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Dear WordPress,
October 31, 2010

I am so sorry I abandoned you back in July.

But you see, another blog came into my life.

I still update my personal xanga everyday, and then I started updating Candy for the Ears everytime I watched something or liked something [COUGH multiple times a day], and I became disinterested in you because I had nothing to say.

But now I shall 3-time you all! 8D


So I am back, as requested by Kiki and as inspired by Micchi who still blogs ;D

So this is what I uploaded today, and will regret ;__________;

[Vlog] Mulan – Reflection

… And now you see why I don’t do one shots. And why I plan to never do this again.

brb finding a rock to hide under

Probably’ll take this down soon~

As you can see, I’m still a dork 8D
But for some reason I feel like I changed a lot from before.. xD

So I’m a high school senior now. ;w; I REALLY REALLY REALLY did not want to become a senior at all because I’m scared of growing up, but now I like being a senior. :] I like being the oldest at my school ’cause I finally feel like I don’t need to be afraid of anyone! I’m so shy and awkward and unsocial that I’m afraid of everyone and everything, but finally I feel like people look down on me less? 8D And I can care less about what others think about me?

I have so much more confidence~ And I’M ACTUALLY LESS SOCIALLY CHALLENGED. Ohohoho 8D Tis a miracle, eh?!

But of course this means college is coming up and I’m terrified ]:

Scariest thing about Halloween: college applications soon.
;w; ‘Cause they start accepting November 1st, tomorrow… I think that’s scarier than any ghost or witch or insect, even scarier than accident-prone-natural-disaster me holding a knife. xD;;
I’m living under a lie 8D I haven’t started anything at all yet and I have to write essays and stuff and I’m just happily being delusional and delaying reality xDDD [I’m still aiming for valedictorian though!]

But I like doing what I’m doing :] I’m singing a lot lately~
And I still hate people trying to tell me what kinds of things I should do and what I shouldn’t. xD

This is my latest actual cover and methinks it’s the best one I’ve ever done? :D well, accounting in the mixing and harmonies..

[Cover] After School – Because of You (너 때문에)

Because I want to improve at both singing and rapping :]
and this is one of the best songs ever~

Every single voice you hear in this is mine, background vocals and harmonies and all ;3 Being a failure at those kinds of things, I’m happy~ could this possibly mean.. improvement?! 8DDD
Korean and rapping still need work though haha

This was actually recorded throughout July-August and I held it off because I had plans for what order & time to upload my videos, but that’s been screwed up, so here it is! :D -loser-

Translations: T3note + makikawaii @ blogspot

And something that’s really important to me right now is Byul [= Star], the group I’m in with my friends MimiLinda, and Beckie. ^^ I’m really excited ’cause all three of them are amazing and all of them can sing and rap well.
We put up our debut teaser about a week ago!

[DEBUT TEASER] Byul (별) – Empty Space

For now, iono what else to say. xD I think this one’s been long enough with all the videos and stuff, soooo.. later! ^^ I’ll probably blog about whatever random comes to mind lol ’cause nothing important every happens to me. ^^;