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June 26, 2009

D: Oh no. I’m totally crushed right now. This has been a bad week.

First MJ passed away[&may he rest in peace ;___;] and now there’s so much bad luck in K-pop. There’s talk everywhere about this now, but today some unfortunate accidents happened at Music Bank.

First, SuJu’s Sungmin<3 tripped over a stage prop during rehearsal and had to get stitches on his knee. ;___; Poor, poor guy.

And then during the encore in actual show, a light fixture fell towards SHINee’s Onew<3 :OOOOOOOOO Scaryyyy! T.T But but! Super Junior’s Siwon and Kyuhyun caught it and saved him <33333! My huge amount of respect for them just SKYROCKETED! I’m so proud of them. :OO -cries a river-

;_______; And then Onew fainted and had to go to the hospital…. Poor, poor, poor guy… I hope he feels better soon. >___< So many bad things happen to him.

But yeah. Iono but it was just really sad and devastating. How could they let these things happen? ;__; Such bad luck.


Oh yeah, and I lied. I thought June 21st was Super Junior’s last performance for their 3rd album, but I guess today was. o___o Happy and sad at the same time. D; Very bittersweet performance. But really good<3 I loved it~

I’m really glad it looks like leader Eeteuk[0:41] is feeling better. :] He’s been kinda depressed lately, and I just feel bad that he has to deal with so much stress, but now he looks better and hopefully healthier. ^^ And once again, Yesung’s high note amazes me. <3

I really liked the way they did it this time, going straight into “Sorry Sorry” after “It’s You.” :] And they did the whole “Sorry Sorry,” which was awesome.

AND SUNGMIN. OMG<33333 He’s so admirable! Even though he was injured, he still went and performed ^___^ He didn’t dance and stood by himself on another part of the stage. He’s so cute too, trying to dance along. And he’s still smiling and doing his best :] What a sweetie. [I kinda wish Kibum would do the same during Super Show 2. ;__;]

And I loved that they all started walking out to different parts of the stage. :] AND THE END *_______* Heechul seemed to be in REALLY good spirits and he was just awesome! “Genie for you, ELF! Ha ha ha!” That was really nice of him to plug in SNSD xD

And btw, congratulations to SNSD on their awesome comeback and their win! I loved their comeback performance. “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)” is really good.

Anyway, this was a fantastic Goodbye stage. <3 I really enjoyed it. :] I’m really happy and sad at the same time. D;


It’s love, I tell you!
June 24, 2009

My ears are in love. :] That’s right, it’s love~

Today, a show aired where Super Junior and So Nyeo Shi Dae/Girls’ Generation sang a collection of ballads to a live band. :] And it was just…BEAUTIFUL. Gorgeous people with gorgeous voices singing gorgeous songs! I love both groups, but together, it’s like HEAVEN!<3 SuJu and SNSD are just full of so much talent, seriously. Singing’s only part of it and their voices are really calming; SNSD’s are sweet and SuJu’s are soft. ^^ And not a single note off!

The main point of the show was SNSD covering SuJu’s “Sorry Sorry” and SuJu covering SNSD’s “Gee.” It was AMAAZINGGG! They turned these catchy dance tracks into mid-tempo, sweet ballads! :]
Absolutely beautifulllll.♥

So Nyeo Shi Dae – “Sorry Sorry”
I love the guitar part doing the melody in the beginning. ^^ Their voices are SO incredibly pretty, it’s unbelievable! Very pleasant-sounding, and it’s just loveee~ :3 Plus, I love the end where Tiffany goes, “Ha ha ha~”! It’s so different from Heechul’s usual “HA HA HA! -touches chin and looks cool-” xDDD;; I love it!

[And speaking of SNSD, I can’t wait for their comeback! Their “Genie” MV is supposed to come out today! ^^]

Super Junior – “Gee”
It’s so soft. :] The feel sometimes is kinda.. xDD’ish because it’s evidently a girl’s song. But still great nonetheless. I love the harmonies~
If you’re learning names:
0:11 – Kyuhyun
0:17 – Donghae [Hahaha, he should’ve changed “my girls” into “my boys” ’cause it’s like.. Donghae! What girls?! xDD;;]
0:27 – Sungmin
0:36 – Donghae, Ryeowook, Kangin
0:41 – SuJu leader Eeteuk
0:50 – Ryeowook, Donghae
1:05 – Kangin
1:39 – Ryeowook, Donghae
1:51 – Kangin
2:27 – Kyuhyun
2:36 – Yesung
2:42 – Yesung, Kyuhyun [<3]

