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Bah! Humbug!
March 14, 2010

Omgosh I haven’t blogged here for way too long. xD Well actually I’m doing it right now because I’m procrastinating on my really stupid pre-calculus project in which the most important part is amusing my stupid teacher who can’t teach and REALLY needs his teaching credential revoked immediately. :D

I’ve been really bahh lately. I’m always tired and I’ve been so bored of life. >__O

And starting Tuesday [today is Sunday!] my chest started hurting and I’ve been having breathing problems, and my heart feels like it’s gonna explode sometimes, and I’m out of breath/tired just by walking from class to class, and the muscles on my left shoulder have been uncomfortably hurting 24/7 even though I try to relieve it by massaging it constantly, and I feel like I have a hole in my lung. It was really bad on Tuesday. =/ I was in bed thinking that it might be my death day. xD;; -pessimistic-

On Wednesday I didn’t go to school! I expected it to go away overnight, but.. E.E Even right now, so many days later, my breathing is abnormal. It did improve though. I was really stupid on Wednesday. xD Even though I stayed home because of breathing problems, I idioticly felt like recording C.N. Blue’s “Y,Why” =___= so I actually spent my day doing that. Of course, at the time, it didn’t feel very bad. It kinda fluctuates actually, the pain. O:

I always thought I might have asthma, but when I tested for it a few months ago, it was negative. D: And I’ve always also thought that I probably do have heart problems. A lot of people said I might have a clogged artery, and I actually kinda agree o__o although that’s pretty scary. So.. T.T after eating chocolate every single day, I’m going to try to not chocolate…anymore.

;__; and it’s turning out that I’m having similar symptoms to my friend who TWICE PUNCTURED HIS LUNG. OMG. HOW SCARY. DDDDDx He waited 3 weeks until he finally saw a doctor about it and he had to get surgery! ;___; So tomorrow my parents are going to make a doctors appointment for me. Please please please don’t be a punctured lung!!!


You’re Beautiful Director’s Cut DVD
March 1, 2010


-I am a huge dork.

-I am sarcastic and strange.

-I mumble & sing to myself a lot.

-When I’m worked up, my voice becomes intolerably irritating. T.T Ew, I hate it and I apologize

-I was VERY excited. Kind of embarrassing now.. ;_;

-I was not thinking. I was in freak-out mode.

-In conclusion, I’m a delusional, hopeless fangirl :]

[Edit;; Oops xD The “empty box” actually had a rolled-up calendar inside O__O THAT’S AWESOME.]

Oh yeah I lied xD I’m too lazy and tired to take pictures. Maybe laaateeerrrr~! ^^ Here’s some. :D The personalized membership card! And A.N.JELL chibis!