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정용화 has taken over my mind ;_;
November 30, 2009

My Thanksgiving Break shall now forevermore be remembered as my Jung Yonghwa ish ma new rabu” weekend. x_____X

‘Cause I’M SERIOUS. xDDD The whole weekend was NOTHING but You’re Beautiful! xD It’s so amazing and also really addicting because episodes end with cliffhangers, so I always need to watch the next episode. ;___; [SOB I only have 1 ep left! I was tearing up so much in ep 15..]

And Shinwoo. OH MY GOD. SERIOUSLY. :OOOO He really does always get the short end of the stick! I mean, COME ON. Every single episode, Shinwoo’s heart breaks, then my heart breaks for him. It gets frustrating D: Because he never even gets CHANCES. T.T He finally got a chance that one time, and I was super happy, but OF COURSE, someone has to interfere or someone has to come or someone has to call or SOMETHING has to happen and he’ll get hurt again.

Even Jung Yonghwa thought Shinwoo’s too pathetic and sad, and begged the scriptwriters to let Shinwoo smile more. ;___; But I REAALLY love this drama and I was really happy this weekend ^^ It was such a great and enjoyable weekend~


List of Eva’s major idols:
-Henry Lau.
-Jung Yonghwa.

<–they’re the same age!! :OO I’m amazed b/c Henry looks much younger and Yonghwa looks older. Maybe I have a subconscious thing for ’89ers? =_=

Oh man. This is so unhealthy. xD I’ve been SO obsessed with Jung Yonghwa for the past few days, and now that I’m at school and can’t be in front of the computer all day watching You’re Beautiful or looking for/saving pictures, I kept writing his name in Korean ’cause I was really bored =__= So unhealthy.. xD 정용화 <3…………..

:O He’s SO talented though! It’s not just like, “HE IS INSANELY GOOD-LOOKING AND CUTE,” [BECAUSE HE ISSSS! and really tall too!] but I wanna be like him’ish! I mean, I would’ve never guessed that Shinwoo was his first acting role ’cause he’s an amazing actor. And he’s SOOOO talented at singing! *__* I am APPALLED at the fact that they didn’t give him a single solo song on the OST when the rest of them got many solos! And he’s good at guitar, bass, drums, piano… And of course he can speak Korean, but I think he’s fluent in English too, and his band C.N. Blue is an indies band in Japan so I suspect his Japanese can’t be too bad..

C.N. Blue – “Just Please”

SOOO AMAAZINGGGG. Jung Yonghwa composed this song, wrote the lyrics which are fully in English, sang all of it, is one of the two guitarists in it, and rapped in it. HOLY GOODNESS. <33333333333 See, I have reasons to be obsessed with Jung Yonghwa other than him having the face of an angel, right right? :D

It’s a really good song~ >__O Honestly though C.N. Blue‘s music isn’t really my style.. x__X It’s too rock and hard for my tastes, and they’re very.. unique. :O I dunno how to explain it, but I’m trying to like their music more and more! Starting with this song. ^^ It’s already growing on me.

Oh yeah! C.N. Blue stands for Code Name Blue. THAT’S SO COOLLLLLL. You know how obsessed I am with the color blue, right?! -automatic attachment- I shall come to like them! ^__^ They’re talented anyway! And they’ve got Yonghwa who’s got the talent+looks+personality! :3 I hear they’re debuting in Korea sometime January next year! ^^

Okay time to not be so distracted and actually try to do hw. ;__; Pffft. …I wanna compose a song someday… OH! I still have something else to stall time with! ^^ I hash a new video!

:O I love Maaya Sakamoto’s voice~ It’s so pretty and soft and cute and graceful, yet strong and her vocal range is amazing.
=____= But that made the song ALL that much more difficult; jeez it killed and owned me. xD I know I know. But it’s all for fun! :D

I wish there was an official instrumental.. It sounds kinda messy. But this one was -specially- edited by ChiisanaChanx3. ^^ But aw, I wasn’t allowed to use the video either.

