2009 New Years Resolutions


Summary of my 2008:
I have to say that when I think of 2008, I think of a completely boring year. True, I did nothing of importance, but now that I’m looking at the little things, I think it was a good year. Lots of ups and downs, but I think I improved as a person. And my goal to “change my image” for sophomore year? ^^ It’s actually going well. I changed a lot this year and my interests/hobbies DEFINITELY changed a lot. I mean, since Super Junior-M’s debut in April, I’ve been CRAAAAZY about them. ♥ :3 This is the year I got into K-pop and boybands altogether. Epic epic stuff. xD It’s also the year I became interested in Korean and Mandarin. This is the year I decided I really wanted to improve as a singer, learn a bunch more languages, learn how to dance, learn how to voice act, etc. Awesomeness. I really have improved a lot at singing too. Will continue practicing and improving, definitely. <3 ^^ Thank you guys for a great year! I know that 2008 would have been completely different for me if I didn’t have my awesome online & singing friends with me.

Usually I don’t do resolutions. Ever. So this is a first. And it’ll be an only-wordpress thing. ^____^
So, here goes. I’m aiming for 100, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen. xD Next year, I’ll see how many came true.

1. Be happier. :D “Sing a happy song.”

2. Do NOT cause my parents to be broke. o____o

3. Blog allllll year and write interesting posts. :DDD

4. Heal my voice. D:

6. Learn to sing out of diaphragm!

7. Learn to dance! ^^

8. Properly learn + improve at Japanese.

9. Learn how to speak basic Korean.

10. Learn a bit of Mandarin.

11. Less mood swings, please.

12. Become a more interesting person.

13. Take lots of pictures! >___<

14. Hang out with my friends more.

15. Actually PRACTICE piano and violin.

16. Learn SHINee’s “Noona Neomu Yeppeo (Replay)” on piano.

17. Learn DBSK’s “Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattan darou” on piano.

18. Learn Super Junior-M’s “At Least I Still Have You” on piano.

19. Learn Guang Liang’s “Tong Hua” on piano.

20. Try voice acting~

21. Improve endurance >__<

22. Become a better athlete..

23. Strengthen vocals, of course!

24. FINISH MY STUPID SOLODUB AND MAKE YOUTUBE COMEBACK. >[ If I really don’t finish it within 2009, I will seriously cry.

25. Stay an active fandubber and never miss deadlines!

26. Stay organized.

27. No more procrastinating on schoolwork. D;

28. Make all my teachers like me more. Lol. I’m kind of a kiss-up.

29. Get better at speaking [&singing] in front of people.

30. Improve my horrible skin.

31. Drink lots of water! =O

32. Improve at drawing.

33. Finish doing a shoooort manga series! xD


35. Eat more ice cream. xD Ice cream is love.

36. Eat more chocolate too, Eva. <3

37. Don’t chew gum a lot. >__O

38. Don’t break rules at school! Ever!


40. Learn how to rap. Hahah. :D

41. Get better at mixing songs!

42. Support my friends as best as possible! ^___^ <3

43. Become a more likable person.

44. Audition for SM Entertainment Global Auditions.

45. Audition for AVEX Global Star Search if they have one again.

46. Continue watching anime. o__o Somehow I haven’t been watching much lately at all.

47. Finish another AMV? xD Maybe? At least one?

48. Become better at singing ad libs :DDDDD Funnn.

49. No more physical accidents. Dx Pain = bad.


51. Become an idol! Lol, just kidding. I was thinking Kirari Tsukishima there for a moment. But I do want to inspire people. x]

