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November 21, 2010



Oh and might I mention that there was a thunderstorm today and it very much scared me and… I ended up in a similar position? I guess I never change.


Hoot hoot hoot~
November 13, 2010

[Cover] SNSD (소녀시대) – Hoot (훗)

Just because it’s SNSD. :P 

I actually started this back when the audio was released and the MV wasn’t even out yet, and I wanted to get it out ASAP but ehhhhhh… But anyway I finally got it done! :D Perfect timing too. I’m supposed to finish [COUGH START COUGH] my dreaded.. college applications.. this weekend.
I know, the ad libs are weaksauce. ;_;

Thank you sooooo much ChiisanaChanx3, who pointed out that 훗 looks like a man with a hat [reminds me of Sungkyunkwan Scandal lol], for doing the video for me~ *__*

Uploaded last night.


;_; I just finished my applications for the California State Universities……..
In the process, I cried about 4 to 5 times.

>< It’s really hard for me to think about college or careers or the future without feeling depressed. Once, someone came into my econ class to talk about careers and stuff, and I fought my tears so much. D: I don’t think it’s normal. [but then, when was I ever normal? :P]

I thinkkk I can see why now I like to “waste my time” and just kinda enjoy myself, for example by my favorite hobby of singing and doing covers. If not, I think I’d go completely crazy xDD;;

Meh. ;w; I still have yet to start the UC apps and the dreaded essays [IONO WHAT TO WRITE BECAUSE I HAVE NO DREAMS OR ASPIRATIONS WHATSOEVER TT_______TT] that’re required for those, and those are the big ones >_< All I’ve finished are the easy ones.


Oh yeah so the other day when my group was performing our scenes from the Greek play Oedipus Rex, we were at the part where I–Jocasta–hang myself, and then “Oedipus” takes me off the noose and I fall to the ground since I’m.. dead.
Yeah so I fell and I hit my head on the ground REAAAALLLYYYY HARDD ;__; lol it was so sad.
Me laying there emotionless after was half acting, half real. xD It really hurt.

It was really, really fun though. :] I’m proud of myself for not getting stage fright and even ENJOYING having the spotlight for a moment. I’m usually extremely self conscious.

Star Auditionn
November 9, 2010

Ehh, nothing worth blogging, really. xDD

Tomorrow in my AP Literature class, my group is going to perform two scenes from the Greek play, Oedipus Rex. I’m scared because I get stage fright like CRAAZZAAAYY [if you watched my Halloween vlog, you saw how fast my face goes red ;w; and it was only in front of the webcam too…] but at the same time, it sounds kinda fun? xD Idk. We did a rehearsal at someone’s house and it was fun. And we’re all going to wear togas. ^^

But anyway, I get to be Jocasta! :D Oedipus’ wife and mother.
And so when I find out that Oedipus–my husband–is actually my son, I GET TO KILL MYSELF! :DDDDDD
As in, we actually have a freaking ROPE and I hang myself! By having the loop over my head and then holding the end of the rope high up. xD Statue of liberty~
And then and then and then, Oedipus finds me and is like “NOOOOO” and he gets me off the rope and then I lie there on the ground.. for the rest of the performance. .____.

IT’S VERY COMFY LOL. I’m pretty happy with my role.
It’s just that all eyes will be on me and D: D: D: D: D: D:


On a.. not as weird.. note, the other day I was on the youtube homepage and under the Spotlight part, I found MBC’s Star Audition O__O

It’s sooooo tempting… xD And thus, ChiisanaChanx3 and I are thiiiinking about maaaaaaybe trying it? ;3
It depends on whether we have time to get together and film something D:
I’m so busy these days because I have so many projects and OMG I HAVE YET TO START MY COLLEGE APPLICATIONS. -hyperventilates- AND THE DEADLINE IS IN 21 DAYS. OR ELSE I DON’T GO TO COLLEGE. -hyperventilates more- AND I ACTUALLY DON’T WANNA GO ‘CAUSE I’M SCARED AND I DON’T WANNA DO THE APPS EITHER TT_______TT

