T.T Vacation, come faster..

T.T Of course I’m ecstatic that after this week, it’s finally CHRISTMAS VACATION[!!!<3 ^^] buuut D: this next week surprisingly is gonna be killer. T.T

Dx NYUUU I’m gonna have to give up recording + fandom for a weekkkkkk.. ;__; -clings-

I know I don’t do much compared to other people, but lately my life’s been so busy so busy D:

This weekend: I spent yesterday doing hw and it was so boring that I was desperate enough to go on facebook to avoid doing it. xDD;; And today, I went to the herbal doctor as soon as I woke up. Then my friend’s birthday party. Then went to the dentist at 5. And then I came home and worked on my AP Chem extra credit. D: My teacher rarely ever gives extra credit.. But it’s SO TIME CONSUMING. Chem work isn’t too “hard” but it takes so long to do and my teacher ugh always gives a lot of it.. And the extra credit took like HOURS to do, and it’s only worth 2 points. =///// And I know I’m extremely lucky to even have an A- in this class when my smart friends have B’s or C’s, but as long as I’m here I’m gonna shoot higher, and I’ll do anything to get it to an A.

Monday: ;__; I’m gonna be so tired. Thursday night when I came here saying how I was gonna die from lack of sleep, sure enough, I only was able to get to bed at 4 AM and only got two hours of sleep. [The latest I’ve ever stayed up!!] >__O Friday morning, I was really tired but not dead probably out of numbness.. Then it kicked in Saturday morning, when I slept until 2 and still wasn’t awake at all D: And this morning was really bad too.. So tomorrow @ 6 AM? Eep. I will be a scary person.
Byuuuu.. Afterschool I’m gonna have to go buy ingredients for the Buche de Noel [Christmas Log Cake that me and a friend are baking for French class] and actually STUDY for my AP Chem test.

Tuesday: KILLER AP CHEM TEST. :[[[[ My teacher was in a HUUUGE rush to finish the unit before vacation, so she rushed us through it, and I honestly don’t remember or comprehend anything we learned at all!! TT__TT NOBODY in the class gets it. I’m actually going to have to STUDY DDx -bad girl- And afterschool I’ll have to go to my friend’s house so we can bake the Buche de Noel and that’ll take up a chunk of my day..

Wednesday: o.o Nothing’s going on afterschool I THINK, but I think this’ll still end up as my work day. But I keep having the feeling that I do have something to do..

Thursday: Essay for AP Lang due! Going to bake cookies with Kojiru afterschool!

Friday: Big essay for history due! Bigger essay for AP Lang due! Christmas party/get-together afterschool, wooot! I hope it will be fun DDD: Or at least not BAD xD..

D: I don’t like having stuff to do afterschool.. I very much believe in time for myself, plus I’m drained out very easily, which is why I don’t do much extracurricular.. >__O I always look forward to coming home from school because I can finally relax after all that suffering + stress, and sing and record and do whatever I want. :O [HOMEWORK NEEDS TO GO. D<]
But for now.. ;__; Good-bye… -dramatic parting- -is smacked-


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