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I-I love EXO’s fans on tumblr
April 25, 2012

.. OwO Just pulled all-nighter last night writing research paper YEEEEEEY. Like, I literally finished at 7 AM AHAHAHA LOVE YOU COLLEGE. Anyway, I have to jump back into my mixing hole today but I decided to take some time for myself finally =v= by catching up on tumblr heeeee~

And this is what happens when I’m on tumblr and Chiisana disappears:

[4:55:50 PM] Eva: omg Eli AHAHA
[5:00:31 PM] Eva:
[5:02:07 PM] Eva:
[5:10:28 PM] Eva: so much for napping
[5:12:31 PM] Eva: LAY IS SUCH A DEVIL
[5:13:57 PM] Eva: BACON AEGYO
[5:14:17 PM] Eva: i think i can sometimes tell Sehun and Suho apart now
[5:14:18 PM] Eva: because of eyes
[5:14:45 PM] Eva: AWWWWW HAHAHA
[5:19:18 PM] Eva: omg EXO fans are the most hilarious ones i swear
[5:24:54 PM] Eva: OH MY GOD D.O
[5:42:07 PM] Eva: HAHAHAHA have you heard Lay’s “ready set, oh my!” in M’s Two Moons? SO DIVAAAA
[5:49:45 PM] Eva:
[5:52:35 PM] Eva: oh my god i have never seen this in the MV before
[6:58:32 PM] Eva: LAY IS SO MATURE
[6:59:49 PM] Eva: OMG AHAHAHAHAHAHA they named Kris x Lay “KRISpyLAY”
[7:01:12 PM] Eva: i-i can tell Sehun and Suho apart now! k-kind of!! /o/
[7:03:17 PM] Eva: Tao x Gucci OTP
[7:40:58 PM] Chiisana:
…wait.. -doubletake-
[7:42:07 PM] Chiisana: oh and Tao x Gucci forever LOL
[7:44:46 PM] Chiisana: ..
[7:44:53 PM] Chiisana: why did it take this long for the Opera MV to come out O_O
[7:44:56 PM] Eva: oh you finally came back to all my spam.
[7:45:01 PM] Eva: ……..
[7:45:03 PM] Chiisana: oh
[7:45:07 PM] Chiisana: this is Japanese LOL
[7:45:07 PM] Eva: i like how you don’t question the wall of links.


what really happens in Gemini chat
April 6, 2012

[12:21:38 AM] Chiisana: I miss Ebah
[12:22:01 AM] Eva: huh
[12:22:07 AM] Jay: ebaahh
[12:22:21 AM] Chiisana: I feel like I haven’t spoken to her in 10
[12:22:24 AM] Chiisana: thousand years
[12:22:30 AM] Chiisana: I hope she’s okay ; ~ ;
[12:22:38 AM] Jay: i will pray for her
[12:23:17 AM] Chiisana: Do you think she’s out there thinking about us, as we are thinking about her?
[12:23:33 AM] Jay: i think so!
[12:23:39 AM] Eva: -eats popsicle-
[12:24:12 AM] Ryaaaan: lool
[12:24:25 AM] Chiisana: Ah, of course she is.. she always had a beautiful heart ; ~ ;
[12:25:36 AM] Eva: i wonder what i’m having for lunch tomorrow.
[12:26:23 AM] Chiisana: I wonder if she’s lost and cold.. I wonder if she’s waiting for us, just waiting for us to.. come and find her ourselves.
[12:26:46 AM] Chiisana: Are we letting her down as friends? as her companions?
[12:26:51 AM] Chiisana: as her loved ones?
[12:26:58 AM] Jay: ; ~ ;
[12:26:59 AM] Jay: -tear-
[12:27:42 AM] Eva: i feel obliged to come in with a sarcastic, witty punchline but i can’t be bothered.

