae, Kim Ryeowook! :D

Gah, he’s 21 now. xD So young compared to other SuJu members, but yet ah, so old~

=3 Ryeowook is my favorite Super Junior member, when you don’t count SuJu-M. You can’t not love him. He’s an AMAZING singer with an angelic voice, he can play piano, he’s adorable and innocent, and awww, you know you love the bond between him and Henryy<3. :D

Now for random picspam/spam? ^^;
Credits to tagged and the kind people at Soompi!


xD I’m meltingg~
June 20, 2008

Eva (9:40:29 PM): ^^;; SuJu-M.
(9:41:55 PM): suju who?
Eva (9:42:06 PM): M. :D
(9:42:17 PM): and that is…?
Eva (9:42:31 PM): a Super Junior subgroup that sings in Mandarin.
(9:42:40 PM): omg
(9:42:42 PM): LOL
(9:42:47 PM): youre so fob

Eva (9:43:15 PM): lmao
Eva (9:43:20 PM): gee, thanks. xD


Gahh, this sweltering heat is going to destroy me. Dx

It’s so hot. T.T I couldn’t sleep at all last night and woke up with my head full of cuss words. Hahah. I was so mad this morning; I wanted to blog and cuss my brains out. Luckily, I’m doing good now. =3
Soompi makes me happy. :D Zhou Mi has soo many fans now! x3 But I’m going crazy; I just backtracked 200+ pages. ^^; I’m a lurker though.

Anyway, some bad’ish news for me?

Thank the Lord my voice is getting better, but my mic isn’t working again… But my voice is getting better! :D As for my Korean, it is not. Well, maybe a little, but it still STINKS.

2.) T.T Tomorrow is Ryeowook‘s birthday. [Well, it’s today in Korea, but that just confuses things.]

It’s not exactly bad news, but..D: I wanted to make a huge birthday blog and picspam Ryeowookie all day tomorrow!

And you know what? >___O All of a sudden, we’re going on a last-minute-planned trip to Yosemite tomorrow. I guess it’s exciting because, well, I’ve stated before that I never take risks. The same goes with my family and we almost never do anything without planning it, like, A THOUSAND years in advance.

So probably tonight I’ll work on Ryeowook‘s birthday post and publish it after midnight?