oyasumi~ or not.

I hope they won’t kill me for this screenshot–although you can only slightly’ish see one of them–but pfft. They don’t even stalk my blog anyway =w=

I initially declined joining webcamming on tinychat today [we do it like everyday now haha ^^ <3] because I REALLY REALLY NEED TO FOCUS ON THIS SCHOOLWORK TONIGHT but after a while, I joined.


And now I’m just sitting here doing reading with my serious face on while everybody else is sleeping together…

Ah.. So jealous…

Sweet dreams, Ian, Chiika, Kousei, and Fruu~~ haha.

Oh yeah!! *A* Remember how I said that I got 100% on that paper that I stayed up til 6:20 AM before school working on?
“This was simply perfect! I am very very impressed and want to thank you for the hard work and effort you put into this assignment; it shows and is fantastic!!!!”

M-my teacher wrote that about it!! ;_________; Hehe <3 I just wanted to brag. ;D  I’m so happy ahhh. It was painful but worth it.

And now it’s 2 AM already. D’: Let’s see how late I’ll be up tonight…..


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