.. ohimesama zukuri
April 3, 2012

[12:43:00 AM] Chiisana: Jay
[12:43:11 AM] Jay: haiii
[12:43:31 AM] Chiisana: You are beautiful
[12:43:44 AM] Jay: oh
[12:43:46 AM] Jay: o.o
[12:43:47 AM] Jay: okay..
[12:43:50 AM] Jay: ; ~ ;
[12:43:53 AM] Chiisana: no matter what they say
[12:44:29 AM] Jay: -where is eva reaction- ; ~ ;
[12:44:41 AM] Chiisana: Words can’t bring you down
[12:44:43 AM] Chiisana: Oh no.
[12:45:39 AM] Jay: i should really be sleeping..
[12:46:30 AM] Chiisana: YOU ARE BEAUTIFULLL
[12:46:37 AM] Chiisana: IN EVERY SINGLE WAYY
[12:46:52 AM] Eva:
[12:46:55 AM] Jay: ty ; ~ ;
[12:47:02 AM] Eva: you are welcome, my comrade.

Ehehehe I feel useful now. |’DD;;


Anyway, uh…. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to go about talking about this LOL. This is kind of awkward. I mean, I’ve been around people that just casually talk about this kind of stuff so much that now I’m kind of immune/desensitized to it entirely LOL b-but it’s still weird if I’m the one talking about it..


Okay so on Sunday, it was April Fool’s day! A little over a month ago, a bunch of us [I think it was KL, Kura, Candy, Chiika, Ryan, Xephy, Kousei, and me] came up with the idea of making a crack chorus. :’D Just a few days before, we were on call and Chiika convinced Candy to play the.. You Have to Fertilize the Egg game on livestream for us to watch.. And it was derpy fun. But yeah, uhhhh…… wait this feels weird to say but Q A Q basically in the game, you play a sperm cell in a top hat that sings, “I’m swimmin’ around in a vagina (x 3), I try to make a princess.”

[2/21/2012 5:12:01 PM] Chiika: WE SHOULD DO THE VAGINA SPERM SONG
[2/21/2012 5:12:07 PM] Chiika: “i’m swimmin around in a vagina”

The chorus exploded with exactly 26 vocals in the end, Japanese lyrics that Ruru translated for us, our own personalized pictures that KL drew, and animation by Myst. owo Yep.

【5人合唱】CANDY CANDY/ SWIMMING AROUND IN A VAG【April Fools Birthday, Candy!!】

DON’T BE FOOLED |DD;;… Although it really actually truly was Candy’s birthday haha >A< Happy birthday Candy!! <3
[If you can’t tell–although I wouldn’t expect anyone to–I’m EVE-AAAH 8D
.. the robot. from WALLE. I actually never watched WALLE~]

This is, uh.. definitely the most unique and disturbing project I will ever have anything to do with. But it’s kind of awesome.

PS;; I know I’m killing the fun.. =w= but for those that REALLY want to know who’s in this chorus: it’s Apol, Amaito, Aqua, Carmen, Caspy, Chiika, Ciel, Doubie, me!, Himuro, Hiseki, Ian, K*chan, KL, Koko, Kousei, Kura, List, Mango, Mong, Nipah, Robert, Ruru, Ryan, Saint, and Xephy.

Also SHHHHHH but AHHH WHAT AN HONOR TO HAVE STARTED THE SONG IN A DUET WITH APOL. ;A; (well, kind of duet since I’m lower harmony.) Actually it’s an honor to be in here with a lot of these amazing people. >w< There are a lot of people in here that I never thought I’d ever have anything to do with. D’: -forever that creepy fangirl in the corner-

she stole my self-portrait
March 30, 2012

(referring to this)

[8:39:59 PM] Chiisana:
[8:40:01 PM] Chiisana:
[8:40:19 PM] Eva: okay wait
[8:40:20 PM] Eva: actually
[8:40:24 PM] Eva: i stole that phrase from Ian
[8:40:31 PM] Eva: ..
[8:40:34 PM] Eva: -goes to jail-
[8:41:46 PM] Chiisana: oh the irony

But dear goodness, there’s just too much Chiisana on this blog ahahahaha we need to stop having moments.

