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This is something I decided on about a month ago.. xD and I haven’t gotten the chance to take action until now.

But I have a hard time updating this blog now and need a fresh start, so I will be moving blogs. :>

I HIGHLY doubt anyone checks here anymore since I’ve failed to update much at all in the past year–but if I do have any followers remaining, don’t feel compelled to follow me over there.
It’s going to mostly be irrelevant spam.

Thank you, Sing Your Dreams, for the 4 and a half years of memories. [:
This blog followed me all the way through my high school years and you can so easily trace how much I’ve grown and changed in this time period. Thanks for letting me rant here. Thanks for letting me have a place to force myself to post selcas so I could get used to it, gain confidence, and learn to not be so paranoid about what others think. Thanks for giving me a space on which I was able to communicate with friends.

I’ve mustered quite a bit of courage because of this blog, so thank you.

I’m making way too big a deal out of this but I’m sorry I attach sentimental value onto everything LOL. ;u;

Just FYI, my entertainment blog Candy for the Ears is still active. Hasn’t been updated lately because I’ve been too busy to make time for entertainment, but I still intend to blog there when I can.

See you around~ <3

-Eva (waterpixieva@yt)



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Last month, I went to Anime Expo 2012!!

It was so fun! *A*! I got to meet a lot of people from the youtube vocaloid covering community. It had always been my and Chiisana’s dream to go to AX together one day…

It had also been our long-time dream to go to Disneyland together.

And both dreams came true <3


Here’s a very blurry group picture from when we were able to convince Kyo (jchiu132) to meet up with us on Day 2. :>

(Ian, Diji, Albert, Kyo, Mekelba,
Ham, Koko, Chiisana, Myst, Eva)

Me and Chiisana ……….. and Ian (from Parefura; he’s like my brother<3) who fell asleep on It’s a Small World at Disneyland. :DDDDDD

Our AX hotel room ;u; <3333333 (except Chiisana who took the picture)
I really loved everyone in our room. We had a great time :’D

This one’s a picture of me and Chiisana at the hotel room before Day 2. *A* Basically, Myst and I forced her to wear the loli, frilly, pink dress LOL.




[So I’m actually still at work right now hahaha but I finished all my tasks and have nothing to do for the meantime.
There are a lot more pictures but since I’m not at home, I don’t have access to them. These are just the pictures that I had tweeted before.]

Rain Stops, Hello!

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This is just a really random update LOL.

I’m currently at work ;A; so I don’t actually have that much time.. but my tasks at hand aren’t too rushed, so I’m taking a short mental break to write this.

Uuuummm~ Iono what to say. I’ve been really busy. ;^; And tired. I haven’t actually really had sufficient sleep for.. 3 weeks or more? Yeaaaaahhh ;; just working and mixing and working and more working and skipping sleep to mix, and lately being out and about with Mimi!

YEAH. MIMI. From Gemini. *AAA*

For 2 and a half weeks, we are having our very first #GeminiMeetUp. <3
It’s something we’ve been wanting to have for almost a year and it’s finally happening for real. :>

Basically, Chiisana and I both live in Northern California, so everyone’s coming here and staying at my house. For week 1 (right now), Mimi has flown in from New Jersey. Next week, Ryan and Jay are both joining all of us from Canada.
Unfortunately, Jeffrey lives in Australia and is too young anyway to come. :c

HOWEVER!! I went to Australia in June earlier this year and actually got to meet Jeffrey and watch the school musical in which he STARRED. *u* It was an amazing experience.
So in one year, I’m getting to meet every single Gemini member!<3


Speaking of Gemini, we uploaded a new video on July 24th.

【Gemini】 rain stops, good-bye 「HBD Xephy! 」

Dear Xephy! (
Happy birthday ♥ We’re sorry this is so late, BUT YOU ARE STILL WORTH IT ; A ; ! Even though we’re not all equally close to you, it’s a blessing to know someone as wonderful and sweet as you are~~ We hope your birthday was great and that greater things await in the days to come 8D WE LAHV YOU

Sorry for gifting you with such sad song but even as the rain stops, we hope to stay by your side, as our hearts will always go out to you. ;u;

Ryan –
Chiisana –
Jeffrey –
Jay –
Eva –
Mimi –

Mixing: Eva (main), Ryan (tuning), Chiisana (EQ)
Video: Eva (first half), Chiisana (second half+subtitles)
Graphic Editing: Mimi, Chiisana, Jay, Eva
Nameplates: Jay
Gemini Signature: Ryan
The member that has a life and is located on the other side of the world: Jeffrey

Music & Lyrics: におP
Illustrations Credit:
MP3 download:

–Message to Xephy from Ryan–
Remember when I asked you to list for me your fave ballads? well here is what it’s for~ ^^ Special thanks to Gemini for agreeing to help us out with this special birthday chorus, I love you guys thanks so much ;w; I hope you enjoy our present to you Xephy. A ballad dedicated to our prince of ballads. Happy Belated Birthday!

