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April 29, 2012



April 25, 2012

I-I think my heart is weak for Kris from EXO-M.

I-I love EXO’s fans on tumblr
April 25, 2012

.. OwO Just pulled all-nighter last night writing research paper YEEEEEEY. Like, I literally finished at 7 AM AHAHAHA LOVE YOU COLLEGE. Anyway, I have to jump back into my mixing hole today but I decided to take some time for myself finally =v= by catching up on tumblr heeeee~

And this is what happens when I’m on tumblr and Chiisana disappears:

[4:55:50 PM] Eva: omg Eli AHAHA
[5:00:31 PM] Eva:
[5:02:07 PM] Eva:
[5:10:28 PM] Eva: so much for napping
[5:12:31 PM] Eva: LAY IS SUCH A DEVIL
[5:13:57 PM] Eva: BACON AEGYO
[5:14:17 PM] Eva: i think i can sometimes tell Sehun and Suho apart now
[5:14:18 PM] Eva: because of eyes
[5:14:45 PM] Eva: AWWWWW HAHAHA
[5:19:18 PM] Eva: omg EXO fans are the most hilarious ones i swear
[5:24:54 PM] Eva: OH MY GOD D.O
[5:42:07 PM] Eva: HAHAHAHA have you heard Lay’s “ready set, oh my!” in M’s Two Moons? SO DIVAAAA
[5:49:45 PM] Eva:
[5:52:35 PM] Eva: oh my god i have never seen this in the MV before
[6:58:32 PM] Eva: LAY IS SO MATURE
[6:59:49 PM] Eva: OMG AHAHAHAHAHAHA they named Kris x Lay “KRISpyLAY”
[7:01:12 PM] Eva: i-i can tell Sehun and Suho apart now! k-kind of!! /o/
[7:03:17 PM] Eva: Tao x Gucci OTP
[7:40:58 PM] Chiisana:
…wait.. -doubletake-
[7:42:07 PM] Chiisana: oh and Tao x Gucci forever LOL
[7:44:46 PM] Chiisana: ..
[7:44:53 PM] Chiisana: why did it take this long for the Opera MV to come out O_O
[7:44:56 PM] Eva: oh you finally came back to all my spam.
[7:45:01 PM] Eva: ……..
[7:45:03 PM] Chiisana: oh
[7:45:07 PM] Chiisana: this is Japanese LOL
[7:45:07 PM] Eva: i like how you don’t question the wall of links.

April 18, 2012

[4:55:11 PM] Chiisana:

[4:55:11 PM] Chiisana:
[4:55:18 PM] Chiisana: HE’S PRETTIER THAN I AM.
[4:55:29 PM] Chiisana: he strangely looks like IU here. ._________.
[4:55:40 PM] Eva: who da fuh is dat
[4:55:43 PM] Chiisana:
[4:55:45 PM] Chiisana: Luhan.
[4:55:48 PM] Eva: ………………………………….
[4:55:50 PM] Eva: ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
[4:55:51 PM] Eva: ?!??!?!?!
[4:55:55 PM] Eva: ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????????????????
[4:56:06 PM] Eva: my world just caved in brb i have to clean up this mental mess
[4:56:17 PM] Chiisana: LOLLLL

[he is really pretty though .__________________.]
[Don’t mind us. We’ve basically been on an EXO craze lately.]


April 17, 2012

A while before, I made a post talking about how disconnected I’ve been from entertainment in general, and I touched upon my lack of interest in EXO’s debut, and I said,
“This is the first time that I haven’t taken much interest in a new SM group though and I’m absolutely shocked at myself haha. Perhaps one day EXO will grow on me and I shall come to love them~ SM-related things always grow on me anyway. =w=”


So I like EXO now.
Not nearly as big of a fan as .. most of their other fans…… and not even as big of a fan as Chiisana, but.
I like EXO now.

