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OH MY GOD! Happiness!
May 31, 2008

[This entry was editted on June 1, 2008.]

Eva (1:28:47 PM): OMFG!!!!
Kath (1:28:57 PM): O.O
Eva (1:29:00 PM): that means it’s in Cantonese and I CAN UNDERSTAND IT WITHOUT SUBS!
Eva (1:29:02 PM): <333333
Eva (1:29:10 PM): nobody’s subbed it yet =3
Kath (1:29:35 PM): xD HOW CUTE
Kath (1:29:45 PM): henry..really is super cute O_O
Kath (1:29:55 PM): his name makes me think of emo boys tho x_x

Eva (1:30:03 PM): =3 he IS cute
Eva (1:30:11 PM): aw man they started talking in Mandarin -___-;
Eva (1:30:20 PM): but the narration was in Cantonese…
Eva (1:30:23 PM): OH MY GOD!!!!
Eva (1:30:24 PM): OH MY GOD
Kath (1:30:30 PM): :D
Eva (1:30:30 PM): IS SO EFFING
Eva (1:30:31 PM): ADORABLE
Eva (1:30:37 PM): HE’S SO FLUENT!!!
Kath (1:30:38 PM): HEHE :D
Eva (1:30:42 PM): <33333333 THAT WAS THE CUTEST THING EVER.
Eva (1:30:51 PM): okay now Ryeowook’s speaking in Korean. sigh.
Eva (1:31:03 PM): i guess Henry’s the only one who can speak Cantonese…
Kath (1:31:15 PM): xD
Eva (1:31:15 PM): OH MY GOD
Kath (1:31:16 PM): OMG?!
Eva (1:31:27 PM): roflmao! <3 i can understanddd.


I have never, ever been so happy to be Cantonese. Ever since Super Junior-M I’ve been wishing I could speak Mandarin, but now I love being Cantonese. Henry‘s Mandarin isn’t that great, so he doesn’t speak a lot on variety shows, but HE SPOKE SO MUCH IN CANTONESE! <3 That’s the most I’ve ever heard him talk, I think.

x333 I’m being engulfed in happiness~

[Credit: symbelmyn]

Basically, it goes like this. I’m really not that great at Cantonese and can only understand basic stuff, so don’t hit me if it’s not accurate.

Narrator: Korea’s boygroup Super Junior’s minigroup Super Junior-M secretly came here, but they still attracted many fans who stood below their hotel. Because they came all the way to Hong Kong, we, of course, have to speak with them.Hangeng: Hello everyone, we are Super Junior-M!
Host: Good! How is everyone? Welcome to Hong Kong! I know a few of you have been to Hong Kong before.
*insert Mandarin here*
Henry: Hello, I’m Henry. Uh. It’s really been a long time since I’ve spoken Cantonese.
Host: You speak it well!
Henry: My father was from Hong Kong. Actually, this is my first time coming here to Hong Kong. I’m very happy to be able to meet my father’s family. I’m too happy.



And then the rest of it is in Mandarin. T.T
After a while, though, they started naming Chinese foods in Cantonese xD

Eva (4:02:13 PM): LMAO Hankyung said, “Gui ling goh,” and i just happen to be eating it <3 [’cause it’s the name of some Asian food.]
Kath (4:02:23 PM): LOL, how cute ! :D
Kath (4:02:26 PM): it is FATE

=3 Hearing Henry speak Cantonese made me way too happy. <3 It’s pretty good, but it’s still not really THAT fluent. xD

He stutters a lot and has trouble thinking of the right word to say. And then there are some certain parts where his accent is kinda off. ^^; That’s EXACTLY like me.

My new life goal is to collect all of Super Junior-M’s albums. :DD And maybe whatever other stuff they come out with. Dude, I woke up in a hella bad mood and I started crying for no reason, but this video made me soooo happyyyyy~

♥Super Junior-M is my drug.


:DD My friend Tina<3, who’s Mandarin, explained some of the Mandarin parts, so SUUUUUPER thanks to her! =O Some parts were reworded and MAY not be 100% accurate, but it’s good enough.

