Time to Love!

Sorry, random post.


:[[[[[[[ Okay so when news of a “You’re Beautiful Director’s Cut DVD Set, which has 18 episodes[=2 extra hours!] instead of 16 because they’re adding in all of the scenes that were cut out + the behind the scenes, I WAS LIKE, OMG. IF I HAVE THIS MY LIFE WILL BE FREAKING COMPLETE. :O And I’m a huge cheapo and I don’t always find stuff I like/want.. but I want this. A lot. Alotalot..!

So today I found info about it and IT. IS. FREAKING.
$120  !!!!

Excuse me while I write my will Dx …;__; …. TT___TTTTTTTTT but I wannttt ittttt…….. T.T But we’re poor and it’s not something I NEED per se… D: But I really want it. Dammit.

See, THIS is why I was so disappointed when I came home to find two wrapped Christmas presents from my parents :[ I mean of course I’m surprised and grateful and all, buuuut D; I was about to tell them to not BOTHER getting me anything this year because they should save their money for other stuff that I’m gonna WANT later. And I had these two specific things in my mind:
1) Super Junior Super Show 2 DVD [probably will be expensive..]
2) You’re Beautiful Director’s Cut DVD Set [REALLY EXPENSIVE.]

I’m disappointed.. What a waste of money. D: ‘Cause now I probably will ask for both of those things anyway… I know this is queer but I hope they got me really cheap gifts so I feel less guilty xDDD;;

Ah and the preorder ends January 5th. :[ Thing is that the non-preorder version will have less content and be less special, so Ima have to decide soonnnn? MY DAD ISN’T MAKING THINGS BETTER. I was so AAHHHH!!! [aka insane xD] about it that I started whining to him, but I didn’t tell him the price, and was just going, “UuUUu~ But I waant itt…. ;_; But I want it thoughhhaaaaaa….” and he was like, “Buy it then. =_=”
T.T But that’s because he doesn’t know the price.. To me, even $30 is really expensive..


Oh wait this post isn’t that random. :O

[Cover] Time to Love (TTL)

^^ I’ve totally been listening to this song on repeat for the past month or so. It’s suuuch a great song and I loove it~ :O But my high, childish voice isn’t right for it. xD My rapping failage is back. Bleh, and my Korean is even worse when I try to rap.. xD;;

Originally by: T-ara/Tiara (티아라) & Supernova/Cho Shin Sung (초신성)

I’d really appreciate some feedback, thank you :3

Merry Christmas Eve! ^^

:OOOO Again I was excited[xD..] and was kinda hoping for a better response, kinda selfish I know, but yeaahhhh very unpopular..^^; T.T I know I am. This video probably will be too.

[You know what else is disappointing? The views on my Magic Number vid go up, and I’m happy/grateful about it, but it’s saddening that the ratings + comments never change. >___O How unmotivational xD]


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