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Rain Stops, Hello!
August 2, 2012

This is just a really random update LOL.

I’m currently at work ;A; so I don’t actually have that much time.. but my tasks at hand aren’t too rushed, so I’m taking a short mental break to write this.

Uuuummm~ Iono what to say. I’ve been really busy. ;^; And tired. I haven’t actually really had sufficient sleep for.. 3 weeks or more? Yeaaaaahhh ;; just working and mixing and working and more working and skipping sleep to mix, and lately being out and about with Mimi!

YEAH. MIMI. From Gemini. *AAA*

For 2 and a half weeks, we are having our very first #GeminiMeetUp. <3
It’s something we’ve been wanting to have for almost a year and it’s finally happening for real. :>

Basically, Chiisana and I both live in Northern California, so everyone’s coming here and staying at my house. For week 1 (right now), Mimi has flown in from New Jersey. Next week, Ryan and Jay are both joining all of us from Canada.
Unfortunately, Jeffrey lives in Australia and is too young anyway to come. :c

HOWEVER!! I went to Australia in June earlier this year and actually got to meet Jeffrey and watch the school musical in which he STARRED. *u* It was an amazing experience.
So in one year, I’m getting to meet every single Gemini member!<3


Speaking of Gemini, we uploaded a new video on July 24th.

【Gemini】 rain stops, good-bye 「HBD Xephy! 」

Dear Xephy! (
Happy birthday ♥ We’re sorry this is so late, BUT YOU ARE STILL WORTH IT ; A ; ! Even though we’re not all equally close to you, it’s a blessing to know someone as wonderful and sweet as you are~~ We hope your birthday was great and that greater things await in the days to come 8D WE LAHV YOU

Sorry for gifting you with such sad song but even as the rain stops, we hope to stay by your side, as our hearts will always go out to you. ;u;

Ryan –
Chiisana –
Jeffrey –
Jay –
Eva –
Mimi –

Mixing: Eva (main), Ryan (tuning), Chiisana (EQ)
Video: Eva (first half), Chiisana (second half+subtitles)
Graphic Editing: Mimi, Chiisana, Jay, Eva
Nameplates: Jay
Gemini Signature: Ryan
The member that has a life and is located on the other side of the world: Jeffrey

Music & Lyrics: におP
Illustrations Credit:
MP3 download:

–Message to Xephy from Ryan–
Remember when I asked you to list for me your fave ballads? well here is what it’s for~ ^^ Special thanks to Gemini for agreeing to help us out with this special birthday chorus, I love you guys thanks so much ;w; I hope you enjoy our present to you Xephy. A ballad dedicated to our prince of ballads. Happy Belated Birthday!


Gemini’s Signature Weapons
May 20, 2012

Mimi: Axe
Eva: Chainsaw
Jeffrey: Broomstick
Ryan: Manpurse (for whacking)
Jay: Pencil (for stabbing)
Chiisana: Rock-kun.

【Gemini ft Erin & Fyre】 PONPONPON (acoustic ver.)
March 26, 2012

Thank you so much to our amazing friends Erin and Rob/Fyre for featuring as our very special guests in this song~ Their beautiful voices were a perfect addition. ^^ If you haven’t already, do consider checking out their channels–we promise talent.
Also, we’d like to apologize to our special guests for the 3-month-long wait.. Now they know how slow Gemini is. [Heck, we still aren’t even done with Secret Santa yet…]

Please enjoy our rendition of this very relaxing arrangement of PONPONPON, originally by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. :’D
And if you get tired of soft!Gemini, don’t fret because badass!Gemini is coming back to town soon…in May.

Coincidentally, “acoustic” is the theme for VocaFusion’s chorus battle round 3! Our own Chiisana and Ryan are participating in the group PareFura, and although Vivid Chemistry–of which Rob is a member–is no longer in the competition, please support them all!!