(5:36:58 PM): [the hosts says,] sooo. since you’re in the music industry and everything, you must have to control what you eat, right? and then they were like, well, since we usually exercise, its really no problem. 
(5:37:47 PM): and then the host told them that they seem very friendly towards each other and he asked if they ever fought before (im not really sure about this part) but like they were saying how they knew some people and lived in korea
(5:39:26 PM): x__X and like. errr. each other is really kind (have good attitude towards each other) attitude or personality. and then the host asked if the seven ever liked at the same time the same girl.
(5:40:08 PM): and they were like, tai chao ba. x__X
(5:40:16 PM): im not sure what that means but i think its like impossible.
(5:40:33 PM): shiwon says that [Donghae] likes girls with big eyes, white/pale skin, and hair is long.
(5:41:11 PM): and then the host says
(5:41:27 PM): your description is like a girl ghost. (he was teasing him)
(5:41:38 PM): and then after that, shiwon says that he likes the girl if the girl understands him completely, that girl would be okay. and then the host asks if hong kong girls were okay, and shiwon says yeah xD they’re really pretty
(5:42:44 PM): and then henry thinks style isn’t the most important thing for a girl
(5:43:10 PM): the most important is her heart
(5:43:17 PM): good personality
Eva (5:43:28 PM): xD that’s really sweet but totally contradicts what he said on another show.
Eva (5:43:45 PM): ’cause on the other interview, Henry was asked what he likes and he said, “Pretty girls,” in Cantonese.
Eva (5:43:52 PM): Eva: ..well that just killed all my chances.
Eva (5:43:53 PM): xD


What’s the cure..
May 30, 2008

for a heavy heart? It just won’t go away.

I’m tired of trying. I don’t know why I do. As always, I end up crying.

I’m too selfish… I ignore my problems and I ignore everything I don’t like. Ignorance was always the answer for me. But that just stirs up the ignored. I don’t want to deal with anything. Can’t they just disappear? These people? These feelings? Just go the hell away.

Now I’m being hypocritical. Blah. Sorry.

Just catching up
May 30, 2008

LOL I’ve been lazy to blog so I’ve fallen behind oh noes!

May 23 was LULUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU‘s birthday! :DDD <3 [YT/WP]

May 24 was Umeda Erika‘s 17th birthday! Happy birthday to the underloved C-ute leader who deserves a PB right away.

May 28 was H!P’s former member Mika Todd‘s 24th birthday. Happy birthday!
It was also my friend Shawn’s birthday, so happy birthday to him too.

-____-; Crap.. My house reeks of Chinese herbal medicine… Apparently there’s something wrong with my mom’s body or something. =/ Also, she’s worried she’s about to get laid. Man, if she gets fired then both my parents’d be jobless. x__X

Yesterday was my school orchestra’s last concert. D: Our teacher gave us a pep talk before our performance and it was really touching. We’ve come so far, and I think I’ll miss everything.

I’m in the best orchestra ever. Only 15 people in it, but we’re all so close and work so hard together. Right now I’m thinking of constructing a yearbook for us. There’s only 15 of us so it shouldn’t be TOO hard to get everyone to cooperate.

Plus, I have a lot of pictures of us since I’m a freak who brings her camera everywhere with her. I think we can do this.


Right now I’m in a horrible mood. =] I was going to talk about new songs/PVs and new groups I’m into, but I don’t feel like it. I’ll catch up for real later.

Fanime Video
May 27, 2008

RAWR My stupid mic isn’t working properly.

>__> I don’t even get enough recording time, and now I can’t even record. Stupid. I have hella lines to do and some deadlines too.


I uploaded a video made of clips[?] I recorded during Fanime.

Video Description:

^^ On Sunday, May 25, 2008, Kojiru[kojirurules] and I went to the Fanime Convention.

I didn’t actually go to a lot of events and I didn’t film everything we did, so the video is prooobably gonna be really boring and long to you. D: But I promised someone a video.

I may make this private later on? I dunno. ^^; Oh yeah, by the end of the day, we were asked FIVE times by random guys if they could take pictures of us. o__o So that was slightly creepy..

I narrated the whole thing with my annoying voice. Forgive me? D:


Right now, I’m really into SHINee. o__o <3

Expect some fangirlism over them later.