For some reason, what really got me into EXO was MAMA. *____*
(My post about that song on Candy for the Ears)

I had that song nonstop on loop for like 2-3 days LOL. Not really atm because I’ve been spending my time mixing. BUT MAN. THE SONG IS SO BADASS. <333 [It’s funny how sometimes I’ll loop AKB48 and at other times, I’m really into songs like MAMA and B.A.P’s Warrior. <3]
I CANNOTTT WAITTTTT for Gemini to do MAMA. *u* Ehehe~ It probably won’t be for a while though ’cause we’ve got a bunch of other things planned. We’ve already done a script though and MAN I CANNOT WAITTTTT.

 I’m so ecstatic for the return of Badass!Gemini >A< ! At the moment though, we’ve been doing a lot of cute things…and actually, we still have two more cute things in progress right now :T but after that, youtube better watch out.

Anyway, back to EXO.
EXO-M: Lay, Kris, Luhan, Chen, Xiumin, ………….
EXO-K: Kai, Sehun, D.O., Baekhyun, Suho, Chanyeol

Oh man I forgot one. :c W-who.. Oh oops LOL Tao, I’m so sorry. Q A Q

Uh…I can..sort of tell M apart. I’m still pretty clueless on K’s faces though. Not even gonna bother trying to tell their voices apart .__. although I know Baekhyun tends to growl and Kris is the fiercer rapper.

I can’t tell who I’m biased towards yet ._____. since nobody stands out to me that much. I feel like I might see Kris a bit over the other members though. I like his rapping, he’s handsome, he’s from North America, and he’s friends with Henry [still my ultimate bias //v//].

[3:48:23 PM] Eva: guess what i’m doing right now instead of work
[3:48:31 PM] Eva: watching EXO-M’s MV
[3:48:55 PM] Chiisana: LOLL
[3:51:10 PM] Eva: i wonder who decided.. to make Xiumin’s sharpie just all messy smudges all over his face
[3:51:29 PM] Eva: maybe he fell asleep and the other members pulled a prank on him
[3:51:32 PM] Eva: and they were like
[3:51:35 PM] Eva: oh let’s use that

Say “Meet-up at Madfish with Myst” 5 times fast
April 17, 2012

.. hi. o u o)/
I have not been here in a while.

Actually, I haven’t been anywhere in a while OTL ……
[Other than skype and twitter, which are the things keeping me sane~~]

Spent all of Saturday working on video for Gemini, finished up the video on Sunday and then spent 7 hours on a mix for a chorus, then yesterday after school I spent 9 more hours on that mix.

I’m actually still at work Q A Q Not that busy today so I have some free time to just.. sit here. Ironic though how the only time I have free time is when I’m on the job LOLOL. /lives a pathetic life
Mmmmm I still have 4 more hours until I go home and I’ll probably spend tonight mixing and studying for tomorrow’s test. /o/

Anyway, two Saturdays ago, I had lunch with Myst ( as we met for the first time~ And I vlogged from that day but IT’S SUCH A FAILURE OF A VLOG. ;A; The entire thing is just my face..and legs. -hides in shame- I swear I only do that for Chii because she’s so fun to tease. ;A;

Also, I’m awkward.
And this is awkward. ._. And I’m embarrassed.

-leaves vlog here and rolls away- ///

Oh oh, on a last note though!
This Sunday, members of #teamnorcal are meeting up at the Cherry Blossom Festival at Japantown San Francisco *u*
There will be me, Chiisana/ChiisanaChanx3, Myst/mystraven, Karu/karufuruu, and Carmen/iAnimePHr34k. I’m hoping all of us can take purikura together >w< I’m likely to vlog that day as well~

April 9, 2012

.. I-I’m finally out of that hellhole /o/
Man this week was really rough on me LOL. I barely had any time to breathe. D’x Just stress stress stress stress whether I was at school, work, or at home. But mostly at home. :c

I don’t know why I’m still here and functioning without taking any naps today, even though I pulled an all-nighter last night to finish up my research paper LOL. And I had an in-class essay too, running on just a handful of 10-minute naps last night OTL………

Gonna sleep soon >w< but wanted to blog here first since I haven’t really been active on any of my blogs for the past week.

