[8:31:01 PM] Eva: considering i only slept an hour and 20 minutes last night, i really think i should just head off to bed now even though it’s just 8:30 BUT LOOK IT’S THE INTERNET
[8:31:05 PM] Eva: IT’S SO SHINY AND
[8:31:07 PM] Eva: SO MANY THINGS TO DO

School why do you do this to me Q A Q

And omg the instructions for that paper said 3 pages minimum, but I had to delete some stuff to make mine not overflow into 7 pages omg Eva why do you do this to yourself Q A Q like, no wonder I was up til 6:20 AM OTL…

Now I temporarily have some free time and I feel like I should use it to sleep, but.. there’s dramas to watch and blogs to blog and Running Man and youtube and tumblr and twitter and k-pop and j-pop news sites and skype and awesome internet friends and gemini and — ooh what is this, a new NRP video *A*


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