Erin –
Rob/Fyre –

Eva –
Jeffrey –
Mimi –
Ryan –
Chiisana –
Jay –

Mixing: Eva, Ryan
Graphic Editing: Chiisana, Eva
Video: Eva
Signature: Mimi

[ have we redeemed ourselves from troll status yet? ]

… ;_____; So many regrets about both the video and the mixing….. >< I’m sorry. I literally learned how to EQ for the very first time for this, and it sucks ’cause it’s ACOUSTIC and EQ is sooo crucial and my mistakes are just SO OBVIOUS ahhhh. Even though I bugged List, Ian, and Kousei for EQ advice, it still ended up cruddy and I hate EQing. Regret regret. I wish I were better at both mixing and animating. ]’: For all the flaws in either aspects, I’ll accept responsibility. ;w;

I kind of wish I kept a running timer on how many hours I spent on this! Q A Q It’s probably.. over 50 hours LOL. But yeah. I spent almost every breathing moment when I wasn’t at school, at work, or studying.. working on the video or mix. I actually gave up some sleep for this too a-and there was even once when I cried out of frustration ;w; Soooooooo I would really, really, really appreciate it if you could give this a watch! ^^ Even though PONPONPON is an overdone song, give us a chance? ; u ;

Everyone sounds beautiful though. :’D One of the things I love about Gemini is that we all have vibrato! Well, Jay’s are “wafers.” =w= And then Erin and Robert have super nice vibratos as well~ >A< <3 And I looove the versatility of Gemini! We’re trying to explore different genres. :D From PONPONPON acoustic to DBSK’S Rising Sun.. Hehe. I think all of us can have power and be soft or be cute, and we can all somewhat’ish….SOMEWHAT all rap to SOME extent, kinda.

On another note, I’m really happy that a lot of people said that this was relaxing/soothing/calming and that they could fall asleep to this. ; u ; <3 yeeey

Also, I hope you enjoy all of the cavity-inducing cute objects that I cropped out HAHAHA. I’ll probably reuse them for future cutesy animations since I cropped out so many of them.

1 year later
March 20, 2012

Soooo.. I JUST realized the DUBattle Royale R1 deadline was March 16th.


…i like how nobody remembered or cared or replied when i said that

March 17, 2012

So yesterday when I was in Music Tech class, I was playing around with the, uh, synthesizers and settings and stuff in Logic, and there was this one thing that had a guy’s voice…

So I pressed a few random keys on my keyboard

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA You can imagine how surprised + shocked + delighted + scared + awesome + weirded out + excited I felt when I heard “Gemini 4,” oh my gosh… xDDD;; It’s like it knows me sooo well! So I immediately recorded it and saved it keke.

Just for anyone that needs a reminder of Gemini G4 :’D

G4 – Fukai Mori (Do As Infinity)


Actually, the entire thing was “Gemini 4, -insert some babble about getting ready for take-off or SOMETHING” so I figured it was some spaceship and today, I googled it and

G4 and I are famous!!!

[6:35:53 PM] Ryaaaan: it was destiny Eva
[6:36:00 PM] Ryaaaan: for you to be apart of this group called Gemini
[6:36:01 PM] Ryaaaan: lol
[6:36:14 PM] Eva: :’DDDDDDDD
[6:36:27 PM] Eva: /shot
[6:36:29 PM] Eva: /bricked
[6:36:31 PM] Ryaaaan: lmao
[6:36:31 PM] Eva: /thrown off cliff

March 16, 2012

Gemini is so so so precious HAHAHA
We’re talking about the G5 [minus Jeffrey who’s in Australia, BUT I’m going to Australia in June, so I’ll be able to meet him!! :’D!] trip we’re planning to have in August where the rest of the members are coming to me and Chiisana here in Cali~

[10:45:00 PM] jay: im scared to go now
[10:45:04 PM] Eva: we’ll protect you, Jay!!
[10:45:16 PM] Chiisana: I am a very good body guard Jay
[10:45:25 PM] jay: but im taller than you ; ~ ;
[10:45:32 PM] Eva: i’ll sit on Chii’s shoulders
[10:45:35 PM] Ryaaaan: LMAO
[10:45:38 PM] jay: lol!
[10:45:42 PM] jay: but ur taller than Chii too!
[10:45:47 PM] Eva: owo but together, we’re taller than you
[10:45:47 PM] Chiisana: I’d probably fall down
[10:45:53 PM] Chiisana: and we’d both hurt ourselves
[10:45:54 PM] Chiisana: LOL
[10:45:55 PM] jay: LOL
[10:46:01 PM] jay: and then id be vulnerable
[10:46:02 PM] jay: x-x
[10:46:20 PM] Eva: THEN RYAN JUMPS IN #becausehe’sworthit
[10:46:20 PM] Chiisana: There comes a time
[10:46:25 PM] Chiisana: when man must learn to fend for himself
[10:46:26 PM] Chiisana: That man
[10:46:27 PM] Chiisana: is you
[10:46:28 PM] Chiisana: Jay
[10:46:38 PM] jay: … but ):
[10:46:40 PM] jay: im not a man ; ~ ;
[10:46:57 PM] ⊱⊱ Mimi : ” 니가 제일 좋아 ❤ “: LOL
[10:46:57 PM] Chiisana:
[10:47:03 PM] Chiisana: Jay is there something you’re not telling us
[10:47:05 PM] Chiisana: :(

