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February 29, 2008

:D Finally I cleared off some of my deadlines; I’m so happy and proud~ xDD

‘Cause for maybe three weeks I haven’t completed any set of lines or anything, and I finally finished three :D So I’m just ridiculously happy.

Gah, my dad has been getting out of work really early lately. x[ And usually I ONLY record when I’m home alone. Or at least I do my best when I’m home alone.

T.T So my incredibly short recording time is about to become a no-recording time. My dad’s company is moving to Texas, so he’s about to get laid in a week or two.


Well anyway, I finished my Furusato recording for my Twilight Legend solo project. :D It’s track 2 of my first single, Balalaika. I was assigned to cover Koharu Kusumi songs.

Huh. Took me more than a week just to finish it.

Since I can’t embed the music player, you can download it here or here if you’re curious, or just really bored.
[Or if you like to collect bad fandubs.]


xD Oh yeah, I made a chipmunk version of it too. <3 CHIPMUNKYY!
Hahah :D Well it was Chiichama’s idea. [By the way, Chiichama is my nickname for ChiisanaChanx3]
[And Chipmunky Girl used to be my nickname for Kath/rawrrkathy in eighth grade. =3]

If you’re not gonna listen to my Furusato, then at least listen to the chipmunk version? :D

I think it’s soo cool xD Furusato sounds AWESOME in chipmunk, especially the beginning intro!

You can listen to both versions here.

I also added my OLD Furusato recording from September, 2007. Ew, much?

It’s just for comparing. =/ I at least hope that I improved. I think over the past months, my voice and singing style did change.
-____-; My god I sound sooo much like I’m fakingly trying to sound cute. I swear, back then, that was my “natural” voice.

For my new one, I tried to sing as natural as possible, but I bet a couple months later I’ll listen back and think, “EW I sound SO KIDDYISH! That can’t be my natural voice..”

Yep. Predictable. :D I hope your ears don’t diee.


Love Contract
February 28, 2008

:D Yayy~ Hahah I feel really, really good right now. xD Suddenly I’m in such a great mood and I loved today’s weather and god, I feel like I’m back in circulation again or something. :D

Sooner or later, my personality’d start to kick in on my blogs, so don’t freak out if I seem different or something. You can ask anybody I know in real life and they’d tell you that I have mood swings like hell.

And I’m probably the easiest person to piss off in the whole world.


Well anyway, right now I’m just eating cranberries and watching Love Contract, which I randomly feel like blogging about.

Love Contract

It’s a Taiwanese drama[Mandarin] that features:
Ariel Lin, who starred in It Started With A Kiss, and
Mike He, who starred in Devil Beside You.

By the way, Devil Beside You is DEFINITELY my FAVORITE drama of all time, and I recommend it. I think it’s really good and it’s not all fluff; it’s full of emotions and it’s deep but has its funny and cute moments and the plot was great.

And the cast was almost PERFECT. I swear, Rainie Yang makes THE perfect “Qi Yue”. She’s cute, she can act, she can sing, and is a good match with Mike He<3. And Mike just makes the perfect Ahmeng.

At first when I read about Love Contract, I thought it’d be bad because the plot sounded unoriginal,
but unexpectedly, it’s pretty good.

I like Ariel Lin in it. :D
Honestly I didn’t like her in It Started With A Kiss at all. She looked kind of awkward and I didn’t like her acting in it, and her character annoyed me so much. Her character having absolutely no common sense at all pissed me off.
But it’s not a bad drama. The sequel didn’t intrigue me much, so I stopped after the first episode. [Grr and Figaro’s in it too..]

Mike He. D: He’s hawt. Like, he makes me freaking squeal the way Syaoran<3 from Tsubasa Chronicle used to make me squeal. <3

In Devil Beside You, he played as a devilish character and he often had his hair gel’ed and I thought that looked ehh.. then in one episode, he and Qi Yue got rained on, so he let his hair down, and that’s when I started thinking he’s hawett D: -is shot-

In Love Contract, he has his hair down the whole drama, so that’s just great :D Plus he’s sooo freaking sweet that his character makes me squeal too >___<~
I mean, in DBY, his character has a good heart and everything, but he doesn’t act sweet all the time. Just was all tough.

Nyah I talk too much and need to get back to watching. xD

So that’s it. I need to get a life. Hahah. And stop talking to myself.

