Merci Beaucoup~

;______; I was on Gemini’s youtube stalking our stats and omg, I got such a pleasant surprise! >A<

Usually, I’m used to seeing videos having less favorites than comments. D’: ‘Cause it’d be like.. all the comments are the super nice people who are kind enough to leave feedback… and then the favorites would be from those who commented AND actually liked it enough to take it a step further.

But G4’s Fukai Mori has  52 comments and 64 favorites. And Ugly has 33 comments and 43 favorites.

Although I would have loved feedback as well, I just feel like.. more people liked our videos than we actually thought. D’: ‘Cause we thought that everyone that liked those videos were the awesome people that commented. I had no idea! I’m touched LOL. And I want to thank those people and everyone that’s commented or even watched asdklfjwekjisdklkj. I WISH I COULD THANK THEM but I’m pretty sure none of them know about this blog. =w= I wanted to make a random bulletin from SoujiStar but I feel like I might be abusing my power or pushing it too far, so I’m taking it here to my blog.

This is my public expression of gratitude!! 8D THANK YOU~
[Even if no one sees this HAHAHA]


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