【Gemini】 SNSD – The [Trolls] 「HBD Jeffrey! 」
March 7, 2012

…. =w= I didn’t have time to blog this before, when it was uploaded..
We’re pretty much trained trolls. /o/
And my lyrics are so sophisticated, I know.

For Gemini’s resident troll, Jeffrey–our tsundere maknae who calls G4’s Fukai Mori disgusting then downloads it to listen to.
I-It’s not like we did this because we wanted you to have a happy birthday or anything…… Oh and we’re a week late, but.. I mean, it’s a song about trolls.

Jeffrey //
Original Song: SNSD – The Boys

Mimi –
Ryan –
Jay –
Chiisana –
Eva –

Mixing: Eva
Mastering: Chiisana [“but hopefully EQ won’t be too bad because I don’t have to EQ Jeffrey ;w; LOL”], Ryan
Video: Eva [how do you even make a video for a k-pop song?]

Gemini Signature: Jeffrey [TROLLED BY HIS OWN TROLLAGE]

PS;; Congrats on getting main lead in your musical!! We knew you could!

[2:05:19 AM] Eva: btw i didn’t have time to record anything for you so just go relisten to the shitty thing i did for you last year HAHAHA
[2:05:25 AM] Eva: xoxoxoxo ♥
[2:05:33 AM] peppa the stripper pig: omg
[2:05:35 AM] peppa the stripper pig: JUST RELAISED
[2:05:40 AM] peppa the stripper pig: i love how everyone got a video
[2:05:40 AM] peppa the stripper pig: song
[2:05:42 AM] peppa the stripper pig: for their bday
[2:05:43 AM] peppa the stripper pig: like
[2:05:45 AM] peppa the stripper pig: a dedication
[2:05:46 AM] peppa the stripper pig: song
[2:05:47 AM] peppa the stripper pig: and i didnt
[2:05:48 AM] peppa the stripper pig: LOL THATS RLLY FUNNY
[2:06:00 AM] Raian: oh sht..
[2:06:04 AM] peppa the stripper pig: HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA
[2:06:06 AM] Raian: when was Jeffrey’s birthday?

[10:01:21 PM] Chiisana: we’re going to shoot love beams and he’s going to feel it all that way in Australia ;v; hahaha

Merci Beaucoup~
February 22, 2012

;______; I was on Gemini’s youtube stalking our stats and omg, I got such a pleasant surprise! >A<

Usually, I’m used to seeing videos having less favorites than comments. D’: ‘Cause it’d be like.. all the comments are the super nice people who are kind enough to leave feedback… and then the favorites would be from those who commented AND actually liked it enough to take it a step further.

But G4’s Fukai Mori has  52 comments and 64 favorites. And Ugly has 33 comments and 43 favorites.

Although I would have loved feedback as well, I just feel like.. more people liked our videos than we actually thought. D’: ‘Cause we thought that everyone that liked those videos were the awesome people that commented. I had no idea! I’m touched LOL. And I want to thank those people and everyone that’s commented or even watched asdklfjwekjisdklkj. I WISH I COULD THANK THEM but I’m pretty sure none of them know about this blog. =w= I wanted to make a random bulletin from SoujiStar but I feel like I might be abusing my power or pushing it too far, so I’m taking it here to my blog.

This is my public expression of gratitude!! 8D THANK YOU~
[Even if no one sees this HAHAHA]

This post needs a title.
January 25, 2012

;______; Winter break ended and I went back to school today for the new semester…
Can I quit already please =.=

I’ve been dreading this for so long. >_> It was so enjoyable being on winter break and being in denial about the fact that I’m in college.. and now all the responsibility and burden is back. ;__; College, I despise you!!

