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Lolli lolli lollipop~
December 28, 2010

O_O Oh. Just realized I never posted the Lollipop collab up.

[Collab Cover] Big Bang & 2NE1 – Lollipop (롤리팝)

Dara: Mimi []
CL: Eva []
Bom: Chiisana []
Minzy: Ashley []
G-Dragon: EL []
TOP: Tommy []
Taeyang: JC []
Seungri: Tomiya []
Daesung: Nico []

Mixing: Mimi & Eva

Dear amazing cast, I ♥ you. :D This is such an honor and you guys’re perfection. Thanks soooooo muchhh! I know it took forever but it’s finally donee~

Sorry the video quality is so fugly. ;_; HD versions are like nonexistent.. So just focus on the [sexy]vocals & be content. :]


Yep so I’m really happy with this collab ’cause I loooove the cast. ^^ And I’m so glad we got a pretty good reaction. :]]]


Ah… I was REALLY hope to not waste this Christmas break like how I’ve wasted away my life. xD;;

But in the end, I’ve been spending everyday at home because I’ve been sick.. ;_; I had no choice but to let my Christmas break waste away. ;____________; N-not fair..

And I guess my sickness decided to split the symptoms into two separate weeks -__- Last week I lost my voice and had a runny nose and I felt flimsy and weak and like I wanted to topple over. This week I don’t have that anymore, and I can even sing O: but … headache, dizziness, nausea… ;w; Why couldn’t I just have gotten it all at once and gotten it over with? Whyy?

I haven’t even started my homework ;w; because I feel terrible and can barely think.

So because I really haven’t been feeling like eating, I came to the resolution that whenever I get an urge to eat something, I’ll eat it without hesitation. Like seasoned seaweed and tea and chocolate.
Last night, I even had a craving for salt so I licked my finger and dipped it in a container of salt. >_____> Okay actually I did that several times; don’t judge me. ;w; lol.


December 21, 2010

;_; I got out of bed at 3 today. LOL. I’m sick and my voice is gone.

Darn my luck ;_; of course it had to be vacation and when I’m home alone all day that I get sick.. and I can’t even record. D; What a waste.

And I’m hoping to be able to upload a collab on Christmas day~ O:

And me and my friends Justin and Kevin are going to be making a film! O: Because we probably won’t be able to find any other girl that’s willing to commit to this, I have to be the actress… xD Oh my.

Stupid Oppa
December 18, 2010

New cover~~~

[Cover] BeBe Mignon – Oppa Babo 오빠바보

I seriously love this talented, underrated, gorgeous, down-to-earth group. :D

I HAD to cover this song even though probably nobody’ll watch it ’cause BeBe Mignon is so underrated. ;w; Just a warning that I’m not Korean and I’m N-O-W-H-E-R-E near the level of their singing.The instrumental had absolutely no backtrack, so every voice is mine~

And sorry the ad libs at the end are so so so weak D; because my range is really limited.

I plan to tweet this video to Ben later :3 because she, Hae Geum, and Ga Eul are really sweet and reply to tweets from fans. ^^ And Ben is even following me. So we’ll see! I’m excited just thinking that a BeBe Mignon member might watch this ;____;

I’m waiting for a time when Ben’s on twitter. xD Then I’ll tweet it to increase chances of her seeing it. Kekeke.


YEEEE school’s out and we have Christmas break! I’m happy but at the same time, iono ’cause I really hope I don’t end up wasting this vacation too. D: I hope I actually get to DO stuff. And that I’ll get to go out of the house and play with friends and stuff.
I’m excited that my friend and I are thinking of making a film over vacation :] That sounds awesome. And because I’m “pretty much the only girl he knows in my city who would commit to doing a video with him,” I probably will have to act as the main girl part.. O: How scary but exciting~!

And this week was finals. D; I’m soooo happy that I got A’s on my worst two finals…
The French oral and the fake job interview for economics. D: For the job interview, I had to go to school in a skirt, dress shirt, tights, and flats and look “professional” and stuff xD and it was in front of the class. It was scary as hell! But I got through it and I felt good about it after and I got an A. ^^ As for my oral, I stayed up til 3:30 AM the night before, preparing myself for it–making up scenarios and learning hella vocabulary, so I’d be ready for any question I might pick out of the box. And I knocked my teacher’s socks off >:DDDDD Literally. She does this thing where if you really impress her, she shows you her socks. =_=

Ahhh~ it feels so good now that they’re over x]

And then I was worried for physics today because our final was an egg-dropping project.. but my team got 600/500 on it. :] I can’t believe the egg successfully dropped and didn’t break all 3 times! ;D I felt some pressure because our design was all my idea.

I’m so surprised by my grades right now. ;_; All year I’ve been saying things like, “Ahh who needs to be valedictorian anyway >.>” and “Ugh you know what, I don’t care that much anymore about my grades.. I give up” and “I didn’t want to make a speech anyway ;_;” and “I’ll just listen to my dad who says there’s no difference betweeen a B and an A!”

