Nakimushi Kareshi (Crybaby Boyfriend)

【りんちゃん】 『泣き虫カレシ』を歌ってみた・・・ 【kain】


Apparently, this girl is Rin, who’s the VocaFusion chorus battle judge that’s NOT Kran or Razzy… I haven’t heard much about her and this is my first time hearing her sing.

OMG I LOVE HER VOICE SO MUCH. Q A Q I really, really, really like this. I’ve come to really love this song; it’s reaaaally nice. And Kain’s voice >A< UKE VOICE! HAHA. He sounds sooo cute. ;A; They’re both so good….

-listens while drowning in homework and studying-
]’: I mixed for like 7 hours yesterday but today, I have to do nothing but schoolwork or I will die tomorrow from the test and in-class essay and stuff dueeee. I have a lot due next week, but >_< aiming to upload on Thursday so as soon as I get home from school tomorrow, gotta do nothing but mix hahaha. orz
.. I should also try to redo parts of the video I made for that too. :/ 


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