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Gemini’s Signature Weapons
May 20, 2012

Mimi: Axe
Eva: Chainsaw
Jeffrey: Broomstick
Ryan: Manpurse (for whacking)
Jay: Pencil (for stabbing)
Chiisana: Rock-kun.


May 20, 2012

Been really busy for the entire month, but after my 3 finals tomorrow, I’m done!
Well kind of. QnQ N-not really HAHAHA. I still work on Tuesday. And then Wednesday is possibly my only day to record all of the lines (omg there’s a lot sobbb) that I owe. And then I work Thursday. Friday is either recording or last minute shopping day. Then on Saturday, I leave for Australia!

I missed a lot of stuff Q_____Q l-like my own birthday LOL. You know how I always post a picture of myself wearing my Birthday Girl shirt in the mirror on my birthday? :c I’m 18 days late, cryyyy. But I did take pictures that day although I haven’t picked out which one to post.. o A o When I have time, I will ! The tradition of mine will live on ^^