Oh oh~ On Saturday, I hung out with Myst [a new friend who’s in the vocaloid youtaite community although she doesn’t sing but only animates] and we had sushi! It was our first time meeting~ It was pretty fun. We just ate and talked and talked and gossiped. |’DD;; The food was reaaallyyy good tooo. But then we didn’t really hang around after because we both had to go home to our very demanding homework. OTL

I did .. kind of sort of’ish vlog but it’s really short and somewhat awkward. ;x; We only took one video together so most of the footage is just me talking to myself in my car OTL ||ll”…..

/o/ Got froyo after school today. Eating the exhaustion and depression away~~ /o/ It was kind of a reward to myself too I guess for all that stress I’ve been going through.

Hm ;n; now that I have a temporary’ish break from school [err.. I still have a test next week but I’m not worried about that. And I have another research paper due in 2 weeks… but just for now, idc about school (_ _);;] I really gotta get to work on all the uh.. singing-related stuff. >_< So I just put together a list for myself of all the lines I need to record, all the things I need to mix, and all the videos I have to make, along with the deadlines for each. Oh god save me please.

Cotton Candy
April 6, 2012

Chiisana and I hung out last Sunday~
Unfortunately we found out that our sushi restaurant closed down. :c But they didn’t have much business, although that was partly why I liked it so much >A< -socially inept-
.. A-and then we found out that our usual ice cream place is being renovated. Sob. Our wonderful luck.

But in the end, we had sushi and ice cream at other places, although the ice cream wasn’t nearly as good as the ice cream at our usual shop haha. ^^

And then we went to the mall and ate cotton candy while shopping LOL. /forever pigging out buddies

o u o I’m actually quite happy with my failure in taking that picture. It worked out for the best~

what really happens in Gemini chat
April 6, 2012

[12:21:38 AM] Chiisana: I miss Ebah
[12:22:01 AM] Eva: huh
[12:22:07 AM] Jay: ebaahh
[12:22:21 AM] Chiisana: I feel like I haven’t spoken to her in 10
[12:22:24 AM] Chiisana: thousand years
[12:22:30 AM] Chiisana: I hope she’s okay ; ~ ;
[12:22:38 AM] Jay: i will pray for her
[12:23:17 AM] Chiisana: Do you think she’s out there thinking about us, as we are thinking about her?
[12:23:33 AM] Jay: i think so!
[12:23:39 AM] Eva: -eats popsicle-
[12:24:12 AM] Ryaaaan: lool
[12:24:25 AM] Chiisana: Ah, of course she is.. she always had a beautiful heart ; ~ ;
[12:25:36 AM] Eva: i wonder what i’m having for lunch tomorrow.
[12:26:23 AM] Chiisana: I wonder if she’s lost and cold.. I wonder if she’s waiting for us, just waiting for us to.. come and find her ourselves.
[12:26:46 AM] Chiisana: Are we letting her down as friends? as her companions?
[12:26:51 AM] Chiisana: as her loved ones?
[12:26:58 AM] Jay: ; ~ ;
[12:26:59 AM] Jay: -tear-
[12:27:42 AM] Eva: i feel obliged to come in with a sarcastic, witty punchline but i can’t be bothered.

April 3, 2012

I know it’s not pretty but that’s not the point HAHA

CAPPUCCINO AND COOKIES&CREAM FROYO <333333 with M&M’s and sprinkles and peach and green apple rings >A< ♥

Yeaaaaaah that one time I went out to lunch with my high school friends, we had froyo at the new Tutti Frutti that opened SOMEWHAT’ISH NEAR MY HOUSE. *A* Well it’s actually not that close to my house. But heck, it’s a lot closer compared to everywhere else! ^^ <3

I actually went there after school yesterday by myself since I was too worn out to be able to record when I got home. :’D It was actually my first time doing something like that haha even though I have a car. I never go out ;w;.. But yeah, I really like this place though ’cause the froyo is delicious and…when I got there, I was literally the only customer HAHAHA. -shot forever for being socially inept-

But other than that, right now life is:
-drifting off in most of my classes
-drifting off at work [ONLY FOR A MOMENT ;A; I still worked hard..]
-two research papers
-lot of readings and upcoming essay
-lines I have to record
-video to finish making which is overdue but it’s so frustrating amgaahh
-two big chorus projects to mix soon [luckily not in mixing stages yet]
-What is sleep?