Hm I’ve actually yet to see a Japanese fandub of this song on youtube :O I wonder if I’m first~?

…the sound quality was ruined. -head to palm-


You’re Beautiful! *_* I MEAN IT.
November 27, 2009

Since it’s Thanksgiving break and I have lots of time, I decided on Wednesday to start watching the popular Korean drama You’re Beautiful [Minamishineyo], which coincidentally ended the day I started it, because I knew the main girl character has to live as a guy. Judging from pictures I couldn’t help but see since everyone was talking about it, she looked NOTHING like a guy. xD So I got a little curious about whether she pulled off being a guy in the drama, and why everyone loved You’re Beautiful so much. :O

To be honest, I was only gonna watch the first episode to see what it was like. I doubted I’d have much interest in it since throughout the whole airing of the series, even though I saw stuff about it a lot, I really didn’t take any interest at all.. and usually when I’m not into it from the beginning, it doesn’t change.. I also thought the idea was kinda cliche and it MIGHT have been just another overrated drama. [As much as I loved Kkotboda Namja, where I even bought a DVD, it was overrated.]

Oh yeah. Go Mi Nam still does not look like, act like, or sound like[..he’s supposed to be a singer too..] a guy at all. ;___; But I think Park Shin Hye was a REALLY good choice for that character. It’s not perfect but she did a good job. She’s cute, but not boyish.

O___O But after the first episode.. I only have one word to say:



In the first episode, I was like, “Okay. I see why main guy character is there. He’s supposed to be super hot and good-looking and be all bad-boy on the outside. And not a bad choice for actor. Okay. And this guy. His character’s kinda wonky, but Lee Hongki is amazing, has great looks, and the most incredible and emotional voice. He makes sense. Wait, who’s this other guy? O_o His looks don’t even stand out.. he looks okay, I guess.. and his character so far isn’t very impactful, and I don’t even remember his name >_O Oh well!”
I even heard he was supposedly like a second “Jihoo sunbae”[Kkotboda Namja aka Boys Over Flowers] but I was like, Pfft. Wannabe. No one can top Jihoo.


;_____; Omg I don’t know why I like him so much, but KYEEEEEE. I was, like, squealing and smiling goofily in front of the monitor ;__; Okay yes I fall for fictional guy characters a lot, but like.. Dx this is like.. he only took two episodes and I’m freaking squealing, WTH. I mean, Syaoran made me squeal.. Henry Lau at times.. and sometimes the relationship between Kazehaya and Sawako in Kimi ni Todoke[this week’s ep was soo good! ;_;].. xD This must be unhealthy.

GOSH DARNIT! Why am I such a sucker for nice guy characters?!
;___; Darnit but he’s so sweet and he’s so cute and cool and he’s so AHHHH, my crazy fangirl fetishes? YUP, they’re all there! ^^ AND DANGIT, Jung Yong Hwa<33333 the actor has just like.. the most beautiful face in the world. Wth. He’s really cute and it’s not helping ;_; And I CANNOT believe he’s a newcomer! Such a great actor!! :OOOO I need to check out his band when they get to do bigger stuff; I wanna hear him sing~

T.T I love Shinwoo’s character so much. That’s the kind of person I wanna be in real life! Like, he really looks out for and takes care of others well; he always thinks of Go Mi Nam first.. And he’s just really supportive and clever and -twiddles fingers-

Dx In Kkotboda Namja, I did prefer Jihoo, the nice best friend guy, over Jun Pyo, the bad-ass-on-the-outside main guy.. but I wasn’t one of those people who were like, “OH YES. Finally she’s not with Jun Pyo! Now go run into Jihoo’s arms and be with him!” because I knew that she really should be with Jun Pyo and it was no use fighting fate there..

… … But I want Mi Nam/Mi Nyu to be with Shinwoo ;___________; I know she won’t, but I want her to be with Shinwoo; it’s not fair TT__TT The drama’s not fair~ Shinwoo always gets the short end of the stick~ ;__; He always gets hurt and I feel his pain! It’s like, BLAHHH.

