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April 29, 2008

>[ I’m so mad at my voice right now.

Whenever I get recording time[which is like ONCE OR TWICE A WEEK! for LESS THAN AN HOUR!!!], my voice goes all asawsj;dafiodio11kl1;~!!11~~!@~!3!!

ASDF! & I wanted to record something special for my b-day.. ><

TT___TT 14 sets of lines… and a couple extra things I wanted to record for fun or audition for…~
Released Stuff That I’m In:

“My Lunch”   J-unior SWEET Team S
Singers: CappnNono, Eva, Mierna, Jaydie, pamplemousee, Saki, YoMi, Zoey
Mixing: Eva
Cover: Kiokiou
01. Seishun! LOVE Lunch [YT/MP3@MF/Lyrics]
02. Inshouha Renoir no You ni [YT/MP3@MF/Lyrics]

“Ai~n! Cha Cha Cha!”   Twilight Legend Shuffle Grp: Tiny Wheat
Singers: Michelle, Reirae, Eva, Rika Chihara, Mierna
Mixing: Michelle[1], Eva[2]
Cover: Danica
01. Ai~n! Dance no Uta [YT/MP3@MF/Lyrics]
02. Lucky Cha Cha Cha! [YT/MP3@MF/Lyrics]

Mari’s groupdub of Koi wo Shichaimashita
Kago Ai: Micchi / Micchichanpyon
Iida Kaori: Kiki / Silvermoooon
Yaguchi Mari: Mari / marimari999
Ishikawa Rika: Eva / waterpixie

Inshouha Renoir no You ni   by Chibi♥Love ft. Lulu & Eva
Takahashi Ai: Nami / JPNSinger101
Satoda Mai: Lulu / japeysan
Tanaka Reina: Mari / marimari999
Shibata Ayumi: Eva / waterpixie

Munasawagi Scarlet   by Chibi♥Love ft. Eva [rofl saying that is so weird..]
Natsuyaki Miyabi: Mari / marimari999
Tsugunaga Momoko: Eva / waterpixie
Sugaya Risako: Nami / JPNSinger101
Kumai Yurina: Split between Nami and Eva


On another note, me and Chiichama[ChiisanaChanx3] have agreed to both record Happiness by Super Junior. ^^; She already knows the whole song, but I’ve yet to learn it, so this may take a while. [Gasp! Korean!] D:
Then we’ll probably be blending them together and experimenting and stuff. Maybe even make it into a duet.



Do you know that 5 Facts Tag game on Youtube?


[By Ngan-ha! Clicky for her video.]

=O And I am in a state of shock. I’m, like, suuuuuuper surprised. D: What do I do?! What do I say?! Who do I tag?! I GOT TAGGED? Are you serious? I didn’t think it would even get to someone like me. D:

And..T.T Chiichama got tagged by the same person who tagged me. Dangit. And I was planning on tagging her. Oh well.

Omg what do I do? Hahah I’m kinda psyched now.

Oh, wait, WHAT?! I got tagged TWICE. D: By Ivia.
ROFLMAO. Chiichama got tagged twice too by the same people.
Hahah. <3
Time to start thinking of random facts.



Going back in time.
April 26, 2008

D: Today’s my orchestra’s CMEA performance, so I had to wake up early’ish on a Saturday morning.. >___>

So, like, I turned on the TV and after a year or so, and tried to catch up on my old cartoons. xD KidsWB heeeecka changed! xO Wtf is this…
There’s too many new pointless, stupid, nonsenseful shows.

=/ They need to bring back Pokemon, Yugioh, Megaman, Xiaolin Showdown, and even Spdr Riders. All these new shows are stupid.. They make no sense.. And teach children bad, weird things. -____-;

So then I went to 4kidsTV xD First time in two years!
=O Winx Club was on!

It changed so much that I shouted, “What the hell is this?!”

What season is this?! What is all this?

EW!!!! EW EW EW! >___< -has youknowwhatphobia-

Ooh the pixies! :DD <3 Winx Club is one of the reasons why I chose my usernames to be “waterpixie“. Well it’s not the origin of my name, but yeah.. I used to be obsessed with WC in season one. ^^; Then after they reran 5-6 times, I got bored, slept in, and got into anime instead.

I have a bunch of other stuff like a book and the trading card game, but couldn’t find ’em and was too lazy to look. Oh yeah, my Musa doll is missing. Rofl.

O____o YugiohGX is weird.. It’s, like..wth… you can shoot cards out of your dueldiskgunthing at real life creatures? Does that even make any sense? No attack points or defense points or anything?
All these years I thought YugiohGX was about some academy or tournament or something..

