About Me

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Hello! ^^ I’m Eva, often called Ebah or Evava. *A*
I’m currently 18 and would very willingly receive chocolate on May 2nd. ♥


My hobbies range from
→ singing K-pop, J-pop, vocaloid, Hello!Project, C-pop,  & the occasional
French song
→ rapping, mostly in Korean and Japanese
→ mixing
→ video-editing/animating
→ blogging [I have, like, 3 blogs]
→ vlogging
→ occasional failed attempts at dancing
→ making AMVs, although I stopped
→ basically spending my life in front of the computer =A= on skype with
Gemini and all my lovely online friends, playing League, watching Korean
varieties or dramas, or doing any of the above mentioned things

Les facts
。I switch from language to language a lot..desu. Mianhae. Je suis weird like that. ㅋㅋㅋ
。Cantonese Chinese
。Very basic French, very very broken Mandarin, Korean, and Japanese
。California!! [Hella.]
。High school valedictorian :D
。Uhh, split personality.
。Piano since 6 years old, violin since 8 years old
。But I actually suck at both and am not very musical. ;w;
。I’m an ELF. Super Junior 영원히 <3
。My bias is Henry Lau from Super Junior-M.
。I love lychee~
。I will never get over my love for the anime Tsubasa Chronicle. ;_;
。My favorite color will forever be baby blue.
。Most of the things I own are blue. Even my car is sky blue o A o
。I dislike being tall. (_ _);; But mostly I’m just tall ’cause everyone else is short. I-I-I’m not really that tall. =w=
。I am awkward, uninteresting, and socially challenged.
。My sarcasm cannot be contained.

★Proudly part of the Gemini famiry★
I love them so much. ♥


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