I was at my friend’s house after Black Friday shopping [OOO: I bought boots! But I’m scared about how the hecks I’m gonna pull them off xD] and I was.. watching You’re Beautiful.. on my friend’s laptop. xD And I seriously started throwing a small, mini fit to myself, just smacking myself with pillows and being like, “NOOOOOOOO!! NO!!!NOOOOOO!!!! BUT I WANT HER TO BE WITH HIIIIIMMMMMMMMMMMM…! IT’S NOT FAAIIIRRRRRR” ’cause AGGHH! Just A FEW MORE STEPS. If only she took a few more steps, then it would’ve been so much better! ;___; And Shinwoo looked so hurt and GAH. Okay I really need to stop being so in love with a character, but this time I can’t help eet. T.T Shinwoo~

-kicks rock- I’m starting to like Jung Yong Hwa’s real personality too..

 << LOL.

November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! ^^

Speaking of happiness, LOOK LOOK!!

^_____^ OMG YESS!! The day after I saw my grade in AP English was a C- [I told you I didn’t deserve it! >OO] I logged on, expecting to still see my doom, and it was an A- ;______; I’m so happy. I was really, really, really happy! It was like -angels sing and light shines down on me from heaven- TT~TT Thank God.. <3

But now my goal is to knock off that (minus)! ^_^ Oh yes. Arrogant AP Asian right here. ;D


Hehe I’m actually almost done with another solo dub! :OOO *___* I can’t believe it! When I finished Furusato, I went straight to my next project, so I recorded the song on Tuesday and yesterday, and somehow I finished the whole thing in those two days O__O Well that was because it’s an anime TV Size song and it was a minimum school day yesterday. All I have to do now is redo a really icky line that I refuse to keep, and I can upload it!

O__O This is so weird! I mean, I JUST uploaded Furusato on Monday, and I almost have another upload? :OO It feels so weird xDDDDD I’m always so slow and I take weeks to record songs so my uploads are usually at least a few weeks apart..

;_; But this sucks because I JUST uploaded something so everyone’ll be like, “Oh, her again?” xD I hope people will watch it.. Oh well! I’m excited! :DDD

I’m also really excited and looking forward to shopping tomorrow! *o* Black Friday shopping with my friends! Super extra happy because I never get to hang out with my friends anymore ^o^ >__>;; But I should stop looking forward to it because I’ve learned from experience that whenever I look forward to something, it turns out to be a disappointment.

Oh yeah. I didn’t have any turkey today, but hey, I ate chicken pho.

FURUSATO; Traumas D:
November 23, 2009

After I got over the shock, I cried so much and I still am.

I have NEVER gotten such a bad grade before >__< I WASN’T KIDDING WHEN I SAID THAT ONE WEEK I WAS SICK SCREWED ME OVERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!! I’m SO MAD! I’m so disappointed at myself AGGHHHHH! Just that one week I most likely had swine flu, and didn’t go to school… Just those five days and now

C-? I’m almost FAILING. I’m borderline!

And my skin condition has been SO BAD lately that my face just looks scary and I think I look like a monster; I’ve been afraid to look into the mirror, and I’m just so self-conscious everywhere I go because I don’t want anyone to see my face, and my face HURTS. And the tears made it sting even more ;____; It hurts a lot… Agh, I’m really… This grading period ends this Friday too. So my parents are going to see my C- because they mail the grades home.

