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I ish doneeee!
May 31, 2009

I was supposed to post pictures of myself every day of May, but since my camera broke, I’m making up for it in June.




I wanted to recreate a picture I took in 7th grade, which was ;__; 3 years ago. It’s the same shirt, hairstyle, smile, camera angle, and pose[I think; I forget if I used one hand or two] so it should be kinda accurate! xD
Only difference is I’m wearing glasses. Y-yeah.. I’m not trying to take pictures without glasses on anymore. =___= -shudders-

Unfortunately I don’t have the picture anymore so I can’t compare. D; For some reason, though it was so long ago, I remember this picture even though it wasn’t very important. I can’t figure out why. But oh well!

I used to call this hairstyle my Winry hairstyle. xDDDD
[Though now that I think about it, I have NO IDEA WHY since it looks nothing like Winry’s hair when she puts it up. All I know is that I started doing it ’cause I saw her do it.]

Winry’s my favorite character from Full Metal Alchemist and she’s AWESOME! I have a screenname called “Winry0Rockbell” but I don’t use it anymore. :3 Whenever there’s FMA merchandise, Kojiru always looks for Riza stuff and I always look for Winry stuff. xD That’s, like, our thing.

I totally loooooove Winry! She’s pretty and strong, but emotional, and caring and totally kick-ass! I so wanna be like her. :D

[Look! Teh first GIF I ever put together!]

[Look! My second one! I love this scene<3]

I stopped watching FMA because I got really, really scared, but I still like it and I think it’s hilarious. So I used to collect a lot of FMA icons. :]
My favorites:

[I don’t own any of them!]


And because I love Ed:

 <–He has a height complex just like me! ^^ =___=;;

And because I’m a sucker for EdxWinry!:

Winry and Ed 2

And because I love this icon:


Okay, I promise I’m finished. xD
July awaits, Kathy dear. ;DDDDD


June 6, 2009
May 30, 2009

I was supposed to post pictures of myself every day of May, but since my camera broke, I’m making up for it in June.


May30 [Jun6]

I’m Kyo Sohma. :3


Yeaahh! Tomorrow’s the last day of pictures!

May30-2 [Jun6]

June 5, 2009
May 29, 2009

I was supposed to post pictures of myself every day of May, but since my camera broke, I’m making up for it in June. 


May29 [Jun5]


So I’ve been told a few times that I look a lot younger without my glasses on. Out of curiosity and for fun, I wanted to try making myself look as young as possible.

Obviously, I failed. =__=

But I challenge anyone to try to do that too. >] I wanna see. Kath, that also means that you’ve gotta do this when July rolls around.

..Do I look 16?

Don’t Say “Lazy” [June 4, 2009]
May 28, 2009

I was supposed to post pictures of myself every day of May, but since my camera broke, I’m making up for it in June.


Don’t Say “Lazy” [Fandub]

I love K-On!, Mio’s AWESOME and my favorite character, this song’s epic, and I actually had some free recording time, so of course I had to sing this song. :D

My voice doesn’t really fit the song, but singing in this style is a lot of fun!

And this is my first time uploading something I editted with Audition. The program’s confusing, but the effects are cool, so I just had to use them for this. ^^

OMG YAAAAY I actually finished my “Don’t Say ‘Lazy'” fandub! ^_______^ I’m pretty happy about it. xD Singing like this is a ton of fun. I hope a lot of people say I sound different. |DD;;



Thank you, Mari, for the bubble wrap that came with the package! xD I enjoyed it thoroughly. <3

People should save their money and just get me bubble wrap as a present. xDDDD

Omiyage~ [June 3, 2009]
May 27, 2009

Omggggg… ;_____; A package came for me today, and I’m so so so touched! <3 It’s the omiyage[souvenirs] that Mari<3333333333333 got me from Japan. Mari, you’re soooo sweetttttttt ;___; You really didn’t have to, but thank you ever so much! I feel like crying because I’m so touched xDDDDD;;

Hahahah I’m totally obsessing over everything now. >]
Everything’s beautiful, but they’re WAY even more special because they’re all things that Mari have touched. xD<333 It feels so personal! Haha! It’d be so cool to meet you guys someday :DDDDD But yeah..explaining who this package came from to my dad…uh… ^^;;