Fanime 2008
May 25, 2008

Today I went to FanimeCon 2008. =3

Expect a very long and detailed post about what I did today, lots of pictures, and TOTAL fangirlling over An Cafe.

I dare you to read it all. :D



When did my life become a huge mood swing?
May 24, 2008

Woke up today, was pissed off, cried twice before noon.

Can you tell this is a rant? But I won’t go into detail about that.

What makes things even worse is that my parents are thinking about moving to another house.. I really don’t want to move. I’ve lived in this house for 10 years, and I love it. There’s nothing I strongly dislike about this house. Except that it’s rented.

Today they took me to check out the house they’re considering buying. I hate it. We weren’t able to go inside, but I hate it already.

As small as our house is already, this house is even smaller. The neighborhood’s horrible. The house is dirty and worn-down and just looking at it depressed me even more. The location’s horrible; a robber could break in without anybody seeing. There’s no garage and we’ll only be provided with one car space, but we have two cars. It’s quiet there and creepy.

Also, how the hell am I gonna get home from school after my dad gets a job? I used to walk home, but this place is too far. I’ll have to walk all the way to the lightrail AND THEN take the lightrail home. Plus, that costs money.

All day long I had to put up with constant insults and criticisms. “You’re so worthless,” “You’re so useless,” “How did I get you as a daughter?” “All you know how to do is waste money,” “You never think about things clearly,”
You’re going to be screwed up when you grow up.”

I CANNOT STAND IT ANYMORE. It makes me so mad.

Cried three more times in the car. AND my mom couldn’t stop saying bad things about my school! She kept saying, like, “How come you never get any homework?” “Your teachers are really bad,” “You’re going to be stupid,” “How will you catch up to everyone else?

WTF. SERIOUSLY. Homework has NOTHING to do with how much I’m learning. I do LOTS and LOTS OF CLASSWORK, and I’m learning just as much as my friends are! It just happens that I’m lucky enough to have a combination of teachers who rarely give out homework.

I mean, in some of my classes, my teachers actually teach us MORE than my friends’ teachers do. I know I’m stupid, but I’m not as stupid as she thinks I am. I have all fricken A’s and an A+. Would you like to compare to all the other students who have all D’s and F’s?

And about spending money, I don’t USUALLY spend money a lot. I’m usually scarily conservative. It just happens that right now, my birthday just passed, Fanime’s coming up, and it’s the end of the schoolyear. I feel really bad.

I don’t even spend a lot of money on clothes at all. I barely even have any clothes. -___-; I don’t get how a person could buy one jacket for $60. How crazy is that? And to have SO MANY SHOES? They’re so expensive! I have freaking THREE pairs of shoes, and nothing nice to wear tomorrow to Fanime.

Ooh, these shoes are soo pretty. I’ll just go ruin my current shoes and ask my mommy to buy me these.” How the hell exactly does that work..

I wish people would realize that I feel horrible about this and I feel totally guilty and see that I spent so much time debating because it was soooo effing expensive. >___< BUT NO. My mom just starts with her,
You never help out and you can’t make money, but you’re always spending money. How are you going to grow up? You’re so worthless.”

Sorry that was long and you had to read that. =/

K-pop’s got me hooked!
May 24, 2008

D: Like the title says.

I never really thought I’d get into K-pop, honestly. ^^; I always thought it wasn’t my taste. But now, I love it.


May 23, 2008

-____-; As if I wasn’t already in a grouchy mood, SERIOUSLY, WHY DOES MY MIC HAVE TO HATE ME?! Why?! It’s so stupid!

I was ALREADY having problems with it before and that was annoying ’cause I always had to fix it manually after EVER SINGLE track I recorded.But now, it’s not even something I can fix. STUPID MIC!

-_____-; Rawr. When I was recording lines this afternoon, it was fine, but then my dad came home and I decided I’d just do a couple of crappy emotionless shots of DBSK‘s song, Hug, Japanese version.

Blah. This is why I can’t record.


I’ll retype later.


Alright, so anyway, this was one of the songs I really want to record, but can’t ’cause I’ve too many lines. [GAH! DEADLINE IN TWO DAYS!]

