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Love Does Not Wait
June 24, 2010

[Cover] Orange Caramel – Love Does Not Wait 사랑을 미룰 순 없나요 (Eng Sub)

Was gonna do a short cover, but decided to just cheat by using the same recording for all the choruses and record the rest to make a full cover. :P

Raina’s solo from Orange Caramel’s (a sub-unit of After School) first mini-album.

I’m going to be covering Magic Girl (마법소녀), the title track, in Byul [] with x3LoveyDovey and pogvnjkx soon, so look out for that! Byul is actually looking for our final member right now so please audition! :D
/shameless plugging.

Ehe.. I kinda did this one for the sake of anyone who was sick of my rapping. :/ But it’s okay since I was considering covering this anyway..

Translations by kimchi hana @ soompi


One of the things that arrived for me in the mail last week! O: Adorable design.

I’m so cool :Db

o(‘ㅂ’o) o(‘ㅅ’)o (o’ㅠ’)o



Rambling ;_;
June 19, 2010

=/ Me doesn’t like limitations. Or pressure to be a certain way or expectations.

You can probably tell from my last post that I’ve been conscious these days about what others think about me or expect from me, and I’m talking about my youtube channel. Every time before I SERIOUSLY consider pursuing one of the projects I’ve been thinking about doing, I think about how others might react, or in my case most likely, NOT react at all.

Just for an example, my second singing video was a fandub of “Don’t Say Lazy” from K-ON! and it was my first thing that got me what I considered a lot of attention [which I’m still grateful about *__*] but these days, I don’t do much anime anymore…….. And it makes me feel like, “Ah. D: I might be betraying/disappointing those who started following me for my anime fandubs…”

Or like how I pretty much stopped all H!P dubs [honestly I don’t like current H!P things ;___; I get bored.. although I would still do H!P things if it’s in Totally Up! Project] and I feel like I totally have diverted from the origins of my dubbingness and went into K-pop covers. D: I always feel bad for people who’ve started following me for H!P or anime, who have no interest in what I’m interested in now.

And if you’ve been watching my videos, you MUST have noticed that I started to really like rapping. I want to practice it and I think it’s fun to write raps into songs. I feel kind of bad for the people who want to watch my videos for my singing and look forward to my vocal improvement, but instead get hella songs full of rapping, which they don’t appreciate as much as singing.

Oh yeah. -_____- I also have an AMV amidst my collection of uploads. But that was never popular so nobody expects me to make more. So that doesn’t count.

But yeah. Omg I totally just .. LOL I’m an idiot! xD It all started with “Just for an example” and I was only gonna briefly talk about “Don’t Say Lazy” BUT THEN I STARTED TALKING ABOUT EVERYTHING!! xDD;;;; Oh well. At least you understand what I’m thinking now! These things go on in my head before I start working on something new or riiiight before I click “Upload!”

But really..
This should all be about me, right? Because it’s my channel? And it shouldn’t matter how many subscribers I have or how many comments I get or how many views I get or if nobody knows about me at all, right? Because I’m a really selfish person. Chiisana once told me that she loved to sing because she wanted to share with the world–make others happy. My reason to sing is because I just like it.

I think IF [and I REALLY REALLY REALLY MEAN “IF” because I don’t have that natural raw talent needed to make it] I was given an offer to become an idol singer, but I had to get plastic surgery–not to say that I’m ugly, but I still would need some for sure–before I could debut, I would do it. I’ve seen some idols who say that they wanted that job because they wanted to entertain people or because they want to/like to shine. I wouldn’t care if people badmouth me for being plastic because it’s not like I did it to look pretty for the world. I think I would just become a singer because I like to sing. ._.

;_; Sorry I totally went off tangent again.

But yeaaaaahhhh… D’x I just want to do what I want to do. I shouldn’t feel obliged to conform to others’ wants or expectations. And yet I feel that way. T.T Which makes me sad.


T.T And recently–Iono why; this is just a coincidence!–I’ve been listening to a lot of new K-pop rookie boyband songs. I’ve been really liking Infinite’s and Dae Guk Nam Ah (D-NA)’s music. ;__; I have that urge to cover them……… Just because I like them… T.T But they’re kinda mostly just trendy and there’s a lot of rapping and although it would be so much fun to do them, I feel like if I did, it’s like betraying those who wish I’d do something else. So I dunnoooo… I was thinking of doing D-NA’s “Stumble Stumble” [PS;; OMG D-NA ARE SO GOOD AT SINGING] and Infinite’s “Wings” but ionoo..