I’m really happy. xDDDDD x] I’m seriously just obsessing over everything. I’m kinda weird like that. To me, it’s like REALLY incredible to be able to see someone who’s well-known[like SakuraNek0 at Fanime xDD] or even to just hear or see people I’ve heard of on TV[like SNSD’s songs during the Olympics, or my parents watching a show that Fahrenheit’s on] or having been to the same place as someone I don’t know in real life or being a really close distance away to someone who I only know online[Lulu! :D]. xD Stuff like that, I find amazing. :OOO This stuff came all the way from Japan! And were touched by Mari, who not only is my online friend, but is pretty well-known too! :O
I’m not generally easily impressed, but when it comes to this stuff, my jaw just drops. xD I’m still not over the fact that I saw An Cafe live.


Look, everything’s so nice. ;__;


Ugyuuu~ The jar of candy is SO CUTE. I don’t wanna eat it because it’s precious, but I dunno if the way to cherish candy is by eating it or else it’ll go to waste. D: But then I don’t want it to disappear. But then it looks really good too. Ahhhh, it’s adorable. <3 Even if I eat the candy, I’ll keep the jar forever. x]

May27 [Jun3]

And there’s a pretty butterfly necklace. :O Even though I’m not very girly, I really like necklaces. Well, ones that I would wear. I’ve always been wearing a necklace since.. elementary school? I used to switch around a lot, but now I usually wear my dolphin & pearl one :] Eet’s preety. But now I’m gonna start switching again and wear this one! :D I gotta start wearing more pink.

Mariri, I love you. <3 [But even still, I feel bad. xD]


PS;; But what’s funny is that on the stickers, it says “mon maison” which is supposed to mean “my house” in French, but it’s really supposed to be “ma maison”. xD

June 2, 2009
May 26, 2009

[It’s June 2, 2009, but I’m blogging under another date so I can keep the month’s worth of pictures all under “May.” So this post is making up for May 26.]

Woooooooo! My camera FINALLY arrived today!

At first, I was, like, suuuperly hyped up and happy about it and I was totally in love with my new camera.. And then I transferred this video into the computer and found out that it was .MOV instead of .AVI -_________- That was really frustrating…

Because .MOVs don’t work on Windows Media Player or, drastically more importantly, Windows Movie Maker. D: And now that I’ve plunged into this whole video editting thing, I can’t just suddenly go, “Okay! I will no longer edit videos!” x___X

So I downloaded and tried tons of stuff: media players, tried twice to download Sony Vegas, codecs to possibly make WMM accept .MOV… And well, it was just a huge pain in the ass. E.E;; Til finally I found this really good, fast, free converter so I guess I’m settling with that. I still hate .MOV but at least I can convert some videos and edit them now. It’ll just take a billion years longer.

But yay, I have a camera that works now! 5 more days! :O

May26-2 [Jun2]

May26 [Jun2]
[I needa stop doing that face just ’cause it’s fun..]

Oh yeah. I think I’m kinda sick again. D: In JUNE! What the heck, nature?!


Hello. If you know me in real life and don’t have my permission to be looking at this blog, then please kindly get off. Or I will seriously hurt you. And if you dare make fun of me, I will seriously do more than hurt you. You don’t know how embarrassing it is. :/

May 25, 2009
May 25, 2009

-______- I’m really pissed off now.

Because my camera died, I was gonna use my old camera, which uses batteries, to take today’s picture AND FREAKING UGH. After, like, three bad pictures I determined not usable, THE STUPID THING DIED ON ME TOO.

Well this time it was batteries. But I mean, omg wth. >__> Those were new batteries and I only used the camera yesterday and today for a minute, and it sucked up the batteries already?!

And you know what? There are no batteries left in this stinkin house.
-___- So I scrounged around for all the batteries I could get in stuff like my speakers, but none of them worked. -_____- And you know what? The battery recharger doesn’t work either!

I was all ready to take the stupid picture already and I freaking can’t take any..

My dad ordered my new camera, and it’s not gonna come for 3-5 days, so I won’t be able to take any pictures for that long. Unless I can somehow get new batteries, but they’re so expensive and we don’t even really use them, so that’s not gonna happen.

So I’m pretty pissed.

I’m not even gonna bother going by my rules or putting up old pictures to make up for it ’cause I WILL get those pictures onto here even if I have to take them in June or July and edit my old posts.
So there.