I’m starting to really get into DBSK. ^^; I spent all yesterday watching clips of them, and at first I questioned it, but lorddddd it’s no WONDER these guys are the most popular boygroup in Asia.

They all have lovely voices and I heard some GORGEOUS vibratos, are funny/clever/cute/have awesome personalities, and are extreeeemely good-looking. D: [Except maybe Micky? Personally I think he’s okay.]

I really wanna sing the Japanese version of Hug, because, well.. frankly, I don’t think their Japanese pronounciations are that great. ^^; Mine isn’t either, but I’m not a professional singer. So I wanna sing it.

Besides, I fail at Korean. D: -is learning SuJu’s Haengbok-

On the bright side, this song is really good for practicing vibrato. xD My vibrato improved TONS today! And that increases my self-confidence, which will then somehow help my singing, I think. ^^; There are so many possible-vibrato spots in this song. I love it.

Man, if I had the choice, I’d quit school. Everyday I just go there and everyday I get grumpier and more pissy.

People used to say, “You should at least go to school to see your friends!” but.. I dunno. At this moment, if I could just sit here in front of this computer monitor and eat and sleep, I don’t think I’d miss my friends.

Maybe I’m numb and tired.
But I’m getting more and more coldhearted everyday.

Get out of my face. 

May 21, 2008

A couple minutes ago, I finished watching the subtitled video of Kago Ai‘s 40-minute-long ohmynews interview.
I’ve had it downloaded on my computer since FOREVER, but I’ve been saving it for a down day.

Wow. Kago’s really..been through a lot. =/
I knew that already from other sources, and even though she didn’t mention a lot of details, it just feels different hearing it come from her mouth. And even though she’s smiling as she’s saying it, you can feel the pain she had more.

Now, of course, she’s got a whole new outlook on life, and I think that’s just great. I love the way she thinks; it’s so honest and true.

It’s great she’s being so positive now and working hard..

Also, it was nice how in the interview, Hello! Project was mentioned. I was really happy to hear that the Morning Musume members had kept in touch with Kago and cheered her on. She also mentions Mikitty and Gomaki and is confident of their success.

They also mention Tsuji.

When the interviewer said, “You know, she got married and had a baby,” Kago laughs and goes,
She did! That even surprised me!

And when Kago said, “I’m sure she’s doing well,”
I started tearing up. Hahah.

Ganbare, Kago. We support you~

Symptoms of a Fangirl
May 20, 2008

D: I want to rant. But I won’t, not yet.

In PE, we’re starting the second part of our swimming unit. And I used to love swimming, but now I HATE IT so much. >___> I suck at swimming. >__< Like, a lot. I’m in intermediate, and we basically swim back and forth using different techniques or whatnot.

And it’s really, really hard for me. I can’t go underwater. I can’t do the breathing techniques. Can’t even do freestyle strokes. Can’t open my eyes underwater, either. And I get scared. Three times today I breathed in water and twice, I choked and had to stop and cough a lot.

And then there’s changing and that’s a pain in the butt. Unlike the rest of the girls who wear swimsuits, tank tops, or bikinis, I wear my PE t-shirt and shorts when I’m swimming[haven’t I told you I’m unstylish and dorky?], so changing is a pain. Not that it wasn’t already a pain no matter what I’m wearing.
Blah. Puts me in a bad mood.


T.T I’m such a fangirl. It’s so sad. =_____=|l’

I found a website where you could leave messages for Super Junior-M, and I can’t believe I actually mustered up the courage to leave one..

2008-05-18 14:43:04 新浪网友 IP:–.–.—.*
Super Junior-M FIGHTING! <3 You have my full support until I die.
-Lots and lots of love from the United States :D

Y-Yeah. It’s from two days ago, but still.
D: Although I feel bad, I feel a little good about it. xD Most of the comments there were either in Korean or Chinese, and the few English comments I saw were from South America and Australia and other places, and were written in very, very poor English or chatspeech.. ^^;;

I HIGLY doubt that, even with a miracle, anybody of importance would go through these things and actually see mine, but I hope SuJu-M feels the love.
I want them to know that they’ve got fans here and everywhere and that there are tons of people supporting them. I dunno. I never felt this ‘dedicated’ to any celebrities before.
I respect them a lot.

Don’t you want one?! I do!