Blogging while eating shortbread Girl Scouts cookies…
February 27, 2008

…is incredibly amusing. xD -is shot-

-eats- Well, anyway, that’s not why I’m here to write again[well, sorta.. I just felt like writing a random title].

On the 24th, Lulu[japeysan]’s groupdub of DEF. DIVA’s “Suki Sugite Baka Mitai” was uploaded. Whoo~ It’s awesome and full of energy and such a great song, too.

Cast List:
Abe Natsumi - waterpixie/Eva
Goto Maki - marimari999/Mari
Ishikawa Rika - FeatherWing14/Chobie
Matsuura Aya - japeysan/Lulu


On the 25th, Chobie[FeatherWing14]’s groupdub of Morning Musume Otomegumi’s “Ai no Sono ~Touch My Heart~” was uploaded. :D Yay, finally! If I recall, this dub was started quite some time ago.

Cast List:
Ishikawa Rika - Giselledesu/Yumiko
Fujimoto Miki - japeysan/Lulu
Ogawa Makoto - Deccha
Tanaka Reina - FeatherWing14/Chobie
Tsuji Nozomi - waterpixie/Eva
Iida Kaori - SilverMoooon/Kiki
Michishige Sayumi - Beeparty


Hm. So now I’m bored. D: Earlier I was trying to record my Furusato lines, right? For my solo project in Twilight Legend?

And I got to the line “Motherrr~” and my cell phone fricken vibrates. T.T And I look at it and it’s my mom calling me, so I was like, “ calling me right now.”

NYAH I was gonna, like, put a little thingy here that’ll play the little clip but fricken WordPress won’t take it. >__>;; I mean, what’s the point of having a <code> choice if you can’t even USE it.. >[

Well it’s here if you’re interested, or have absolutely nothing else to do in the next 20 seconds.


Fever in Hawaii.
February 23, 2008

Hm. I just threw up in one of the country’s nicest-looking malls.

Tomorrow’s my plane ride back home.

I guess this extends my hiatus.

Morning Musume/Berryz Koubou/C-ute Poll
February 21, 2008

I’m still in Hawaii at the moment and I thought I’d take the time to put up my vote while I’m at a place that has internet.

 You can vote here at Hello! Blog. :D Make sure you do it ’cause it ends the 24th.


Morning Musume Poll

1. Takahashi Ai – D: Honestly I don’t like the current Aichan, the leader and the mature character. I loved her when she was the cute character and when she had long hair and how she spoke and acted like a little, innocent girl on Hello! Morning. But she’s still pretty and a great singer, so she’d have to be my favorite in the current Momusu line-up.

 2. Niigaki Risa – She was so cute and innocent and now she’s SO pretty, and I love her voice too. I like how she’s honest and herself instead of always trying to be fakely cute.

3. JunJun – I don’t know much about her but she’s cute, so she’s got that going for her =O And I guess I liked her on HM@, even though I don’t like that show.

4. Tanaka Reina – has always been awesomee. I loved her from Aa! to her yankiiness to her sweetness now. And she has nice hair. D:

5. Michishige Sayumi – I find her funny :D I hate fake cute’ness, but I think that’s fine for her character ’cause she’s ALWAYS been like that with the whole narcissist thing. She’s not too great of a singer, but she tries.

6. Kamei Eri – She’s funny and a great dancer. ^^;

7. Mitsui Aika – She never appealed to me much, but she can sing pretty well.

8. Koharu Kusumi – I don’t like her. =/ I don’t like her fake cute’ness. Her face is somewhat cute, but the way she acts annoys me. She can’t sing very well at all. She always sounds strains and nasally and sounds like what I sound like on high notes. She also can’t voice act. I stopped watching Kirarin Revolution because her voice acting annoyed me. x___x I mean, her tone NEVER changes it’s always HIGH-HIGH-HIGH-HIGH! The ONLY emotion she ever showed was fake happiness. Sorry Koharu fans. D: But I have my reasons.

8. LinLin- =/ I don’t know anything about her and she never really appealed to me. Plus I’m not much of a fan of her voice.

Berryz Koubou

Berryz Koubou Poll

1. Natsuyaki Miyabi – What can I say? She’s one of my two favorites of H!P. Was adorable, is now prettyfuls, AWESOME voice, and does great live.

2. Sugaya Risako – Okay, so she doesn’t have too great of a voice, but she was just so cuddly adorable and now she’s SO pretty. =/ I find her personality really cute and funny. But I don’t like how they gave her too much attention in Tsukiatteiru no ni Kataomoi.