Nvm. I’m gonna use one of the failure pics I took today.
I’m doomed for the next few days though.


;__; I actually went through the trouble of clipping up my hair ’cause I wanted to do stuff I usually don’t do. It’s so awkward.

But really, I wanted to take a picture of my shirt. It’s awesome and adorable and I love it. I bought it at Fanime, which I still need to blog about..

“this is how we roll!”

Cropped from another failure picture. Dx It’s like the clearest one, which is pretty sad. Anyway, that’s what it looks like. It’s so cute. The lighting is weird and makes it look green, but it’s really this nice shade of blue/cyan.

Happy Belated Birthday Lulu
May 24, 2009




IT JUST COMPLETELY, ABSOLUTELY SLIPPED MY MIND! DDDDDDDx I have no idea how I forgot your birthday! >___< That’s how tired and out-of-it I’ve been. I’m really sorry. ;_______; I can’t believe it passed and I didn’t realize… >____<

My camera’s officially dead. =[ >___< ;___; >.< TT____TT :( -_____- >____> =__= T.T <__< TT~TT!!!!!!!! Ugh. =/ I feel like crying. I really liked it.

It’s all my fault too. >__< I think I got sand in it.. And now I have to use money to buy a new one which sucks because my family’s so poor and it won’t be as slim and nice as mine because all of the cheap ones are fat and ugly.

>___< I’m going to get my old, crappy camera and attempt to do what I was planning on doing on Lulu’s birthday. I’m really sorry.

Okay done. ^^;;


I know you can’t see it, Lulu, but this is your Christmas present that I’ll personally give you someday:

I hope you had a great day yesterday. :3


I was pretty much in a bad mood all today, but it’s 1 AM and I’m too woozy to be in any particular mood. ^^;; I know it’s really terrible for my skin to be up at this time, but my skin is so annoying, a lot of times I do harmful things to it on purpose. Like when I wasn’t allowed to eat a lot of chocolate a while back, I got mad and ate a lot of chocolate.

Anyway, I wanted to sleep in but instead had to go to the dentist’s, where I found out I have 3 cavities. -________________-;;;;;;;

That pretty much upset me for the rest of the day because now my teeth are another part of my body that’s not healthy.
Like my skin, eyes, throat, hair, immune system, liver, and now teeth.

-____- I hate my body.. It’s so troublesome… I have absolutely no endurance at all. And literally no muscles. x___X I have no upper strength. The only thing I like is my fast metabolism, but it’s starting to slow. -stares at gained weight on tummy- ;__;

Someone told me I’m really delicate but I think the word is fragile.

May 23, 2009
May 23, 2009

Because of an “I’ll do it if you do it,” I promised Kath I would put pictures of myself on my wordpress everyday in the month of May. And she has to do the same in July, her birth month. Details here.


I spent about 11 hours at the beach today. D: I guess it was fun. I’m not that sure. It was fun’ish? But at the same time I didn’t do much and it didn’t meet my expectations, so when I look back at my day it didn’t seem fun.

I don’t know what happened, but my camera died on me. =/
I might have gotten sand into it or something.. Anyway, it’s acting weird and it’s never done this before, and I’m scared I broke it. I mean, I can look at pictures but I can’t open the lenses and take pictures. It made me really sad that I couldn’t take pictures of anything.

So all I have to offer today [;__;] is this ugly picture of me with bad-looking skin. >_____<


I’m really tired right now. I wanna just sleep but I still have stuff to do.

I’m gonna hafta delay everything regarding Fanime. =/ I still haven’t cleaned up stuff yet so my room’s a mess. I wanted to post up a video of Chiisana’s performances at the karaoke contest, but I don’t have the time to make the video. D:

>__< I wanna sleep in tomorrow, but I have a freakin dentist appointment..

Fanime 09
May 22, 2009

I went to Fanime today dressed as Amulet Spade!

It was fun!

But right now it’s really late and I’m really tired, and tomorrow I have to get up early to go to the beach<3 so I can’t really blog. D: I know I’m breaking all my rules.

CHIISANA GOT 7th PLACE OUT OF 35 AT THE KARAOKE CONTEST. :] That’s fantastic! Congratulationsss<3333

Will somehow edit later.