I really, really, really thought I would have B’s at the end. D: because for most of this semester, I had 3 B+’s >_< in French, physics, and AP literature. It’s not senioritis. I’ve been working as hard as I always have, but I got specific classes/teachers under which it’s extremely difficult to get good grades.. Like the classes where hardly anyone even has an A. D:

Somehow I have all A’s right now. O_O After finals and everything….
Not sure about AP lit though ’cause my teacher didn’t put in grades for finals. But without finals, I managed to get an A- ;__; <3 omggggggggg~~~

Other than school and the new cover, nothing new’s up. xD

December 13, 2010

December 8, 2010

Omg *______*

BeBe Mignon’s Ben replying to me~
December 4, 2010


Extremely excited because Ben–y’know, the short girl with the amazing powerful voice–in BeBe Mignon replied to my tweet!

I mean, she replies to every tweet. xD So it’s not that special. But it’s really sweet and down-to-earth that she replies to everything >w< I love celebrities like that. It makes me respect them more.
And I’m just super happy. Lol.

If, by chance, this tweet serves as support for her, then I’d be so overjoyed. ;w;

This amuses me. xD
December 3, 2010

PS;; BeBe Mignon are too underrated. ]:

Longer post than I expected xD
December 1, 2010

I’ve been meaning to blog for a while xD

I’ve been busy lately~ Because of college applications. ]: BUUUUUT the deadline for UC applications [I’m not applying to any private schools] was November 30th so IT’S ALL OVERRRRR! :DDDDDDD I went through two weeks TOTALLY stressed out and it was crazy and terrible and blah!

I finished my essays last Tuesday and submitted everything last Wednesday. ^^ Then Thursday–Thanksgiving Day–my parents and I went to LA!

It was SUUUCH a fun trip! Well in others’ eyes it may not seem fun, but I enjoyed it a lot. :] It was a great stress relief, taking a vacation after all the apps stress. And it was cool/really fascinating/refreshing to be around family around my age! I don’t have any siblings and the only cousin I have in North California is married; he’s in a different generation from me. All my cousins are in, like….. Australia. Lol.
But over in LA, I have two little girl cousins! And two uncles that’re in college! I was all buddy-buddy with them when I was like, 5 xDD but then it became kind of like they were the two older brothers [they’re actually cousins] and I was the annoying, pesky, stupid, clingy, little sister. :/ During my last couple visits to LA, it was EXTREMELY EXTREMELY awkward.. ^^;;;

This time, it was EXTREMELY awkward as well. xD
But it makes me really happy that, with the uncle whose house we lived in, I was able to break the ice a little.. :D He’s quiet and seems to shut most people out and he only talks a lot with people he’s comfortable with. And I could tell that he really used to always look down on me because I was a stupid little kid.
But this time I feel like he sees that I’m different :D Eventually, playing with the little girls made it less awkward, and I actually initiated a conversation with him *______* I asked him about college and stuff lol. ‘Cause he was accepted to UC Berkeley, one of the places I applied to. And he treated me like someone that’s around his age. He’s like me in the way that he also doesn’t like to initiate, but he eventually even asked me a question. ;w;
It makes me really happy. I feel accomplished. I’m grateful to him.

Also, while we were there, we heard news of one of our relatives passing away. D: And I heard a lot about how it’s so unfortunate for his wife, who’s also sickly and is blind and is now alone…

And I really got closer to my parents through this trip. :] And because they saw how rude the other kids are, they finally realized that I’m actually a really good kid LOL :DDDD I mean, I’m generally polite and I get good grades and I don’t go out and do bad things–what more do they want? They always made me seem like a bad kid. ;_; I’m not~ Keke.

Well anyway, I think this Thanksgiving weekend trip made me a more grateful person. Which is GREAT because that’s what Thanksgiving is all about. :] And I feel happier and more relaxed and I feel better about myself. Idk, but it was a very productive trip! 8D

Also I got to go Black Friday shopping and THIS MAKES ME HAPPY. Before last week, I hadn’t went shopping since August and I was an extremely deprived girl ;__; I NOW HAVE NEW JACKETS HEHEHEHE. >:D I have invested in not freezing this winter!

[And might I mention that it was infested with tall, cute Asian guys? Which my school doesn’t have? Just sayin’.]

I walked into a Korean music store and walked back out half an hour later $91 poorer. :DDDDD They must make hella off suckers like me~
They seriously know how to get us too. What with their stickers and keychains and calendars and mousepads and posters and fans and socks with K-pop idols on them….. Srsly. Lol.
I mostly bought things for other people though. :] But can’t post pictures of those ’cause I can’t have them finding out!

But yeahh! I gotz ma Super Junior BONAMANA album finally >:D I ordered it before but it got lost in the mail and nothing could’ve been done about it ’cause of the circumstances.

I don’t really like this version’s cover though. :P If I had known before I bought it, I would’ve waited for the OTHER music store where they had multiple versions. Oh and with this came a photocard of Sungmin. xD

AAAAAND I got my Super Show 2 DVD!!!! ^____^ And I got my dad to compensate the money for it since I was going to have him order it for me online anyway lol. We saved on the shipping >:D


And I had to buy this VERY HARDCORE Pocky because I’d never seen anything like it before. xDDDDDDDDD It was goooo~ooood!