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Maji deeee?
April 11, 2011

So I was in a Maji Desu Ka Suka groupdub. *_____* I was Sayashi Riho~

Takahashi Ai -Tonkhai || ShikamaCHU
Niigaki Risa – Cheila || AlieOngaku
Michishige Sayumi – K || chibikonkon
Tanaka Reina – Zoey || XoZoeymonxx
Mitsui Aika – Lizz || Nucl3arW3ss3l
Fukumura Mizuki – Katie || seahorsegurl
Ikuta Erina – Nina || AnimeXLover28Kat
Sayashi Riho – Eva || waterpixieva
Suzuki Kanon – Arii || purehearto

Honestly I didn’t expect it to be this good. :D Truthfully, most H!P groupdubs usually aren’t of the best quality..? So I had low’ish expectations but this turned out pretty awesome. O: Everyone was so good that I ended up being one of the weaker links. :3

I was also REALLY shocked to find out that Tonkhai/ShikamaCHU is in this. O_O WOWWWW. I’m in a groupdub with her… JUST WOWWWW. LOL. I’m a fan of hers. ^^ She’s just an amazing singer and I’m REALLY in love with her “Sobakasu” [RUROUNI KENSHIN <33] fandub. :D -admire-


>:D My best friend Chiisana [ChiisanaChanx3] uploaded a new video FINALLY after 7 months, and it is amajjinnnngggggg. ♥

And speaking of Chiisana, we hung out yesterday! ^^ We went to this Korean plaza and had Korean food. <3 I FINALLY GOT TO TRY JJAJANGMYUN. IT WAS SO GOOD. *___________* And we ate sushi and patbingsu~

What was funny is that when we walked into this one shop, C.N. Blue’s “I’m a Loner” was playing. LMAO.
See, Chii and I did a duet of that song and the video’s at 35,229 views and still going. <3 So it’s like our song. OF COURSE we sang along. :]


Go go Power Rangers~
April 8, 2011

^^ Today was the senior panorama where all the seniors went to the gym and took a huge picture together. It’s like a tradition for groups of friends to make matching shirts or something to stand out. xD Most people wear letters and spell out something.

At the last minute, me and my friends decided to be Power Rangers~
Kojiru came over and we [since we’re the only two that actually care ^^;;] spent 7 hours making 7 shirts… D: It was really hard work. Absolutely painful for our backs… ;____; SEVEN HOURS. NONSTOP. Well except for dinner.

They’re not.. the most BEAUTIFUL shirts but I AM STILL PROUD.
Everyone called me crazy for only wearing a t-shirt today when it was so cold and I somehow didn’t really feel that cold because I was so happy to be wearing this shirt. xD All the other Power Rangers took off their shirts or wore jackets after the picture..

;w; I only got 1 group picture, sadly.. but I’m glad I even got one! Knowing us, if I hadn’t just kinda forced it, we wouldn’t have even gotten any pictures.
But we didn’t even get into any kind of epic formation. ;w; uyuuu….

But yeah!!

I was the pink Power Ranger! >:D

OH HO HO. I’M SO PROUD OF MYSELF. Just two years ago I couldn’t even wear pink and I owned no pink. And now I can even be the pink Power Ranger! >:DDD Well it just kinda ended up that way. I wanted to be the light blue one but then it’s from a different season, so.. ^^;

tehehehe. It was fun!

And this is with my cut hair. :3 The picture from my last post was from before.

-cough cough-
April 6, 2011

Hello…. LOL. I AM HERE.

I’ve been too lazy to update! ]: Especially lately ’cause now I’m graduating from high school next month and I’ve gotten a lot lazier~~ Although I’m still a *good* student and I still have all A’s and I still do all my work and I don’t ditch school, unlike many other seniors. x: But still reallyyy lazyy~~ Don’t wanna do anything~~~~

And I especially lost motivation after being rejected by UC Berkeley. =_= The highest ranking University of California. But that’s ’cause I have no life and do absolutely no extracurricular! So I guess even my pretty grades can’t save me. x: -hides-
[honestly a bit disappointed though ’cause I work much harder than many of my peers..]

;______; I’ve been sick for like two weeks already and my throat is still dead and I can’t really sing properly, etc etc. No fun at all. You know that annoying kid in your class that’s constantly coughing and sniffling? T’would be me~ Although I guess you can’t really count me as sick.

I’ve been really enjoying the past week ’cause it’s been really warm and I get to wear t-shirts, shorts, and sandals~~ And apparently tomorrow and Friday, there’s a thunderstorm. .______. So I’m kinda just like… ok wut….


Hum. ;w; I don’t have interesting things to talk about like Micchi does on her blog.. LOL. Thus, insert random GIF.

T-ara’s Jiyeon~ *____* My newly-proclaimed official girl crush! She’s adorable. ;w; And speaking of Jiyeon, my new cover that I uploaded 2 days ago! :3

[Cover] T-ara Jiyeon – 점점 (More/Little by Little) Acoustic Vers – Jungle Fish 2 OST

Uh. So I started this back when I was still waiting for ABMsubs/DiademSubs to come out with new subbed episodes. Which is back in January LOL SHHH. But hey, I did a lot of other stuff in-between and at least I finished it!

If you haven’t watched Jungle Fish 2, you really should watch it. :] It’s only 8 episodes and it’s a really good drama–dark, realistic, heartfelt, outlining the corruption and self-interest that cloud our world.
[AND you MUST watch for the Jiyeon x Lee Joon loveline ♥ ;w; I HAD to edit some of their scenes together into the MV.]

;__; I don’t expect anyone to watch this ’cause both the drama and the song are underrated.. [and the cover’s so anticlimactic that even I can’t get through it without getting bored] but I worked hard on this so it shall be uploaded. Plus, Jiyeon’s my girl crush, so. =w= She has an amazing voice whose emotion I can’t portray, and partly because my voice is a lot higher, sigh.

Translation: The Real CZ@Soompi

ummmmmmm… and!

DUBattle Royale!! ^^ The competition in the H!P dubbing community, modeled after YT Chorus Battle?

Kekeke I’m very happy I entered as a team with my Gemini family <3 they are seriously the 5 people that I talk to the most. My best friend Chiisana [unfortunately the only one I know in real life ;w;], my partner-in-crime registered-on-facebook-as-sister Mimi, the troll and my bitching partner Jeffrey, my fellow Infinite fan Ryan, and our precious saint Jay. :3 I talk to them more than my friends IRL. =___=

But yeah! This is our round 1 entry, Nanchatte Renai! :]]]]]] We got 4th place in round 1 and I’m so proud of us. ♥ It was really stressful though. I was SHAKING so much as I submitted our entry 4 minutes before the deadline. xD

【Gemini】 Nanchatte Renai

In order of hearance~
Chiisana –
Jay –
Eva –
Mimi –
Ryan –
Jeffrey –


And now I disappear again! Bye byee.

[hm. ;w; kinda old. my bangs are cut short now.
& I actually dislike the way I look with short bangs but they’re growing on me, and I’m taking my cutting them short as a personal turning point for transformation! D:< It was a big step for me!!]