Dunno what song we’re thinking of doing as a duet yet, but I have some ideas~

And now I shall leave and attempt to do my homework so tonight between 9:50 and 11:05, I can watch “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” on KBS World. :]]]]]]]

November 5, 2010

Omg so I after I finished up that last post on Sunday, I went out, and when I came home I was SOOO determined to blog about it! then I fell asleep. And all week long I’ve been soooooooooo busy and soooo stressed because of school >___< Last night I pulled my very first all-nighter because of a really stupid project I had for economics. And no, I didn’t procrastinate because I’ve been having SO many projects and so much homework–I had a hella big thing for AP literature too so I didn’t procrastinate on that and got it done early, and I’m SO glad because if I had had to do both that and the economics project, I would’ve had no chance of finishing. Because I finished the economics project at around 5 AM. -____-;; Crazy..

So! this is what happened last Sunday!

In order to get me out of the house [and more importantly, to avoid trick-or-treaters.. xD], my parents took me to a very Korean part of a nearby town which I never knew existed. And, see, I get fascinated REALLY easily *__*

So yeah we went to a Korean supermarket and I convinced my daddy to buy me ddukbokki [spicy rice cakes] becaaaause I’ve been curious about how they’re like xDDD kekeke. I wanted to try jjajangmyun [black bean noodles] too but that didn’t work out so well. D:

And and and what I found really interesting was that we walked into this other supermarket and what was playing was 2NE1’s “Go Away” LOL um, yeaaaaahhh because that song is totalllyy appropriate for a supermarket! 8D
They didn’t even censor the line, “All you do is act a fool; you ain’t shit without your crew!” ;w; I was a bit embarrassed for the seniors and kiddies. xD;; It’s a really good song though with an awesome MV.

And and and *________* we walked by a bakery and in huge Korean letters, I saw


Kim Takgu!!!! OOOO: from the drama “Baker King Kim Takgu” or as KBS World calls it “Bread, Love, and Dreams” ^^ What I watched every Wednesday and Thursday night on KBS World [YAY FOR A KOREAN CHANNEL ON TV] until it ended two days ago! THAT IS SERIOUSLY SUCH A GOOD DRAMA. It’s not like an idol drama or anything; it’s actually geared towards a wide range of age groups and it’s just.. amazing. Dreams, revenge, secrets, friendship, business corporations, baking, the importance of family, love, sincerity and insincerity, sexism, violence, being a good person. I cry every once in a while but it’s not like the BAD crying. It’s like the kind of crying that leaves me touched and happy after and there’s just nothing about the drama that gives me bad feelings. It’s purely inspirational~ *_*

BUT ANYWAY. YEAH. OMG. LOL. :D So I freaked out. And I saw the words 봉빵 or Bong Bread, which is the famous trademark bread of the drama, and I’m preeeetty sure that they were selling Bong Bread?! That’s SOOO BRILLIANT and gahhhh! :D :D :D
So my parents were like [since I’m picky about food, so I guess if I showed interest in bread, they took advantage of it? xD], “Go in and buy some of that bread. You can eat it for breakfast and/or lunch.”

And she searched the whole bakery and found none of it ]:
Idk if maybe I was stupid and the sign didn’t actually imply that they were selling the bread [if that’s the case, they should because that’s such good marketing!] or maybe they sold out? Possible ’cause it was late and the bakery seemed a bit empty. D:

So yeah. That was the most regretful part of my experience. Lol. Not getting to try Bong Bread, from Baker King Kim Takgu… </3

Actually I’m pretty sure there was more I wanted to say ’cause I REALLY wanted to blog that day O___O but now it all seems so short and uninteresting. xD Oh well, whatever!
I’m too sleepy anyway ;w; sleep sleep sleep… Tis all I could think about all day D;