I really.. need to find a way to burn that paper.. because next to all my 4.0 papers, I really don’t want that kind of paper in my history.

o.o My friend just told me the grading period ended last Friday. o.o o.o So this means.. so this means.. so this means.. this means that.. the C-…… for now, doesn’t matter? Right? Right? Oh my god. Oh my god. Thank God. Thank the lord. I can stop crying now. Okay. Breathe in, breathe out, relax. ;__; I SHALL bring it up before THIS grading period ends!! I’m sure I can AT LEAST bring it up to a B! DDDDD: There’s some stuff too, that I made up, but my teacher never entered in any score.. so hopefully, HOPEFULLY that stuff helps bring up my grade.
… Oh no. Kojiru just told me that grades don’t go in until tomorrow.
How stupid >__>


Okay I am officially calm :D

Please leave me a comment because every comment makes me happy? D:<3
I’m the kind of person who goes, “Hm. Five ratings, three comments? D: Darnit, two opinions I’m missing out on…” xD

“Yup, me and my crazy ideas. ^^; I know, smack me; I wrote a kind-of English rap segment for FURUSATO. xD Such a beautiful song, and what I’ve done to it.. Haha, but I wanted this to be unique and less boring? :O And yeah it’s supposed to be really fast because, uh, that’s how I envisioned it in my head before I decided to write it. Dx I’ve always wanted to try soft, fast rapping, but mehh…

^^ This is my third version of Furusato and I’ve come to become attached to this song? I hope I’ve improved, and will continue to improve and record ANOTHER Furusato. xD Well, this one is dedicated to everyone who’s stuck around long enough to remember seeing my first one, which I was really happy about because a lot of people received it so kindly even though it pains my ears to listen to it now :D Thank you!

Song: Furusato [Hometown]
Originally by: Morning Musume
PV: Niigaki Risa’s version because I like her~

Thank you for watching ;__; Ah, and I really like feedback. xD I just wanted to say that. I really like feedback. Hehe.

Edit;; Gosh darn the subs were killed. D: Well, here if you’re curious!
That feeling inside–there’s not a doubt
It’s that hometown nostalgia I’m singing about
Thinking about those days I used to live
Not knowing time was such a wonderful gift
The past that’s long gone, the past that I miss
If I had known any better, I would’ve cherished
it but I’ve learned now to keep living on with a smile
Though those feelings still surface in my heart every once in a while

xD The original lyrics are hard to build on, so it ended up a bit irrelevant..

^^ Anyone who’s been following my singing long enough knows that Furusato is like MY song Dx Chiichama calls it my signature song, since I’ve sung it so many times and I’ve considered each time a stepping stone :3 I can’t wait til I can do it a 5th or 6th time! xD ^^ I’m reaaaaally happy I finished this song and uploaded it. I was really looking forward to that. :DD


Today this house that’s across from my school was on fire DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD: H-Have I ever mentioned I have a trauma against fires? ;__; Yeah.. there’s a reason I’m naturally attracted to water and the color blue… Yeah. Fire scares me a lot.

So in the middle of 7th period, we were taking a test, and suddenly we all started hearing endless sirens and smelling smoke Dx It was REALLY strong and it really smelled bad. >__< At first I didn’t mind it, but then when the smell got stronger, it really scared me.

D: Because I recognized the exact same smell from when I was in elementary school and I was in Australia and at this park on Christmas, when suddenly this wildfire started, and eventually there were SO many wildfires, especially in the mountains, everywhere and I remember that I had to see so many of them, I tried to force myself to sleep in the car so I wouldn’t see them and I wouldn’t be afraid.

>__O But yes, I’m very scared of fire. xD In 4th grade, I made myself into a cartoon girl named Seaprincess who was a mermaid who defeated fire monsters :D And eventually, that got boring so I recreated myself as Water Pixie, who made healing potions at the Healing Dewdrop Leaf and fought her enemy Fire Pixie :D I wonder if that rings a bell~?

And today there was like a LOT of smoke D: It was crazy.. All polluting our air and stuff too… And >___< I actually SAW the house because we drove by it. Oh my God. It was so frightening. It was a really big house too, yet the roof was all black and there were so many flames peeking through and it was..scary. I feel so sorry for whoever’s house that is. And the neighbors.

Oh gosh I can’t even imagine what would happen if my house started burning. Dx And with my bad luck.. ;__;

See, I have arachniphobia and it’s been like this since I was little, to the point where I can’t even say the name of what I’m afraid of. But I have very, very bad luck ;__; I also think I’m cursed. I also think my house is infested. During September-October… it probably lasted more than a month long……. but there was a period where EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I had an encounter with one. I couldn’t even get through a single day without seeing one.

