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February 27, 2010

I have no life. I never go out and rarely do I ever have fun. But today two of my friends that don’t go to my school invited me to go see a movie! ^^ I haven’t been in a movie theatre for about 2 years! We saw Dear John and OMG I CRIED SO MUCH. ;___; And we kinda movie-hopped and saw Valentine’s Day. I honestly wasn’t expecting to like it much but I liked it a lot xD It was adorable, funny, and really entertaining. ^^

But when I got home…….

My piano was gone.

>_____< My parents sold my piano. without telling me. AGGHHHHHHHHH >[[[[[[[[[[[ AND I DIDN’T GET TO SAY GOOD-BYE!!!!!!! </3 And they sold it for $1,300 LESS than what we bought it for! >[ And it was my birthday present in 2nd grade too! </3


On another note, I am learning a dance which I..fearfully plan on dancing and uploading soon! D: I already finished recording the song. I’m kind of excited xD But scared, yes. Because I can’t really dance. But it sucks that I never get to practice because everyday I’m so tired when I get home from school. T.T Ugyuuuuun..

Oh! And I should be receiving my $156 [inc. shipping =_=] “You’re Beautiful” Director’s Cut DVD Fan Package soooooon!
That’s one of the few things I’m looking forward to currently in my life. =___= LIFE IS BORING WAAAAAHHH I’M TIRED!!

I was really smart when I decided to take pics w/ my piano..


Triple Celebration~
February 14, 2010

xD February 14th is a busy day this yearrrrr.

Happy Chinese New Year! “Gong Hay Fat Choy~” :D

Happy Valentine’s Day! ^^ <3

Aaaaand happy 2nd anniversary/birthday to “Sing Your Dreams” :OOO! ^__^ <3333

Okay, I am leaving now because I am tired. xD

February 12, 2010

YUSHHHH. FINALLY IT IS FRIDAY AND FINALLY IT IS WINTER VACATION WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! This was way overdue. :[ I’ve been insanely tired lately. Life has been improving, yes, but things build up still and I pretty much broke down yesterday. Dx But today, things got better~ Today was a nice day~ It was glorious, in fact! ^^

C.N. Blue – 외톨이야 I’m a Loner [Female Cover] – Duet w/ Chiisana

[Well, for me, it’s obsession. xD;; Hehe.]

Yong Hwa [Verses]: Eva / waterpixieva
Yong Hwa [Choruses]: Chiisana / ChiisanaChanx3
Jong Hyun: Chiisana / ChiisanaChanx3

Instrumental made by: Chiisana [from original mp3]
Mixing: Eva
Translations: 1takeKK @ [with edits]

^^ Please try not to compare this to the original because obviously our version is more feminine and weaker, especially the -cough- raps. Neither of us can speak Korean so please forgive any language-related mishaps? :D

We really appreciate and love feedback! Thank you~

HEHEHEHEHEHE. <3 I like how this turned out. ^^ Although I think the raps are awkward. [Originally I was gonna have my friend generate some beats for us, because the rap might be less awkward if there were the beats that didn’t make it through to the instrumental.. Dx But yeah, that didn’t come through.] That’s like the main flaw. But I like this a lot. :D <3

TT___TT I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY LOVE COMMENTS. ;__; :D ^^ ;D :O ^__^ <3 So does Chiichama!

I had other stuffs to say, but now I forgot it all. Boooooo.
No really. T.T I forgot everything I might’ve wanted to blog about.

Eva (3:24:58 PM): …………..
Eva (3:25:14 PM): my mom just came in and asked me.. if “dog” is plural, do you put an “s”………………….
Chiisana (3:25:23 PM): … xDD
Chiisana (3:25:32 PM): *patpat*
Chiisana (3:25:35 PM): it’s okay, it’s okay.

Lovely Day, baribiribarabu~
February 1, 2010

xDD Yup, lots to catch up on lol. Man this is why I like to just blog often. D;

FIRST OFF! New video I uploaded Jan. 21: “Lovely Day” by Park Shin Hye from my current favorite drama “You’re Beautiful“<3, as requested by Purply-sama, our leader from Totally Up! Project. ;D

[Cover] Park Shin Hye – Lovely Day

Wasn’t planning on doing this song, but I was requested by Purply [PurplyWater] so here it is! ^^

I really tried to sing in a style and voice that suited the song, and it was unexpectedly difficult. Dx So I cut the song short. xD Sorry~ PSH sang this in such a cutesy, soft, reserved way. T.T

“YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL” IS LIKE THE BEST DRAMA EVER EVER EVER! :DDD I loooove it so much I’m getting the INSANELY expensive Director’s Cut DVD+Fan Package thing despite being a cheapo. [Say goodbye to shopping ;__;] So if you havent watched it yet, go watch it. :D

The video is just a slideshow of cute pictures from the drama, mostly behind the scenes. I’m a HUGE Shinwoo/JUNG YONG HWAAA/C.N.Blue fan so this video? Biased? Absolutely. ^^

Original singer: Park Shin Hye (박신혜)
Translation: 2m2i4k1i

Lately, like I said earlier, I’ve been kinda busy’ish? D: During the past two weeks, I have been SO TIRED and SO EXHAUSTED. :[ Just really, really physically and mentally tired. I pretty much slept at 2 every night because of homework, and then all day I would keep yawning like crazy. ;_____; Everyday I struggled to stay awake during class, especially AP Chemistry which has been insanely DULL lately. [It doesn’t help that the class is 2 hours long~] Plus I take 7 periods instead of 6, so that already really knocks me out… T.T

That weekend a week ago REALLY did not help [I was looking forward to it after a week of dying ;_;] because on Saturday I STILL had to wake up at my usual time of 6 AM. You know why? To take the SAT! Hah! x____x Well it felt easy/okay so skipping that. That Sunday didn’t do much either.

And then this past week… I got sick. TT__TT I didn’t go to school Monday; finally got some sleep<3 but not enough. And then it turned out that my teachers gave a lot of hw so I ended up staying up til like 3-4 doing it even though I was sick Dx So then school……. I pretty much ate chocolate and coffee candy nonstop to attempt to keep myself awake but even still… xD;;

Then this past weekend was marvelous and a lot of fun! <3 :] But my parents pissed me off a lot because I get absolutely 0 respect & privacy, and my mom broke my stuff.

And today O__________O I WAS SERIOUSLY SHOCKED. I was perfectly awake all day! <3 Also, I finished all my hw at like 9:40! ^____^ Aaaand I got my report card recently and I was still able to keep my beautiful 4.0 <333 even though I had swine and missed school for a week in November! ;__; I’m really, really grateful~~~<3 Hehehe~

Although I still am sorta sick O__O I never technically *got better* …… I’ve just BEEN half-sick. It’s very not fun. xD But I can’t wait til my throat stops hurting so I can recorddd~!

I already loved their CRAZY AWESOME talents and looks but their personalitiiiieeesssss *__* SUCH CUTE PEOPLE. So down-to-earth, modest, innocent, funny, and caring/appreciative/considerate/loving toward fans! I really wanna support them so I shall try to buy their next album if I have money. O: Ehehehehe C.N. Blueee~~ ^^ *.* ^o^ :3 :D ♥