This is another one I liked a lot, where SuJu’s Kyuhyun and Donghae, and SNSD’s Taeyeon and Jessica sang “Way Back Into Love.” It was beautiful.. *sigh* :]
I love all their voices. x] The one who stood out for me was Jessica, because her voice is just SO sweet! And that vibrato! This whole thing was sooo amazinggggg<3

They seriously did fantastic jobs. There are a few more here!, including one where SuJu’s Sungmin plays guitar while singing a duet with SNSD’s Sunny. :] And this video where SuJu sing another song while Sungmin plays guitar.

All I have to say now is.. how can such good-looking people with admirable personalities have such BEAUTIFUL voices?!

Goodbye SJ; Happy birthday, Ryeowook!
June 21, 2009

I was thinking, “Ah, how nice that Super Junior’s last 3rd album performance is on Ryeowook’s birthday~” but.. I don’t want it to end. D: It’s a happy and sad day.

Super Junior’s Goodbye Stage on Inkigayo – “It’s You” & “Sorry Sorry”

They didn’t do as many special things as they did yesterday, unfortunately. I kind of wish that they brought the big banner out today instead of yesterday, but it’s okay.

It was a good performance :] Though to be honest, I was a tad disappionted because I’m big on first impressions, so when Donghae, who sings the first line, starts out kinda weak’ish, it puts me off for the rest of the performance. D; But it was still good! Yesung, as usual, nailed that crazy high note.

And with the return of “Sorry Sorry” came the headmics and bad quality. D: But they were able to dance better, and the dancing was awesome. And I gotta hand it to them: they’re a bunch of nice guys, but their expressions and moves were really fierce!

I know some people cried when watching this, but I was smiling throughout. ^^; At 0:59, SuJu’s leader Eeteuk shouted happy birthday to Ryeowook<3! :] So sweet! And Ryeowook was all happy about it. He was smiling during his solo at 1:13, so I couldn’t help but smile too.


생일 축하합니다, Kim Ryeowook! ♥♥♥
Happy birthday!<3

He may be 22 now, but he’s SuJu’s Eternal Magnae[youngest] and probably will always be my favorite member in SJ13.

Ryeowook’s got an amazingly talented voice with an angelic sound and composes songs. And while he’s a motherly figure who loves to cook and take care of the other members, he’s like a kid, and he’s just adorable and innocent. ^^ I’ve got a lot of respect for this guy.<3

I’m not planning to do a whole big birthday picspam post like last year, but I wanna share some of my favorite stuff. [But in the end, it’ll probably be one, huh? xD]

thefamouscookiedough made this video and I thought it was really cute. :3 It has both old and recent clips of Ryeowook; you can at least tell by the hair. xD It’s like watching him grow~

Singing “Honesty” – This is the very first video of Ryeowook I ever watched; his voice captured me from the start ’cause it’s just that good. Still a favorite :]

“Love U More” – A song off of SJ’s “Sorry Sorry” repackaged album which RYEOWOOK COMPOSED. :DDDD And the lyrics are written by him and Sungmin! <3

Ryeowook’s super ultra awesome dive into the pool – I miss Explorers of the Human Body xD<3 And dude, he’s just like me!

Singing Wang LeeHom’s “Kiss Goodbye” – I loove this song :O And his Chinese is pretty good.

“Ryeowook imnida~” – Lol at the others imitating his famous line.

Playing piano – In one of the clips, he plays and sings “Kiss Goodbye” :3

Singing “Saranghamnida” – Beautiful<3

YeoYouManMan – This isn’t just Ryeowook-based, but there’s some nice stuff in here about him. It’s my favorite recent show featuring Super Junior. :] It’s really great. It had me laughing SO hard except for part 5 which made me cry, because the members talk about their family, Donghae talks about his father–may he rest in peace–and a lot of the members cry. It’s really good and recommended. My favorite part is the first half where they go to their dorm and explore their rooms. Ryeowook has a Winnie the Pooh plushie on his bed!