I swear they follow me. They know I’m afraid; they can smell my fear EWWW SO CREEPPYY TT___TT Anyway, I couldn’t escape it at all. Whether in the bathroom or in my room or in the living room or in the hallway or any of the houses my parents took me to look at, or even at SCHOOL. Once in my chemistry class and then like FOUR OR FIVE TIMES at the place I hang out at school omg EWWW ;_____; And I lost count of how many times I dreamed about them too. >_< It was that bad.

Even now, I only have to go “DAAADDDYYY!” and he comes running in with some papers ready to kill something for me.

Glowing bows!
November 21, 2009

For the past week I’ve been listening to Park Bom’s “You and I” on repeat<3 Best song ever. :O One of the best MVs ever. If you’ve never heard the song or seen the MV, go go go youtube it! :D

;___; Mehh sometimes I get the temptation to sing “You and I” xD But I would really kill it. xD It would trample all over me in turn. :O I kinda feel like recording it, but I kinda feel like I shouldn’t~ We’ll see later on~

Right now I’m working on Furusato! ^^ My third version! It is.. 70% done? [Edit;; Complete!!!! ^___^] Iono if I should use one of its PVs or make one of my own. And after I kind of want to do this Maaya Sakamoto song that I love but I think that’s gonna kill me ’cause the notes are so high. xD I’m also thinking about a groupdub of something but the song is so sweet and slow and pretty that I’m afraid a groupdub of it won’t be.. good? D:? Not to mention its notes are crazy high too. I already wrote a script though ’cause I have no life xDDD

Karu [LovablexKarupin] has to quit fandubbing TT___TT That makes me sad. </3 I’ll miss her! Everything that I do online is such a big part of my life.


:O Today was the Mnet Asian Music Awards aka MAMA.
SM Entertainment boycotted it so Super Junior, SNSD, f(x), and SHINee weren’t able to get any of the big awards. >__O Still, I’m happy about who were able to get some of the awards..

For example, the Best Artist of the Year award went to 2PM! <333!
I’m soo happy for themmm ;___; especially after everything they’ve been through, what with the stupid controversy surrounding their leader Park Jaebum<3 which caused him to leave the group.. It must be so hard and emotional for them to perform without Jaebum D: But despite them being 1:59, I’m happy for them! Oh my gosh, 2PM’s speeches and performances at MAMA were so touching TT___TT

AAAHHH!!!! I was about to embed 2PM’s speeches after they won both Best Artist of the Year and Best Male Group, but OMG. Time2sub2 is suspended! DDx GRRR. Another great subbing account gone down. ;_____; But what they said was really touching and I wanted to cry! Both times, they mentioned Jaebum. D:

Like, when they won Best Artist of the Year, a bunch of them, especially Wooyoung, cry like crazy :[ And Junsu said “Even though he isn’t here right now, I trained with him for 4 years and saw him throughout, Jaebummie… Our leader. I want to be able to share this great moment with him.” ;__;
[Edit;; WATCH HERE.]
And then when they won the Best Male Group award, Taecyeon said, “Jaebum-hyung, we’re all waiting for you, so hurry up and return.” <3
[Edit;; WATCH HERE.]

I have to say I’m not really a fan of the song “Heartbeat” D: And I’ve been kinda mehh about an incomplete 2PM so I do watch all their performances but I usually don’t have much to say about them. But something about this one made me like it a lot. ;__; So I shall talk about it. I really don’t like headmics, but despite that, I think they did reaally well vocally :O Wooyoung[the first singer!] did especially awesome and Junsu[the first part of the chorus!] always does awesomely. Junho[the two verse bridges!] is a pretty good singer too. And the rapping was spot on and fierce and beast xD

BUT “HEARTBEAT.” THE ONE THING ABOUT “HEARTBEAT” YOU CAN’T NOT MENTION IS THE CHOREOGRAPHY. xDDDDD IT’S SOOOO FREAAKKYYY. It creeps me out! But they’re such good dancers[look at 3:50!] and it is pretty epic choreography.. xD It’s just scary. But it’s epic. Oh yeah, JYP came out =__= xD

The orchestra members’ bows LIGHT UP!
HOLY COW THAT’S AWESOME WOW OMG we should so do that in symphony orchestra!