Is this what children like nowadays? >.> Not that I’m a child myself, but mentally I could pass for one. xD Even if I was a kid, I wouldn’t like this trash.



I’m back. And I feel like telling you what happened.


Am I getting old? D:
April 25, 2008

:D So, like, for the past week or two weeks or whatever, I’ve been in a horrible mood at school. Crying and being pissed off and stuff, and when I get home to my computer and internet<3 and I listen to SuJu and SuJu-M and other Asianpop music, I feel completely better. :D That is, until somebody decides not to leave me alone and annoys me.

:DD And now I’m back again being happeh happeh~~ from more Asianpop stuff!

Last Wednesday, my dad took me to this Asian plaza so he could buy herbs and medicine for my skin, and there were some bookstores and CD stores there, and they all turned out to be Viet stuff.. ^^;
So I asked my dad if there were Taiwanese bookstores around.

And today he actually took me to some! :D
I was expecting it all to be oldies music and DVDs since those are the stores my dad goes to to buy the Chinese newspaper, and it mostly was..UNTIL!



Just a warning.
April 24, 2008

For the people who are planning to bug me today.

Eva is in a crap of a mood, and is fuming mad.


So leave me alone, please.

I’ll probably be back to blog later.

 ♥ Super Junior and SuJu-M are my drugs.

April 22, 2008

Today was kojirurules‘s 15th birthdayy. :D

I got her this: GAM’s first single, Thanks.


Thankfully she liked it. ^^ I’m glad she didn’t already have it, ’cause when she went to Taiwan, she bought Lu Lu Lu and never told me. x______X
She only told me she got the Momusu All Singles Complete.

Uhu~ Happy birthday!


And er..happy Earth day?

Shouldn’t we be thankful?

In science recently we had to do projects about the carbon and nitrogen cycles, so I made a comic about the carbon cycle. ^^;
Starring a chibi named Carbon.

Textbooks should all be like this. xD It’d be more fun.
[WARNING: Evah ish not a good artist. D: And has ugly handwriting.]


April 21, 2008

I have an urge to learn how to dance. I can’t dance.

And I don’t know why, but.. I don’t know. I’ve never told anyone this but sometimes I feel like I wanna strive to be something like a singer or actor or model or something.

But with my looks and vocal abilities, it’s obviously not possible.

And I can’t act for my life.. I’m good at putting on facades, but acting is a no. And modeling is a little out of the question too because of my looks and shyness.

My parents’ friends and relatives have always told me when they first met me,
Oh you’re so tall and so pretty[trust me, they were just being polite]; you can go be a model or become Miss Chinatown blah blah blah,”  but I’m really not that tall. =/
Just 5’6.
But most of my friends are 5’2. And I’m the tallest one in my family.
I hate my height..

So really I don’t know what the hell I wanna do now or why I’m blogging about it. xD I always thought I’d grow up to become some really insignificant computer technician or something.

I guess ever since I got into J-pop and singing and idols, I started feeling this way somewhere reaaaally deep inside, but Super Junior, SuJu-M, Henry and Zhou Mi, and DBSK inspired it to come out.

The story of Eunhyuk[SuJu] and Junsu[DBSK] is really inspiring.
So they were childhood friends and both were really interested in dancing, so they formed a dance club together at school, and their dreams were to become singers. And both of them really did, now are part of the two most popular groups in Korea, and are still best friends.
Simply amazing.

And then there’s Henry and Zhou Mi. I really, really admire them. They’ve always dreamed of this and worked so hard and come so far and even with so many people against them, they’re still trying their hardest, and just, man. <3

Hahah I have no clue where this blog is going, so I’ll stop.

I’m not even sure if I’m singing my dreams.

Just because I’m bored
April 20, 2008

I’m bored..

Spent all day recording lines. =/ Didn’t make much progress plus I killed my throat. It hurts. In a couple days I may have to start cancelling out on people and leaving some small groups, ’cause there’s no point in singing if you’re only doing it because you need to.
I want to sing what I want to sing.

x____X What happened to all that excitement I had yesterday…
-looks down drain- Ah.


7nin Tengoku‘s second groupdub, Hare Ame Nochi Suki, is up!