 <–Oh, he loves rollercoasters. xD;;
ryeowook-23 ryeowook-37


[Edit;; Aww! Ryeowook left a message on SuJu’s official homepage!
Ryeowook Birthday 2009]

Although I hate to see Super Junior leave for now, I hope they have a good rest and I wish them success in their upcoming tour of Asia, Super Show 2. ^^ Their 3rd album was really, very successful. They dominated Korea for the first half of 2009 and had the most sales, passing 200,000! And they won 12 awards! :] Though I wish they were able to win one more so it’d be 13, I think 12 is kind of fitting because only 12 of the 13 members actually performed.
Congratulations, guys~ You worked hard~

Now I’ll be waiting for Super Junior-M‘s[and Henry’s] return!

SuJu’s MuCore Goodbye
June 20, 2009


;______; I already cried multiple times today[long stories] but OMG NOOOO. T.T This is Super Junior’s Music Core “Goodbye” Stage… That means this is their last performance of their 3rd album, Sorry Sorry, on the music program Music Core…

TT_____TT I can’t believe 3rd album promotions are ending ALREADY! It doesn’t feel like 3 months! And I REALLYYY LOOOVEEEEE “It’s You” and there’s no way they performed that song enough ;___; They just made their comeback and they’re going already? HOW CAN THIS BEEEEE?!
But then, they reaaaaaaaaaaally deserve rest, but but but but but….

-sniffle- Anyway.. Since this is their goodbye stage, they did a medley of “It’s You” and “Sorry Sorry” which was cool. Basically they did shortened versions of both songs.

I was a bit disappointed’ish by the “It’s You” one ’cause even though I like the new formation thing, I just feel Yesung’s high note ad libs just aren’t as impactful when they’re not at the end of the song. And poor Yesung; his vocals seemed kinda off. =/ But it’s okay. After a gajillion PERFECT, AMAZING performances, I suppose one off one is perfectly fine. It also kinda seemed like they were having technical difficulties, ’cause Yesung had to fidget with his earpiece during the bridge.

They look really good though. :] Really sharp. I love Ryeowook’s glasses. xD And I love how Eunhyuk changed the dance for his solo dance in “Sorry Sorry”.

But what REALLY got me is when, at the end, they rolled out this huge banner that says
We love you. Thank you. We’ll remember this.
;______; Ugyuuuuu~ Touching~~~~

On another note, tomorrow is Ryeowook’s birthday!<3

June 16, 2009

I.. got used to blogging here often. =___=


He he, I got a pair of ballet flats! :DDD
I ish teh happy.


Iono why but I’m really obsessed with how it’s sorta sneaker-designed :3 It’s cute, and unlike the usual leather bow.

^^; I’m really not a girly girl and though I’d like to try, I can’t pull off girly, cutesy things. So this kind of fits me better and saves me from the whole clashing awkwardness. Simpleness is usually my style. I’m happy these are simple, but pretty. ^^

I love Asian entertainment.
June 15, 2009


I wanna go shoppinnnggggggggggggg………..

I wanna go buy thiiinnnngssssss…………….

I need to buy clotthhesssssss……………….

And ballet flattssss and jeaansss and a beltttt and dresss shirtssss andd at least oneeeee nice jacket that fits meeeeeee………… B-b-but.. ;__; Money… WHY DO I HAVE TO BE POOR AND WHY DO I HAVE TO BE DORKY AND NOT HAVE A SENSE OF FASHION AT ALLL?!

I am a deprived teenaged girl.


But on another note.

HOMG. I ACTUALLY WENT TO, LIKE, A STORE TODAY. :OOOOOOO Well, it was a bookstore. Well, it was a Chinese bookstore. .__. And it was for my dad to buy the newspaper. BUT OMG DO YOU KNOW WHAT I SAW?!

AKA Hana Yori Dango/Boys Over Flowers/Boys Before Flowers Korean version. :OO Aka my favoritest drama in teh entire world, dude! Omggg DDDx -dies-

12 dollars… ;___; I literally moped around the store for five minutes ’cause it costs money BUT IT WAS CALLING FOR ME!!!!
[Yeah, see, when I use a lot of exclamation points, then I mean it and am having an explosion of emotions.. Yap yap.]


In the end I bought it *___________* But I feel bad ’cause it was like 12 bucks down the drain. Dx All because of me.. It was like the first thing I bought in a long time ’cause I tried my best to stay away from stores. Actually, I went in one store a few days ago and that was when my “ZOMGINEEDTOGOSHOPPINGNAOOO” thing started. -____- Life is sad.