“Again & Again” was AMAZING :] They did awesome and I love the song, but their dedication to Jaebum was the most amazing. <3 4:23 is where Jaebum is supposed to sing, but they left his vocals in the music and left his spot empty :O
5:17 Jaebum usually sings the second half of the chorus, but they cut it out and went straight to the ending.. BUT. LISTEN TO THE FANS. Such amazing fans! They went and sang Jaebum’s part! Because it’s supposed to be there! And in the ending pose of the song, Jaebum’s supposed to stand in the middle with the rest of the members in a circle around him but they left his spot empty ^^ So touching!

You know what’s also amazing? :O Super Junior, despite not attending and despite Mnet’s bias against SM, won THREE AWARDS! xD OH YES. SJ FTW, CAN’T BE STOPPIN THEM. :DDDDDD Of course, they were all the popularity awards based on, duh, popularity and votes. :D Actual statistics and stuff! So there was no way Mnet could’ve made it up, and had no choice but to give them to their rightful winners, SuJu. Boo-yah.

And one of the awards SuJu won was the Overseas Viewers award! YESSSS :D We international Super Junior fans totally took that one home!

the f(x) effect
November 20, 2009

Everyday I love f(x) more and more xD

My favorite girlgroup was SNSD and I thought for sure no one could top them in my heart, but NOW I DUNNO ANYMOREEE ;____;

Oh and everyday, Chu~♡ grows on me a little more~ xD I used to not like the song much.. and then I started thinking it’s cute… ;__; But I think f(x) can make me like anything. I don’t like all that autotune in it or the fact that it doesn’t showcase how well they sing, but I’m starting to think Chu~♡ is a pretty good song! ^^


It makes me soooooo happy seeing them singing with handmics! Music Bank, I love you!! So far, every single performance except for their very first one[which, to be honest, was the only one I really actually liked xD] have been with headmics and the sound quality’s been TERRIBLE. Dx You can’t even, like, HEAR them sing. I know they’re not lip-synching but it often looks like they are, and I mean that in the bad way D: Although Luna and Krystal could actually pull that off in the good way..

Finally..!! ^__^

I mean, the mics are so clear, you can hear their jewelry jingling!

Krystal and Luna are sooo talented at singing! <3 And Sulli is just ADORABLE. It’s just the clothes their stylists gave her are terrible =__= I guess they’re taking advantage of the fact that she looks cute in whatever she’s wearing, and giving her ugly clothes… Victoria, compared to the rest of the members, still needs some work on her singing D: But her dancing = BEST! Her flip at 2:23! I’m already amazed she can even DO that, but she DOES it and does it perfectly in every single performance!

And Amber, haha xD So popular~ And she half-laughed during her solo 1:20, how cute! They always look like they’re having fun on stage<3

And all of them are just so cute and so pretty ;__; I like going on Affxtion forums and going to the photos section and then digging through every new thread xD Lately I’ve ended up saving a lot of pictures of them ’cause the pictures are adorable! :O I like reading some of their interviews too and I love visiting and leaving comments on their me2days. I really like their personalities. xD

Do it, do it chu~
La cha la cha ta ta!