March 29, 2012

[3:59:48 PM] Eva: .. one day i will learn how to use my hair curler
[3:59:51 PM] Eva: give me 30 years
[4:00:06 PM] Chiisana: LOL
[4:00:15 PM] Chiisana: we should just have a girly makeover day one day
[4:00:21 PM] Chiisana: but I already feel like if we did that
[4:00:22 PM] Chiisana: we’d be like
[4:00:23 PM] Chiisana:
[4:00:25 PM] Chiisana: this is embarrassing
[4:00:34 PM] Chiisana: -throws on PJ’s and grabs seaweed to watch Running Man-
[4:00:52 PM] Eva: hahahahahahaha story of our lives
[4:01:01 PM] Eva: we’re doomed to forever be unrefined and ungirly and forever aloneeee
[4:01:20 PM] Chiisana: ikr aksjllad

March 27, 2012

I still have to blog about Parefura’s awesome VocaFusion round 3 entry but I’ll wait til tomorrow when I’m feeling a bit more genki =w= Since I love them so much and I want to be able to express it at my best..


Chiisana and I were talking about a project we’re working on together and how we’re gonna be a singing duo/animating duo/mixing duo ANDDDD we’re gonna try for our own art too. :’D Well, art-wise we’re no longer a duo because she can draw and I’m only mediocre LOL. The only thing is that she has no tablet.

BUT!!! I uh.. tested out my tablet which I haven’t touched in about 3 years and surprisingly it still works *A* I had no idea!! I thought it would be broken or that I would’ve lost the pen. I’m gonna let her borrow it when we hang out this Sunday~ Anyway, Chii asked me to draw her something so I crappily drew a self-portrait hurhurhur =v=

This doodle is called
“Ebah’s response to Chiisana in general”

[2:22:02 AM] Chiisana: SO CUUTEEE
[2:22:05 AM] Chiisana: QvQ
[2:22:11 AM] Eva:
[2:22:13 AM] Eva: ok…………..

March 16, 2012

Gemini is so so so precious HAHAHA
We’re talking about the G5 [minus Jeffrey who’s in Australia, BUT I’m going to Australia in June, so I’ll be able to meet him!! :’D!] trip we’re planning to have in August where the rest of the members are coming to me and Chiisana here in Cali~

[10:45:00 PM] jay: im scared to go now
[10:45:04 PM] Eva: we’ll protect you, Jay!!
[10:45:16 PM] Chiisana: I am a very good body guard Jay
[10:45:25 PM] jay: but im taller than you ; ~ ;
[10:45:32 PM] Eva: i’ll sit on Chii’s shoulders
[10:45:35 PM] Ryaaaan: LMAO
[10:45:38 PM] jay: lol!
[10:45:42 PM] jay: but ur taller than Chii too!
[10:45:47 PM] Eva: owo but together, we’re taller than you
[10:45:47 PM] Chiisana: I’d probably fall down
[10:45:53 PM] Chiisana: and we’d both hurt ourselves
[10:45:54 PM] Chiisana: LOL
[10:45:55 PM] jay: LOL
[10:46:01 PM] jay: and then id be vulnerable
[10:46:02 PM] jay: x-x
[10:46:20 PM] Eva: THEN RYAN JUMPS IN #becausehe’sworthit
[10:46:20 PM] Chiisana: There comes a time
[10:46:25 PM] Chiisana: when man must learn to fend for himself
[10:46:26 PM] Chiisana: That man
[10:46:27 PM] Chiisana: is you
[10:46:28 PM] Chiisana: Jay
[10:46:38 PM] jay: … but ):
[10:46:40 PM] jay: im not a man ; ~ ;
[10:46:57 PM] ⊱⊱ Mimi : ” 니가 제일 좋아 ❤ “: LOL
[10:46:57 PM] Chiisana:
[10:47:03 PM] Chiisana: Jay is there something you’re not telling us
[10:47:05 PM] Chiisana: :(