May 2nd, 2012

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This post is exactly 3 months late and I apologize.

Every year on my birthday for the past 5 years, I’ve worn my “Birthday Girl” shirt under a white dress shirt, then would take a picture in a mirror and put it on this blog.

I did hurriedly take some pictures on that day (May 2nd). ;; However due to being consistently busy, I’ve put off choosing a picture and uploading it until now. Although it was still always at the back of my mind because I’m stubborn and stupid and I like consistency and DON’T WANT TO LET THIS TRADITION DIE lol.

………. I wish I could retake a pic =A=;; since I was in a rush that day. But it wouldn’t be as meaningful to me anymore.

(I look super sleepy and awkward HAHAHA but then I’ve looked awkward every year so far SO IT’S OKAY. I’LL JUST TRY HARDER NEXT YEAR.)

So I’m 19 now!! And I started this birthday picture thing when I turned 15 in 2008 LOLL. It’s interesting though to look back at the pictures because you can see how I lost some baby fat between being 16 and 17. o__o;; I don’t see any difference between 18 and 19 though ahaha. (adslkfj I’m really embarrassed of my old pictures..)

June 23, 2012 - One Response

[4:27:09 PM] Digital Dream: you’re like a nice chocolate bar with a random hard almond in the middle of it ;;
[4:27:19 PM] Digital Dream: you seem nice
[4:27:26 PM] Digital Dream: then you hit the almond and it’s like ;A;!?
[4:27:51 PM] Eva: omg
[4:27:57 PM] Eva: that is the most amazing analogy i’ve ever heard

Gemini’s Signature Weapons

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Mimi: Axe
Eva: Chainsaw
Jeffrey: Broomstick
Ryan: Manpurse (for whacking)
Jay: Pencil (for stabbing)
Chiisana: Rock-kun.


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Been really busy for the entire month, but after my 3 finals tomorrow, I’m done!
Well kind of. QnQ N-not really HAHAHA. I still work on Tuesday. And then Wednesday is possibly my only day to record all of the lines (omg there’s a lot sobbb) that I owe. And then I work Thursday. Friday is either recording or last minute shopping day. Then on Saturday, I leave for Australia!

I missed a lot of stuff Q_____Q l-like my own birthday LOL. You know how I always post a picture of myself wearing my Birthday Girl shirt in the mirror on my birthday? :c I’m 18 days late, cryyyy. But I did take pictures that day although I haven’t picked out which one to post.. o A o When I have time, I will ! The tradition of mine will live on ^^


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I-I think my heart is weak for Kris from EXO-M.

I-I love EXO’s fans on tumblr

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.. OwO Just pulled all-nighter last night writing research paper YEEEEEEY. Like, I literally finished at 7 AM AHAHAHA LOVE YOU COLLEGE. Anyway, I have to jump back into my mixing hole today but I decided to take some time for myself finally =v= by catching up on tumblr heeeee~

And this is what happens when I’m on tumblr and Chiisana disappears:

[4:55:50 PM] Eva: omg Eli AHAHA
[5:00:31 PM] Eva:
[5:02:07 PM] Eva:
[5:10:28 PM] Eva: so much for napping
[5:12:31 PM] Eva: LAY IS SUCH A DEVIL
[5:13:57 PM] Eva: BACON AEGYO
[5:14:17 PM] Eva: i think i can sometimes tell Sehun and Suho apart now
[5:14:18 PM] Eva: because of eyes
[5:14:45 PM] Eva: AWWWWW HAHAHA
[5:19:18 PM] Eva: omg EXO fans are the most hilarious ones i swear
[5:24:54 PM] Eva: OH MY GOD D.O
[5:42:07 PM] Eva: HAHAHAHA have you heard Lay’s “ready set, oh my!” in M’s Two Moons? SO DIVAAAA
[5:49:45 PM] Eva:
[5:52:35 PM] Eva: oh my god i have never seen this in the MV before
[6:58:32 PM] Eva: LAY IS SO MATURE
[6:59:49 PM] Eva: OMG AHAHAHAHAHAHA they named Kris x Lay “KRISpyLAY”
[7:01:12 PM] Eva: i-i can tell Sehun and Suho apart now! k-kind of!! /o/
[7:03:17 PM] Eva: Tao x Gucci OTP
[7:40:58 PM] Chiisana:
…wait.. -doubletake-
[7:42:07 PM] Chiisana: oh and Tao x Gucci forever LOL
[7:44:46 PM] Chiisana: ..
[7:44:53 PM] Chiisana: why did it take this long for the Opera MV to come out O_O
[7:44:56 PM] Eva: oh you finally came back to all my spam.
[7:45:01 PM] Eva: ……..
[7:45:03 PM] Chiisana: oh
[7:45:07 PM] Chiisana: this is Japanese LOL
[7:45:07 PM] Eva: i like how you don’t question the wall of links.