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So Hot
May 29, 2010

[Cover] Wonder Girls – So Hot (Rap)

:P I recorded this for Star!U, a group under Totally Up! Project [twilightlegendhp] which I’m the leader of. It was difficult and I worked hard on it, so I wanted to upload it myself too~ And actually Star!U’s cover of So Hot still isnt finished yet, but I got reaally impatient. xD I’ll link that one when it’s out so make sure you watch it at that time! :]

I wanted to upload something ’cause my next upload might be a long time later. ;_; I put my current project on hiatus AGAIN because of the sudden surge of lines for groupdubs with deadlines.
Thanks for watching!


;_; I have nothing to blog about…


Happy birthday Lulu~ <3
May 23, 2010

Although I think you won’t see this. :P Since you haven’t been active for a long time and I haven’t even been seeing you online at all.

And I don’t think you would check here anyway since I haven’t been all that active on this blog either xDD Alright, I’m guilty. I’ve been updating Candy for the Ears multiple [too many] times a day. ^^; Ehe. Due to tests and projects, I haven’t had much homework lately so it’s been aaallll playing and watching entertainment for meeeee~

Anyway, I saw Aira favorite this and it is AWESOME/HILARIOUS! ^^

Purply says (7:32 PM):
lols i was thinking the other day that u and micchichanpyon should be discovered and make an awesome EPIC unit haha
u could be the rapper lols
cause ebah is a gangtar lols
eva says (7:33 PM):

May 11, 2010

[Cover] NU ABO 누 예삐오 – f(x)

Song: NU ABO [누 예삐오]
Original artist: f(x) [에프엑스]

:P Sorry that my range is incomparable to Luna’s, so this is the best that I can give you for now. Also I am not/can’t speak Korean so sorry if anything is significantly iffy.

And as for the instrumental–I tried my best and this is the best one I could make, but there’s a lot of backtrack.

Thank you for watching and I’d really appreciate some feedback! ^^

*Haha wow, my video descriptions are always so long but this time I seriously didn’t know what to write at all~ xDD;;

*________* Wow I’m seriously surprised and grateful… 700 views overnight. To me, that’s a great achievement x]


The aftereffects of first AP exam:
Headache. Shivering. Dizziness. Depression. Disappointment in oneself. Inexlicable sadness. Anxiety. Brain deadness. Wanting to scream. Wanting to curl up into a ball. Craving for chocolate. Forgetting things right after they happen….


Dude, we had a free period in math analysis, so I fell asleep. DDDDDDDDDDDD’x And woke up finding drool and a creepy, deep indent on my face because I fell asleep on my glasses. When I got home from school, I splurged on freshly baked mint cocoa chip cookies and mint chocolate chip ice cream >w< more AP exam to go.. English.. MEANING WRITING 3 ESSAYS, AAAAAAAHHHHH!!! -ominous thunder and lightning in the background-


[Girl, you really must start uploading -________-;;;;;;;; It’s been how many months?! EIGHT!! Afraid of uploading, you say? =.= You have more reason to be afraid of ME! mwuahahaha.]

The cute picture that Chiisana drew that was in her room :P
“Sigh..”  “eh?”  “Kyee!”
Fits us so well..

Dear Mom & Dear Daddy
May 9, 2010

I was gonna blog about the last track off f(x)’s new NU ABO mini-album, “Sorry (Dear Daddy)” and then mention that it was sweet that while f(x) had “Dear Daddy,” SNSD has an equally beautiful ballad called “Dear Mom” and embed that too. Then I remembered that today is Mother’s Day. :P

Don’t things work out great?!

But yes, they are both INCREDIBLY beautiful, endearing songs, sung by amazing talented girls with lovely voices, that also have beautiful lyrics. <3

SNSD – Dear Mom

f(x) – Sorry (Dear Daddy)



My review of f(x)’s NU ABO mini-album.

Haha yup–shoot me–I’m gonna start having a THIRD blog xD My private/protected one (xanga) is for my everyday school life. THIS one, my public blog, is for my online life and online friends and sometimes personal life and singing and just stuff I like. :]
But this third one, “Candy for the Ears” is like an anonymous-ish one xDDDDD Just k-pop and Asian entertainment and dramas and all.. Whatever I watch or listen to. :P Because I’ve always wished that there was a site where I could go to when really bored, and there’d be constant updates of new things to watch, listen to, or check out. xD I’d never be bored. So I figured that I might as well try to do something similar to that..

I do watch a lot of stuff anyway ;D Might as well share.

f(x) NU ABO Comeback
May 7, 2010


Reaaaally amazing comeback performance, omg, f(x) never fails to impress me! x] Seriously, the first time I watched it, I was literally smiling throughout the video to my computer monitor…………. And I couldn’t help watching it again and again. :P All of them really shone.

But seriously, Luna. DAMN :DD CRAAZY talent rait thar!! Her voice is KILLER, especially at the bridge with her epic high note! ^^ And for some reason, her appearance stood out to me too here. She looks really good and I like what she’s wearing and her hair like that. xD


:] My NU ABO cover will be out sometime next week.

May 2, 2010

Of course, the “Birthday Girl” shirt picture in the bathroom mirror! :] It’s a traditionnn!
2009 [;_; meh]
2008 [this one I feel embarrassed about xD]

:D I braided my hair yesterday so today it was kind of wavy/curly. ^^

^__^ I spent my birthday with Check! 3 [rawrrkathy and ChiisanaChanx3] and it was fun~

Hey, May!
May 1, 2010

:P I went to this Asian plaza today, and my purpose wasn’t even to treat myself………

;_________; THEN I SAW A TSUBASA CHRONICLE POSTER. And it was a lot cheaper than I expected too! xD
Eva: -to dad- D: The cost is about one pearl drink. How about you offer to buy me a pearl drink, I refuse, and buy a poster instead?! ^^

And he did it so I ran off to buy my poster xDDDDDDDDD Don’t you love how I think?!

YEAAHHH! ^^ One more treasure for my Tsubasa walls!!

Also I was in a bookstore and I saw….. SUPER JUNIOR’S SUPER SHOW 2 CONCERT CD~~! OOOOOx *_________* oh my oh my… Hahaha. It was like $24. After a while, because I showed so much interest in it, my dad was like, “Do you want to buy this as your birthday present from your mom?”

;_; So I said, “… Nah. The DVD for the concert will come out soon and that’s going to be much more expensive. xD But I want that one instead, so just forget the CD.”

Come to think of it, Super Junior’s 4th album is coming this month :]]]]]]]]]]]]] I hear the teaser will come out in 3 days! ^_____^ x] x] So excited! I guess I’m going to buy that too, to support SuJu. :P <3
[;_; oh no, what if f(x)’s “NU ABO”–which I’m excited for btw–is really good and I wanna buy that too…]


T.T Ew school.. The past week has been STAR testing and although as far as I know, I was the first one in my class to finish the English, chemistry, and history sections [HAHA is it weird that I find tests fun?!?!], but the math part… mowed me over and danced on top of me….. xDD;; And then in 2 weeks is AP testing, oh joy.. And then the SAT and two Subject SATs.. xD;; Yayz.


My last pic as a 16-year-old HAHAHAHA
This is what I’m spending my last hour doing xDDDD
eating bbq Lay’s and doing AP chemistry homework…….