Spy Girl Water Pixie

Okay so >___O It turns out that my dad got me a FREAKING $80 TABLET !! DDDx Okay well it was on sale for $60-something so that makes it a bit better, but stiiilllll…. T.T -pouts- Now I’ll never get that You’re Beautiful Director’s Cut DVD Set……….

Anyway, yeah, I’ve always wanted a tablet O: But now that I have one, I feel like I don’t really NEED it. T.T I used to draw a LOT… And I tried to make an anime called Candy Basket in middle school, which btw I still think is adorable. It’s about a future generation of the zodiac-cursed Sohma family from Fruits Basket O:

^– Chibi of the main character in Candyba who I was supposed to voice, drawn in 7th grade Dx

I wrote it into a rushed, WAY simplified novel for my novel in language arts at the end of 8th grade, so I’ve got the whole story pretty much down D: But yeah, as much as I’d like to, the anime can’t be continued for many, many, many reasons, and I swear someday when I’m not lazy [HA!] I shall rewrite the novel! I have already started last year! But I got lazy.

But oh well. =/ Chiisana and I need it for our visual novel/game project anyway. xD But tablets are so much harder to use than they look D: Mari makes it look so easy with her pro’ness but it took me FOREVER just to draw this simple little doodle TT_____TT

Yeah so since we’re probably moving soon =//////// my parents and I spent the past two days organizing the house and going through all of the stuff stored in the garage DDDx

MYY LOOOVESSSSS!!! I WAS REUINTED WITH MY DISNEY PRINCESS COLLECTIONNNN!! ^_______^<333 HAHA I was so happy when I saw my five Ariel dolls again ;D So cute so cute! My parents liiieedddd to me when they put all my stuff away in the garage when my ugh aunt stayed with us [it was living hell] and said that they’d bring it all back when she moved outtt :[ But that was YEARS ago. …….. ;_; xD;;

Trust me, I get attached to EVERYTHING: people, material objects, feelings, places, whatever. So all of that stuff in the garage that I’ve had for so long…… Dx To part with them was very difficult >_< But yeah I had to give away/donate or throw away most of the stuff that I found. D: I’m donating my Ariel dolls, but I’m being selfish and Ima keep my “Flutter Fantasy Ariel” doll because she was my favorite and I can’t bear to see ALL of my so-called childhood go ;___;

And other than my piles of Disney Princess stuff, today I also found my old Winx Club Alfea Castle Playset!! :OOOOOOOOO I LOVED THAT THING. Musa = <3! [I have a Musa doll too :D But she’s sitting in my closet.] So I took pictures with it (HEHE) and am giving it away too. ;_;

Ah and I found a bunch of other random, cute stuff… xD HEHE. ADORABLEE! I was a weird kid, but the things I owned/made were cute!



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