I have revived~
November 19, 2009

^^ Ever since I got the flu and fevered nonstop for 10 days, even going to the ER, and missed a week of school, my life’s been terrible. xDD I swear fevering for 10 days killed half of my brain cells :[ ‘Cause I’ve really been out of it and just dead all of the time. It was horrible. I was constantly spaced out, and I couldn’t even comprehend my own thoughts T.T And I was in a bad mood 24/7 for no reason and I didn’t emotionally react to anything. Dx

And I’ve been going crazy because the people in my classes are insanely common sense-less and irritating. D: And I’ve just been… ;__; so stressed out…

Because I missed so much school, I’ve been really behind in all of my classes so I constantly felt stupid and useless in class, and on top of that, I had a project to rush-finish and so many things to make up. Like, my AP Lang class turned in 2 essays while I was gone, one being an in-class timed essay and the other they had a week to work on. >_O But I wrote the whole second essay Monday night and Tuesday night, I gave up an hour of sleep and timed myself and wrote the timed essay. DDDDx And I’m not really an extracurricular person.. I get drained out quickly and I’m very routine so I usually go straight home afterschool and am really tired, but lately I’ve had to stay afterschool a lot getting extra help in AP Chem and then making up a couple tests… And I even had to walk home which sucked because my health declined a lot lately… D: And SO WEIRD. My teachers all decided to give out IRREGULARLY HUGE LOADS of hw during this time. T.T

I have never in my life been so stressed out over schoolwork. xD
AND MY GRADES ARE DYING TT_____TT Because of that ONE week I was sick and dying, I’m not gonna get valedictorian! Aggghhh!! Ruined high school for meeeee!!!! -volcano in head erupts- </rant>

But yesterday I finally was able to wake up! ^___^

I was actually ALIIIVEEEE<3333 Oh, it’s great to be alive! I’m finally cured and all better and not all out of it! ^^ Yesterday I was reaaaaaaalllyyyy happy all day~! ^^ <3 I was really hyper! Hehehe. I’m really happy I recovered ^^ I really have not been alive the past few weeks xD I feel really good~ I’m finally back to normal, only feeling even better :D

But I haven’t been able to sing since before I got sick >____< I really miss being able to sing. Right now I still can’t ’cause I still hack and cough every once in a while and my throat is semisore often. :O It sucks~ So when I get home from school, despite it becoming freezingly cold, and this is totally the smartest thing to do, I compensate by eating mint chocolate chip ice cream!<3 ^___^

D: But singing.. Right now I don’t really have too much to live for, but singing is something that’s really important to me, albeit my personal singing skills not considered talent. >__O

Ah! And this week’s Kimi ni Todoke, episode 7, WAS SOOOOO GOOOODDD *___* It was a wonderful episode! I love Sawako ;__; She’s so endearing to me~ And oftentimes I feel like I can relate to her. And Kazehaya-kun!!<33 He seemed like a super cliche main guy character and I didn’t expect much, but I’ve unknowingly come to reaallly loovee himm ;____; He’s so adorable and awesome and KYEEEE the SawakoxKazehaya’ness! ^__^ I ended up liking Kazehaya so much that I was disappointed that guys like him don’t exist in reality :OO xD~

November 10, 2009

Nanchatte Renai [Duet] – Chiisana & Eva

^^ It’s finaaally done! Chiichama sounds really beautiful, and she did an awesome job on the harmonies and two-part harmonies. :D Oh yeah and the raps were changed up a bit~

In order of hearance:
-ChiisanaChanx3 / Chiisana
-waterpixieva / Eva

Harmonies: Chiisana
Mixing: Eva
Originally by: Morning Musume

Please leave us some feedback! :3

I HAVE BEEN DYYYIIIIIIIIIIING TO UPLOAD THISSSSS! ^_____^ I’m still sooooo excited~~! I love it so much and we worked so hard+long on it! ^^ Ahhhh I’m so happy it’s up! So please leave a comment on the video! :D I’d really love that <3 Waiting for feedback!!

^^ Tomorrow is a day off, wooooo! Although I just came back to school yesterday after being gone a week xD But WOO, A REAL BREAKKK! :DDDD

And tomorrow is Kimi ni Todoke and Glee! Looking forward to tomorrow!