But I’m happy! ‘Cause ’cause it’s Kkotboda Namja! ^___^ And it’s pretty and literally sparkly and bright and just..beautiful.
Unfortunately, the quality of the DVDs sucks. =/ And for a while, I was actually willing to try to return it.. Then I found out I CAN’T return. So now I’m happy happy about it again. xD Although I laugh because whoever made this mispelled Kim Hyun Joong’s name. xDD I hope somebody important notices this and laughs at them.


My daddy was getting the free newspapers and I saw there was a stack of free magazines next to it called “East Entertainment.” And I thought, hey, it’s free and I’m bored, and hey, I’m into Asian entertainment so I might actually know somebody in it! So I took one.

And I’m so glad I did. ^_____^

‘Cause I turned to a page and BAMMM! It was a page about the Asian endorsers of Pepsi. See, usually, that wouldn’t matter to me at all. But which Chinese group happens to be an endorser of Pepsi this year? Say it with me!

Super Junior M (201)


Super Junior M Pepsi in East Entertainment Scan
SJ-M w/ Show Luo, Jolin Tsai, Lee Junki, Louis Koo, and Huang Xiaoming [watch the commercial!] and Joey in the corner [I love her! And somehow her side profile looks like Takahashi Ai!]

Happy that they even get to be in the magazine with all the famous older celebrities that I’ve never heard of, disappointed that it’s biased towards everyone but SJ-M, but very happy that I can finally put SJ-M on my wall! Yaaaay!

And the parade doesn’t stop! :O I turned on the computer and went to my usual sites and found out that Super Junior released a dance version for “Neorago”[It’s You]! :OOOOOOOOOO I’ve been waiting forever for this! Okay, well, I waited for a while, then gave up and made my own. But now, I can actually learn the RIGHT moves.

Though this is more pressure on me ’cause if there wasn’t a dance shot, I put a video of myself doing the dance online, and I get moves wrong.. at least “But there wasn’t a proper dance version!” would be a very legit excuse. Now, people could compare. =__=

You know what’s funny is that I’m learning that dance, but I’m also learning this dance. Ahah, matches my split personality.

Shiny~ -stares-
June 14, 2009

I mentioned this before, but I signed up to try for Allkpop Idol and I actually went through with it. O__o So yeah, a few days ago’ish I uploaded my video where I sang “Because I’m A Girl.”

;___; I hate this video. Not only is it embarrassing and sucky and just BLAHH, it RUINED my 5-star streak. =/ I can’t wait until I can delete it.


Also, I finished the song “Happy” for my 3rd solo single in Totally Up! Project. D; It’s terrible. Whenever I listen to it, I’m just like, “EWWWWW.”
I have no idea how Koharu hits all those high notes -___-;;; They’re killer and horrifying. I literally screamed the whole song. T.T -shudders- This is

Now that your ears are bleeding, let’s redeem them by listening to Chiisana‘s lovely new fandub of “My Love is a Stapler from K-On!, shall we? :]



Last year as a freshman I took crafts at school, and I made a clay slab box that I finished glazing[the color] but never got to glaze-fire because I fell behind. FINALLY, last week, at the very last week of school as a sophomore, I went to my old teacher and got it glaze-fired. xDDD;;
And it’s not the best, but I’m really happy to have it finished.
I love the colors *__* They’re really smooth and shiny and bold~

Slab Box Slab Box 2
Slab Box 3 Slab Box 4

The side with my name on it is really ugly. D: The lighting bounces off and makes it look WAY patchier than it already is. ;__; It’s really not as bad as it looks. But I was disappointed with that side. But it’s not my fault, I guess, because the glaze is melted in the glaze-fire and it runs, so messiness is inevitable.

My favorite side is the orange one with yellow candies. :3 It’s so cute and the colors turned out so full and smooth and the colors are soft and adorable. I just want to eat it!

Goodbye, sophomore days
June 11, 2009

D: Today was the last day of school..

I’m no longer a high school sophomore. ;__;

June 9, 2009

OMG. :[ I can’t believe the schoolyear’s almost over.

Today was my very last day in my English sophomore honors class. At the end of class, I was the last one to leave the classroom, and when my teacher called me over for a hug, I just started crying. ;____; And I cried twice again after that.