3. Kumai Yurina – T.T She’s two inches taller than me. YES! :D I hate my height so I love knowing she’s actually taller than me. Yurina’s awesome :D She’s so pretty and was adorable in Fighting Pose wa Datte ja nai. And her voice is great, too. It’s just that she doesn’t do too great live.

4. Tsugunaga Momoko – =/ I find her awkward, and at first I really wondered why everyone thought she was so adorable. But she’s kinda cute I guess. And she has a lot of spirit.

5. Sudou Maasa – :D I thought she was really pretty in Tsukiatteiru no ni Kataomoi. She’s funny and clever and not a bad singer.

6. Shimizu Saki – Captain~ At first I thought she was okay but I guess she is pretty. And she’s not a bad singer either.

7. Tokunaga Chinami – I don’t like her. x_x; I don’t think she’s cute at all; sorry. In every single clip I’ve seen of her, she was annoying and bugged me. And the only song I liked her voice in was Piriri to Yukou.


C-ute Poll

1. Hagiwara Mai – Maimai! :D I think she’s really cute. And super talented; especially since she made it in at age 6.

2. Okai Chisato – Awesome singer! But not enough solos.

3. Suzuki Airi – I think she’s somewhat cute. And she’s not a bad singer, though she was best in Aa!. But she gets way too many solos, and that’s just unfair.

4. Nakajima Saki – :D Awesome voice, adorable smile.

5. Yajima Maimi – Pretty, good voice, mature, and just leaderlike. No wonder everyone likes her.

6. Umeda Erika – D: Needs more solos. And I think she’s pretty, even though she went through a really awkward stage.

7. Arihara Kanna – Never liked her voice much. =/ And I guess she’s okay. I don’t think she’s too cute, except she looked kinda pretty in Ookina Ai de Motenashite.

February 18, 2008

:D Guess who’s in Honolulu, Hawaii for winter break?

Okay, please don’t get it wrong. D: I’ll feel like a failure at obviousness.

 Nyahh it’s SUPER hot xO Shorts in February? And I’m still sweating! And I don’t even usually sweat! >___>; Although perhaps the heat may be from my laptop. Ah, possibilities.

 Well that’s pretty much why I’ll be semi-gone for a week? ^^;;

Ahhh I have SO much to record when I get back. D: So many lines. So many deadlines. So many redos ’cause my stupid computer AND usb crashed. >_____>; [Can you tell I’m still not bitter about it?]

 =/ I don’t think I’ll get to the songs that I want to sing just for fun for a really long time.


xD That was seriously the best picture I could take before whatever I wrote got erased by the waves [how frustrating..] so, yeah. x___x;

I’ll try again tomorrow when I go to Waikiki.

Happy Valentines Day!
February 14, 2008

So it’s that day of the year, where everything’s about red, pink, or heart-shapes. D:

I hope everybody out there can find love, and have it last long and happily.

Ah, how heartbreaking.

Well anyway, today, Nami[JPNSinger101]‘s groupdub of Morning Musume Sakuragumi’s “Sakura Mankai” was uploaded onto youtube, and I’m in it. :D I think it turned out AWESOME. The cast is great, and everyone’s so talented.

Check it out here. [Ah fudge. I can’t embed the video?!]


Cast List:

Takahashi Ai: JPNSinger101/Nami
Kago Ai: Micchichanpyon/Micchi
Kamei Eri: japeysan/Lulu
Yaguchi Mari: marimari999/Mari
Yoshizawa Hitomi: Arinachi
Niigaki Risa: waterpixie/Eva
Konno Asami: FeatherWing14/Chobie

First blog!
February 14, 2008

Hi. :D The name’s Eva. I’m also known as ‘waterpixie’ on youtube.

So, this is my new public blog. ^^ I’ll probably write about:
-fandubbing and singing
-my videos and my friends’ videos
-updates on Check! 3
-Hello! Project
-critiques/opinions on artists/songs
-once in a while, my own personal problems
-and whatever else that comes into my thoughts.

Hahah. Hopefully I will keep updating ‘Sing Your Dreams’.

Well actually the main reason I made this was because I was reading other peoples’ wordpresses and it looked like a lot of fun. D:

And I can never run out of things to say.
[My xanga is proof of that: I’ve written a long, personal blog every single day for the past four years.]

:D Well thanks for reading this err, one blog, and I’ll probably be back later to blog again!