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April 25, 2009

In exactly one week, I turn 16 years old. =/

I really don’t want to.. Dx By nature, I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like to grow up. A lot of people live for tomorrow, but I try to live for the present. Actually, there are a lot of times I get caught living in the past, but lately I’ve been getting better at not getting caught in the past and leaving it.

Anyway, I wanna be a little kid forever. D:
And high school sophomore year’s almost over… >_____< The only memorable thing for me this year was the trip to Anaheim last week. <3 But that’s pretty much it. I don’t wanna be a junior yet. =/

If only Peter Pan and Tinker Bell would come and give me pixie dust<3 so I can fly[I’m kinda scared of heights though] off to Neverland! Yeah.. Kidding.

I wanna do something fun this week before I turn 16.


Sorry, Sorry
April 24, 2009

YEAHH! <3 My Super Junior “Sorry Sorry album came today! ^_____^ Yes, I bought it for my birthday because I wanted to support and I didn’t want to download any of the songs. :3
[I’m not weird for taking pictures with my CDs.. xD;;]

The packaging is totally awesome. :] The photobooklet&lyricbooklet is attached to the covers like a book! :DDD Awesome! I was always too lazy to take the booklets out and then put them back in. |D;;

Oh and I think I was just about excited about the bubble wrap as the album… :D It’s not a bad thing. It’s just bubble wrap is really, really fun and amusing. xD


April 21, 2009

I got home, like, two days ago but I’ve been kinda busy. [I mean, what kind of insane teacher, on the first day back from Spring Break assigns an essay which is BAM! due the next day?! ;___;]

Just because I feel like it and I need to practice putting more pics up, I’m gonna put some. xD I took a lot of selca pictures during this trip. But of course I’m not gonna post a lot of pictures. There are some I’m saving for the month of May.

Unfortunately I didn’t get Ariel‘s autograph. D: I didn’t even see Ariel or any of the princesses… Sigh. TT___TT But really, two days at Disneyland/California Adventure is NOT enough. We need like a whole week. A couple days for rides[insane lines!], a day for autographs and pictures with characters, a day for shopping, and a day to pig out on churros, pretzals, clam chowder, frozen lemonade, and ice cream. Mmmmm~ x3

Sorry, off-topic. xD We didn’t really get any pictures with characters. =/ We did, though, get one with Sylvester at Six Flags Magic Mountain.. xDD But I like Disney better.

I’m sorry, but Splash Mountain was AWESOME. xD The ride was super fun! And the huuuuge, wet fall wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. :3 I was terrified of it at first, but it was really fun. And this is coming from the person who walked around Magic Mountain taking pictures and didn’t go on any of the billion rollercoasters because I’m scared of them.

But the best part is the picture. I’m sorry. xD But I love the picture. If you can’t tell, I’m that dorky blue blob there. I’m almost always the blue blob. Yeah yeah yeah.. xD It was just supposed to be a peace/V sign, but then it became my Sailor Venus sign. xDD;; Sailor Venus is my favorite scout anyway, so it’s all good! :D
[After this pic, I pretty much continued to be Sailor V the whole rest of the trip.. xD]

And the girl in purple at the front happens to be Kojiru.
And tomorrow happens to be her 16th birthday. :] Why dontcha pay a visit to her youtube and leave her a little message?

Kojiru and my poses on Space Mountain. |DDDD;; What did I tell you..? Er, yeah, okay. xD This was a really fun ride too! Except I didn’t like the music ’cause it was reaaally loud and I’m kinda scared of loud noises.

Yeah, sorry.. xD That would be my sarcastic face.


Be really jealous. :3 Chocolate~

You can see our violins. :D And apparently I’ve been told I glow.. =____=

LOOK. OMG. IT’S SOOOO CUTE. IT’S ADORABLE. IT’S AWESOME. <3333333333333333333333
I know, I’m terrible, right? xD What I can’t buy, I take a picture of.

Maybe that’s how I ended up here.
Jail is good, kiddies! :Db

Disneyland, here I come!
April 15, 2009

Tomorrow I’m going down to LA for my symphony orchestra trip. :3 DISNEYLANDDDD! Yeaaahhhh! ^____^ I’m looking forward to this trip. I think it’ll be lots of fun. <3

Just sucks that Lulu<33 is coming up here the same day I’m going down there. xD;; It just worked out absolutely stinkingly perfect. Thank you so much, fate. xP
Eva: i hope we pass by each other on the freeway! :D
Lulu: hahaha i’ll wave frantically at every bus we pass by xD

And also I still have a lung infection [been sick for a while now D:] and my skin is starting to act up a little, so I’m gonna hafta take medicine/pills in the hotel room. ;___; And my foot.. I won’t be able to walk barefoot at the hotel[or beach!</3] which I like to do. |D;; BUT it’ll be fun.

I hope I can try to blog with pictures when I’m back Sunday. :3

PS;; I want Ariel’s autograph! :OOOOOOO

Happy 1-Year Anniversary, Super Junior-M!
April 8, 2009

A whole year already. :3 It seems like just yesterday I read about this new China-based subgroup on a blog and fell in love with this group on April 8, 2008. :D They’re what REALLY got me interested into Super Junior, because I memorized all 7 SJ-M names before all 13 SJ names. ^^; They’re such talented guys, I swear.

I’m just, like, a huge fan. xD SuJu-M is one of the big loves of my life. Despite having no money, I’m gonna buy all their albums and repackages. :3 One of my goals! Sh’yeahh!<3

Anyway, Super Junior-M isn’t exactly too connected to Super Junior so we really won’t get to see that much of them in the future, but I hope I’ll get to write many more anniversary posts for them. :DDD

Debut stage
[Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Siwon, Hangeng, Donghae, Henry, Zhou Mi]

Picture that Hangeng put on iFensi yesterday exclusively for their anniversary
[Hangeng, Zhou Mi, Kyuhyun, Donghae
Siwon, Ryeowook, Henry



Youtube Comeback: waterpixieva
April 1, 2009

Regarding my last post about quitting singing…

APRIL FOOLS! :D I hope I got somebody with that.


My new youtube account is:


Don’t expect me to REALLY quit for a long, long time. xD I love singing. Even when I’m not good at it, I just love singing anyway.

And even if dubbing groups and my lack of recording time ever stresses me out, I wouldn’t quit dubbing as a WHOLE. So there.

I hope I got somebody. :DDDDD

PS;; Thanks to Chii for playing along. ^___^ Although I did want to delete the first half of your comment ’cause you didn’t sound devastated enough. xD;;