Random; Da Ge Da

Hahaha again I should not be here… Dx But I’m so BORED! Schoolwork is SO BORING. T.T I have 3 essays due this week..

Today I went to KOJIRU’s [HI I KNOW YOU SECRETLY READ THIS] house with another friend and we baked a Buche de Noel/Christmas Log Cake. :D Well.. I didn’t really do much because if it were up to me, Kojiru’s house would be a mess, I would’ve chopped a few fingers off, burnt something, and made SOMETHING explode. >__O xD;;.. Cooking fail right here!

I forgot to take a pic of the cake. >__O Oh well, bye bye!



Well it wasn’t ON TV.. but it was on a TV screen! :O ‘Cause see, my parents don’t just watch Da Ge Da on Sundays but I guess my dad downloads the recent ones [’cause they air here a long time after Taiwan] and he plugs his laptop into the TV in my parents’ room and they watch Da Ge Da episodes like that. xD

YAAAAY TODAY THEY WATCHED THE FIRST SJM ONEEEEE! ^___^ Of COURSE I ran in as soon as I heard “Oh oh oh oh~” and loud cheers from SJM’s adoring fans, sat down, and watched the whole thing despite watching it English subbed on youtube twice already. :D

Bad thing is that when my parents “watch TV” every night, they watch to a point and eventually fall asleep -____-;; So when I ran in, they were already fast asleep, so I started clapping along with the fans and deliberately woke them up.
Dad: o__O??
Eva: :OO!!!! :DDD -points excitedly at TV-
Dad: Oh. ………………….wait, these guys aren’t Fahrenheit, right?

GG, DADDY. xDDDD =____= Anyway, since I’d already watched it, and there were no subs, although I was so excited and full of anticipation[and scared of what my parents might think of them..] that my heart was beating fast + my face was really warm, but I got bored..xD And I kept checking whether my parents were asleep or not.

My mom slept soundly through the whole thing -__- My dad was half awake at first then fell asleep and snored, woke up in the middle of Donghae’s solo, fell asleep at the end of Henry’s violin+dance solo, and woke up for next week’s previews. =______= I’m kind of disappointed because COME ON! MY IDOLS BECAME BIG ENOUGH TO GO ON THIS SHOW! But a little relieved ’cause my mom would’ve..not liked a lot of it. xD She’s very old fashioned, and I’m scared she’ll get a bad impression of SJ-M, leading to a bad impression of me and my interests.
But hehehe. SJ-M on TV. :3


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