Oh yeah. O_O I forgot. I covered MBLAQ’s “One Better Day.” In my mind, it’s categorized with those Infinite and D-NA songs I’ve been liking. :P I was worried about disappointing people but I still went and did it.

[Cover] MBLAQ (엠블랙) – One Better Day

:P I think you can tell that I find rapping really fun these days. I like this song better than Y. Btw I still am not Korean, no. Don’t expect anything near perfection.

;__; I wanted to proudly say that I figured out all of the harmonies myself, but.. being hopeless at harmonies, I had to resort to asking ChiisanaChanx3 to help with the “One better da~hay” part. T.T I’ll get better.

Feedback is super appreciated, thank you! ^^

June 18, 2010

;_; Although I do claim that I don’t care too much about subscriber count, I do keep close track of my amount because it shows how many people are really interested in me and my videos… ;__; I know other people have waaaaay more than I do, to the point where a few subscribers don’t make a significant difference, but for me, I’m like,
“-checks- OO:! YES! It went from 234 to 235!! ^_____^ :D :D :D”

T.T Today, it went from 235 to 234. It’s like a mild stab to my self esteem.

TT___TT But I’ll improve, definitely……………..

Although honestly I’ve noticed that there’s something very unappealing about my youtube channel. :P Others are often popular because they do certain things and attract certain audiences. A lot of people like youtubers with one certain concept because if they like it, they’ll always get that. D: But I think I tend to do more of a variety of things…… Well, not lately so much, but still my channel in general is slightly more diverse than many others I’ve seen. D: K-Pop, Hello! Project, anime, ballads like Because I’m a Girl, rapping…

Oh well. xP I often  forget that making videos and singing and all of this stuff is for ME and because I like doing it. Must remember that~~ x] ♥

Because I’m a Girl; Catching up
June 11, 2010

[Cover] Because I’m a Girl – Jap, Kor, Mando, Canto, Eng, French

Is writing raps into ballads, like, my new signature now? xDDD;;

I originally recorded a 5-language version of this for my solo for Totally Up! Project [twilightlegendhp] last July but frankly I can do better than that, so I rerecorded it x] over a span of 3 months…..

I’m only fluent in English and Cantonese, and even still, I suck at Canto. =___= I did my best. The Chinese languages were especially hard because of the tones. I also decided to add in French because I’m taking French at school and wanted a new challenge.

Some of the rap was part of the original English version, some of it was inspired by the song lyrics, and the rest I wrote myself. ^^ I know, I TOTALLY abused rhyming! xDDDDDD Shh~ I really like the line “My sullen eyes are so swollen from my cries.”

Song: Because I’m a Girl (여자이니까)
Originally by: Kiss (키스)
Languages: Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, English, French

PS;; Yt killed the quality. D’x

I really love and appreciate feedback! ^^<3


TT_________TT I KNOW, I HAVEN’T BLOGGED IN SO SO SO SO SO SO SO LONG </3 I’ve been wanting to blog every single day for the past 2 weeks -______-;;;;;;;

Last Monday, May 31, I went to Fanime Con! I went with Kojiru and I didn’t wear my Amulet Spade cosplay; we both just wore dress shirts, plaid skirts, and thigh-high stockings. And yet TWICE, men came up to us and asked if they could take pictures. O__O LOLOL So interesting and creepy and cool at the same time!! One even made us do a specific pose.

And we took purikura x] Omg every single time I’ve done purikura has been with this girl and I don’t know why! xDD;;


And I bought a print of this reaaaaaaaaally gorgeous K-ON! fanart which Kojiru later showed me on deviantART x]

Soundscape by cartoongirl7


Just the new polymer clay thing I made a few days ago. A keychain for my friend who’s a super talented artist on deviantART. ^^ Stars are hard >w<


;_; School ended yesterday. Next year, I’ll be a senior…..

Since it’s summer now and there’s no more freaking projects that made me stay up til 4 AM for, hopefully I’ll be updating more often x]