Um. I was so nervous that I accidentally sat on a bench covered in bird shit. ._.
And I really must be the biggest idiot on the face of the planet.. I don’t know WHAT induced me to register for classes on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:00 AM til 2:45 PM, with no gaps in between…….. =______= I am going to starve.

I’m lucky [not really]  that today, my classes ended super early–one of my classes lasted for 7 MINUTES–so twice I just.. went back to my car and sat in my car like the pathetic loner with no friends that I am. ._. So I guess I used that time to eat the croissant I packed. It’s going to be so tiring though >.<;;

Also, my first class is called Stress Management ._. but I’m already stressed out like hell because of it.

I’m not looking forward to this at all ><
I’m not looking forward to all this responsibility, to being so tired everyday again, to going to school 3 and a half days, to also going to work 1 and a half days, to frequent all-nighters for homework or studying for tests, to having to try to socialize, to the fact that I actually do not have a single friend in college. .____. Well I have 1 friend in a way.. but we don’t really talk or hang out or anything and he has his own group of friends. It’s really hard to make friends though since I’m not dorming :/ and I didn’t enter the school with a group of friends already.

So everyday I’m just going to be really exhausted and really happy when I finally get home. ;_; -clings to computer- -clings to room- -clings to bed- -clings to skype- -clings to online friends- -clings to League- -clings to youtube-


On another note, I have somehow become a really huge fangirl of Vivid Chemistry and I think I will be shot forever for this. THEY’RE SOOO GOOOD THOUGHHHH and I’m friends with Robert and I just met List ;w;!!! I’m so starstruck, ahhhhhhhhhh.

Lately I’ve been meeting more and more people from the vocaloid community *_________* I honestly had no idea I was so easily starstruck. I’m so happy to meet them though.


It’s 2 AM. ;_; I should probably sleep ’cause tomorrow I have a 2-hour class in the morning and then I work until 6 PM. x_X But I’m not sure if I could fall asleep ’cause I took a nap earlier because I was EXHAUSTED from my first day of school and I was knocked out like a light for.. I lost count of how many hours. ;_; Probably between 4 to 6  hours.

But basically my schedule is:
Mon: school 9 – 2:45
Tue: work 9  – 6
Wed: school 9 – 2:45
Thu: school 10:30 – 12:30, work 1 – 6
Fri: school 9:30 – 11:20

fyi I have no endurance, so -collapses-



Um.. Gemini should have an upload coming this week hopefully! ^^ We’re kind of slow workers though =.= unless it’s a spontaneous thing like with IHGCOTBBISL, Ugly, and Last Christmas.. But it’s coming……. lol. We had the first demo today ;w; It needs a lot of work.. (_ _);;;; I’m a little worried. But hey, at least it’s not DUBattle Royale where we have to worry about deadlines. We’re not meant for competitions tbh LOL. We don’t do deadlines =w=
[Fyi the thing we plan to upload this week was actually started in like.. November.]

My Ear’s Candy
January 18, 2012

Wow, I know, I JUST posted something like 5 minutes ago but OMG. That picture from my birthday last year makes me cringe so much and I’m soooo embarrassed and just ;____; can I please just.. spam it away? LOL.

Hi! This is a random post so that my 2011 birthday post will be pushed further downwards!



Gemini [my singing group with the 5 people I consider my best friends tbh] has a tumblr! It’s for sharing and commenting on covers/fandubs/choruses/collabs/groupdubs that we like. ^^ We don’t post often though because.. we’re lazy.

The title is PAINFULLY SIMILAR to my entertainment blog’s, which is Candy for the Ears. =w= It’s the same concept. Whatevs.
The reason we went with My Ear’s Candy is because Gemini in general crosses a lot of boundaries and we’re friends with a lot of the communities that separate the larger online Asian-pop singing community—-K-pop, Hello! Project, vocaloid, J-pop, etc.. D; And each community has its own set of vocabulary?
For example, K-pop has covers and collabs, H!P has fandubs and groupdubs, vocaloid has choruses. There aren’t universal terms. ;_; We wanted something like HugADub or DubberCentral but we didn’t want to limit our posts to any single genre or community. And thus, My Ear’s Candy.
That explanation was way too long. (_ _);; I must be bored. It’s almost 3 AM.