And I’m also excited that now Nanchatte Renai is over, I’ll focus on my current project! ^^ Well, once my voice heals! Right now, I’m still coughing and hacking all over the place xD But YESSS SOON I WILL GET TO SING AGAIN! <3 Oh, how I’ve missed singing ! :O
And I’ll be working on FURUSATO! ^^ And when I finish singing it, and singing it is fun, I will UPLOAD it! Oh, I’m excited! xDDDD What PV shall I use? Ohohoho~


The Revival of Henry’s Hair
November 7, 2009

:DDDDDDDD I have successfully recovered! Clap clap clap~ ^^ Yacchaa! And as my reward for enduring through 9 days of fevering, I can fangirl as shallowly and hopelessly as I want without feeling guilty? :D [HENRYY~~]

Okay okay, before I begin rambling, is there anything to sayy.. :O I want the next ep of Kimi ni Todoke. I also want to upload Nanchatte Renai. OKAY!

But first, because this came out yesterday.

f(x)‘s new single Chu~♡

I love f(x) and I even leave comments on their me2day entries and I’m obsessed with LA chA TA, but this, hm.. >__O Can’t say I’m too fond of the song right now. It’s kinda mehh’ish and it doesn’t show off their vocals at all D: [Luna can sing thousand times better than this!] Well, Amber lucked out ’cause she got to rap. T.T Listening again, it’s kinda cute? It will grow on me! Especially because I love princesses!

Anyway, the MV is really cute but I don’t really get it.. No matter ’cause I still love princesses! SULLIIII IS ADORABLEE with the tiara and pigtails! Uwahh ^___^ She looks even younger than how young she already looks for her young age. The MV was totally all Sulli. Um, I like their outfits with the blue when they dance! But the other outfits OMG WHAT are they wearing?! Sulli’s huge, puffy black skirt and poor Krystal.. she doesn’t look good in that. T.T But Victoria’s flip at 2:26! :Db


Super Junior-M’s new MV for “Blue Tomorrow” OH YESSSS.
I have been so waiting for this! This was a quality song unlike most of the mini album coughhh and <333333 Love it love it!

The song is absolutely beautiful and they sung it really well >__< Such beautiful voices. And the lyrics are amazing and touching. I am in love. And the MV <3! It’s beautiful and sad and amazing and HANGENG’S SINGLE TEAR DOWN THE CHEEK AT 3:14 -clutches heart-

This is where the reward comes in. THEY LOOK REAALLYY GOOODD TT____TT Usually I always have a bunch of complaints, but this time… although Siwon’s pants bothered me. xD THEY LOOK SO AMAZING. *___* Don’t change, my boys!

But the big thing. Henry’s hair. Starting at 1:43, you start getting really nice shots of the boys standing. HENRY’S HAIR IS DOWNNN OH MY GODDD ASKLJFAIODJKL!!! I MISSED his bangs so much! I have been WAITINGGGG for this moment ever since he started chopping off his REALLY NICE BANGS during August 2008. It’s not a big deal when other guys cut their hair.. but something’s weird about Henry. -___-

Like, he’d be a completely different person with different hair. I dunno. It’s just that, with me, even though I already love his talent, personality, etc, his hair just makes a huge difference x__X And I kind of have a fetish for Asian guy hair.. T.T So bangs on Henry? YESSSSS. HE JUST LOOKS SOOO GOOODDD. It’s like his adorableness is completely back!! <3

AND MY GOD HIS HAIR LOOKS NICE. Please keep it that way forever! >__< Omg when I first watched the MV, I was screaming like a maniac despite my sore throat. 2:31 IS A REALLY GOOD SHOT OF HENRY. Welp, I’m happy.

November 6, 2009

Oh man, look at me. xD I almost signed in as “waterpixieva.”
Good job, Eva. :D

Super Junior 30 It's You

Happy 4th anniversary to Super Junior!

They’ll forever be my favorite band ^_____^ Nobody has everything they have nor been through the hardships they’ve been through nor have the bond that they hold. Right now, they’re dominating 2009 and they deserve it.

Mehhh, I can’t even write them a proper post now because my head feels like it’s being dismantled by the cough medicine. D:

T.T I miss being able to sing… -kicks rock-