Cast / My Critique

Takahashi Ai: JPNSinger101/Nami
Such a nice, strong voice. D: Fits Takahashi well!
Kago Ai: Micchichanpyon/Micchi
Cutee. As usual, sung all parts almost flawlessly.
Yaguchi Mari: marimari999/Mari
Smooth and pretty voice. In a way, fits Yaguchi.
Niigaki Risa: waterpixie/Eva
Ugh. She didn’t suit Niigaki at all. In Sakura Mankai, she was told that her voice was too “cutesy” and high for Niigaki so she tried to sing in a different tone, but failed horribly. Also she had Abe’s part in this concert clip.
Kamei Eri: japeysan/Lulu
A little out of tune on some parts but good nonetheless. Voice was kinda on the boundary of cute and pretty but leaning on the cute side. xP
Konno Asami: FeatherWing14/Chobie
Adorable voice but not really too much like Konno.
Yoshizawa Hitomi: Arinacchi/Arinachi
Oo, nice Yossie voice. D: I dunno why but it sounded like at some parts, her voice weakened a little and then strengthened again.

Mixing: Mari – Goodgood, but some of the lines lagged a little so we sound like we’re singing out of time.


Hey. I wanna talk to you.
But I’m scared.
Weren’t you the one who said we should stay in touch?

April 19, 2008

:DDDD I’m soo happy.<3

Today I went to my aunt’s house for a facial[’cause I have really unhealthy skin] and she knows how to sew and stuff, right?

Last week’ish I went into a one-day Shugo Chara phase and when I was watching the episodes, I realized that Amu’s outfit when she character-transforms with Miki..
looks so awesome and cute.

And I wanted to cosplay it. =]

So I stayed up sketching, adding my own little things, and coloring a frontview and backview picture of Miki’s transformation outfit. No hat though.
[Okay, so I’m not the best artist..]

 Shugo Chara Miki Cosplay Colored Resized

Ehe. Miki’s my favorite Shugo Chara character. Not only because she’s the blue one, but she’s stubborn and sensitive like I am. She’s kinda the normal one, but once in a while she’s cute.

And she’s a FANGIRL. xD Kiseki and Yoru, anyone? And you just can’t say I’m not a fangirl after reading my past few posts about SuJu.

My plan was to ask my aunt if she could make it and have my parents pay for it as my birthday present. ^^; And I was really determined about getting this plan done because this is the first time I’ve ever asked for a birthday present instead of waiting for a surprise.
So I asked her and she said YES! :DDDDD

But the catch: it’ll take three months.

x__X I kinda wanted to wear it at the anime expo in May..
But there’ll probably be another expo here before I outgrow it, right?
[Besides, I’ve already got my growth spurt and damn it all. >__>]
Whee I get to cosplay for the first time!

So I got home and was like,
“..:D So since it’ll take that long..can I have the album too?”
and my daddy said yes! <3333

A Shugo Chara Amulet Spade cosplay outfit AND the SuJu-M Me album!

SuJu Rankings + M
April 18, 2008

Because I’m bored and currently obsessed. ;P
[And all this fangirl energy’s gotta be let out somewhere.]


‘Progress Report’
April 16, 2008

:DD I can now identify all 13 members of SuJu by face and name.
Rofl I’m so proud of myself over something like this. xD
My life is getting more and more pathetic everyday.

At first I was like, “Oh yay I can recognize everyone in SuJu-M now!” and then I started watching Exploration of the Human Body and now I know them all. :D

EHB is heecka awesome. At first, I thought by the name that it’d be all scientificy[which it kinda is] and there’d be lots of blood and other body stuff that I’m afraid of, but it’s cool.
The members are hilarious and unforgettable in the show and you actually learn interesting stuff. ^^ A lot of my friends are in track and field and I was telling them ways to jump further and stuff. xD

Hahah I’m so proud.<3

I mean, if you look back at my blogs, there were points when I was like, “I don’t know who the heck all these people are and apparently I’m not caring much; I’ll stick with SuJu-M.” But then I started getting interested in the rest of SuJu ’cause of three words:
Donghae[<3], Yesung, and Eunhyuk. Yeah.

So I guess I’m a full SuJu fan now? xD Works for me.

I’m starting to like DBSK a little too now after seeing the EHB episode where they guest star, which was an awesome ep by the way.

Yunho‘s so cute :D But I can’t recognize him in MVs at all.
-is shot-
So far not interested in anybody else in DBSK though. Hmn.
And their music hasn’t exactly captured me either..

Hahah. I’m sorry. I ramble too much. This post had almost nothing to do with SuJu at all. xD
But my fangirlism energy had to be let out somewhere.

Sigh. My mythology report is finally over.
I can finally move along with the rest of my life. D:
Time to catch up on dramas and anime!

Nyahh. Today I had to present it. =/ And I was so nervous and scared and so upset because I did bad, after my presentation, I started crying in class.
I’m not sure if anybody saw though. Loooser.