And I can’t believe today was the last day in that class. =/ That was the hardest class I’ve ever had[it’s the hardest of all the English honors classes at my school] and I didn’t realize until today that my teacher was probably the best teacher I’ve ever had. I’M GOING TO MISS HER SO MUCH. >____<

I mean, she’s hard and scary and intimidating and her class is challenging, but you just can’t hate her even though she assigned an essay the day we got back from a break that was due the next day. I totally love her: she’s sarcastic and clever and wise and really understanding. I felt like she really kind of understood me. Most people around here have one-sided personalities, but I have many, many split personalities.

Most of the time people would think I’m just this quiet, unfashionable, nerdy girl who barely has any feelings, but I really get pissed off easily. Like once, I had to be in a group with a guy in my class I hate, and somehow–I don’t know how–but I guess my teacher noticed I seemed irritated and she stopped me on my way out and was like, “So what does he do that frustrates you the most?” and I started this sort of mini-rant thing about ignorance. xD

This teacher made a huge impact on me. We weren’t just all about, like, vocabulary and grammar and reading and stuff. There was a lot of emphasis on analyzing and thinking in general. We learned how to think. I learned a lot about society and how people act and about life and I learned to understand myself better as a person and just a lot.

And this teacher taught me critical thinking. Before having this class, I never was able to think outside of the box and I never was able to make decisions on my own.

And now, I’m better at speaking in front of people and I can talk with more confidence, and I’ve improved at saying things when I have something to say.

And even though I didn’t talk much, I’m happy she liked me. She was like, “If you start crying, I’m gonna cry too..” and a long time ago when she signed my paper to let me go to AP English Literature next year, she asked if I could be her aid if I had any openings in my classes. ;__; I’m full up for the rest of my high school life, but even if I wasn’t, I probably wouldn’t do it, but still I was really flattered that she asked, because she doesn’t do things without reason. And I guess I was one of the more hard-working students in the class. Even some of the smart, talkative students often did their essays at 2 AM or didn’t read the material or whatever. Even if I’m not very smart and I’m really shy, I guess I’m kinda proud that I did everything that I was supposed to. And iono. I just feel accomplished. This was a really challenging class and I actually SURVIVED it. And with an A!

Sorry I’m rambling a lot but OMGGGG. >___< ;_____;
It’s endingggg………

Aw, this means I’ll have to start thinking of titles for entries.
June 8, 2009

xD After blogging here everyday for a month, I got so used to it. I dare you to blog everyday for a week[with pictures recommended :D] and see if blogging becomes a habit after. Everyone needs to blog more often! And that means you.


Since I have no more schoolwork and only two finals left[neither of which I’m worried about], I’ve been trying to learn Super Junior’s “It’s You” [Neorago] dance. xDD IT’S SOOOOOO HARD! Iono how people manage to engage their arms and legs in different motions at the same time!

What sucks though is that there isn’t a dance version that has only the dance. D: So I spent all last Sunday putting together a fanmade dance shot using the best angles from performances. Hopefully I won’t give up halfway into this dance, like I did with a lot of others. |D


So, uh, today was my very last day of PE. D:

;____; It’s probably the last time I’ll ever exercise in my life. xD Though that’s more reason for me to try to pick up dancing. But iono. I can’t exercise outside because of my skin and I’m no good at athletic or physical stuff because I’m weak. =___=
I just went to see a Chinese herbal doctor a few days ago because my parents are always switching from one thing to another, trying to find something that’ll fix my skin[though I bet they screwed my skin up, making me try so many medicines and methods and stuff] and this doctor said that I have a weak body and not enough blood, etc. =__= Oh yeah, and I also now have to drink herbal medicine. GROSSSSSSSSSS. I HATE THE TASTE AND SMELL OF THAT CRUDDDDDD.

Anyway, getting back on track. ;__; There’s no more dressing out and no more accidents[^^; I’m very accident-prone in PE] and no more stepping on glass barefoot while still in my underwear, dripping chlorine. -shudders- That was a terrible experience.

But even though I don’t like it, I’ll miss PE. =/ I mean, I’ve always had it since elementary and now I’m done with it. And PE was where I became really close with one of my friends, who I had PE with for three years in a row, but not this year.


Oh and also, I signed up to be in Allkpop Idol. .____. But depending on the circumstances, I may drop out. ^^; If I do it, this’ll be my first contest-like thingy. But I’ll probably drop out.