52. Be thankful for everything. <3

53. Appreciate all the bad stuff that doesn’t happen to me. xD

54. Be less conscious about what others think about me.

55. Wear pink. LOL. At least a little bit. Try.

56. Become less picky! D: About food and stuff..

57. TRY to help out around the house. =/

58. Don’t piss off my parents! ..Y-yeah, I wouldn’t last two seconds with this one. ^^;

-gosh, this is getting hard-

59. Collect fortune cookie fortunes! xD I shall fill the whole jar~

60. Continue keychain collection! ^^

61. Make more handmade crafts. :3

62. Use scented hand lotion more often. xD

63. Bring my chapstick everywhere with me!

64. Stick ice down a person’s shirt LOL IONO. -runs away-

65. Use cute stickers! A lot! x3

66. Memorize how to write all the SJ-M members’ names in Chinese. xD Or at least Henry’s~

67. Eat more nuts. o__o They’re good for you.
[Edit 1-24-09;; I’m no longer allowed to eat nuts because of my skin. =/]

68. Become less awkward. =[

69. Force milk down my friends’ throats so they can maybe grow some more, so I won’t stand out so much because of my height! T.T

70. I NEED MORE FLESH. I’m like a stick. T.T;

71. Wear more blue. Hahah. There are people out there who can’t guess what my favorite color is and I’m like, “WTH.”

72. Do not rip my pretty blue converse. =[ Because I don’t want to use money to buy a new pair.

73. Buy a pretty lead pencil. xD Hm.

74. Don’t break my beautiful headphones. D:

75. Somehow find a way to get Mix-Style headphones for free LOL NOT HAPPENING.

76. Have nice dreams~ ^^

77. Talk to people more.

78. Keep stable good grades.

79. Have some kind of competition with my friends and KICK EVERYONE’S ASS. >]

80. Change to a hairstyle with bangs. o___o Maybe.

81. Get more subscribers on my new Youtube account than my old one! [Like 418’ish.]

82. Remix a song for fun. Hahah iono. I’ve been interested in remixes lately.

83. Freeload off my friends more! xD Well, a lot of people freeload off me a lot, so I want to freeload off my friends more for the sake of saving money.

84. Find some way to gain a little money. o__o Like maybe win a sweepstakes and eBay off the prize. xD Maaaaaybe even work once in a while for my friend’s mom if/when she establishes a store. T.T They’re going to make me be telephone girl. -crawls under rock- T-talking to people…

85. Wear my Amulet Spade cosplay to Fanime! xD

86. Meet up with Lulu. >] And anyone else if possible.

87. Do an anime parody! :D All the ones my friends and I did before were stupid. Lol. ^^

88. Improve my dry, lame sense of humor. o____o

89. Wear a scarf to school. L-lol. Maybe not. ‘Cause I know everyone will be like, “That’s not like you at all, Eva..” ;___;

90. Become a well-rounded person. :D

91. Direct a music video. HAHA. Well my friends are in a band, so this could actually happen. ^^ If they really let me help. But then, I think they’d need my help. xD

92. Eat.. a lychee-flavored mochi. =O Rofl there’s a Henry Lau reference here, but I don’t know how many of you will get it.♥

93. Do lots of view-worthy vlogs!

94. Continue to be a huge, shameless, blogging plug. xD

95. Allow people to understand me better.

96. Un-annoy-ify my voice.

97. Make it so that whenever the name “Eva” is mentioned, the response is “Oh, you mean waterpixie, the awesome singer on Youtube?” HAHAHA. Might take years.

98. Support Super Junior-M! <3


And finally . . . to meet Henry Lau.
. . What? A girl can dream, right? ;___;

Haha! Just kidding. xD I pretty much copied the last one from Chiichama, who by the way just made a BLOG called “Chiisana no Uta”! <3

YAAAY! Made it all the way to 100! ^^
A’ight, this year I’ll ganbarimasu! Jiayou! Fighting! :D♥

5 Responses

  1. LOL “lychee-flavored mochi” XDD
    hehe some of these made me laughh. #97 is already truee! I hope these come true, especially #86 :)

  2. Loveed your resolutions!! <3 Let’s work hard together this year, okay?! :D Kyuhyunhyunhyunhyun~<3

    Thanks for putting up with me for the entire 2008D uhu~

    We need to go to Kinokuniya together soon, kay? D: We’ll fangirl over everything and freak out the people around us. haha.

    *hides under rock* please take care of me again during 2009. ;___;

  3. LOL!!!
    this is funny ebah-han ^^
    hmmm ebah with bangs…now thats somthin to c 0_<

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