March 16, 2012

[7:51:24 PM] Eva: and wow i’m surprised you remember ____
[7:51:32 PM] Eva: even i somewhat forgot about the _____ thing HAHA
[7:52:04 PM] Chiisana: I could probably remember a lot about you =v=
-sparkle sparkle-
[7:52:10 PM] Eva: ………
[7:52:12 PM] Eva: that’s creepy
[7:52:14 PM] Eva: you’re creepy
[7:52:15 PM] Eva: who are you
[7:52:17 PM] Eva: why are you talking to me
[7:52:30 PM] Eva: this cupcake tastes bitter
[7:52:35 PM] Eva: it’s probably your fault
[7:52:37 PM] Eva: you poisoned it
[7:52:40 PM] Eva: why are you out to kill me
[7:52:40 PM] Chiisana: bittercupcake sounds like a tumblr name

March 11, 2012

:’D When I have a lot of schoolwork, I either disappear and don’t blog for days OR I SPAM THIS BLOG LIKE CRAZY BECAUSE OF PROCRASTINATION. >A< /throws glitter all over blog

-listening to Warrior-

[7:54:40 PM] jay: this rapper sounds like chisato in a few years
[7:54:52 PM] jay: so smokkerr

[7:56:58 PM] Eva: LOOOOL Chisato –> Bang Yong Guk?
[7:57:39 PM] jay: yes eva xD the person ur rapping as in the song
[7:57:58 PM] Eva: don’t i sound just like him? 8DDDDD
[7:58:11 PM] jay: omggg
[7:58:13 PM] Eva: people always hear my voice and go, “Oh.. wait are you SURE you’re not Bang Yong Guk?”
[7:58:33 PM] jay: wow i didnt know u could sound like him i want to hear now
[7:58:40 PM] Eva: .. #sarcasm
[7:58:44 PM] jay: oh psh
[7:58:45 PM] jay: ~_~
[7:58:46 PM] Eva: LOL
[7:58:59 PM] Eva: <3

The Troll and the Saint
March 11, 2012

After finishing a bowl of Thin Mints ice cream, I walked back out to the kitchen to get a popsicle LOL. That’s the kind of person I am. orz -forever eating-

[11:06:15 PM] Eva: SO HAPPEH
[11:06:17 PM] Chiisana: …. I-I wish I could say the same Q_Q
[11:08:24 PM] Eva: it’s Thin Mints ice cream :’D
[11:08:35 PM] Chiisana: that sounds beautiful QAQ
[11:09:35 PM] Eva: today i also bought popsicles, cookies and cream Kisses, cinnamon toast crunch, salt and vinegar kettle cooked potato chips, and disney princess fruit snacks AHAHAHAHAA
[11:09:42 PM] Chiisana: ……..
[11:10:23 PM] Chiisana: a while ago I asked my parents to buy a box of nature valley oats and honey granola bars as a snack for me QwQ


So I uh ;w; spent my entire day yesterday cropping pictures for a chorus, recording lines, mixing lines, subtitling a video for a friend, animating a video for Gemini…….. So much. (_ _);;

And now I have to spend my entire day today on these essays and studying for my midterm tomorrow. (_ _);; Midterm week, adslksjdlk.
-waves hanky- good bye………. good bye……………


On a final note,

[12:40:07 PM] jay: hi jeffrey <3
[12:40:14 PM] jay: missed you ; ~ ;
[12:40:28 PM] sean the molesting sheep: nihao baby
[12:40:30 PM] sean the molesting sheep: i missed u 2
[12:40:43 PM] jay: xD
[12:40:51 PM] sean the molesting sheep: u r the jayDE
[12:40:53 PM] sean the molesting sheep: of my life
[12:40:56 PM] sean the molesting sheep: HAHAHHA

Omg Jay’s and Jeffrey’s interactions are the best LOL. <3 They’re like Tom and Jerry. =v= The Troll and the Saint, forever archenemies~~~~ And that pun, oh my gosh. -collapses- I love these guys. Actually I just love Gemini in general—have I ever mentioned that?